Are You Doing Your Email Marketing Right?

Before starting, understanding the concept of email marketing is important. Email marketing is a kind of marketing that is used to connect, communicate and advertise a business, the products, and services using an electronic mail as the means.

Do you know that there are three times more email accounts in existence than those of facebook or twitter accounts combined? There is a much better possibility of getting a visitor through email than through facebook or twitter.

That visitor may or may not turn out to be a client or customer in the future. So, there is a hope! But if there is no visitor at all then the talk of hope is a moot point.

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Steps To Start Email Marketing

    Outline your goals and select an email marketing provider

Before jumping head first, it is prudent to think about and outline what you want to concentrate on. For example: To sell a product, you have to first determine that which age group, gender, professional or homemaker etc. would buy that product.

It is important to determine what you are hoping to achieve from the campaign.

With that determined, you have to do a thorough research, talk it out with experts and catalog the resources you have before selecting an email marketing provider.

You may or may not have to even try different providers before finally settling on one.

    Build your email marketing list

Now it’s time to make a list of contacts. If you are starting from zero then you may have to start collecting emails of the people you have no contact with.

The social media channels like Facebook groups are a good platform to add new email contacts in your list.

If you have had a website previously so you may already have a list of contacts that you made through that website.

Don’t discard those contacts. Update your database by removing expired information and do a cleanup. Then import them into the new contact lists.

It may take time but it will be worth it in the end.Keeping all the contacts organized wouldn’t hurt either.Check how Elna from got email subscribers in a month.

  • Determine what the campaign entails

The goals you have chosen determine what sort of campaign you plan to pursue. Would it be a newsletter, an advertisement, an offer, an invitation or an announcement? It all depends on the purpose of the campaign.

For making sales, an offer or an announcement campaigns would do. For an event, an invitation would be suitable. A newsletter, however, is used to update the customers on any latest developments.

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  • Create your campaign and don’t overdo things

Your email marketing campaign design and structure should be catchy but not too flashy. The content should be easy to read and understand.

Read my earlier post on writing articles that people read Ensure that the campaign is designed in accordance to the user’s relevance. And also ensure that the campaign design is compatible with all the devices.

These campaigns are vital in building trust with the clients. The simpler they are the most effective they will be.

The recommended text to image ratio should be 80%: 20%. There should be only one main call to action, be it a link or a button. The elements used in designing should bring out focus to important parts of the campaign.

    • Give your contacts the choice and use surveys to gain their opinions


No one likes to have things thrust on them without an option to opt out. In such cases, the emails most likely end up blacklisted which benefits no one. So, it’s better to give the contact the option to choose.

Surveys are one of the most effective ways to encourage communication with your customers. The engagement is important as it gives you more scope to gain more subscribers.

⦁    Monitor user actions and send emails accordingly

This new trigger-based technique of campaigning is set to take the world for a spin. These are automatically run and produce successful results. The conversions are lifted permanently and the campaigns are automatically delivered to all the users that clicked on your website at the right time.

This campaigning technique keeps an eye on the activities of the user and then send across campaign through email that is most relevant to the user.

  • Review your results and keep improving control Email Marketing

Review your reports once a month and make note of the emails and campaign generating the most activity.

Email marketing is about control and testing.Study and determine what makes them more successful than the others which are not doing much good.

Learn from your errors and make sure to not repeat the same mistakes in the next campaign. Also, add more to the campaign if you think it would enhance the success rate of the campaign.


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Email marketing has proven itself to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to advertising, product and services sales and business growth. It has changed the way small business owners and entrepreneurs look at marketing.

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