Content Writing Jobs And Mistakes To Avoid


Content writing jobs are an easy way to make extra income from anywhere and make some extra money from home, and if you write high-quality content, you will soon enjoy repeat customers, you want people to read your content and keep coming back for more.

There are numerous companies and each of these wants to establish a strong online presence. Many people usually search online for whichever products and services they need so naturally if there is a website with great content, they will go for it.

Content is essential. People searching for anything online want immediate solutions to their problems and you can be just that if you have relevant content.In this post, I will check at different content writing jobs and also online content writing for your own website if you`re a blogger.

Writing Content For companies

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Many companies don’t have staff who can write content for their websites so their only option is to outsource jobs to freelancers.

The number of websites is increasing by the day which means many content writing jobs which ultimately leads to huge demand for writers.

If you are writing content for websites, you have to know how to express yourself concisely, articulate your ideas into words and meet the specified deadlines.

Companies or other bloggers want content pertaining to a specific niche so if you are an expert in a particular area, you will always be sought.

The pay you get in content writing jobs varies depending on the company you are writing for. There are some companies that will pay your few dollars while others will pay more.

Whichever the case, you have to ensure that you deliver unique and original content so as to continue building your brand as a writer.

Content writing jobs can be sourced from job boards, writing companies or directly from the company.Outsourcing platforms include but not limited to,

Many writers apply for these jobs so if you want to stand out, your cover letter should be great.

Writing Content From Your Website

Alternatively, you can create a writer website and outline your skills. This way, you will attract a huge number of potential clients. You can get numerous jobs and outsource them to other freelance writers.

This way, you will attract a huge number of potential clients. You can get numerous jobs and outsource them to other freelance writers.

Creating your own website is easy, takes less than 30 seconds,y ou can get started below for free

Prices differ, because you can outsource jobs for as cheap as $3, cheap does not always mean quality.But, you can still find very good writers from the Philippines or whatever part of the world, hire them cheap then deliver your work at a higher price.

Be informed there will be a lot of trial and error here, outsourcing for cheap you must also be ready to spend money trying to find the right writer that can deliver quality content in time.

Improve your writing and always aim at getting the best content out there, there are tools you can use to help you improve your writing. Search Amazon for books on content writing.

Content Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Content writing is all about learning new things every day. You will find that each and every job you are given has different requirements and instructions which you have to follow to the letter.

Mistakes are unavoidable so do not be harsh on yourself if you make them. Instead, learn from them. Read how to write content that people read.

The following are some content writing mistakes usually made and how you can avoid them.

Forgetting The Audience

Content is created mainly for the audience so you should always have it in mind when writing. Do not just tell your audience things they already know, tell them something unique that will solve their problems or answer its questions.

• Relying on A Spell-check

Do not rely too much on a spell-check. Words with the same sound but different meanings (homophones) cannot be recognized by them.

Being Wordy

When explaining a particular point, keep it simple. Use few words to explain it without distorting its original meaning.

• Relying On An Online Thesaurus

You need to read and write a lot so as to avoid relying on an online thesaurus. There are some words it suggests that can wreck your sentences. You just have to be confident in your words.

Fancy Synonyms

Always keep your writing simple. Write as if you are explaining something to a ten-year-old. Instead of “abode” use “home.” This way, your content will be appealing to people of all ages.
Incorrect Punctuation

Usage of commas can be very tricky. For instance, we pause when speaking but that should not be the case when writing. They can change the meaning of a sentence if they are used in the wrong place.

Use of Shifting Tenses

These should not be used when writing. For instance, do not use verb shifts such as avoid using verb shifts like, “affects” instead of “affected”. Pronoun shifts such as “you” and “one’s” also need to be avoided.

Use of Qualifiers and intensifiers
Their use should be minimal. Qualifiers such as pretty, sort of, somewhat and intensifiers such as very, absolutely, really, extremely, among others should not be used often.
Use of “Skunked” words
These are words used differently from their original meaning. For instance, do not write “backward” in place of “behind.”

Conclusion on Content Writing Mistakes To Avoid

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As a well-established content writer, you can earn a full-time income doing various content writing jobs because you are in high demand.

There are also many free online tools that you can use to check if your work measures up to the required standards in terms of plagiarism, grammar, and readability.

Reading and writing content regularly will help you hone your skills and ultimately get you more and better-paying jobs.

Remember you can not please everyone, if your work is not accepted, do not take it personally, aim at getting better,just don’t give up.

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  1. I like that you not only told me about content writing jobs but you also told me about mistakes I should avoid. There is clearly a few platforms I can use to do content writing and thank you for providing me that information. I will definitely take a look around this site as this article is great.
    Thank you very much

    • Glad you found value reading this pot, there are many platforms out there that freelancers can use to write content and earn money.

      I wish you the best in finding the right place for you to write.

  2. Content writing can be tough and glad you brought out these points for our benefit. It does not seem, now that I think about it something, that with all the given mistakes you can possibly make, that it would really be something for me. I am very content oriented when it comes to my own site, but writing for companies would seem demanding.

    • Hello Andrew,

      Being a freelancer can earn you some good cash but as you mentioned, it`s not a job for everyone.Some people prefer affiliate marketing, others prefer quick cash and do content writing.

  3. Hey man, I just wanna say I really enjoyed reading your blog. Being in the car business can be good at times but it’s an up and down business so I’m constantly looking for new ways to make money.
    I’m glad I found this site because I never knew that companies actually pay individual writers to write content for their niche, I always assumed they had advertisers. You learn something new every day, great article.

    • Hello Gabe

      If you enjoy writing, you can be a freelance writer and get paid doing it.There are very successful online writers and you can be one of them, as you say offline business can be down at times,so why not start writing content?The best is that you can start small, do it in the evenings as you build things up.


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