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How To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based referral system through which merchants build their online presence and market their services and products at affordable prices.

There are several affiliate marketing programs to choose from. They can be found on various affiliate marketing websites.

A successful affiliate marketer can make over five figures each month. But the number of such affiliate marketers is quite low because most of the beginners give up easily. Or without dedicating enough time and effort for it to be a success or even be fruitful.

Becoming successful at affiliate marketing is not an easy process. It needs hard work, dedication, patience, persistence, and immense time commitment.

In addition to these traits, the affiliate marketing strategy employed by successful affiliate marketers are as follows: But not limited to, so find what works for you but the process is the same.
Find Your Niche 
Selecting a niche for affiliate marketing is very important. Many new affiliate marketers make a common mistake of covering almost all the products and services of all niches in hopes of quick success.

Check an earlier post where a niche is explained in more detail.

Concentrating on many things at one time leaves the efforts scattered, unfocused and quite honestly, in vain.

Choose one single niche that you have knowledge about or are passionate about.  Concentrate on that single niche and promote products and services related to that.

Target a specific group of audience. This method will contribute to your success as concentrating on one niche is more profitable instead of selling everything. 

Select The Right Affiliate Program

All the affiliates work almost in the same way. But some offer recurring commissions, Tailwindapp is very lucrative being a recurring affiliate program, You need to research and decide which affiliate has more competition for your niche. Which one offers good commission and which one is more reliable? Do your market research before signing up for any affiliate program.Another great program to join is

Start Marketing

Once your niche is selected and products are chosen and ready to promote, you would need to market your website.

Going with the current trends, the social media presence is crucial. If you are knowledgeable about social networking sites and channels then use it to promote your products.

A targeted traffic is needed for your products to sell which can only happen through social media and search engine optimization. Make your blog and product title and description search engine friendly using keywords so they appear on search engines. Check best ways to increase website traffic.        

Familiarize Yourself With Your Product How To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing

Promote a product you have no clue about can and will prove harmful to your reputation if they failed to produce desired results. That is why it is advised to always do research on a product you are promoting.

Check out their pros and cons. Because who would want to associate their names with a product or service with a bad reputation?

Build your trust. By researching the products or services and offering reliable information to the audience builds credibility. That credibility is what brings in more customers and more audience.

Research the demand for the product in the market. If the demand for it is low then chances are you will not make many sales despite trying very hard.

Also, check out the competition for the same product in the market.  It is always a good idea to write and present comparison blog on the two.

Get To Know Your Audience

An important thing to know when thinking about how to be successful at affiliate marketing is to know your audience.You need to know this to know which audience to target.

To know which group of the audience will benefit from the product or service you are promoting.  Or which group of an audience will most likely to interested in your product.Check buyer purchase cycle here to understand more how internet audience makes a purchase.

Work With Different Merchants

This will be helpful in case you have a falling out with one of these merchants or any other issue then you at least won’t be left dry as you will still have other merchants to work with.

Promote their products but watch out for any agreements regarding exclusivity. This business belongs to you. Not the merchant so there is no need for exclusivity. There is nothing wrong in working with multiple merchants in the same niche.Check this program that pays 50% recurring commissions.WA affiliate program image

Learn From Others And Evolve Business Techniques With Time

The Internet marketing changes and evolves frequently. In the days gone by, e-mail marketing worked well. Now it won’t be that successful. In fact, most of the audience is gathered from social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Stay in touch with the changing trends in affiliate marketing as well as technology and adapt yourself accordingly. The process of learning never ends so don’t shy away from learning what you can from others.

If it benefits your business then why not?

Persistence Pays!

It is easy to lose hope after having being encountered with failures after failures. That is when you really need to work doubly hard and not give up! Usually, many new affiliate marketers give up too soon.

Like any other job or business, this too needs time, hard work and patience to get good end results.

To achieve that, you need to keep monitoring your statistics to work out the trend of what worked and what didn’t. Make changes accordingly. Promote your products regularly by updating your audience on social media channels.

Affiliate marketing has evolved over the years and become more sophisticated and profitable. Now to be successful in affiliate marketing, it is better to build things that have value rather than one-page campaign. Pick one niche and stick with it. Master the niche with time!
Please keep in mind that affiliate marketing also needs a lot of work. Less hectic than regular job but work nevertheless. It will take time to make sales.
All of the tactics mentioned above take time to build your online presence and build your audience. You can’t have hopes for the better results without that. There are several making five-figure from affiliate marketing. You can be one of them too.Don’t just sit and hope for things to work out on their own.

Looking for the best affiliate program to join? then check the above image or click here to join.By far, it`s the most lucrative affiliate program.

I`d like to hear from you, what can you do to succeed in affiliate marketing? what do you need to get more sales? leave me a message below.

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How To Write Product Review That Converts Into Sales

If you are an affiliate marketer, you want to write product review to help your readers, if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you will need to become familiar with how to write a product review and make it convert so it`s worth the effort.

This post will explain why you need to write product reviews and why you need to write them and lastly, how to write a review for a product the right way.

