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The Affilorama Review


Product Name: AffiloBlueprint 3.0
Website: http://www.affilorama.com/affiloblueprint
Owners: Mark Ling
Overall Ranking: 8.5/10 (Good)the affilorama review
Who is it for?  Beginner Affiliates
Price:  One-time payment of USD$197


Why Am I Writing This?

Here at morewages.com, I try to give people( my readers) the necessary knowledge and accurate information on how to create an honest, sustainable, profitable online business without undue investments and risks. And I write every review centered around this principle and this is why I have the Affilorama review.

I have purchased AffiloJetpack and had dealt with the Affiloroma team before, I would love to share my user-experience with you so that by the time you buy this product, you know what to expect.

There Is Affilo This Affilo That…What Are They?

Affiloroma is a New Zealand division company of Doubledot Media Ltd, founded by Mark Ling in 2006. The company helps aspiring affiliate business owners to start a profitable affiliate business regardless of their skills and experience.

And inside Affilorama, several products were created to help people. So you will hear names like Affilorama Premium Membership, AffiloTheme, AffiloTools, AffiloBlueprint, and AffiloJetpack.

And in this review, we will specifically examine what AffiloBlueprint is.

Overview of AffiloBlueprint 3.0

AffiloBlueprint 3.0 is a 12-step course where you are taught how to use AffiloTheme to create an affiliate website, drive traffic to it and monetize it.

It contains 90+ video lessons and structured homework assignments after each lesson to facilitate your learning.

Note that most of these video lessons are NOT taught by Mark Ling in person, they are presented by some other people (not sure if they are in the Affiloroma team).

Also, the course includes FREE Affilotheme hosting for up to 5 websites, and a 1-month FREE access to AffiloTools & Premium.

The 12 steps of AfflioBlueprint 3.0 are as follows:

The Affilorama Review

  1. Market Research and Keywords
  2. Creating Content
  3. Setting Up Your Website
  4. Website Design
  5. On Page SEO
  6. Off Page SEO
  7. Inbound Marketing
  8. Newsletters
  9. Tweaking Your Website
  10. Introduction to Google PPC
  11. Creating PPC Campaigns
  12. Advanced PPC Techniques

Pros & Cons of AffiloBlueprint 3.0


  • Pretty Thorough Course
    You get a lot of valuable information especially if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing.
  • Easy to Follow
     Since it’s a step-by-step course and they provide you with homework assignments to complete, anyone can follow the instructions easily.
  • Teaches you to Create a Business, NOT a hyped overnight success
    Long term perspective is what successful people possess.
  • Nice Bonuses
    You get further training apart from the main course. But they are created by other marketers.
  • Over 5,000 students altogether since 2008
     It is mentioned in the sales page that AffiloBlueprint is based on solid business principles that Mark Ling used for the past 14 years. And there are thousands of students from this course since released.
    (Note: Numbers still need verification, but if that’s true it would mean something since most products in the market disappear after its launch given the poor quality or they are simply scams.
  • Helpful staff support via emails & forum
     In my experience, staff members normally reply your questions within 24-48 hours. They are polite, friendly and professional in many occasions.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
     You can try the product for 60 days and get a refund if you are not satisfied. (Note: Money Back Guarantee does NOT mean 100% safe, remember that you still have to invest first!)


  • Outdated course materials may take a while to update
    While AffiloBlueprint 3.0 was updated in 2013, there were several complaints in the members’ forum as regards the outdated information in the SEO section.
  • Expensive
  • At $197, it`s quite expensive.Although you have lifetime access to the course and future updated training, it`s still quite expensive.
  • If you are new, it can be confusing and overwhelming.
  • Upsells:
  • You will often hear they recommend or mention AffiloJetpack. It can be annoying.

Who is AffiloBlueprint 3.0 for?

Competition analysis with AffiloTools

If you want a proven system on how to be a successful affiliate and have a step-by-step guide to learning, AffiloBlueprint 3.0 is a good choice.But I must say there are better programs out there, like this #1 recommended program

Who isn’t AffiloBlueprint 3.0 for?


If you want more personal immediate support, this course may not deliver that. Also, if you want up-to-date training, AffiloBlueprint 3.0 may take months to have do so.

