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Empower network-is it a scam?

What Is Empower Network Is It A Scam?Let me Help With That

   Empower network is it a scam?

Name: Empower Network

Price: From $25 per month to $3,500

Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe

Question is,what is empower network and is it a scam? let`s see.Empowernetwork was invented by a man named David Wood a couple of years ago. 

Basically, it’s an online opportunity that offers members a blogging platform where they can sell whatever products they desire, including EMPOWERNETWORK and all of the marketing training and information products that comes with it all.

The blogging platform is called Blog Beast. They actually call themselves an affiliate program, but in reality, in my opinion, they are more of an MLM SCAM.

When you first arrive on their website, a video starts playing automatically. We are actually forced to watch this video until the end. It can’t be paused or stopped unless you click on an ‘’order now’’ button.

In this video, the owner, David Wood goes on to tell us his story, a story that we, of course, have heard many, many times before. 

He tells us how much of a hard time he went through in his life, how many direct sales companies he has worked with and then, goes on to telling us how he even lived in his van in Hawaii.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great story! We all go through hard times in our lives at one time or another. It just seems as though this is more like a ‘’rags to riches’’ story.

Actually, he starts the video by showing us his huge diamond ring that he calls, ‘’the millionaire club’’ ring or something like that. It’s a little too big if you as ask me. It’s so big that it looks a little fake actually.

When it really comes down to it, Empower network is an MLM that you have to pay a monthly fee for to sell their product and yes, there are many upsells available.

Actually, I would even call it ‘’upsell heaven”. There are way too many! Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, you also have to pay a monthly fee to be able to receive commissions.

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The Fees

Basic Fee: $25

-With this fee, you get a blogging site.

If you wish to promote Empower network, you have to pay a monthly fee of $19.95. So, right there, we realize pretty quickly that IT IS NOT AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM as real affiliate programs don’t charge a fee to promote their company.

Now, here come the ‘’upsells’’, the different memberships.

If you want to learn a little something, this membership is required. In reality, it’s almost obligatory. I mean, they don’t force you into it or anything but once you have purchased the blogging system, you need to know how it works and how to be ‘’successful’’ on the platform, right? So, this is a $100 monthly fee added to the fees mentioned above. 

This membership gives you access to audios that tell you about the founders and the leaders. It tells you what you need to know in order to be able to sell it. If you want to make money with it, you must know about it, no?

The system is made so that if you don’t purchase a certain level of membership/training, you will not get a commission for it if someone that you referred to the program purchases it.

It’s really hard to explain. To put it bluntly, you don’t make any money from a sale if you haven’t yourself purchased the very same product that you just sold. Wow! That’s all that I have to say.


Now, this membership is a ONE TIME PAYMENT OF $500. Now, this is a video series that teaches its members advanced marketing strategies. Again, you must purchase this if you want to make money when selling it.


For a ONE TIME PAYMENT of $995, they will teach you more advanced ways of promoting your business. They will give you strategies on how to get more targeted leads to grow your business.

I am not sure how much money you will have made at this point.

Then, wait for it….there is the MASTER RETREAT!

For a ONE TIME PAYMENT of only $3500, you will get access to 40 training sessions that will teach you to earn more money as you learn how to make more money. I’m not even sure what that means.

At this point, you are probably thinking that I am not giving you much detail about the products that they sell. Well, that’s because they don’t give any detail about what they are selling.

If you visit their website, it is really not clear. I really am trying my very best to give you as much information as I can. However, this is as good as it gets as far as describing their products is concerned.

Empower network-is it a scam?


Empower network has probably been banned from every social network out there. It seems as though their members have absolutely no integrity nor no ethics. ‘’Spamming’’! What is ‘’spamming’’? Ask an Empower network member. They will tell you!  

They are probably the reason why Facebook banned all affiliate programs from advertising on their site. I can go on and tell you stories about the complaints, but I am sure that you can find out all about them simply by typing in, ‘’EMPOWERNETWORK COMPLAINTS’’ on Google.

Join  a program that helps you succeed

Apparently, members are also complaining that there is no support. It’s almost like some groups have totally lost control of who is coming and who is going. It has grown considerably over the past few years and because of this, it has lost the ‘’human’’ side of what a business should really be.

In the end, EMPOWERNETWORK doesn’t even offer a free trial. How can someone invest so much money into a business that they haven’t even seen or tried? Plus, with all of their upsells, before you make any money, you better have a lot of it put aside to invest.  

Moreover, what are you really investing in to begin with? A blogging platform? If you decide to get out of the business, the blogging site that you will have worked on so hard to build won’t even be yours anymore.  

 In the end, your money is going into learning, which is not bad but again, what will all of the learning be good for if you don’t have a blogging platform to use it on? You may just have to invest again in another business. Is that what you really want?