Before we get to writing product reviews, here is an easy example. You want to visit a hairdresser and your friends have complained about your local hairdresser, unprofessional, rude, more expensive. You will surely look for another hairdresser.How To Write Product Review That Convert

This although maybe not a written review, but you`ve heard a “review” same goes for online reviews, negative or positive.

When people buy things online, they generally go through different stages before they actually buy anything.

A lot of people want to read product reviews first, whether they are positive or negative. They want to gather as much information as possible about the product they are interested in before they make a decision.

According to, 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase.

This is where you as an affiliate marketer come in. You have the power to inform and influence consumers and provide an honest opinion about a product or service, which can have a positive effect on your online business, in terms of financial rewards and trust amongst your visitors.

Why Product Reviews Are Important For Your Affiliate Business

As an affiliate marketer, you can build your reputation by providing honest, detailed, informative and credible product reviews.You can become an authority in your niche by providing customers with value and information and that will ultimately lead to conversions.

Product reviews are generally researched by consumers once they are ready to buy a product. They have done some research on the product they are interested in buying, and they are further in the purchasing decision process.

In this phase, they are likely searching for terms such as “product name + review”. Capturing people’s attention in this phase of their buying cycle can increase your chances of an affiliate sale.Check more on Customer Comprehension here. 

When was the last time you bought something online? How did you decide which product to choose? how many times did you read product reviews before you made your decision on a certain product?

The majority of online shoppers go through several stages before they are finally ready to buy a product. If you put yourself in the shoes of consumers, you can better understand their behavior and habits.(as covered here in an earlier post).

There are so many similar products online that having the opportunity to read some reviews is really helping in making the right decision.

People usually want to read both negative and positive reviews before they make a decision. Every product, however popular, will still have some negative reviews so don`t be biased or think you can only post positive product reviews.

How To Write A Good Product Review?Per, Contra, On The Other Hand, For This

Before we cover writing product reviews, I want you to understand that you can write a review on any product, even on products you do not own.

The most important thing to keep in mind when writing a product or service review is honesty. If you are honest, you build trust and credibility amongst your visitors.

The best way to approach writing a review is to have a personal experience with the product. But let’s say that you are just starting in affiliate marketing and don’t have the resources to purchase every product you are planning on reviewing.



Here Are Tips on Writing Product Review On Stuff You Don’t Own

  • The best thing you can do is to be honest with consumers and make sure you don’t claim you tried the product if you haven’t.
  • Make sure people know that the review is written based on your research and observation. People will trust you more if they see you being straightforward with them.
  • You will need to do a lot of research about the product. Find out what the existing customers like about the product but also what they don’t like.
  • Add your personal opinion but also connect to links to some of the reviews of existing customers, so your visitors can see you aren’t just writing stories.

When Writing Product Reviews

DON’T just try to sell the product. You need to inform the reader how the product can solve their problem, what are the benefits of them using the product.People don`t want to be sold to all the time.

Don’t be an aggressive salesman, people don’t like to feel they are being pushed into buying something. I am sure you wouldn’t like to be treated this way, so why treat others like this?

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Which review will you trust more, one that screams at you “This product is the best, buy it now” or the one that provides the information, honest opinion with the positives as well as its drawbacks?

There is really no fixed rule as to how you chose to write a product review, but no matter what you are reviewing, any good product review should answer the basic questions your readers might have. Your review should have the 5Ws and the Hs.

  • Who is the product for
  • What is the product
  • Where can you find the product
  • When should it be used
  • Why would one want to buy the product

A helpful review should also include the Hs

  • How much does the product cost
  • How easy is it to use
  • How long must one wait to see results

Again, there is really no fixed rule to writing product review but it should be helpful to your readers. After you`re satisfied, please do lead your readers where to find the product. It`s frustrating reading a review then not knowing where to buy/find the product.

Check The Review Of A Recommended Program Here

Every product has also a weaker side

When you write a product review, remember every product or service will have its pros and cons. Even if you absolutely love the product, there is no such thing as a perfect product.Per, Contra, On The Other Hand, For This

If you only concentrate on positives, it will sound more like a sales page, rather than an honest review. And as we already know, this is what we want to avoid. So you absolutely need to outline some negatives of the product as well as point out the real benefits.

When you write product review informing consumers of both, you will look more of a credible person and will have more chances of making a sale that way. Inform people, educate them about the product, tell them what the issues might be and you will be rewarded.

Inform people, educate them about the product, tell them what the issues might be and let them make an informed decision.

Product Review Template

If you`ve never written a review before, here is a quick template to help you get started, remember you can change this template to suit the review you are writing.

Remember to finish your product review with a call to action. What would you like them to do?

I hope this post will help you write product reviews that convert, if you have any questions, please leave me a message below.If you liked this post and know anyone who can benefit, please share on social media so others can benefit.

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Are You Doing Your Email Marketing Right?

Before starting, understanding the concept of email marketing is important. Email marketing is a kind of marketing that is used to connect, communicate and advertise a business, the products, and services using an electronic mail as the means.