If you are looking for a quick fix then this is not for you, like any honest program out there, you have to put in the work to have success with Affilorama.

Final Thoughts

The step-by-step training of AffiloBlueprint is quite good. All the lessons have downloadable PDF transcripts for you to view at your pace.

The customer support is satisfactory if you don’t mind waiting for a day for the answers.( I know this can look like forever if you`re stuck)

Affiloroma is definitely an honest company that is dedicated to providing quality training and help for aspiring affiliates.

They are constantly improving their products and services and I would love to see them bring things to the next level in years to come.

Mark Ling is also an expert in Internet Marketing that you can trust (in my opinion so far). However, probably due to his other works, access to him is very difficult.

I hope you found value with the Affilorama review, if you have any questions, please do leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

AffiloBlueprint 3.0 Summary

Product Name: AffiloBlueprint 3.0
Sales Page URL:  http://www.affilorama.com/affiloblueprint
Owners: Mark Ling
Overall Ranking: 8.5/10 (Good)
Who it is for: Beginner Affiliates
Price: One time payment of USD$197

Verdict: LEGIT– Good


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Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam

If you`ve come across surveys, I’m sure you know what they promise, one such surveys is take surveys for cash, but is take surveys for cash a scam?

Taking surveys online is very popular among people wanting to make some extra money online. Most surveys are, however, very time-consuming and not very profitable.

The idea of getting rich by just giving your opinion on topics you most likely get to choose is very appealing, spending minutes on your computer and earning serious money. There are programs that promise this, like the following one, but is it real?

Take Surveys For Cash Review

Name: Take surveys for cash
Website: www.takesurveysforcash.com
Price: $39 – $104
Owners: Jason White
My Overall Score:  2/10


Let me honest right now,  Take Surveys For Cash review may destroy your dreams of making serious money taking surveys:

No surveys pay that much but read on and I will explain.

There is absolutely No Way to make a full-time income by filling out surveys. It’s a scam! 

What Is Take Surveys For Cash?

The owner of Take Surveys For Cash Jason White wants you to believe he’s found the secret to getting paid huge amounts of money per survey.

He claims you can earn up to $500! This is, of course, an enormous exaggeration there is No survey that pays near that amount anywhere online.

If you land on the website you’ll see a very familiar layout of the page. It has the same font, yellow highlighting, and red “Take action” words that you’ll see in other major scams.

It makes you wonder if these scammers all sit together in a room when coming up with their scams.

The intro video is also clearly been done by someone who does that for a living and not by the owner. If you listen carefully you can hear he’s just reading the text from a piece of paper.

Taking surveys for money is an easy way of making some extra money on the internet in your free time. Big companies pay people for their information, that’s all it is.

Some people like doing it and at the same time they make some money with it. I`ve done myself in other paying sites so I know what surveys pay you. Stay away from scam sites like Take Surveys For Cash.

Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam

What`s The Secret To Making Money With Take Surveys For Cash

There’s a certain rate a company will pay for a survey per person. I’ve never personally seen this exceed $10. This is the highest legitimate pay I’ve ever received for doing a survey and that was a one-time thing. Check an earlier in detail post on how surveys work here.

On average you’ll be getting between $1-$2 per 20-minute survey. If you calculate that it’s $6 per hour. Which, let us be honest, is really not that great!$6 per hour is lower than working minimum job wage.

Doing a minimum job wage, at least you`re sure of working certain hours per week/month so you know how much you`ll earn, with surveys. it`s first

It`s first come first served as there are not enough surveys to go around for everyone. If you`re still asking is take surveys for cash a scam? yes, it is.

Companies will not go higher than that $10 for information. Look at it this way:

If you had a company, you’d probably need at least 10000 surveys filled in to have some sort of idea what the majority of people in your target group needs or thinks. Would you pay $500 per person, in research for this? I don’t think so!

Read The Disclaimer!

Yes, No, Maybe, Yellow, Indecisive

Is take surveys for cash a scam? read the disclaimer. Always make sure you read the disclaimer. Oftentimes it is not easy to find, but it’s very important you search until you’ve got it.

