Big Idea Mastermind Review


 Big Idea Mastermind
Big Idea Mastermind Review
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 10
Advertised Price: $25.00 a month
Training Fees: From  $100.00 to $5,122.00
Owner(s): Vick Strizheus


What Is Big Deal Mastermind?

  • Big Idea Mastermind is a marketing training system where Vic Stritzheus has put together  training programs that cover
  • Email marketing
  • website creation
  • Traffic generation
  • Affiliate Marketing

Who is Big Idea Mastermind for?

  • For beginners to experienced internet marketers.

How does it work?

  • You learn Online Marketing.

Cost of this Training?

  • $25.00 a month basic level membership.
  • $25.00 a month plus $100.00 for silver level training.
  • $25.00 a month plus $600.00 for gold level of training.
  • $25.00 a month plus $1,597 for platinum level training.
  • $25.00 a month plus $5,097.00 for diamond level training.

Refund Policy

  • You can cancel your membership anytime, but they do not refund any cash so read my review below to decide if Big Idea Mastermind is worth your time.

Short Review

For anyone who has been online awhile, the name Vick Strizheus has come up associated with businesses that fail and fraud.

Being associated with businesses that fail does not give me a reason to call him a scammer, businesses do fail, but it`s another thing altogether if your name is associated with more than 1 scam business.

Big Idea Mastermind, to say the least,  is expensive, but let`s look at other businesses that are associated with Strizheus that are scam sites.

  • High Traffic Academy- 3 levels membership  starting from$ 497 for standard membership all the way up to $4,497
  • 7 figure marketing school- $67 recurring membership fee- Scam
  • 48hour fast cash club-Scam

The above programmes have now been closed.


Why would they have a need to have 5 different kinds of memberships? 2 different memberships are understandable but 5? there are online courses that charge different amounts for different levels but 5 levels I’d advise anyone to stay away.

What Vick does not tell his readers is that he does not generate organic traffic through search engines, he pays for traffic, and if you are just getting started online, you can not afford paid traffic. this big idea mastermind review does not concentrate on the negatives, but if there are no positives to talk about, then the program is not worth your time or energy.

So, Why Is Big Idea Mastermind A Scam?

Vicks videos are filled with misleading info, unrealistic income potential, outright lies in testimonials.

In my opinion, his lies start as soon as you open his videos,

  • Lie: The site will be open for a few hours, it`s a total lie
  • Lie: You only have 2 hours to join before you miss outlIf you come back a day later, the timer resets at 2 hours the lies goes on.

Vick will tell you he wants to help you make money, will someone who honestly wants you to make money charge $5,000+ to teach you how to make money? sure no.

Check my number 1 programme that teaches me how to make money for a dollar a day that`s right,$1 a day


Image result for big idea mastermind tos page

Big Idea Mastermind is risk-Free really?

When you sign up, Big Mastermind Idea says it`s only $25.00 to join, what most people usually forget or ignore to do is read the little prints in the terms and conditions.

At big Marketing Idea, if you sign up for the$25.00, you automatically agree to the following monthly subscription.

Now let`s take a quick math of how much Big Idea Mastermind will be deducting from you because you did not read the little prints.

Affiliate program $19.95 per month

Viral Blogging $25.00 per month

Media Hosting $25.00 per month

Inner circle(whatever he mean with that)$25.00 per month

This is a simple trick, Vick knows most people do not read the terms and conditions and in Big Idea Mastermind terms and conditions, you have to cancel your $25.00 free deal within 30 days of registering.

Now, your money has been legally taken from you using an old trick in the book and nothing you can do about it.

There Is No Guarantee You Will Make Any Money

Strizheus is a scammer and you should never trust him. His one and only intention is to take your hard earned money.

All he does is by promising you will make money fast by recruiting new members who will also upgrade.

l have put together a list of things you should look out for to avoid scams, the list might be longer so do your homework before joining Big Idea Mastermind if you decide to.

Big Idea Mastermind Review scam

  • Over priced
  • Promise of quick money
  • No free version
  • Owner`s reputation
  • No refunds

I have given you reasons to avoid Big Idea Mastermind, but you have to decide for yourself if you have a chance to make any money with this scam program.

You don’t have to spend your time and money into a programme that will not pay off at any time. The cost itself is another off-putting aspect, you do not have to invest $5000+ to succeed online.

If you are serious about making money online, have a look at my Number 1 suggestion at making money online, and read why it is my number one.

There are better ways to earn money and your potential earnings are much higher, one such way is Affiliate marketing, the same way l do.Build a website then sell other people’s products and get paid a percentage.

This may sound all difficult, but it`s not, click here to learn how to build your own website and start affiliate marketing.You will learn in a safe spam free site where all members help each other succeed.

My Big Idea Mastermind Review Scam stay away, not worth your time or money.

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Just as expected, the program is now gone, no longer online, the owner I`m sure will come up with another scam sooner than later. when I wrote the big idea mastermind review earlier, I knew nothing good will come of it, in a way I hoped I was wrong this time, but they have once again proved that they can not be trusted.


4 thoughts on “Big Idea Mastermind Review”

  1. Ouch. 0 out of 10. Big Idea Mastermind sounds really expensive and like the costs add up quickly. I really resent being told that an opportunity is available for just a few more minutes or hours because it makes me feel pressured and rushed into a decision about money. It also sounds like a bait and switch. This just costs $25. But then, in order for the system to work, you’ve got to cough up even more money. Exactly how do they refund your money if they don’t refund cash anymore?

  2. Hi there. You have made an amazing job advising people to stay away from this programming. It is crazy to think these scammers are taken money easily from lay people.

    It is all the same story. They tell people they will be financially independent, and all they have to do is to sign up for their program. They never explain in detail what is going to be required from you. The gibe the idea that if they pay the price the money will come easily and without much effort.

    This program doesn’t even allow you to try it for free and terms and conditions are outrageous.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi there , 0 out of 10 is a very tough rating.I agree , paying for an affiliate program just to promote it it is unethical and stupid.Therefore they suggest to pay for traffic right from the beginning.

    Expensive and no refunds.I have to admit that these elements are pointing to a scam.

    What was the favourite part of their training?…Is there anything noticeable , worth to invest?…Is there a website builder or a keyword tool?

    Thx in advance


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