Do You Need e Rewards Account To Make Money Online?

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What Is E-Rewards And How Does It Work?

We all want to make money online, but you don`t need e rewards account to make money online as there are better ways to make real money online.

e-Rewards is an invitation-only, online survey company. Perfect for working at home. e-Rewards has been collecting data from surveys since 1999. Over the years they have become well respected in their field. e-Rewards creates your own special e-Rewards survey by compiling the information from your profile.

The surveys can be on almost anything. You can do a survey lasting anywhere from a few minutes to 1 hour, ranging from business to everyday products in every home. You have to be ready to do boring surveys or surveys that you wish could go on for much longer. Simply said, you do not always have a choice which survey comes your way.

There was a survey I did about drinking water, so after completing the survey online, I was sent a bottle of water to try out.”did I tell you I do not even like drinking water“? e- rewards rewards you for completed surveys with e-currency which you can then use to redeem on their site.

Creating e-Rewards Account

If you`ve joined any survey site before then it`s the same straightforward process to create e rewards account, you register, give your email address, location, age, interest etc, this helps them understand what surveys to send you. If you`ve never joined a survey site before, just be yourself when joining, give honest answers.

But before you rush to create an account and join e rewards, be sure your country is accepted as e rewards does not accept members from all countries.

Pros/Cons Of E-RewardsTaking surveys and answering questions

Like any online program out there, e-rewards has its positives and negatives, but remember just because I do not like something in a program does not mean you`ll not like it either. Just because everyone says a program is great does not mean you`ll like it too. Still, let`s look at some of the reasons you should join or not.


 Participation Level – You can select the number of surveys you would like to do each week. It depends on what you have selected in your profile and the types of surveys they have available.
• Website – Updated and easy to navigate.
• Reward Partners – They partner with some big name company’s. Check here to see a list of companies.
• Free/Invitation Only – You are invited if you have left an email address with any of the company’s they partner with. If you haven’t been invited you can look for an e-rewards invitation on the partnering company’s website.


• No Cash – Only rewards redeemable at their rewards center. I sometimes want cold cash and not some rewards to redeem.
• Value of e-currency – The dollar value of e-currency is quite low. You have to spend a lot of e-currency to equal the $ value of what you are getting.
• Time – Surveys are generally 10-30 minutes but, sometimes they can be up to 90 minutes.
 Disqualified for a Survey – You can sometimes not qualify for a survey. Most of the time you will find out within the first couple of minutes. There has been an occasion where you are not disqualified until you`ve spent 30 minutes or more answering a survey. That can be a little frustrating.

Now Would I Recommend e-rewards?

This is hard to answer, do you really need e rewards account to make money online? my answer is no,  if a friend asked me to recommend a program, survey sites are not what I`d recommend, they are just not worth the effort for the pennies they pay, so although e rewards is a trusted site, I`d not recommend it as there are better ways to make money online. Like with this program that you can join and start making money even without a website.

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 Rewards Account Redemption

e-Rewards works together with over 37 companies(for now) so you`ll sure have the right company to redeem your rewards. It depends on where you’re invitation came from. All rewards are usually done electronically through email. I have never had a problem receiving or redeeming any rewards.

Want to save money on your travel, redeem your e-rewards points with different travel companies. Feel like new beauty products, no problems, companies like Sally beauty have points redeem at e-rewards, so there`s no fear of being stuck with your reward points.

Final Opinion on e-rewards

e-rewards is a legitimate, trustworthy site and you will redeem your points without a problem. It just takes a while to build up enough e-currency to get a nice reward. You have to really be committed to taking a 30-minute or longer survey. If you have the time that’s great!

But, if you’re looking for real cash then e-rewards account is not what you need to make money, e rewards is not the place for you, it can take a while till you have enough points to redeem as most surveys do not pay enough.

But if you`re looking for pennies, beer money once in a while, then feel free to create e rewards account by getting an invitation from one partner member, because as said earlier, e rewards is invitation only site.

If you’re here because you’re looking for a way to make money online, there are better ways to make money online than spending hours answering surveys, surveys are a way to earn some extra cash/points for pizza or makeup but if you want to make serious money, check out my #1 recommendation for building wealth online.

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