Take Surveys For Cash Disclaimer, it’s located all the way on the bottom of the page. When you open this you’ll see the text shown in the picture on your right here.

As you can see the first thing it states is basically that you won’t make any money with the program.

Who is Jason White?

Woman, Smiley, Emoticon, Trouble

Not once do you get in contact with this owner. Where is he? Who is he? What does he look like? We’ll never know!

If take surveys for cash was a legitimate business, if it were true what he stated, he’d have shown his face because he would be proud of what he could offer to his customers.

The lack of even a picture of the guy makes it questionable, is take surveys for cash a scam? yes it is


Why Is There A Cost To Join Take Surveys For Cash?

Since when do we pay to do surveys? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? We do surveys to GET paid, not the other way around.

If you’re still not convinced and you want to test it out yourself (which I understand, it’s your right to be skeptical), you can try out the platform for $39 initially by checking it out here.

After this initial payment, there’s 2 more upsells you can be part of. (Total of $104 ).

How Can You Make Money With Take Surveys For Cash?

There IS a way to make money with this platform, and this is to recommend it to others through affiliate marketing.

You get an amazingly high commission of 75% on sales! So if you refer someone you can make up to $78.

This is tempting if you can live with the fact that you are part of the problem, recommending scam programs to people just to make money.

As an affiliate marketer myself, I do not recommend this platform but you can still try it if you decide to join anyway.

It’s these kinds of practices that give affiliate marketing a bad name. My goal is to make sure YOU AND I make money online, not only I.

Check Take Surveys for cash here if you want to.

Conclusion On Take Surveys For Cash

Name: Take surveys for cash
Website: www.takesurveysforcash.com
Price: $39 – $104
Owners: Jason White
My Overall Score:  2/10

If you`re still asking is take surveys for cash a scam? my answer is definitely a scam.

There are tons of ways to make money online, check out these highly effective ways to earn money online

The easiest way to make a DECENT amount of money online is not filling out surveys, it is affiliate marketing. It’s what I do and love not answering surveys for cents or dealing with clients. Register for free below and create your own online business that WILL make you financially independent, or read the review of my #1 recommendation here.

I hope you found value reading my review, if you have any questions, please do leave me a message, if you liked this post, please do share on social media so others can benefit from it.Take surveys for cash review

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How To Create WordPress Website

Can anyone create a free website? The answer to this question has evolved from a definitely not, to certainly Yes! over the last decade. In the days gone by, you had to learn HTML, to be able to even start building a website.

Of course, as time goes by, our society always tends to explore options on how to make things easier. Nowadays, creating an actual website is as easy as signing up for social media!

How Is That Possible? 

These days we’ve got website building platforms (WordPress is one of them), who take all the difficult coding into their account. Below you can find all you need to know on how to use WordPress properly.

What Is Wordpress Websitebuilder

Workstation, Home Office, Computer

Simply put, WordPress lets you choose a theme you like (paid or free), creates the website for you, and takes care of many complicated HTML behind the scene while all you do is customize it the way you want it and add content.

WordPress is by far the most popular platform out there. Mainly because it is very user-friendly. If you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is to just go with WordPress.

If the platform is easy for you to use, you have more time to concentrate on what really matters for your website, such as content creation, imagery, layout, links and social media to promote your website.

Most people’s choice goes to the user-friendly, constantly updating WordPress platform.

How To Use Wordpress To Create A Website

How To Create  WordPress Website


What you will find here is a practical guide on how to use WordPress, I’m going to assume that you already know what your niche is, an earlier post on choosing a niche is here if you missed it.

Choosing your niche is a very important aspect, and should be decided upon before you create your website.

You don’t want to decide to rush and choose something you are unsure of, especially not in the beginning.

Imagine choosing the niche beauty products because all women use beauty products and potentially profitable, but after 1 month of content writing you are sick of it and can’t find anything else to write about.

This is where most people give up, choosing the wrong niche then failing to find the motivation to go on writing about something they do not care about.

For your first website, I always recommend choosing something you are really passionate about. This will give you more strength to keep going.

If you need more information on the actual process of buying domain names and choosing themes, read this post where I explain buying domain names. 

