What is instant payday network?


Instant Payday Network
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Price: Free to start, then varies based on CPA offers + upsells into Empower NetworkAbsturz, Statistik, Diagramm, Grafik
Website: instantpaydaynetwork.com
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The Truth About Instant Payday Network

What is instant payday network?
Instant payday network is a 4 step process but you have to complete step 1 and 2 before you can start making money on this.
The two steps entail:
Step 1 -signing up for express.mycashfreebies.com
Step 2 -signing up for double.mycashfreebies.com
The first two steps sound quite easy and they make it seem like anyone can join. These two sign ups are actually two distinct companies.

However, you have to qualify for these sites in order to join and to qualify; you need to complete CPA offers which basically mean Click per Action.

These 2 companies above are willing to pay you for referring people to try out their products, you can earn about $20 – $30 every time you refer someone but they also need to complete the required number of trial offers, so it’s not as easy as it sounds.
Step 3 – Once you have completed step 1 and 2 you will receive referral numbers which give you access to the back office of Instant Payday Network and a free marketing system, so basically all you will be doing is promoting IPN to try and interest people to join and lead them to a squeeze page to enter their name and email address.

Now Let`s compare Instant Payday Network to Wealthy Affiliate


Now that we have compared the two sites,im going to explain more how IPN works

Once people you refered have entered their details, IPN takes over by sending auto-responder e-mails, plenty of them for that matter and if they complete tasks 1 and 2, you will then get paid but they must first meet the credit requirements for you to get any money.
If they successfully complete step 1 and 2 then they are eligible to move on to step 3 and promote IPN.
Step 4 – This is optional and basically has nothing to do with IPN, it involves you trying to get your lead to sign up to Empower Network which is obviously not something for the faint hearted.
It is also not unimaginable if you find people pulling out at step 4 even after going through all the rigorous steps from the very first step.Read my Empower network review here.

So is instant payday network a scam?Make instant money

Instant payday network is not exactly a scam but it does not do what it says on the tin. A stay at home Mama’s boy earns $1800 – $2800 a week? I doubt that very much and if it sounds to good to be true then it usually is, but unfortunately people desperate to make some kind of income might be taken in by this hype.
There are many reviews about IPN but beware of the good ones, they are usually the people that have joined IPN and are looking for referrals and at the end of their review they add a link saying join here.
This is a popular trick that has been used for a very long time in the online world and has never failed to work extremely well especially when it comes to newbies who are trying to get their footing.
Instant payday network is not a scam but will not make you much money either unless you have a website that generates tons of traffic, but then if you had one of those you would not be in need of IPN.

Some of the companies you sign up for might ask for your credit card details so please read all the small print before handing over any personal details and also if you are considering joining instant payday network even after reading this review, create a new email address as you will get bombarded with unsolicited emails from all the companies.


Pros And Cons


  • The first 3 steps are basically free to join.
  • You can make some money.


  • You have to give out your personal information when signing up to the free programs,your email,phone number,Credit card number.Soon you start receiving loads of spam emails.
  • Cancelling the free offers is not as easy as it should be.The freebies companies make it as hard as possible to cancel your account and will try to make you not cancel.
  • The marketing plan they teach you is so outdated and you will need much more than what they teach to succeed.
  • The way the program is presented is totally deceptive to would be members,being led to believe you can make 4 figures in a week without much work.

Bottom line on instant payday network

Instant payday network may not be a scam but that does not mean that you will make any money from it.

It may be offered as a free to join program which it is but to get fully started with it, you will end up spending around $20 which is not a small amount of money if you are a newbie trying to find ways on how you can earn online.
You should do thorough research of your own before you decide to join sites like instant payday network because if you don’t, you can get demoralized along the way to the extent of giving up entirely on making any kind of money online.
There are better opportunities out there but whatever you wish to do in the online industry, remember there are no get rich quick schemes.

I personally would not recommend IPN,because if you join thinking you will make money with minimum of work,you will be dissapointed.If it seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.


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8 thoughts on “What is instant payday network?”

  1. Hi, Roamy this review on instant payday network was very informative and educational. After reading this review in my opinion wealthy affiliate is hands down a better option than IPN. like you said if it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t. No truer words have ever been spoken. Thanks for the heads up on IPN.

  2. Hi Roamy, Thank for your interesting review. I have never heard about instant payday network. You said we need to complete CPA offers… well, to be honest, I think these can be very tricky.

    You need to refer people to this opportunity and hope they also complete offers, am I correct? I think this is not a sustainable business model to follow.

    You need to attract a large audience and you can only do this effectively if you have a website. However, I don’t think it’s very wise to promote these companies. There are no products to promote, no value!

    I will stay well away!

    • Thanks Stefan IPN gives an impression it`s easy to succeed but in reality it`s not.You can only earn if people you refer also complete offers which is not guaranteed they will.

      In the end, u only get in trouble with family and friends who you have to beg to complete Instant Payday Network offers.

  3. wealthy afiiliate stands out big time against instant payday network. many people are searching the internet looking for ways to earn more. sometimes you just need to look one more time into things…. “instant”. I guess this is one word that we should look out for in the world of earning online. thank you for sharing! cheers!

  4. Hi Roamy,
    This opportunity is so similar to one that I am aware of online. It involved the same first 2 steps that you spent time explaining, followed by a 3rd step that differed slightly. Signing up to receive offers for companies representing credit reports, sleep products, (Sleep Made Natural) or having a Go Daddy domain is truly unnecessary for so many people. And to use these offers as a business plan allowing one to make money if you get people under you as referrals? Really I consider it a joke.

    It’s really a shame that people still fall for these “opportunities to earn a lot of money”. As you stated naive people get lured into schemes like this when a fake testimonial is mentioned of a “single mom, with 3 kids who through this opportunity now makes $2,000/week!”

    Yes, it might not be an outright scam with this instant-payday network as initially one can join for free. But in clicking on the link to step #4 of this program, one that you state was an outright scam, really I would avoid it at all costs.

    Your comparison between this program and WA pretty much said it all!



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