What Is A Niche In Marketing?

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What Is A Niche In Marketing

This is usually a confusing word for many newbies online.l know it was for me.

A niche is a group of people with aWhat Is A Niche In Marketing,target
specific need.A smaller targeted subgroup of a larger market.People in a niche have a targeted problem or need. A niche is a distinct segment of a market.

Let’s take for example baby dresses, this might seem targeted but it’s still a broad niche, girls jumper is more targeted.This is what you call a niche.


Let Us Take Another Example

A smoker =smoking is unhealthy = a smoker looking for ways to stop smoking = best stop smoking vapors

Someone looking to buy boy shorts is not looking for girls dresses, but looking specifically for girls dresses.So lets Try and find a niche for Dresses.

You can still narrow it much more, there is girls swimsuits, girls night, girls party dresses=====


A smoker =smoking is unhealthy = a smoker looking for ways to stop smoking = best stop smoking vapors

As you can see in the examples above both are toys but someone looking for girls toys look for different items to someone looking for boys toys. Narrowing down that we have been able to do here to find potentially profitable niches that you could tackle in creating a niche website business in a large market. Read my other post here about niche.

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A niche Customer

Let us look at another example, you are in  Geneva Switzerland a place famous for watches, and needed to repair  your Omega watch,your interest is in a very specialized  niche of the  large market category of watches, you would not just search under ‘watches’ in Google, you know you need to narrow your search to your niche based need if you are to succeed.

A search under the broad term  ‘watches’ would yield hundreds of pages about watches from all over the world about every angle for every model and age of watch. To solve your problem you need to specify that you are interested in Omega watches, watch repairs and your location.

You might then do a search under ‘Omega watch repairs in Zurich‘ which will narrow down your search to your target interest for your specific problem. Now you are in the right niche market and can find help fast.

A Niche Website Owner With Solution

what is a niche in marketing

A shop owner in Zurich selling and repairing Omega watches could create a website to attract customers, now if his website was www.artisanchronometrie.ch, it will be targeted and you as someone needing service from his niche will find him using your exact online search.

As a website owner on your website, you will inform people of your niche services and about your industry.Any search for Omega repairs in Yurich will then bring up your website in the google search engines.If you wrote your website well using proper SEO your page might well be in the top ranking of google.

In Summary, A Niche In Marketing Is

A targeted and specific problem and a targeted service to solve a specific problem.It is a perfect match since the client looked at exactly what he needed and you as a website owner targeted a specific keyword.

To achieve this targeted search terms, the website owner need to use a keyword tool to find the right keywords prior to writing his content.Read my other post about targeted keywords.

Ok, we know What Is A Niche In Marketing But How Do We Find Keywords?

If you chose not to read my post above where l explained where to find keywords, lm going to explain just a bit about keywords here.

To have a high ranking post, you need to select your keywords well otherwise your hard work will be for nothing, your articles will not rank in Google, and without ranks in google, no one will see your good content.

Like the example above, if the guy looking to repair his watch did not give a targeted search term, he will not find what he is looking for, if the vendor does not research his keywords before writing his article, the right audience will not find his post in google search engine.

Arrows, Direction, Dimension, Element

When creating a post, you should aim at low competing keywords, this way, you have a chance at ranking in the search engines and being found.

Statistics show that people searching online do not search past the 2nd page of google so you should aim at having your post ranking in page 1 of google.This is achieved by using keyword tools to choose and search for keywords with less competition.


Finding the Right Niche Market

To be successful online you have to find the right niche, check my review to Wealthy Affiliate where I learned all I know online. Think of what are you passionate about, do you enjoy telling people about your cat ? do you like to read, love sports? the most important is to choose your niche carefully like we discussed earlier. Some facts to remember.

  •  chose a niche you are passionate about.
  • a niche you understand about or are not afraid to keep learning and improving about.
  • No niche is too small or too narrow, start small, you can always broaden as you
  • Some people do say follow the money and choose a profitable niche, I don’t agree, follow your passion.

The first you will need to start your niche website is a website, you can create a free website in easy steps

And it is so easy, you have a  niche website.

l hope l have helped answer your question on what is a niche in marketing and you are ready to start making money online.If you want to learn how to make money online, then click here to join my #1 recommendation all for free.


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