Best Ways To Improve Website Rankings With SEO

SEO is the key to business growth. This is the reason why everybody wants to know the best ways to improve website rankings with SEO. The higher your ranking, the better it is for your business.

But search traffic is so elusive that you need to keep yourself updated with the current SEO practices. SEO keeps changing. What works now may not work next year.

If you won’t keep up with the updates, you’ll definitely be left behind. That’s the nature of the game. And you need to play it well to improve website rankings with SEO.

But there are habits and practices that never go out of style. If you incorporate these in your posts, you will not go wrong. They are the safest way to improve search rankings without harming your business.

As a general rule, never compromise the quality of your posts in the process Read more on writing quality posts that people read. That’s how to stay on top.

Best Ways To Improve Website Rankings With SEO

Publish Fresh and Relevant Content 

This is still the number one factor in driving search engine rankings. Nothing’s better and safer than publishing quality content. Make your site relevant

Make your site relevant to the content you post. Don’t just post keyword-loaded articles that barely contain information. Quality is the name of the game.

Write topics that are relevant and interesting. Post contents that people will like reading and will likely share, the more your content is shared, the more google love your site and the better your ranking will improve.

Just imagine yourself when you read an article online, you don`t go sharing things you find boring and of no interest, so are your readers, they will not share what they do not like.That’s how to maintain a readership and invite followers.

The quality of your content matters, unlike what others tell you, your readers will appreciate one quality and informative post every two weeks than one mediocre content every few days.

Strategic Keyword Placing

Aside from quality, you must also not forget about keyword phrases. It’s best if you conduct research on what keywords or phrases most people search about.

Read my earlier post on finding keywords here. Once you have gathered the keywords that work, don’t forget to incorporate them into your content.

However, you must not overdo it as Google might flag it down. You can use certain tools to compute how often you should repeat the keyword phrase throughout the article.

This would depend on the length of your article, the phrase and the number of words your article has a five hundred word article is ok if you place the keyword once but then, it`s up to you how you like things done.

Be strategic about it. Normally, it’s highly advisable that you mention the keyword phrase in the first and last paragraph and somewhere in the middle.

Mentioning it in the H2 also helps. The rule is to never overdo it. Never sacrifice the quality of your content in the process.View my top rated keyword tool to find the best keywords.

Update Content Regularly  Structure, Plan, Coding, Strategy

This is another way to improve website rankings with SEO. Always remember the number rule: make your website content relevant. Aside from writing quality content, you must also update your content regularly.

Your site visitors and Google will notice if your site looks like something someone abandoned, you don`t want this to happen.

Again see yourself as a reader and you visit a website that has not been updated for months and looks forgotten, I’m sure you leave without wasting time and not going back there anytime soon.

That’s the best way to stay relevant. Search engines will notice this. The regular content update usually equates to your site’s relevancy. Just remember to incorporate the other SEO practices whenever you post updates.


Metadata is as important as keywords. You insert the metadata in between the <head> tags in your website page. This includes the Title, Description, and Keyword.

The Title metadata is the most important of the three. It is responsible for displaying page titles at the top of the window. CMS websites will automatically create a meta title for each page, so you won’t have to worry about it if you’re using such site.

Description metadata, on the other hand, works as a site’s window display. It includes a concise description of what the whole content is all about.

So better make it interesting and catchy so that people will likely read what’s contained within.

Lastly, Keyword metadata is where you put around three or four keywords or phrases that people usually search about. Make sure that these keywords are related to your post.

Create Links  Link, Hyperlinks, Web Page, Presence,Improve Website Rankings

Creating relevant links help you in increasing your website’s traffic.

However, you must not just post the link anywhere in the article or put it in a sign that says “click here.”

Be more strategic about it. Attach the link to a relevant phrase in the article. This will not just improve your own ranking, but also that of the page you’re linking to.

Read more from Brian Dean of on building quality links and improving traffic.

Just remember that quality links count, do not go about building poor quality spammy links, this will not help your site in any way and can only get your site penalized by Google.

Creating back links may appear tricky at first but with a little work, you should master it in no time.

Use ALT Tags

When you put up alternative text descriptions or describe visual or video media, always use ALT tags. This is crucial particularly to websites that use text-only browsers. ALT tags allow the search engines to detect your page.

Relevant Images

Another part that you should not ignore is the images on your posts, not just images but images that are relevant to your post. No one wants to read a page full of a sea of words, images help break up the text.

Remember when you learned to read? the books had more images than words, your readers want to see images when they read your post.


These are just the basic ways you need to learn and use to improve website rankings with SEO. If you want to find out more, you can always read up on more advanced practices to be on top of the game.

Website traffic and improved rankings will not open overnight, but with practice, things will just improve.You will not go wrong with sticking to the basics though. Just keep abreast with the current trends and changes of SEO practices.

If you have any questions, do leave me a message below, would like to hear from you.Join Wealthy Affiliate

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