Is My Paying Ads Legit

Is My Paying Ads Legit?Let`s Take A LookMy paying ads

Company Name: MyPaying Ads


Owners: Uday Nara(Real name is Nalam Satyanarayana)

Verdict: Legit

Price To Join: Nil

Is my Paying ads legit?Mypayingads has been online and active since 30th March 2015.(not so long)There are 125193 members as the time of this post with a total amount of $ 6189798.19 paid out to members.

The Owner Uday Nara is located in Singapore, a mechanical Engineer by profession and internet marketer since 1st Feb 2015.These are not my Statistics, this is what is stated at my paying ads pages.

What Is My Paying Ads?

MPA, as it`s commonly known is a revenue sharing online advertising company with a Pay-to- click component. MPA provide high quality targeted traffic to advertisers and to attract more targeted traffic, MPA incorporated pay-to-click on the site.

Non-members can use MPA to advertise other make money from home opportunities, Affiliate programmes, MLM, work from home opportunities.

If you are familiar with Traffic Monsoon, MPA works the same.MPA enables members to earn income by viewing the Advertisers offers which start from as little as $1.

How My Paying Ads Work

To earn from MPA, you have to spend minimum $1 to buy Adpacks which l explain below

Capture ad packs

The revenue from each pool is distributed to the active ad packs of the same pool only.
The maximum ad packs that members can have are 200 for all AdPack-Plans except for Adpack Plan 10 where members can have up to 2000 packs.
As a member, you have to reach minimum 100 ad packs before you`re able to buy the next higher ad pack plan.
Advertisement  Packages
You can choose between 5 different ad packages to suit your needs
Earning Money With MPA Ads
 To earn money at MPA, as a free member, you will have to click on ads earning $0.001 per ad clicked, you have to surf 10 ads a day, this means you can earn without having to refer anyone as long as you surf 10 ads a day.The Ads are clickable every 24 hours.
My Paying Ads-View Ads
Your Advantage With My Ad Pack As An Advertiser
  • Affordable Advertising packages.
  • Quick targeted traffic to your website.
  • Different ad packages.
  • Login ads.
  • Banner ads.
  • PTC ads.

Can You Get Refunds If Not Happy With MPA?

MPA does not offer any kind of refunds since the business does not offer intangible products.So be sure when buying your AdPacks.

As a Future Member, You`re Still Worried Is My Paying Ads Legit?


For an online program to be legal it should offer a service or a product to it`s members.MPA members who pay AdPacks get a business listing.

To reach the highest level of earning, you need to purchase minimum 100 shares of each level, there are 10 levels in total.

How Will You Get Paid

If you are still here reading this then you are serious about making money, MPA pays you within 48 hours of you requesting payment, through Perfect money, Solid Trust, Payza or Paypal. Be informed that you can only request payment to the same processor you used to Deposit.

My Paid Ads Payment Proof

payment proof


Is MPA safe To Invest?

This program has not been around long enough for me to justify it as being safe, anyone who chooses to invest in MPA should do so at their own risk, haveing said that, you still get your ads out there even if you do not make money.

Final Verdict on My Paying Ads

The program is 100 % legitimate and they are paying but as said above, you decide if it`s safe to invest your money or not.

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7 thoughts on “Is My Paying Ads Legit”

  1. I too have a problem seeing the legitimacy of a site like this, except as a means to make money through viewing ads. I certainly wouldn’t spend money as an advertiser because it’s unlikely to convert. However, if you want to spend a great deal of time clicking on ads to get a little bit of a return on your investment, then this seems like one way you can go.

    • Hello Jared
      l do nt consider clicking ads for 0.00—- making money online at all, i consider it wasting time and energy.But that being said,there are people who prefer revenue share websites.These to me are short time success if at all

  2. Hi Derek
    l totally agree, revenue share sites are coming up quite a lot recently,if I’m honest, l will not waste my money advertising there,the traffic is low quality as the people watching your ads are not interested in your ad but on the little change they earn from looking at your ad for a few seconds.

  3. Hi there,

    A heck of a lot of these ad share revenue sites have popped up over the past year or two. I must say I find them all scammy and better to be avoided for both the opportunity seeker and advertiser.

    As someone who regularly pays for advertising, you simply could not pay me enough money to advertise on these sites due to the actual low, very low quality traffic.

  4. hello great information found it very useful. Great review on my paying ads first time hearing about it but seems legit and a way to earn some spare cash.Are the ads actually worth it, by that I mean by are the traffic actually good traffic and can you get any conversions?

    • Hi there
      The traffic you will get from suc sites are poor quality traffic, these are not people interested to be on your site, they are there to earn the money for viewing your ads, from my experience,such traffic does not convert.

    • Hello there
      Like many revenue sharing sites which have poped up recently, im keeping eyes on my paying ads to see how long they last, but must say it`s just not for me.Affiliate marketing offer much more earning potential.


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