In the end, your money is going into learning, which is not bad but again, what will all of the learning be good for if you don’t have a blogging platform to use it on? You may just have to invest again in another business. Is that what you really want?

In my opinion on Empower network, is it a scam? yes, it is a scam and not worth your time or money.There might be a lot of people promoting Empower network, these are people who are interested in earning commission for signing you up to Empower network, and do not care about your online success


I would suggest a company that you can try before you buy first. Now, to me, that’s business!



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Things You Should Know About Paid Social Media Jobs Scam

Things You Should Know About Paid Social Media Jobs Scam

Finally! paid social media jobs,a job where you can play around on Facebook and Twitter all day, the very thing you have been looking for in work-at-home without a boss breathing down your neck!
And you can do as much or little as you like, and just the thing for unemployed folks, housewives, and folks that are working and need an extra boost in revenue.
Why would you NOT want to get into the buzz?

The national news has given it a mark of distinction and featuring some folks who have been highly successful with it.But before we get into that, can you really turn social media into a full-time career and quit your traditional job? what do others say about it?read more from on what they think of making social media jobs a career here.

Welcome to the realm of paid social media jobs!

Things You Should Know About Paid Social Media Jobs Scam

What Is It?

Social media has become an integral part of commercial enterprise as companies, large and small, use it to boost their promotional campaigns online.

An observant online marketer noted that this practice has become such a large overhead cost,  came up with the idea of creating a marketplace designed to provide an alternative for companies to dishing out high salaries to employed in-house social media experts.

In an ideally win-win situation, those suited to do the work would also cash in on this. Thus, was conceived.Check my recommendation to making money online here.

What Is the Job Criteria?

You join up and create a membership account on the website which allows you access to companies that need help with their social media in just about any possible task needed in maintaining and managing such accounts.

You go through the queue of jobs available and apply for them. If hired, you will perform a wide range of services called upon you to do.

To be effective at this be prepared to:

  • Produce a resume that will effectively sell your services in a highly competitive market.
  • Persuade companies they need you, even for things they don’t even know about. Know how to write an effective legal contract.
  • Win that company’s trust (this is where your resume comes in.) Are you ready to manage the social media campaign of a large company?
  • It’s more than just posting to Facebook! Do you have the expertise to handle this work? You’ll need it! You are responsible for charging and collecting revenue from the company you’ve hired out to. Can you do it?

Is It easy? Think Again! That Isn’t All Of It!

This is NOT free and it comes with upsells. It sounds easy, but this is where it gets vague, especially when you are presented with misleading advertising claiming how easy it is and even more – endorsed by national news media that has nothing but praise about it. Here’s the real deal:

The Disclaimer Contradicts The Advertising!

As you might not have expected after having been given the red carpet, there is one damning element about offers like these – their disclaimers – they are there to give the realistic side of the story – the one you might not want to hear, but such disclaimers must be present by law and, therefore, are your  first line of defense from unrealistic expectations you might get from the hype.

Just A Bit Here From The Disclaimer For This Offer:

There is no guarantee you will make anything at this. Actual earnings or results presented are atypical, meaning most people are not going to perform and this amounts to unrealistic expectations Forward-looking statements in the advertising are not representative of actual, historical or current events.

You should not base your decisions on such statements since the real essence is in your ability to make money doing this work.

In short – you’ve been fed some hyped-up false information geared to get you emotionally worked up so you make irrational decisions. In this case, as in many others, the disclaimer is your friend!

What’s Wrong with Paid Social Media Jobs?

Most people are not suited for this kind of work though the advertising doesn’t tell you this. These are folks that are very competent with social media and this is what most companies are looking for.

This being said, it is a highly competitive market only for those who truly know what they are doing. Yes, this offer can and does work if you have lots of experience and can produce the numbers companies want – numbers that, for most people, are impossible without the aid of special software.

It is not for the faint at heart. You will often be called upon to engage in invasive tactics to get the work done. It’s not as easy as it is implied.

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 How much does it cost?

That`s right, although you are promised money, you still have to pay to be a member fee, the price starts at $47 a Nonrefundable.

Unless you are a social media expert, this offer is NOT recommended. There are much better opportunities out there that lay all the implications out on the table and once you see an example, you won’t look back.


Before you spend money joining paid social media jobs, you`ll be pleased to know you can build your own website and offer social media jobs from your site, it cost much less and you are in total control of your earnings. Alissia from makes a good social media income helping people with social media and there are many like her out there.

You don`t need to join social media jobs to earn money.You can get started by creating a free website here and offer your social media skills, check my post here on creating a free website,not only does it give you a chance to keep long-term clients, as time goes, your website will increase in value and you can sell it at a later stage for a nice profit.

But if you still want to try paid social media jobs, then click here to get started, just because I do not recommend it does not mean you should avoid it all together and who knows? you may find success with it.

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