Do you know that there are three times more email accounts in existence than those of facebook or twitter accounts combined? There is a much better possibility of getting a visitor through email than through facebook or twitter.

That visitor may or may not turn out to be a client or customer in the future. So, there is a hope! But if there is no visitor at all then the talk of hope is a moot point.

Message Us, Message Me, Message, Contact,Email Marketing

Steps To Start Email Marketing

    Outline your goals and select an email marketing provider

Before jumping head first, it is prudent to think about and outline what you want to concentrate on. For example: To sell a product, you have to first determine that which age group, gender, professional or homemaker etc. would buy that product.

It is important to determine what you are hoping to achieve from the campaign.

With that determined, you have to do a thorough research, talk it out with experts and catalog the resources you have before selecting an email marketing provider.

You may or may not have to even try different providers before finally settling on one.

    Build your email marketing list

Now it’s time to make a list of contacts. If you are starting from zero then you may have to start collecting emails of the people you have no contact with.

The social media channels like Facebook groups are a good platform to add new email contacts in your list.

If you have had a website previously so you may already have a list of contacts that you made through that website.

Don’t discard those contacts. Update your database by removing expired information and do a cleanup. Then import them into the new contact lists.

It may take time but it will be worth it in the end.Keeping all the contacts organized wouldn’t hurt either.Check how Elna from got email subscribers in a month.

  • Determine what the campaign entails

The goals you have chosen determine what sort of campaign you plan to pursue. Would it be a newsletter, an advertisement, an offer, an invitation or an announcement? It all depends on the purpose of the campaign.

For making sales, an offer or an announcement campaigns would do. For an event, an invitation would be suitable. A newsletter, however, is used to update the customers on any latest developments.

 Button Design, Email Marketing

  • Create your campaign and don’t overdo things

Your email marketing campaign design and structure should be catchy but not too flashy. The content should be easy to read and understand.

Read my earlier post on writing articles that people read Ensure that the campaign is designed in accordance to the user’s relevance. And also ensure that the campaign design is compatible with all the devices.

These campaigns are vital in building trust with the clients. The simpler they are the most effective they will be.

The recommended text to image ratio should be 80%: 20%. There should be only one main call to action, be it a link or a button. The elements used in designing should bring out focus to important parts of the campaign.

    • Give your contacts the choice and use surveys to gain their opinions


No one likes to have things thrust on them without an option to opt out. In such cases, the emails most likely end up blacklisted which benefits no one. So, it’s better to give the contact the option to choose.

Surveys are one of the most effective ways to encourage communication with your customers. The engagement is important as it gives you more scope to gain more subscribers.

⦁    Monitor user actions and send emails accordingly

This new trigger-based technique of campaigning is set to take the world for a spin. These are automatically run and produce successful results. The conversions are lifted permanently and the campaigns are automatically delivered to all the users that clicked on your website at the right time.

This campaigning technique keeps an eye on the activities of the user and then send across campaign through email that is most relevant to the user.

  • Review your results and keep improving control Email Marketing

Review your reports once a month and make note of the emails and campaign generating the most activity.

Email marketing is about control and testing.Study and determine what makes them more successful than the others which are not doing much good.

Learn from your errors and make sure to not repeat the same mistakes in the next campaign. Also, add more to the campaign if you think it would enhance the success rate of the campaign.


To succeed in Email marketing, you are better off starting with your own website, if you`re looking to build your own website then join the number 1 rated affiliate program where you will learn all you need to create a very successful online business.

Read my review here and decide if the program is for you.Not only will you learn how to make money online, you`ll learn how to build a website using your passion all at no cost.

Check my post on free website building here if you missed it.

Email marketing has proven itself to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to advertising, product and services sales and business growth. It has changed the way small business owners and entrepreneurs look at marketing.

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Best Ways To Improve Website Rankings With SEO

SEO is the key to business growth. This is the reason why everybody wants to know the best ways to improve website rankings with SEO. The higher your ranking, the better it is for your business.

But search traffic is so elusive that you need to keep yourself updated with the current SEO practices. SEO keeps changing. What works now may not work next year.

If you won’t keep up with the updates, you’ll definitely be left behind. That’s the nature of the game. And you need to play it well to improve website rankings with SEO.

But there are habits and practices that never go out of style. If you incorporate these in your posts, you will not go wrong. They are the safest way to improve search rankings without harming your business.

As a general rule, never compromise the quality of your posts in the process Read more on writing quality posts that people read. That’s how to stay on top.

Best Ways To Improve Website Rankings With SEO

Publish Fresh and Relevant Content 

This is still the number one factor in driving search engine rankings. Nothing’s better and safer than publishing quality content. Make your site relevant

Make your site relevant to the content you post. Don’t just post keyword-loaded articles that barely contain information. Quality is the name of the game.

Write topics that are relevant and interesting. Post contents that people will like reading and will likely share, the more your content is shared, the more google love your site and the better your ranking will improve.

Just imagine yourself when you read an article online, you don`t go sharing things you find boring and of no interest, so are your readers, they will not share what they do not like.That’s how to maintain a readership and invite followers.

