What Is Explode My Payday?A Scam Or $1000 Per Day?

Product Name:

Explode My Payday
Overall Ranking: 1 out of 10
Price: $47 (or $17 Down sell) + Upsells
Owners: Meaghan Harper (which is fake)
Website: www.ExplodeMyPayday.comThis is explode my payday logo and this post will look in what explode my payday really is and if it`s worth investiong your money and time in this clickbank product.Introduction To Explode My PayDay
Explode My Payday claims to be an online money making system that can enable you to earn over $1000 per day on autopilot with only having to work for about 15-20 minutes.

The main problem with money-making systems like Explode My Payday is that they create an overhyped sales video to lure you in. But what you get is a mediocre, rehashed, and basic program (there are many out there.
In this case, you get an affiliate marketing training that you can find free of cost if you hit Google or even YouTube.

Those free tutorials are even much more detailed and are easy to comprehend than what Explode my Payday is trying to sell you for a price.
Earning money with Affiliate Marketing is possible. But it takes effort. You need to dedicate your time and have a lot of patience in the initial phase.

There is no such thing as a push-button or an automated system that will do your job for you as Explode my payday wants you to believe.

Affiliate Marketing is a business that like any other business, and requires your hard work and determination. I talked about putting in work in affiliate marketing in an earlier post here.

Another thing that you need to be aware of with this system is the number of upsells you encounter in a money-making system where buying the product you originally wanted is not enough.

Purchasing one upsell gives you the illusion that you have everything you need to work the system effectively but that is not the case.

You are asked to buy more upsells as you go further.
Explode My Payday offers three additional products to help you make money with the system.  

It claims to increase your income. If you go ahead with the purchase you can end up spending over $100 on the upsells.
Up-sells are not always misleading or bad.

Too many upsells do raise red flags. In this case, they are just there to make money from you rather than making you any.

The testimonials that you see in the sales video where they claim to have made thousands of dollars using Explode My Payday in a short time are not just misleading but outright lying.

Be aware of the fake owner

The owner of this system is Meaghan Harper which turns out is also fake. That alone is a major red flag.

She claims that she is looking to grow her team and is willing to pay you for it. If it were that easy, then this system would have become very famous. It hasn’t.

Like any Product review, it`s only fair to check the pros and cons of the program.

So, we`re going to check at the pros and cons of Explode my payday so that in the end, you know what you`re getting or if this program is worth spending money and time.What is Explode My Payday?This blog post will go through checklists and in the end, we`ll decide if explode my Payday is a scam or worth spending your money.

Pros Of Explode My Payday

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

As much as I`d like to give positives, this is the only positive I could find on Explode My Payday.

Cons Of Explode My Payday

  • Fake testimonials
  • The owner is fake
  • Fake account
  • The income claims are overhyped
  • Too many hidden upsells
  • They are dishonest about the cost of the product
  • The product claims that they may sell or rent your data
  • There is no guaranteed income or success
  • Too many red flags to ignore

Who Is Explode My Payday For?

I`m not even sure if it`s good for anyone apart from the owners and affiliates who will sell you Explode My Payday to make affiliate commissions.

Apart from that, it`s for anyone who hopes to earn money online without doing much work.

Before You Join Explode My Payday

Ok, so it has more negatives than positives but what about those people earning money?

Well, do some research and you`ll find that the testimonials are from Fiverr Giggs that anyone can buy cheaply.

If you don`t know how/where to look here is proof that the testimonials are from Fiverr

A Fiverr actress showing unreal explode my payday earnings

be your professional video spokesperson in hd

Explode My Payday Training Tools/ Overview

The goal of the first sales video that comes with the product is to get you excited to get your personal information. The information gives you access to the second video.In the second video, the owner claims that Explode My Payday system works differently and efficiently in attracting all the free traffic on the internet. The traffic gets sent to your website which makes you commission and that is how you earn your income.The sales video that comes with this system is meant to provide the needed instructions and training but it does not do so. You would need to explore and research on your own to be able to understand how the system works. It works by making money through Affiliate marketing.

Then Why Do People Promote Explode My Payday?

Sometimes like many programs online, there are affiliates who`re more concerned with making commissions and do not care how a product will benefit you the reader.This makes it ok for careless affiliate marketers so they promote a low-quality product and you are left wondering if you missed something.If an affiliate can earn so much by selling you a useless product and make money doing it, they will sure try.


Final Opinion On Explode My Payday/Verdict

The owner through the sales video claims that she has created an account for the buyer which is making money.

This is bizarre! It raises red flags as it appears to come out as other scammers.

It is very exhausting to find so many red flags with this product but there is little to no doubt left that this program was designed to take your money instead of making you money.

