Should You Start Blogging Online

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Should you start blogging online and how do you get started?what do you need and what exactly is blogging?

Internet ushered in the new vocabulary that did not exist merely four decades ago. Blogging is one of the most popular ones amongst it.

Most people have heard it, and even used it, but few really know what it is.

Blogging is another name for weblog, which is nothing but a page on the website which is maintained like a diary.

The diary records the events and information, informally, which others read, react to, or add to. The network of people interested in the topic is formed, which includes those who are for or against what is mentioned on the blog.

So what is the big deal about blogging?

“Why should you start blogging online?” is a question that is often asked by the people. After all, views on any subject can be exchanged on Facebook and other social media sites.Similarly, people can offer information, or get information by asking on such sites.

The difference between such kind of posts and blogging is the stating of opinions on many topics and specialization on the topic.

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On social media sites, people do not confine themselves to any main theme or topic.

They may discuss the topic in depth, but for a short duration.

They do not come to update the information, and even if the information is updated, it may not be read by others who participated in that conversation or discussion.There is, also a limited set of people accessing such information.

Personal blogs, on the other hand, focus on the topic and offer information that is directly or indirectly related to the topic.Effectively, these weblogs reduce the need to search specific information.

Moreover, the blogger periodically adds new information on the topic and such information can be identified more easily unlike on social media sites.

 why exactly should you start blogging online?

Agreed that blogging reaches out to a specific set of people who are interested in the subject. But that still does not explain how it benefits blogger in any way, right?

For starters, there are several benefits of blogging online. These include

A. Blogger shares the information that is at his or her disposal, and gets some in return in that informal environment;
B. Blogger can earn monies from blogs as advertisements related directly or indirectly to the subjects can be embedded on the web page, whence the blogger gets paid for the number of views;
C. Blogging improves skills of expression in writing. Blogger acquires clarity in thinking and becomes more articulate in expressing.The content is also presented more coherently and sequentially. Such skills make entry into freelance writing easier.In fact, freelance writing should also be done by bloggers to improve presence on the internet and draw traffic to their own blogs.
D. Blogging being an informal environment makes it easier for blogger to accept any corrections without any ego conflicts, which is more likely on professional sites;
E. Blogging also helps to promote causes or sell products directly or through affiliates;
F. Blogging is easy. Knowledge of the subject is all that is needed apart from command over the language in which the blog is created.
G. Blogger can impress people and be called to speak on the subject or find consulting deals.

Money making from blogging

People rarely do work without expecting monetary rewards. Moreover, if they begin something, they expect the rewards to be quick and substantial.Monetary success in blogging depends on many factors.

If you are in a dilemma regarding should you start blogging online or not, you need to understand some basics about blogging.You can also read this about making money

Fundamentals For Earning From Blogging:

A.Select A Niche

You need to select a topic that you are familiar with and which interests you. So you know, there is no niche that is not profitable, you can make money with all niches.

If the niche interests you but you do not know much about it, you will read more about it, and be able to come up with new content more easily.

But do analyze the percentage of likely traffic towards the site. People will search more for health insurances than for organic herbs. Read more about niche selection here

B.Build A Website:

Here you`ll need to think if you want a free hosted website or self-host.There are free host sites like but these sites have limitations

Eg: or www.timelessbeautysolutions.comYou see that the second option looks much better.

Not only are the free website limiting, having your own website is like real estate, as time goes, your website increase in value.

C. Content Can Never Be Deposed As The King

How you present the content matters as much as what is in it.Write what people can read in an easy way, a block of boring text is not what many online readers want.

Moreover, visitors of the blog would love to come across new content on regular basis. This means regular updating of the content is required.

D. SEO Techniques

Though not a must, bloggers are highly recommended to get familiar with SEO.

It is important if you desire to achieve high ranking in search engines. A high ranking means more views and increased traffic to the blog.

E. Traffic to your blog is important

Traffic refers to your website/blog visitors. The visitor not only needs to stay on your site, but this can only happen if you have high-quality content.

Based on such analysis, it is possible to design the content and even write on other people’s blogs with keywords and backlinks to bring traffic to your own page.

keywords play a big role in increasing the searchability and visibility of the blog.

F. Interact with visitors

Many bloggers leave the page there and do not interact with the visitors seeking information or adding to it.

Big mistake! Huge mistake! That visitor can actually become a regular visitor to your blogs, and even recommend your blog to another person.

Therefore, replying and interacting with people raising questions, or even offering negative views is necessary.

Obviously, some level of civility is called for when you start blogging online and dealing with visitors because others are watching.

I am doing everything right but not making money

Have patience! You have only invested your time in there, and very little by way of money, haven’t you?

Finding affiliates may take a while. Also, Google Ad Sense is only available after you show a regular activity with quality content.

So what you need is being regular with updating information, and keeping the visitor informed.

Also note that you may be rejected by publishers, but the audience would not.

Here, the core matter of the content is important, and not how you dress it. You don’t have to be an expert in everything to start blogging Online,  put in as much effort and you will improve.

Returns may take time but will come in due course if you have done everything right.


There can only be one answer if you should start blogging online”, and that is yes. It is one of the easiest ways to earn monies online provided you have patience and are a regular contributor to your own blog.

The best thing about it is, you are your own boss and you don’t have anybody breathing down your neck paying you the pittance for your hard work.

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