The quality of your content matters, unlike what others tell you, your readers will appreciate one quality and informative post every two weeks than one mediocre content every few days.

Strategic Keyword Placing

Aside from quality, you must also not forget about keyword phrases. It’s best if you conduct research on what keywords or phrases most people search about.

Read my earlier post on finding keywords here. Once you have gathered the keywords that work, don’t forget to incorporate them into your content.

However, you must not overdo it as Google might flag it down. You can use certain tools to compute how often you should repeat the keyword phrase throughout the article.

This would depend on the length of your article, the phrase and the number of words your article has a five hundred word article is ok if you place the keyword once but then, it`s up to you how you like things done.

Be strategic about it. Normally, it’s highly advisable that you mention the keyword phrase in the first and last paragraph and somewhere in the middle.

Mentioning it in the H2 also helps. The rule is to never overdo it. Never sacrifice the quality of your content in the process.View my top rated keyword tool to find the best keywords.

Update Content Regularly  Structure, Plan, Coding, Strategy

This is another way to improve website rankings with SEO. Always remember the number rule: make your website content relevant. Aside from writing quality content, you must also update your content regularly.

Your site visitors and Google will notice if your site looks like something someone abandoned, you don`t want this to happen.

Again see yourself as a reader and you visit a website that has not been updated for months and looks forgotten, I’m sure you leave without wasting time and not going back there anytime soon.

That’s the best way to stay relevant. Search engines will notice this. The regular content update usually equates to your site’s relevancy. Just remember to incorporate the other SEO practices whenever you post updates.


Metadata is as important as keywords. You insert the metadata in between the <head> tags in your website page. This includes the Title, Description, and Keyword.

The Title metadata is the most important of the three. It is responsible for displaying page titles at the top of the window. CMS websites will automatically create a meta title for each page, so you won’t have to worry about it if you’re using such site.

Description metadata, on the other hand, works as a site’s window display. It includes a concise description of what the whole content is all about.

So better make it interesting and catchy so that people will likely read what’s contained within.

Lastly, Keyword metadata is where you put around three or four keywords or phrases that people usually search about. Make sure that these keywords are related to your post.

Create Links  Link, Hyperlinks, Web Page, Presence,Improve Website Rankings

Creating relevant links help you in increasing your website’s traffic.

However, you must not just post the link anywhere in the article or put it in a sign that says “click here.”

Be more strategic about it. Attach the link to a relevant phrase in the article. This will not just improve your own ranking, but also that of the page you’re linking to.

Read more from Brian Dean of on building quality links and improving traffic.

Just remember that quality links count, do not go about building poor quality spammy links, this will not help your site in any way and can only get your site penalized by Google.

Creating back links may appear tricky at first but with a little work, you should master it in no time.

Use ALT Tags

When you put up alternative text descriptions or describe visual or video media, always use ALT tags. This is crucial particularly to websites that use text-only browsers. ALT tags allow the search engines to detect your page.

Relevant Images

Another part that you should not ignore is the images on your posts, not just images but images that are relevant to your post. No one wants to read a page full of a sea of words, images help break up the text.

Remember when you learned to read? the books had more images than words, your readers want to see images when they read your post.


These are just the basic ways you need to learn and use to improve website rankings with SEO. If you want to find out more, you can always read up on more advanced practices to be on top of the game.

Website traffic and improved rankings will not open overnight, but with practice, things will just improve.You will not go wrong with sticking to the basics though. Just keep abreast with the current trends and changes of SEO practices.

If you have any questions, do leave me a message below, would like to hear from you.Join Wealthy Affiliate

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What Is A Call To Action On A Website?

A call to action on a website is mainly a marketing term which is extensively used for advertising and selling of different products and services. This is designed in such a way that it helps to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

Next time you hear the word call to action, don`t be confused, it`s basically telling a reader to take action, to do something.

So, what is a call to action on a website? It is basically referred to the use of certain words or phrases which can be fused into any advertising messages or sales script to encourage the consumers to take an immediate or prompt action.

There are some words and phrases that urge the readers or viewers to take some quick action. A retail advertisement or commercial promotional message is considered to be incomplete without the use of these call to action (CTA).

Importance of Call to Action

There are a lot of importance and benefits of using a different call to action phrases and words. It encourages the people to press the buttons and take some actions like login, sign up, view plans or even to buy products or services.

This is a direct way to tell the readers or viewers to take the actions which will help you to accomplish your goals.

Now, have you been to a site, read some good article then not sure what to do next? should you share it, where can you find the product the writer is talking about?or where can you read more about the product? This is when a call to action on a website is called for.

The call to action is not only for the big web companies. Anyone who is promoting or selling any products or services online or offline can use this to drive their sale in a certain direction.John Johnson, Logo, Click Here, Button,Call to Action on a Website

The main benefit of using a call to action in your website is that it will compel the consumers to purchase the good promptly rather that to defer the decision of purchasing. Certain CTA also compels the readers or viewers to sign up or provide some personal details or contact information so that the website can contact them further to promote or advertise their products and services.

