What Is Ebates Cash Back And How Can You Benefit?

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Cashback services are the services that work much like the cash-back credit cards by paying back a percentage of the final purchase price. The percentage might be small but it is still something.Ebates official site https://www.ebates.com is one such cashback service website.

What Is Ebates.com And Is Ebates Safe To Use

I think the first important thing to know is whether the site is safe to use or even worth your time.In this post, I will try and answer all these questions so that at the end of this post, you`ll be able to decide if Ebates cash back is the right way to get some money back when you shop online.

Ebates Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates is a shopping rewards program and works as one of the many money-saving tools available online. It benefits those who like to shop as well as save money by giving them cash back between 1% and 40% on almost anything they purchase through their own Ebates account.

There are over 1,800 Ebates stores to shop from. This large number of stores partnering with Ebates program is an assurance for those who are tight on finances like those who are trying to get out of debt or for those just looking to save more money.

The Ebates offers such people rebate discounts at the very stores they shop for almost all of their everyday items.

Some of these stores are as follows:What Is ebates Cash Back And How Can You Benefit?

    • Macy’s
    • RiteAid
    • Nordstrom
    • Priceline
    • Petco
    • com
    • com
    • Bed Bath and Beyond
    • Old Navy
    • Kohl’s
    • Walmart
    • Amazon
    • Turbotax
    • Ace Hardware
    • Aeropostale
    • Barney’s
    • Bath and Body Works
    • Cabela’s
    • Justice
    • Several Travel Sites

How Does Ebates Really Work?

The Ebates system is simple to understand and operate. Here is how it goes:

      1. First, you have to sign up. It is free! No charge whatsoever. As a bonus, you get a gift card worth $ 10 from a store of your choice as a reward. The gift card will become accessible after you have completed a purchase of $25 or more.
      2. Look up the store you want using the search box.
      3. Found the store? Now click the “Shop Now” button and shop normal like you`d do in any online store.
      4. The skite will create a tracking ticket for you. Now, you can complete the purchase from the store you selected within 30 days. You can claim the cashback after the purchase is completed.
      5. After completing the purchase, your account is credited automatically.

Click Here To Join Ebates

How Does Ebates Pay You

The cash rebates earned through Ebates program are distributed to the customers on a quarterly basis via a check which is mailed to their homes or payment made into their Paypal accounts. The coupons are also offered to the customers on different items.

However, PayPal is highly recommended because it is faster and the chance of check getting lost in the mail is dropped to nil. The mailing and the transaction fees are handled by Ebates if you use PayPal.

The email address you used to sign up on Ebates should be the same one that you use as PayPal email address. And if you wish to, you can even have the payout sent to a charity of your choice or to a family member.

In this way, one can keep track of their savings that can be stacked in their Ebates account as well. Once the balance in your Ebates account exceeds $5, the payment options become available. Here is a Video tutorial on how Ebates works.

Another Way To Earn More Is With Ebates Referral Program

When a member signs up using your membership referral code, you are rewarded with a cash bonus. The catch though is that the referred member has actually made a purchase of $ 25 or above using ebates for you to qualify for the reward.

The Ebates referral program is pretty generous. Just refer 2 people and get $50 for referring them, and $5 for an additional one. Sometimes there will be additional promotions on Ebates like offering $ 25 cash bonus for referring 3 friends which is admittingly quite tempting.Here the process explained in an easy way 

“please note that your referral earnings may differ,Ebates do change this from time to time, but the minimum you`ll earn per refferal is $5”

 Click Here To Join Ebates And Start Earning Or Saving

How To Increase Earnings On Ebates

There is no need to spend money needlessly if you are not a regular shopper online. But if you do shop online then Ebates shopping is worth looking at for the cash back rewards.

By having their Cash Back Visa Credit Card which you can get from Ebates official site,you can increase your earnings. But only apply for one if your credit score is good. Your credit score not as good?look at ways to increase your income online like mentioned here.

On the purchases you make through Ebates, additional 3% cash back is added to the credit card.

Make sure to read the FAQs carefully to know about the restrictions and the exclusions list. And use Ebates only if you know that you will get some decent cash back. Otherwise, stick with credit cards you already have. They offer big rewards in their own way.


      • The variety and the sheer number of stores available to shop.
      • Ebates system is simple and easy to use.
      • Obviously the benefit of getting the cash back, however, small it may be as this adds up.
      • Clear Instructions on how much cash back you are going to get.
      • Ebates even offer the referral program for its members.
      • Good customer service.
      • Trusted, Ebates has been paying members for a long time


        • The cash backs are paid on a quarterly basis. No monthly payouts.(But then this way, you get a lump sum)
        • Limited Categories to shop from
        • The “on sale” can be quiet tempting for the impulse buyers.
        • Some products are excluded from cash rebates in some stores. So, be sure to look through the exclusions list for the store.
        • Issues tracking orders sometimes.

      Is Ebates Worth It

      Absolutely and I will encourage anyone to join by clicking here if you are not an active online shopper, you can still join then invite your friends and earn when they spend money, as already said, the earnings add up very fast and this is a total hands-free earning.

      Most Ebates reviews have nothing but positive to write about the Ebates cash back program. There were also several complaints regarding the missed payouts or the rebates that customers were supposed to be paid with but refused but sometimes this happens when you`re concentrated on shopping and do not check to see if a product has a cash back.

      On a positive note again, these complaints had been readily addressed and closed by the ebates customer service with most customers leaving happy with the solutions they were offered. That is pretty impressive if you ask me.


      All in all, the Ebates cash back system does not seem like a scam and it does offer and deliver cash rebates for almost every person that is a member and shops using their site. Even for those who shop for necessities only. Ebates can definitely help save money.

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      I would like to hear how you save money shopping, leave me a message below or if you have any questions, again leave a message below, will get back to you soon.


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