Free Traffic Cash Surge Review

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To build a successful online business you have to do a lot of things right from the beginning. Many things could increase your success, but some of these things can also decrease your success. Or do it wrong and nothing will work at all.However, all of this is irrelevant if there is one important thing missing: Traffic!Free Traffic Cash Surge Review

So you should know how to get visitors (traffic) to your website and wouldn´t it be great if there is a legit guide on how to get traffic to your website?

One such product which claims to teach you ways to get traffic to your website is Free Traffic Surge.

Is Free Traffic Cash Surge really helpful or just another one of the many useless guides out there that does not deliver? Here is my Free Traffic Cash Surge review.

Product Name: Free Traffic Cash Surge
Owner: Philip Schaffer, Stefan Ciancio, Greg Kononenko
Price: $6.83
Rating: 1/10

What is Free Traffic Cash Surge?

As I already mentioned, Free Traffic Cash Surge is a guide which is supposed to teach you how to get more traffic to your website.

This guide has about 100 pages and it uses a really weird technique to get traffic. It teaches you how to get traffic through the Kindle Store.

Now this was confusing to read but since I did not want to just throw in the towel, I thought I will at least give them a chance and continue reading to find out more.

The guide says you should buy PLR books (private label rights ), rewrite them and sell them as your own book on Amazon.they advice you to put affiliate links that will lead a visitor to your website where hopefully they will purchase the affiliate products you are selling.

If you read my post, you know that PLR articles are not exactly great and these guys are telling you to drive traffic to your site using PLR.

That`s not All

Even if you find PLR articles, put in links and drive traffic to your site, this will not be enough to get you sales, you still need to set up your website the right way to succeed online.I can confidently say their training does not scratch the surface of all that is needed to succeed online.

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Now I’m not trying to be all negative here, let`s check some of the positives and the negatives before we continue.


  • I must admit it never occurred to me driving traffic using Amazon so this made me smile really, why did l not figure this out before? I just have to find a better way.
  • The $6.83 is quite affordable (for a bad product)



  • Like most make money online products, Free Traffic Cash Surge has upsells before you can get to the product which l hate.
  • They like push the upsell to you, go as far as offering you a 50% discount if you say no to the upsells.My advice will be to ignore any upsells and concentrate on a product you want.
  • Their advice will not help you build a profitable long term internet business.

Using PLR

Re-writing an ebook and passing it on as your work is not right and you are not offering your buyers something honest.You will not be able to answer your reader questions should they need any help.This can not work long term.

Another thing to remember is that just as you are purchasing a PLR article, hundreds or thousands out there might have purchased the same article and re-written it.

Is Free Traffic Cash Surge a scam?

Free Traffic Cash Surge is not a scam, they give you information for money but the methods they teach are not going to work, the training is low quality and you need to spend more to build and set up your website the correct way if you want to succeed online.

Is Free Traffic Cash Surge Worth Spending Money On?

You might argue that $6.18 is not much, but this is a lot of money considering this program will not help you drive traffic to your website as they claim.

If you decide to try it, avoid the upsells.But as said earlier, they will not help you succeed, you still need a website. Join Wealthy Affiliate and learn to make real online income.The best thing is you can join and get started for free so put your credit card away.

It all starts with a beautiful website.

I hope that my Free Traffic Surge review could save you disappointment or spending your money buying a product that will not deliver.

4 Comments on "Free Traffic Cash Surge Review"

  1. WorkingMomma | March 28, 2017 at 3:03 pm | Reply

    Thank you for your review! I was actually thinking about purchasing this product since traffic is very important for anyone who has a website and wants to earn from their website. Their product name is very enticing as well (who doesn’t want free traffic?)

    But I have now learned that when someone says it’s easy, it’s probably not worth it.

    Looking forward for more reviews!

  2. This seems like a really terrible product, even if it is cheap.

    Stealing other people’s hard work is immoral and the likely rewards for stooping this low don’t seem to be very great.

    It reminds me a bit of those dodgy companies that employ people to write college essays for rich kids.

    • Hello Kristian

      thanks for stopping by, I will not consider Free Traffic Cash Surge cheap,what`s the point in buying cheap if it can not bring any results.

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