Certain CTA also compels the readers or viewers to sign up or provide some personal details or contact information so that the website can contact them further to promote or advertise their products and services.

Some Examples Of Call to Action On A Website

If you want to get most of the benefits then you need to use a certain call to action phrases let the reader know what you want them to do. Here are those call to action phrases and examples:

      •  Download free e-book now: This phrase is often used for downloading a sample e-book before buying a full version. Even this is used for any products or services which is described in form of an e-book. So you can use this as “To know more about this you can downloading the free e-book now!”
      •  Start a free trial: This is especially used for a software promotion. It can be anything such as an anti-virus, cleaning tool, photo/video editing tools or online learning program. If your software is new in the market then many will not buy unless and until they can try it free. If you provide a call to action by stating “Start a free trial for 30 days” then many will download it and try your software or tools. Click here to build a website free.

    • .Make an appointment: If you are providing any services regarding health, interior decoration, home improvement or anything then you can ask your readers to make an appointment. For example: “To know more details about the service click here to make an appointment with us”.This makes your reader understand they can make an appointment with you, or to send you an email with questions but if you only write and “leave them hanging” without a call to action, how do they know they can contact you?
    • Get a free consultation: Before opting or hiring any services, people generally like to consult for free. So, you can use the call to action get a free consultation to make sure that people choose this option to consult with your service. For example: “In order to get an idea about the estimation/design/details, get a free consultation.”
    • Register for free: This can be an ideal way to make the users register or signup for your newsletters. So, you can send a different discount or promotional offers. Example: “To get a free coupon code/promotional offer register here for free” they give you their address in return for something.

  • Click here: This is the most used phrase to divert viewers or readers to a specific destination for more details or to buy any product or service: Example: “For more information/details about the product/service, click here” or “To avail the offer/discount click here”
  • Share on social media/Leave a comment: This is a call to action which is more used nowadays to spread a certain message or report about any product or service. Example: “If you have any queries or feedback please leave a comment below” or “If you find this helpful and informative, then share on social media”See my call to action on an earlier post on taking surveys at home.


So, thinking about what is a call to action on a website that you can use? Then consider these examples. You can definitely get your ideal CTA phrase from the list above.

These call to action phrases and examples differ in different situations and products or services. You have to identify which one you need and use. The right CTA can help you to accomplish your goals steadily.

Just remember to create a call to action that you can deliver,offer a free ebook only if you have an ebook to give I know a number of times I have signed up to a program then the promised item was not delivered, the first thing I do is unsubscribe and this destroys trust so DO NOT promise something that you can’t deliver.


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What Is Jumia Online Shopping ?

Image result for jumia kenya,Jumia Online Shopping

Jumia online shopping is a site that sells various items such as electronic appliances, home appliances, clothes, shoes and many others through the online market.

This trade was founded in 2012 by a group of Nigerian men. It has spread its services to other parts of Africa and is now among the top online shopping sites that are trusted and thus used by most people.

Jumia online shopping has proved to be very convenient to many of its users. This site is readily available to everyone at any time of the day and all the days of the week.

Any Risks With Jumia Online Shopping?

In short, it works on a 24-hour basis. The package also comes with a risk-free guarantee. This is possible because you do not have to buy an item before you are fully satisfied with the product.

Like most of the online shopping platforms, your product will be delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

Jumia also has offices in different cities and countries in Africa so you can opt to Pick up your shopping from the offices.

The package also comes with a risk-free guarantee. This is possible because you do not have to buy an item before you are fully satisfied with it.

What Is Jumia Online Shopping AffiliateJumia online shopping

One of the good things about Jumia is its affiliate program. If you have a blog with good traffic, you can sign up to be an affiliate at Jumia.

You will have to sign via CJ as a Publisher and once you are accepted, you can start driving traffic to your website or blog and if you make sales, you will earn commissions.

The banners and text links that you generate at are the ones that you will place on your blog or website.

The Jumia affiliate shopping is still in its early stages since it is barely two years old in most areas but that does not mean that it is not profitable.

Click Here To Join The Best Affiliate Program

Jumia ad banners and text links can attract customers if they are relevant to what your target audience needs and if they are in visible positions on your website.

Text links should preferably be short and descriptive if you want them to attract clicks.

A good example would be, “Buy latest Jumia Shoes here.” It is also in your best interest that you keep tabs on your performance in

The payout threshold is $100 which you can withdraw as soon as it accumulates.

If you do not own a website or blog, you can still be a Jumia affiliate. You can sign up to a Jumia affiliate after which you are given a unique link.

You can then post it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ among others or you can create a free website here

Discussion forums are also a good place to post your link due to its high conversion rate.

Whatever you do, always ensure to place your link where it is related to the subject being discussed otherwise you risk being marked spam.

These methods tend to be tedious you have to build a good reputation in social media or people will just ignore your links.

Pros of being a Jumia affiliate


• High commissions of up to 11%
• Jumia banners have some of the latest designs. They can thus attract lots of customers to click on them and thus buy goods through your affiliate link.
• Premium publishers in Jumia are entitled to premium commission every now and then.
• Jumia has a highly efficient support team that is available 24/7. They solve affiliates’ issues within a short period of time.
• A single product feed in Jumia can contain 50,000 products or more thus give you wide variety to choose from.
• Payment can be made through local bank transfer.