Creating A Website Starts With Your Domain Name

Don’t spend too much time on a domain, a name domain name should not be hard to choose. When buying a domain name, always try to buy a .com or .org domain. The domain name you choose should be short and easy to remember.

Choosing Your Theme 

How To Create  WordPress Website

Choosing a theme IS important and can be a bit confusing. There are so many themes available that it is difficult to see the forest through the trees. If you go for paid themes you usually don’t have much to worry about.

Within the selection of free themes, you have to be careful! Here are some pointers on how you choose your theme:

  • Always look for reviews of your theme online. See if there are any bugs that appear regularly with the particular theme.
  • It has to be mobile-friendly.
  • Make sure it is relevant to your niche. Research other websites in your niche and find the general guideline of what sort of themes seem to work within the niche.
  • The best tip I can give you is to google the following:

Set Up Your Initial Pages 

On the right, you can see how the menu looks like. As you can see it’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Pages are the foundation of your website, pillar articles which will double as your main menu on your web page. The initial three should be Home – About Me – Privacy Policy.

  • Home Page:

You can choose between a static homepage or use the Homepage as your blog roll. This is a decision you have to make yourself. I’ve never found any studies that rate one more successful than the other,

I’ve never found any studies that rate one more successful than the other, it’s, in my opinion, a more of a personal choice. You can change this whenever you want.

  • About Me:

People like the personal touch, blogs that are clearly written by a person, who has experience in what he/she’s talking about, convert the best.

The about me page is apparently one of the most clicked links on your average website, so it’s important to add a picture of yourself and a bit of yourelf.

  • Privacy Policy

To protect yourself from any possible lawsuits, get yourself a page like this. It is the only page you should EVER copy from another site. If you want you can copy mine, change the email addresses and domain name, and you got yourself a privacy policy.

Make Your Site Ready For Indexing

Your main goal from the start is to increase your popularity with your readers AND the search engines. To get more readers, you’ll have to gain trust from Google.

Your first step is to let Google know you are here, and you are here to stay. Signing up for Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics is an absolute MUST to eventually get your web page on that first page in Google.

Writing Your First Post

Writing posts is going to be your main concern for the following months. It all starts with keyword research, after which you write articles around the keywords you find. Some tips here:

  • Choose keywords that don’t have a lot of competition.
  • Posts that rank best are between 1300 – 1500 words long. The majority of your posts should be this length, but on some occasion you should differentiate a little if a post is only 500 words long, that`s ok too.
  • Publish your posts immediately. 
  • Use 1-3 keywords per post but make sure you write naturally.

Customize The Look Of Your Site

Use the customizer as shown in the picture aside. Your menu might look slightly different as the customization is highly dependent on the theme you’ve chosen.

With some themes, you can customize almost everything, and others almost nothing, so do choose a theme you can customize.

There is no real disadvantage with themes that are not so customizable, it might even be easier for some people as you tend to focus more on the content, which is still your #1 concern.

Back Up Your Website

You should create a habit of backing up your website on a weekly basis. Imagine doing a theme update after which a lot of bugs appear on your site. Trying to get these bugs out of thereby going through the HTML code can take weeks, even for professionals.

Making sure you constantly have a back-up will prevent this problem. Here is a step by step guide of the easy process you should do on a weekly basis:

  • Choose the option Tools in the left bottom corner on your WordPress Menu.
  • Choose the option Export.
  • Export All should already be highlighted like in the picture on the side.
  • Save the file with the entire HTML code of your website somewhere on your computer.
  • Do this on a weekly basis!

End Note

As you can see, there are a few steps you have to take that are very important and essential to your potential success with your website. There are many people who work day and night and give up after a few months.

Most of the time because they forgot some of these essential steps and did not see their website’s progress.

Imagine if you write a post every day, but you did not sign up for Google or Bing! I think you can see how frustrating this can be.

If you are  really serious about creating a website and want a step by step guide, that teaches you everything from keyword research to writing posts to customizing your webpage, have a look in the link below.



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Online Translation Jobs

Have you heard about it? Getting paid to translate online? But what exactly are online translation jobs, what qualifications do you need to get started and how much will you earn as an online translator? Where do you find such jobs and most importantly, when do you get paid? Today I will talk about Online Translation Jobs and if it`s a scam or a good way of making money online.

