Clixsense Paid To Click (PTC)Review

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Clixsense Paid To Click (PTC)ReviewAre you looking for ways to improve your income from home? Being paid to click on ads on the internet is the easiest way to earn money online from home without any experience.I’m going to give you an honest review on Clixsense, how it works and how you get paid.

Finding an honest PTC that pays is difficult, what with today here tomorrow gone? most PTCs don’t last long so Clixsense has really done well.


Rating: 8/10

Owner: Jim Grago

Price to join: Free (upgrade to premium $17/year )Optional

Before you continue, be informed that you will not get rich by clicking on ads, being paid to click sounds easy, but the pay is so low you will hardly make enough to pay your electricity bill.And with time, it gets so boring looking at ads you don`t care for.

Getting Paid To Browse The Internet And Click Ads

To begin with, you might be asking what is paid to click? paid to click is exactly that, you get paid to click and view ads on different websites.

Making the cents in Clixsense is easy, you join and as soon as you are approved, you can start clicking on ads, view the ads for a few seconds and get paid for it.The earnings are from 0.001 to maximum 0.02. The minimum cash out is $8.00 you do the math how long it will take you to make enough money in your account to cash out.

How To Earn More With Clixsense

As already said, earning decent in Clixsense is almost impossible, but there are Clixsense tasks that earn more you more than clicking ads.

Clixsense Surveys


  • Get Paid to Play Games: Yes in Clixsense you can be paid to play Clixsense games.
  • Get Paid to Watch Videos: The videos, lasting about 30 seconds, pays a bit more than clicking on ads.
  • Get Paid to take Surveys: How cool is that?being paid for your opinions?There are surveys that also pay more than clicking on ads but then, they also take longer to complete.(as you can see from the image above, a 27 minute survey will pay you $0.61,I`m sure you have better things to do than earning $0.61 or $1.00 for a 13 minute survey)
  • Get Paid to Complete Offers: You can complete offers such as installing programs on your computer.
  • Get Paid To Click the Clixsense Grid: You get a chance to click anywhere on the Clixsense grid and win anywhere between .10 to 10.00 per day.
  • Get Your Friends or Family to join Clixsense: Here is the true way to earn money with Clixsense, the more referrals you have, the more you can earn and this goes 8 levels deep, only if you have referrals who click on ads and also have referrals of their own can you make money, it`s a numbers game. But if you are going it alone, it will take you months to reach the $8.00 cash out.

What are the Pros and Cons of Clixsense


  • Quick and easy to join, you don’t need any qualification, what you need is an internet connection and you`re ready to go.
  • Affiliate program(you get paid a part of what your referrals earn)
  • Members forum
  • No limit as to how many people you can refer.This is not always the case in other PTCs.
  • Cheap yearly upgrade(optional)
  • Different ways to earn


  • High minimum cash out( the tasks earn very little).
  • Few ads and tasks depending on your geographical location.
  • Cashout fees
  • Inactivity policy, if you don’t log in for 90 days, your account will be deactivated.
  • $100 to cash out by check if you are located outside Canada and USA.(this is hard but not impossible to achieve in PTC)
  • Cash out is not immediate, Clixsense pays on Mondays and Fridays so if you request payment late Monday, you have to wait till Friday to be paid.

Other Little Known Ways To Earn More Using Clixsense

People at Clixsense are clicking ads to earn money which means they are looking for extra income.Here is where you can earn more assuming you are a member of other make money online programs as soon as you have enough in your Clixsense account from clicking ads, use the amount to advertise your other free make money online programs that pay you for referrals.

People at Clixsense may join your program through your ad and you will get paid, over time, your referral from Clixsense will click ads and earn you money.

Advertising At Clixsense   Clixsense Paid To Click

Since Clixsense is a free PTC, it`s easier to believe most members are more likely to join free offers, your ads at Clixsense will produce better results if what you are advertising is free to join.Here is where most people make mistake and advertise programs that cost something to join.

Apart from advertising online earning opportunities, you can advertise your website at Clixsense if you are looking for traffic to your website, this, however, is not the best way to get traffic as this will be very low-quality traffic.

From experience people at Clixsense are looking for ways to earn quick income, they will click a link, wait for 30 seconds then move on without thinking of what you`re offering if it`s not a free to join make money program.

Getting Paid At Clixsense

You can choose how you want to be paid, depending on where you are geographically they pay through PayPal, (Clixsense no longer support PayPal)find out more here payza(not available in all countries)paytoo.Canada and USA members can also choose to be paid by check but here the minimum cash out is $10.

Bottom line, is Clixsense a scam? the answer is no, they pay but there are always members trying to cash for non-existing clicks so if they get banned they scream scam and you will always read Clixsense complaints, but Clix sense is not a scam.Reaching the cash out minimum can take time so some people will give up then say the program did not pay them.

Conclusion: Clixsense PTC pays, and the positive? it`s a no brainer, a five-year-old can do it, the pay is not much for you to leave your day job.

Just click and keep clicking till your reach payout and sure they will pay you and unlike other PTC who insist you upgrade or you advertise on their site to cash out, Clixsense doesn’t have this nonsense, policy.

If Clixsense is not for you and you are still looking for ways to make money online,let me show you my Number one choice to making money online, free to join and you can make real money, enough to quit your present job and be your own boss working from home or any place you choose to. Read my Review here if you missed it.


Rating: 8/10

Owner: Jim Grago

Price to join: Free (upgrade to premium $17/year )Optional

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