Cons :

  • online shopping is relatively new in Africa so you might struggle to make sales.
  •  You can refer several customers to Jumia but if none of them makes a purchase using your affiliate link you will not be paid anything.
  • Jumia accepts cash on delivery, making it hard for an affiliate to track if a sale is made or not.
  • Getting approved to be a Jumia affiliate is not easy if your website has low traffic.

Alternative Affiliate Programs Jumia online shopping

Apart from Jumia online shopping, there are other choices that are preferable and suggestions to explore. Such sites include my #1 recommendation, Share a Sale, Amazon Olx, Vconnect, Kaymu, Konga, and Dealdey among others.

Some of these sites such as Olx allow you to sell almost anything online. They have incredible selling prices, good delivery service, and the customer services are just great.


There are several Jumia affiliates who are already reaping big from their links. You can also be one of them if you already have a well-established blog.

Or if you are located in Africa, you can shop for different products at competitive prices.

Think someone can benefit from this post? go ahead and share it in Social Media

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Why people fail to make money online


Are you one of those people who decided that they wanted to set up their own internet business, but are now failing to make money online? If you are, you know how it can be absolutely heart wrenching.

Change, Why people fail to make money online
There are a number of things you may be feeling right now, disappointed, cheated, conned, exhausted and broke especially if you’ve invested a lot of money and/or time.
However, if you understand the reasons why you aren’t making money, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do something about it.
There are many reasons why you might be failing to make money online; some of them practical and others to do with your confidence and attitude, but the best place to start are with yourself.
Read on to find out what is holding you back from smiling all the way to the bank.

Believing in all the hype

There are usually plenty of adverts from internet marketing gurus who have made plenty of money online which is true in most cases. They make it sound very simple for you to do likewise with a moderate investment of money and time.
Of course, it often doesn’t work out that way because you may be starting out without the skills and the knowledge required and you find that it takes you an awful long time to learn them.
If anyone is offering you a quick deal, you had better think very well,do your research and if any bells ring,l advice not take it. To be successful at internet marketing, you have to be dedicated to it and be ready to spend time.

No set goalsAway, Junction, Direction,money

There are plenty of people who loathe the very idea of goal setting but if you don’t have any clear goals, there is no way you can know what direction you’re trying to travel and what will count as success for you. You need to set a variety of realistic goals and work at achieving them one at a time.

Having unrealistic expectations

When people set out on their internet marketing journey, they often make the mistake of having completely unrealistic expectations.

If you’re starting out from a low knowledge base and you have a limited amount of time to invest in a new venture, you cannot expect to be making $30,000 in your first month of operating. Set goals that are realistic in respect of the time and or money you have to invest.

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Finding it difficult to cope with failure

Let’s be realistic we all experience failure on multiple occasions throughout our lives. It’s no different running an online business. Some things will work well and others will go wrong.
You need to embrace the mistakes, learn from them and move on. Too many people start to give up when things don’t go the way they expect. See my other post here to get startedGet started

Lack of self-belief

Many have a distinct lack of self-belief and this is so damaging to them. If you want this to work, you have to have some faith in yourself and have the mental strength to overcome the different hurdles you will come across.

Insufficient support and help

Wherever your starting base is, you will need some training and help at some point. A lot of people fail to ask important questions whether it is in forums or when they are with the training providers they work with.
Don’t feel stupid,the only stupid question is the one you did not ask. If you need help, get help. If you need to pay for someone to write content because you don’t have the skills do so.If you need a logo and you know you can’t produce one,there are many

If you need a logo and you know you can’t produce one,there are many outsourcing sites online where such skills are readily available . Research what you need but don’t struggle on alone. Too much time can be lost.

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Wrong Attitude To Making Money Online

Some people fail to make money online because they have the completely wrong attitude. They think it’s easy, they don’t want to listen to other people’s advice, they’re not really committed and if something goes wrong it’s always someone else’s fault.
Always look to yourself. Don’t spend time blaming others. You make the choices about what you will do to set up your online business.Have a plan and work with it,set goals and stick to them as you work your way up.

Conclusion To Why People Fail To Make Money Online

These are just but a few examples of reasons why you may not be making money online. There are obviously more. The most important thing is that you recognize the obvious problems and do something about it.

If you need training – get training. If you haven’t set goals – do so. If you recognize that you’re not entirely committed – ask yourself if it’s worth it.

You can be one of those people who run successful online businesses but you have to be prepared to work hard.

What do you think is stopping you from succeeding online? why are you not making money online?what is holding you back? l would like to hear from you.Leave me a message below and l will get back to you.

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How To Sell Products Online[Without Being Too Salesy]

Before you can start selling online there are things you need to know, how to sell products online and have people interested in your products can be a challenge, you have to get people to your products first. How do you sell a painting when there are millions of paintings online already?

You need to understand your audience, be at the right place at the right time otherwise no one will buy your very precious painting.

