How Does Alexa Ranking Work?

Understanding how Alexa ranking works And, Do You Really Need it?

Alexa ranking is a site that provides commercial website traffic data and analytics. Its toolbar collects data on the various trends of browsing and transmits them to the Alexa website where they are stored and analyzed.
According to its website on what Alexa ranking is,it provides global rankings, data for websites and other kinds of information regarding over 30 million websites.
Previously, Alexa ranking used to be totally free but as it got upgraded with new features, the price rode steadily and now it is almost $800n per month.
The question you can ask yourself here is whether it is worth that amount or you are just investing your money in just an ordinary site.

How Does Alexa Ranking Work?

First of all, you need to understand how Alexa rank works. Once you have a grasp of the fundamentals of how it works, then you can decide whether chasing Alexa rank is like chasing a rainbow or something that could benefit your business.
Alexa rank measures several things including traffic rank and sites linking in traffic rank in the US. On the surface of it, this sounds great but, the question to ask yourself is where it gets its rankings and whether if this has anything to do with SEO.

Where Does Alexa Get Its Ranking Position From?

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So far so good, Alexa ranking sounds great until you realize that Alexa rankings come from the Alexa toolbar which their customers install into their browsers and it tracks their activity around the Internet.
The Alexa toolbar is something that is readily available and anyone who wants it can download it to their computer.

If like 20 million downloads it on shared computers and there are more than 1 billion internet users, you can calculate that figure and realize how big it can get.
Initially, Alexa used to offer a toolbar that could give internet users a suggestion on the necessary steps to take which it based on the traffic patterns of its user community.
Additionally, it also offered context for every site that was visited, its registered owner, the number of pages it entailed, the number of websites that pointed to it and the frequency with which it was updated.
Sites are ranked on Alexa with primary basis on a sample set of internet users who are using its toolbar on either Google Chrome, Internet explorer of Firefox.
It includes a popup blocker, a box for searching and links to the Alexa homepage and The user can also rate the Alexa site and view a variety of links to external sites which are relevant.

How Does Alexa Ranking Work And Can It Be Trusted

Alexa ranking can be termed as an “adware” or at the very best it has to be track ware, because of the way it works in collecting the data. It does not give real traffic data; it only measures how many people using the same metric to visit your site.
In other words, you can actually manipulate this data by getting more people with the Alexa toolbar to visit your site and create a bigger cartel.

You can, of course, download the Alexa toolbar which we have established is adware but it is best you leave it at that now that you know.

Alternatives to Alexa ranking

Alexa cannot have access to the data that is needed to check your SEO rank.

It is basically a tool for showing whether or not your site is growing but does not give you real ranking of where you site is based in its specific category and the keywords people commonly use.
There are many free keyword tools such as Google analytics and other sites for ranking websites which work quite well.

They will give you the exact amount of traffic your site is getting including the keywords that most people search for when they visit your website.
The best part about them is that you do not have to pay anything to get access to the basic features which can prove very helpful to you as you are trying to improve your site and get more traffic at the same time.

Is Alexa Ranking Package Worth Your Time?

If you are on Alexa,there are services they offer at a price,if you check Alexa side bar there is a sales  bar trying to make a sale.For $149 a month,it`s not worth the money,you do not need Alexa package if you already have google analytics installed.

You will not find any value in buying this, your money is better spent somewhere else as it will not improve anything on your site.

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There are many mixed reviews online about how does Alexa ranking work, Some will tell you the truth while others will just mislead you into thinking that Alexa will rank your site based on the amount of traffic that you receive.

You can try to use it together with other sites for ranking to determine which one will work best for you.

I really hope l have helped answer your question how Alexa ranking work and you can make an informed choice if you want to spend your money there or not.

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