You won’t find much value in this program but you can try if you have the cash to waste.

It is unfortunate that there are so many online scams doing the rounds which people fall for easily, but you can follow these consumer guidelines to avoid online scams. Ways to avoid online scams.

Explode My Payday is very good at building the hype around its product but what you get is a lot of smoke.

The fast and easy cash promises are only made by scamming programs. The use of fake names and testimonials lure people in easily.

They appear genuine but are fake and exaggerated without any concrete proof. Beware of such systems!

Moreover, Explode My Payday openly admits that they may or may not sell your email address to spammers.

Explode My Payday is your typical “get rich quick” scam. I would not recommend it at all.

There are no shortcuts to making money online, there never was otherwise everyone will be making money online.

Any money you make online you have to do the work, if anyone tells you they made money while sleeping, what they are telling you is that they did the work months earlier and are now seeing results.

You too can get started online and make money if you`re willing to put in the work.

Learn how making money online works from scratch, create your website, do the work and watch your work produce positive results.

If You`re willing to earn honest money online, then check out my recommendation here, it`s free to get started so no worries about investing any money.

13 thoughts on “What Is Explode My Payday?A Scam Or $1000 Per Day?”

  1. Thank you all for the valuable warnings. I received such an email of how to get rich overnight, I said to myself this cannot be true so than I do a little research on this Explode my Payday and Wow!! this is a eye opener.

    • There is no getting rich overnight online, just like brick and mortar, you have to put in the work before you can make money, in a way, making money online can be harder than making money offline as you have to be careful of online scammers with their shiny objects.

  2. I have to agree with you on this one, Sarganser… BIG scam alert!

    I have come across many scams like this and they have all of the same warning signs: fake owner, fake testimonials, fake account, over-hyped, hidden costs and upsells… On and on it goes!

    I  really hate to see people getting caught up in these programs… scams such as this are what give online marketing a bad name and really make me mad… especially because there are so many legit opportunities out there doing the right thing.

    The program that you recommend at the end of your post, Wealthy Affiliate, is one of those good programs that people should be trying out!

    Thanks for warning people about Explode My PayDay… stay away people!

    • Thanks for your comment John, I think online scams are so rampant because people are so greedy, always looking for shortcuts to riches, some people fail to understand and accept that making money online is like making it offline, you have to put in the work before you see benefits.

      I really do not know what makes people think it`s possible to make money online without doing any proper work.I`m not saying I have never fallen for shiny objects, I have and also lost money, that`s one of the reasons I share my reviews with readers, positive or negative, one should know what they are getting.

  3. Hi Sargansen,

    Thank you for alerting us about Explore My Payday. It’s clearly a shady program with a lot of red flags which promises overnight richness. I have read many of such scam products that their modus operands are almost identical using a pen name, fake testimonials, overhyped income, fake income account, etc which really disguised me. Further, hidden upsells are another unethical practice and any upsell should be made known to the buyer up front.

    I agreed that affiliate marketing still the best making money model as long as you devoted your time and effort to build up your online business. Most importantly, get some affiliate marketing training from a legit platform to understand the fundamental principles behind this online business model and also learn how to become successful in it.

    I learned my skill-set from Wealthy Affiliate and would not hesitate to recommend this community to anyone who wants to start up an online business.

    Once again, thank you for this great review.

    Shui Hyen

    • Hi there

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment, shiny objects is something any online marketer has to deal with, it`s only for you to decide if you`re weak enough to give in to these programs promising overnight riches.

      Having said that, I think common sense alone is enough to let anyone know there is nothing like making money doing nothing, I just never understand why people believe programs like explode my payday,I think they target greedy people looking for quick cash while doing nothing.

      Really appreciate your comment.

  4. So many people these days are just wanting to make a quick buck. Those people are so obsessed with shiny object syndrome. When they realize that they are not making any money at all, it is too late. They are just making these guys more money. The video alone is a red flag; there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. But these so called scammers knows that and they are super smart. I hope everyone can see this article. Great work, my friend. I hope to see more of your future work soon. 

  5. I wish more people would realize that there is no such thing as a valid get rich quick scheme… If it looks like you’re going to make a ton of guaranteed money overnight for doing next to nothing, it’s not real. That’s not to say you can’t make money online, but you need to be willing to put the time and effort into it…

    • Many people are not willing to put in the work or believe you can put in half the work and earn boatloads of money, sometimes I wonder where they have been online scams have been around as old as the internet.Not to say I have not been scammed online before, I have and it was only from losing so much money that I learned to take out my pink glasses.

  6. I don’t think Explode My Payday is for me. Thanks for explaining all the details – it sounds like a scam to me.

  7. Thanks for explaining how Explode My Payday really works. This will save many people a great amount of time and money!


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