When is a customer ready to buy?

How to sell products online

The core of Internet marketing is about conversions. This means converting a reader into a buyer. To do this you need to understand your customer, what their needs are, what their problem is and why they are looking for an online solution.

The better you understand your customer, the easier you will find the process of converting them into a customer. One of the factors you need to know is where your customer is in the purchasing cycle at that precise moment.

Understanding where your customers is in the buying cycle

Most people make this process far harder than it needs to be! A lot of it is actually common sense. For instance, if a customer types into Google under the counter “fridges” they simply want to find out what fridges are available.

At that particular moment in time, they are looking for information and information alone. To actually convert this into a sale would take something quite monumental.

You need to have more than one contact if you want to make a sale.

The following phases are followed in the purchase cycle:

The Research Phase

The more expensive a product is, the less likely the consumer will make an impulsive buy. If you are an Amazon buyer and you see a book you fancy for less than $10 you may well just go ahead and click the buy button.

However, some purchasing decisions affect more than one person. For instance, when buying a new television, family members have different specifications.

This is a large purchase hence, it may involve paying off in stages and it may also involve decisions from more than one person.

Therefore taking all of these factors into account someone is not really likely to buy a television on impulse unless another factor comes into play. That factor would be something that would make the offer absolutely compelling so possibly a price reduction may tick all the boxes.

Everybody needs a psychological justification to validate their purchases, especially when it is an expensive purchase.

In the past, many people would have used the reference library but today most people just Google it. The majority of those using Google to seek information are still in the research phase.

The best way you can engage them at this stage is via a mailing list. That way, you can communicate with them continuously as they journey along the path to purchase.

Decision Phase

Some people are conscious about brands. For instance, if they are buying electrical goods, they will go for the popular brands purchased by many people. Others are not that product loyal and they will want to compare several products before deciding.

It may be that one company will have a better customer service department than another. It is here that you can send an email marketing relevant products to better inform them.

During the decision phase, your customers or potential customers will be enquiring about products they want to purchase on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is where retargeting ads is very useful because they keep popping up a repeat ad where customers get to see them at all times and keep them in mind for future reference.

When presenting information at this stage a comparison of two products is quite good however never compare more than two because it gives the customer too many options and confuses them and they may not purchase.

By comparing two products it is possible to sway the potential customers mind.

Purchasing/Action Phase

sell, buy,purchase.client

The final stage is when your customer takes action by pressing the “buy now” button. It is only by converting themselves into a customer or buyer that the cycle is complete.

They are more likely to Google specific terms such as buy “the product name”, or best price “the product name” or purchase “the product name”.

So as you can imagine at this stage of the purchase cycle, the buyer is not likely to change their mind and you’re not really likely to lose them at this stage in the buying cycle.

They are at their most receptive in the decision stage. If you are using paid advertisements you definitely do not want to lose them in the research stage because you will be paying for clicks that will never convert to a sale.

 How to sell products online conclusion

Always ensure that your products and services are of high value and quality if you want to attract more customers.Before placing any product online, try to think as a potential customer

Before placing any product online, try to think as a potential customer would, what would you type in the search engines if you are looking for information on a certain product? what would you type in the search engines if you wanted

what would you type in the search engines if you wanted to buy a certain product? like if you are looking to buy an ebook online, what would you type in the search engines?

This is how to sell products online, the most important is to type the exact search word (how to find keywords)a potential client will type in when looking to buy a product, this way, you will be able to make more sales as you will have clients at the right stage of a purchase cycle.

l hope l have helped you understand how to sell products online in a way that you will be able to make sales.By thinking as a client would, you will be able to put your products at the right place when the client is at the right phase of making a purchase.

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Affiliate Marketing Training

Why You Need Affiliate marketing training

The number of people who are reaping huge benefits from affiliate marketing is not small. You may have the impression that getting success in affiliate marketing is quick but that is not the case.

Most of the people who are living their dreams because of the proceeds from affiliate marketing will tell you that it was not easy for them to reach where they are. It was all about trial and error and most importantly training.

 Education, Read,Affiliate marketing training

Training is indispensable when it comes to affiliate marketing because it is a huge field with many concepts that you need to understand fully before you dive into it. Sine it is growing in popularity, you will find many free resources to watch and read online.

The eBooks, tutorials among other resources are very helpful but they may not really help you if you are looking for an effective training and introduction to the vast field of affiliate marketing.


Why You Need The Best Affiliate Marketing Training

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to get the best training. Searching for the best training program can be a daunting task since they are not only many but they also seem to be offering enormous and confusing information.

Affiliate marketing training should come from an affiliate marketer who has a proven record of success. He or she will be in a position to teach you about the most relevant and genuine strategies related to affiliate marketing.

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You should know that there are affiliate marketers who may be successful but instead will feed you with misleading information just for the sake of getting money out of you.

The best affiliate marketing training programs are those that have online community membership organization that provides top notch features and resources. The marketers who own such sites should be reliable and have a good reputation among many people.

