Global Moneyline Review: Huge Scam or Definite Must-Not-Miss?

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If you’re looking for simple, fast lead generation then Global Moneyline may have made it onto your radar. Email list generation made easy is always appealing as a tool to marketers- but there’s always the whiff of a possibility of scam with promises like the ones this company makes.

Here’s my independent Global Moneyline review to help you decide if it’s an opportunity that’s right for you or not.

So, Who Are Global Moneyline anyway?

I’d not be fair in this Global Moneyline review if I didn’t take you a little deeper into the heart of the company. Of course, this is slightly difficult to achieve, given it’s yet another big-promising lead generation company who offers next to no information on their site.

This always makes us pause a little, but let’s be fair- some people and companies get a little paranoid about their methods getting out and they like to keep their information private.

It’s an incredibly damaging sales tactic, though, and not one that encourages consumer confidence. A visit to the website yields is that it’s subject to the laws of the US state of Minnesota, which implies that is where they are based.

That’s all I can suss out to tell you and immediately makes me label this as ‘handle with caution’ although I joined and upgraded for their bronze membership.

So What Does Global Moneyline Offer?

Global Moneyline is in business to bring you lead generation. They appear to have no specific product to cater to this, however, which is a hallmark of short-lived schemes with less thought in their backing than I’d like. My friend from has benefited from the site as he knows how it works, check his Global money line review here.

Once you’ve signed up, you gain the ability to send messages to those who join after you- 1 at a time on the standard membership and bulk emails of 20 with the premium. Once you get people to sign up, you earn commission on those sign-ups that upgrade. Well, from the third person- it’s a 2-up system.

Of course, no Global Moneyline review would be entirely fair if I didn’t take this moment to point out ‘recruit recruit recruit’ tactics are more or less what a lot of scam companies and pyramid schemes place emphasis on.

Of course, they are used by some legit companies too, as long as you can refer many people, you can make quick money with Global money line.

But let’s continue to evaluate the pros and cons fairly. This at a cost of $20 membership. Free members don’t earn commission, making becoming a free affiliate rather pointless. The commission is $5 per sign up.

How would I benefit from this program?

There’s one obvious incentive to all of this- anyone with the capability to quickly build a downline can earn fast if you upgrade. Sadly, that was about the only obvious incentive I could find, and given the lock-down nature of the website, the only one we’re likely to be able to work out.

You do have the capability to ride the initial wave of success if you’re good at promoting and referring and join in early enough.

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And What Downsides Are There?

The whole point of this Global Moneyline review was whether this program works well for email affiliate marketing. You are supposed to get access to all the addresses that list after you.

There does appear to be a catch, however- you never actually get those email addresses. You have to message these people through global money line, meaning they have that valuable email but not you. The only person who truly gets that valuable data is them.

Another thing I did not like is being spammed with daily useless emails, if you decide to join Global money line, I`d advise you to get a new Gmail address for the emails as members who join in your line before you will be sending you emails to promote their programs.

So What’s The Verdict On Global Money Line Review?

I want to like the sound idea of this company- that’s why I opted for this Global Moneyline review- but sadly this isn’t gone about in the best way.

The commissions are small, and the goals unrealistic- to earn $2000 a month, you’d have to sustain recruitment levels at a pace that’s really not going to happen for most people after a while.

In all likelihood, none of the people who do sign up are going to use their regular email address anyway, and you don’t get to build your own database from it. People are likely to check out soon after being bombarded with company info, anyway, so I don’t even think there’s much potential in those contacts.

People are likely to check out soon after being bombarded with company info, anyway, so I don’t even think there’s much potential in those contacts.

So sadly this one is a no. I think this is a short-lived scheme with no long term plan in place except to walk away with your hard earned money when results fail to materialize as promised. I can’t say I recommend this company at all, sadly.

I’d have loved to deliver a more positive Global Moneyline review, but the facts just seem to stack up and up against this one.

You can not earn money online long term without a product and this is why I’m convinced you could not make money with global money line, not enough to quit your job as there is no long-term plan in place.

But everything is not lost, if you are looking for a real way to make money from home, then read my Number 1 recommendation from an early post where I explain how you can make money long term with Wealthy Affiliate.It`s free to join and you learn step by step how to build your own money making website on something you are passionate about.

Got to this review because you wanted to join the Global Money line? are you still interested? would love to hear from you so leave me a message below.

4 thoughts on “Global Moneyline Review: Huge Scam or Definite Must-Not-Miss?”

  1. What I really despise about these types of programs is recruiting. Your family and friends are usually first and then they will hate you because you are always in selling mode.
    Do you consider the entry fee reasonable? Is it just an email list building generator?
    Thanks for the heads up on Global Moneyline>

    • That is why I never mix my online business with family and friends, if you start, you soon run out of friends as they get tired of being nice and buying into useless programs.

      Global money line is no better,the $20 might be cheap but in my opinion,still not worth it.

  2. Wow, this seems like a definite red flag in my book. I can’t even make out what the actual product is. It’s like I’m just going to convince more people to give them money so that I can get a piece and that doesn’t seem fair or ethical.
    Maybe I understand the system wrong but that is my take on it. Any other email marketing systems that you can recommend?

    • Hello Ryan

      If you are serious about making money online,then I^d suggest affiliate marketing,you have nothing to pay and all you have to do is promote other people`s products and earn a commision if someone buys from your affiliate link.

      Global money line in my opinion is scam,offering no product but promising you income.


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