Top Affiliate Marketing Sites Every Blogger Should Join

Want More Out Of Your Blog? Join These Top Affiliate marketing sites.

Affiliate marketing is a field that every professional blogger is venturing into nowadays as a way of getting passive income. You have probably heard of people who are raking in 5 to 6 figures per month because of it.

New opportunities arise in affiliate marketing from time to time and if you are a smart blogger, you will not miss taking advantage of them.

Many businesses have even begun working directly with affiliates because they have seen it as a more efficient way.
As much as there are many affiliate marketing sites on the internet, there are some which do not pay that well while others don’t even pay at all.

Others have many terms and conditions and can terminate your account at any time while others are just not profitable at all.If you want to start affiliate marketing, you have to select the site that will give you value for your time and efforts.

What Should A Good Affiliate Marketing Site Have?

A good affiliate marketing site should be easy to duplicate. This basically means that it should not be just easy for you to implement but also for other people.

If you are able to duplicate your rates of success with a particular affiliate program then your income will increase as well.This is a feature that you will not miss

It should also have repeatable tasks for each day. This is a feature that you will not miss to find in the best affiliate marketing sites and it is a guarantee that you will be able to make a lot of money if you put all your efforts into it.

Lastly, a good affiliate site should have a lot of affiliates. If you land on an affiliate site that does not seem to have any ongoing activity.Chances are high that it is not as efficient as it is made to sound.

A site with a lot of people also means that it has been around for long, has good products and therefore people trust it a lot.

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Below is a comprehensive list of some of the best affiliate marketing sites.

Best affiliate marketing sites
CJ affiliate

You have probably come across this affiliate marketing platform formerly known as commission junction. Most of the major retailers and fortune 500 companies have their affiliate programs on this site so if you are looking to venture into affiliate marketing; this is the first place to visit.

CJ has been around for a long time which means that it has built a good reputation over the years. Their user interface, customer service, and payment system will leave you smiling.

The advertisers usually pay premium commission rates to the CJ publishers which are higher when compared to other networks. The payouts are always on time so there are no long waits that are common for other affiliate sites.

The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free to join. However, if your account fails to generate the required minimum commission or is dormant, you will be fined 10$.

ShareASale is considered as one of the best affiliate networks with over 4,000 affiliate programs. If you fail to find an advertiser in CJ affiliate, you will definitely find it here, registering with ShareASale is very quick and easy and if approved, you can get started in less than 3 days.

This affiliate network has many similarities to CJ affiliate in terms of user experience, types of affiliate programs, dormant accounts policy and payments.

If your account balance is below 25$, it will be automatically deactivated. Alternatively, you can be charged a similar amount if your account is above 25$ and when it’s depleted, they will deactivate it. The tracking system is wonderful and so is the payment and real-time system.
Amazon Associates
This affiliate program is popular worldwide. It has over a million products to promote on your website or blog and earn. Amazon affiliate commissions can be quite steep in the beginning 1%,but as you make more sales, the commissions can be as high as 10%.

However, you should know the commission rates are never constant because of the diversity of the inventory on Amazon. You can get a link to Amazon and receive payment for all goods bought by the people you referred.

Another thing to remember is that Amazon is not allowed everywhere, so do check if you can be Amazon affiliate due to tax legislation as not all states are accepted.(can’t sign up as Amazon affiliate).
These are just but a few of the best affiliate marketing sites and you will discover that there are many more, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Two Less Known Top Affiliate Marketing Sites

As mentioned earlier, the best affiliate program is that with recurring commissions, this way the money will keep coming.These two programs pay 50% per sale you make and this is as long as your referral keeps their membership, what way to earn money.Click here to visit the program 

Another top program that I highly recommend is this here with 50% commissions recurring, you only have to work once.Both are top programs that your readers or you will love.

If you have tried making money online with other methods to no avail, you definitely need to try affiliate marketing.You do not have to deal with clients, no shipping and no dealing with refunds, all you have to do is drive traffic.

There are many good affiliate marketing sites which are very profitable even for beginners. Additionally, read articles, watch videos and make use of resources on affiliate marketing to become an expert.

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