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Product Name: Traffic Swarm

Website:                                                 Traffic Swarm,Traffic Swarm Review

Price: $0 or membership fee starting from $20 per month

Product owner: Steve Little

Verdict: Legit But Not recommended

What Is Traffic Swarm?

Traffic Swarm refers to a traffic exchange network where website owners join and add their sites to a list for other members to visit. It is basically a website whose members get to exchange their views and clicks with others.

Members at Traffic Swarm are able to surf the site for credits, which in turn allows them to create and then post their own advertisements with links that lead traffic back to their website.

Below is a detailed Traffic Swarm review that seeks to shed more light about this network and whether it is recommendable or not.

In a nutshell, this is a network that offers traffic exchange services to website owners. The website owners are expected to sign up on it and place ads about their websites on its database.

They then proceed to peruse another page that has so many ads placed by other websites where they have to click on them and visit them.

For every visit made, there is a credit that is earned. These credits are then redeemed for the chance of your ad appearing on the list on Traffic Swarm.Otherwise explained, view my site for a few seconds, I view your site for a few seconds in return Read the traffic swarm review below to understand it more before you join.

What Does Traffic Swarm Promise To Deliver?traffic,Traffic Swarm Review

Traffic Swarm promises to deliver traffic to your website within five minutes of signing up.

This “traffic exchange” network promises web site owners that they will begin getting a “swarm” of visitors to their website within a few minutes of registering on it. Read my earlier post on free traffic exchanges and if you should use them.

This is the truth and it delivers on this front. The signing-up process is usually fast and other users on Traffic Swarm will be able to visit your site within a short time after you complete the signing up process. The site promises a lot of traffic if only you follow their instructions to the letter.

Does Traffic Swarm Deliver Website Traffic?

Traffic Swarm delivers on its promises of bringing more traffic to your website. It is possible to start receiving visitors to your website within a few minutes after you complete the registration. However, there is an issue with the kind of traffic you receive on your website.
The traffic is useless as most of it is made up of other bloggers and website owners visiting from the network in order to earn credits.

The network delivers traffic to your website alright but these visitors are not really interested in anything that you could be offering on it.If you are looking for free targeted website traffic, traffic swarm is not the place.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Membership is offered in a number of options at Traffic Swarm. There is a monthly membership for interested website owners, which costs $30. The traffic exchange network offers small discounts on the monthly cost for members who pay yearly or bi-yearly basis.

There is also a free membership program available. Free membership means that you do not get any monthly credits and you have to surf and click ads in order to earn the free credits they want.

The paid memberships entitle you to a number of allotted credits every month that do not involve surfing the ads. The network offers as much as 5,000 credits but this depends on the membership level.

Paid membership entitles you to an unlimited number of ads. But upgrading is optional, you can stay a free member for as long as you like and keep clicking ads.

Traffic Swarm Pro Membership Cost


How Credits Are Earned At Traffic Swarm

Free Members

  • 2 credits per page surfed
  • Up to 10 Traffic Swarm Ads
  • Free website builder (check my recommended free website builder at siteRubix)
  • Your Ad is listed in Traffic Swarm Directory

Pro Membership

  • Unlimited websites submission to search engines
  •  Free website builder
  • Refer new members and earn cash
  • 4 credits earned per AD surfed
  • Free hosting
  • Free monthly credits
  • You can choose when your Ads are shown

How Easy Is It To Use Traffic Swarm?

Traffic Swarm is relatively easy to use as you only need to sign up on the network with the name of your website. The signing up process is fast and simple making it possible for you to register within a short period of time.
A number of Traffic Swarm reviews mention that it only takes about five minutes after registering on the network to start seeing the results which is true but as said, it’s not one of the best free website traffic. The traffic increases within a short period of time as other marketers and website owners will start clicking on your website ads immediately in a bid to earn more credits.

The traffic increases within a short period of time as other marketers and website owners will start clicking on your website ads immediately in a bid to earn more credits.

Pros And Cons Of Traffic Swarm


  • Has been around since 2004 so the site is really reliable
  • A quick way to get unlimited traffic to your site
  • Free to join
  • Easy to get started
  • Open to international members


  • Poor quality traffic, people visiting your site are not interested in what you offer, they are there to get credits so others can view their sites.
  • Because most visitors from Traffic Swarm to your site will only stay about 20-30 seconds, or even less, this can bring your bounce rate very high.
  • There are complaints around regarding Traffic Swarm read

Do I Recommend Traffic Swarm?

I would not recommend the program or any free traffic exchange site to a website owner looking to get quality traffic to their websites in the hope of converting them into buyers.

The high traffic generated by Traffic Swarm is mostly made up of other website owners and bloggers who are not interested in your products or services.

As a website owner, you want targeted traffic that converts, 10 targeted visitors, in my opinion, are better than 100s spending a few seconds on your site for credits and nothing more.

Conclusion To Traffic Swarm Review
While Traffic Swarm offers a great avenue for generating lots of traffic to your site, it will end up doing more harm than good in the long run. You will not enjoy any meaningful return on investment as most visitors have no interest in your site.

In addition, your search engine ranking will suffer as search engines could interpret the high bounce rate of these visitors to your website having poor content.

If you are serious about getting started online, check my recommendation and see if it`s for you, free to join and the program has been online and created success stories again and again.

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