Online translation jobs are promising you to earn money by translating documents online. They are offering all kind of employment from medical translation jobs to Russian translation jobs, or any other languages. The more languages you know – that is better. Right?


Name: http://www.realtranslatorjobs.com

Cost: From $68 to $34  Really?

Overview of the product:

Real translation jobs are promising you to earn money by translating documents online. They are offering all kind of employment from medical translation jobs to Russian translation jobs, or any other languages. The more languages you know  –  that is better. Right?

Well,  www.realtranslatorjobs.com promising you a lot of money for translating simple documents?

I know what you think now. Wow…. Is it possible that online translation jobs will work so good? I want to do this. I want this online translation job.

What the platform promising:

For example, if you will sign in for those online translation jobs with them you could get $83200 per year very quickly based on translating of 4 documents a day, which cost each $100 and working four days a week. A decent income I would say and quite an easy one.

What if you worry about your English as is not your first Language and thinking that online translation jobs are not for you?

Real Translation jobs are promising to you that no way you need to worry about it.Your third grade(or whatever will be good enough?)

And here are reasons why?

  • The platform has tools to translate automatically document from English to other languages.
  • Realtranslatorjobs have tools to check grammatic and punctuation and tool to correct your wording.
  • Th program promises that those devices will be accurate, and it will help you speed up your work to earn more.

What else included in Real translation jobs platform?

Let’s dig deeper.

The Real translation jobs are not free. Their range to sign up is from $34 (if you will manage to get a discount) to$68.(Really pay someone to work for them?)may be it`s ok with you, but it does not sit well with me to pay someone $68 or any amount for that matter so I can work for them, make them money. Why do you need to pay?

When asked, they say they are taking a fee to support website working as all tools are provided on the website free to use for you, but they need to pay for them and in addition to that, they don’t charge percentage from your job, so your fee is covering everything.

What will you get after sign in and paying a fee?

  • You will get member log in to secure area of website
  • A free guide to get you going

Now attention!!!!!!!!!

  • You will be present to a database of thousands of jobs and companies.
  • After you complete a job, you will be sent a payment through PayPal, Cheque or Direct Deposit.
  • And only for new members, limited time offer $100 free, for sign in and after completing the first job.

Here is pricing what www.realtranslatorjobs.com are offering

  • translate simple email up to $30 per email
  • translate simple document up to $250 per page
  • translate a short book, up to $2000 each
  • translate movie script up to $1000 each
  • translate an audio conversation, up to $1000 each

Online Translation Jobs

My Thoughts  On Online Translator Jobs:

I do not believe of offering something without trying.  I mean, why should invest $34-$68 in the program that might not even work?

Check this top rated program and try free.


You didn’t meet any members who already start to earn with Real Translator Jobs. Everything you see is the promises. I think it is time to learn not to believe in promises online till the moment you try and see yourself.

If you visit a shoe shop, would you like to try before you buy?

I do… so why should it be ok to spend lots of money on something without trying? What online translation jobs offer you are promises and nothing more to get your hard earned money.

Did you see what they promised to pay you? 

  • translate simple email up to $30 per email
  • translate simple document up to $250 per page
  • translate a short book, up to $2000 each
  • translate movie script up to $1000 each
  • translate an audio conversation, up to $1000 each

Are you still believing them after reading it?

There are so many people around the world with knowledge of 2 and more languages each.

There are so many translators in the real world looking for the job and offering to translate for a much cheaper price, why not to hire them and not to waste money? Who will pay $250 per page to translate a document?

Well maybe only if the language, that one important language, that no one else knows, but then, no one will need it, which is rare, and some unknown company will hire you to translate some important historical documents, then maybe someone will pay you £250 per page.


When leaving a page, there are 100’s of advertisement popping out with offers like Stay on the page, we will give you even further discount. Get pay while translating Medical documents etc.

If you are serious about making money online, the best chance is to start your own website and sell affiliate products, check out how I learned to make money online.

If you are looking for writing jobs online, platforms like iwriter.com offer real writing opportunities and you are sure to get paid for your work.

If you have any questions do leave me a message below.


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