The marketers who own such sites should be reliable and have a good reputation among many people. If the program is trusted and they deliver, they should have a free trial  for you to decide if the program is right for you.

Laptop, learn,Affiliate marketing training

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The best affiliate marketing training is not just a one-time process rather it is on an ongoing basis. Since there are many niches when it comes affiliate marketing, the training should be in a step by step fashion so that you can start with the fundamentals and advance slowly at your own pace.

The best affiliate marketing training programs will not miss to have moderated forums where you can interact with other people who you are sailing with in the same boat and others who are more experienced.People

It will give you unlimited access to training tools, courses, and eBooks among other resources to make your experience worthwhile.

Some great training programs can go as far as offering you a website builder, free hosting among other amazing features that will begin to bear fruit if you follow all the instructions to the letter.That program is Wealthy Affiliate

 Learn How To Become The Best Affiliate Marketer

Good training will also give you knowledge on how you can create a great looking website that is not only professional but has all the necessities needed to make it attract referrals.Because to be the best affiliate marketer, you need your own website.

Training also gives you knowledge on how you can optimize your blogs for the various search engines using white hat techniques it will also teach you how to create eye catchy, unique and original content that will make it easy for you to sell many products.

Getting the best affiliate marketing training does not guarantee you instant success if you do not put what you have been taught into constant practice.

You have to climb the ladder to success in affiliate marketing slowly if you do not want to experience a hard fall.

People succeed using different methods and at different times, what work for me might not work for you, what l do, like working on my site single-handed is not what other affiliate marketers do to succeed.You can read how Michael Rogers does his at

Affiliate marketing training

After training, beginners will want to specialize in many affiliate marketing niches of money with the aim of making a lot of money but that rarely works. You should specialize in one first, you can have the confidence to diversify to other niches.

Affiliate marketing training is continuous. There are new niches and techniques being introduced on a regular basis so even if you are experienced, you still need to make use of training programs because of the increasingly tough competition.

Affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight even after training. Rather, it is a gradual process that starts showing good results with patience and practice of what you have been taught.

You should never hesitate to invest in affiliate marketing training programs recommended to you by affiliate marketers who have seen their benefits.

People are making a kill out of affiliate marketing and there is no reason why you should be left out of this lucrative chance.

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How do you make money online? have any experience with affiliate marketing training?are you an experienced marketer? I would like to hear from you,leave me a message below and l will sure get back to you.

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Begin Internet Marketing

One of the most common worry that newbies have is “Where do I begin Internet Marketing?” This is really a hard question to tackle because there is no answer, it depends on so many different factors, and not least of these is, what can you afford to pay to get set up?

If like most people asking this question your biggest need is to replace your present income or increase income, then there is really no right or wrong answer.You can begin internet marketing with no investment at all apart from your time that you will have to invest into learning.If you are looking to increase your income, then learn and watch your site grow before you think of quitting your present job.

Begin Internet Marketing,Marketing StrategiesIs It Expensive To Begin Internet Marketing At Home?

This will surprise you but it is still possible to start and build your business for free, then as time goes by, you can decide when you are ready to invest to improve your skills.Sites like blogger let you have a free starter website.When your website is up and running and you have traffic, apply for affiliate products and start selling from your site.

You can even build your own website for free here and when l say free, I mean free so put your credit card away, they give you 2 free websites and you can follow the step by step as you build a free website to get started with internet marketing. If you start a siteRubix, you have free hosting and you will be your own boss for your website without having to answer to anyone what to write and what not.

If you want your own WordPress, site, the good news is that WordPress is quite easy to learn and master and there are loads of free or paid widgets to help you with SEO.

WordPress blogs are easy to update and being an open source, there are always new widgets and themes released that are free to install and use, a real bonus if you are getting started and do not want to invest any money.

But I Never Built A Website

Many newbies get scared at the thought of building a website, but believe me, if l can build a website,so can you.Many newbies do make a mistake of wanting to be perfect on the first website they build by looking at other websites.Your first website will not be your last so make mistakes as you go along.Forget the free offers that are being hawked online,they are trying to sell you one thing or the other.

Many programs will offer you free trial in exchange to your email adress then start spamming you with offer after offer.Wealthy Affiliate offer 2 free websites with no upsells whatsoever, reason l chose Wealthy affiliate to learn  internet marketing.

Get Professional Help

If you want to succeed online, there is so much to going to be honest and let you know tou can not do it alone,you will need help from professionals who have done it.For this reason l suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate. As said,wealthy affiliate is free to join and get started,with a community of successful marketers who are always ready to help. Read my wealthy affiliate review here. It will help answer any question you might have and explain things into more details.

If you join Wealthy affiliate, l will be there to help with any questions you may have, not only me, Wealthy affiliate members look out for each other and all have the same goal, to succeed online.The owners of  Wealthy Affiliate are everyday present to help members with any questions you may have.Simply said, best place to begin internet marketing and succeed.

Liked my post or have any questions?leave me a message below and l will get back to you.Feel your friend could need my post? go ahead and share with them on social media.

I would like to hear how you get on with building an online business or your online experience so leave me a message below.

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