Will You Be Working After Full Retirement Age

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Will you be working after full retirement age? A strange question you may think, but retirement today is not as clear-cut as it used to be. Another question you need to ask is will you be working because you`re forced to because of financial strains or because you chose to?

It’s not all that long ago that many people could rest easy knowing that the state, along with their company pension, would give them a comfortable life after work has finished.

Today is a completely different game, not only has the playing field changed, the goalposts keep being changed with more and more people planning retirement needs early.

One of the main reasons for this is due to people living longer so it stands to reason, if you are going to live longer, you will still need an income coming in.or you might find yourself faced with the prospect of working after full retirement age.

The Bad News Working After Full Retirement Age?Working after full retirement age

It’s very plain to see that in most countries, more and more people aged 65 and over are at least working part-time jobs to supplement their Government State Pension.

There are three times as many people now working past age 65 compared to those at the turn of the century. Walk into any supermarket or hardware shop for example and you will have noticed that a proportion of their staff are probably working past full retirement age.

It’s not lost on me that some of these people may not want to be working but are forced to be working after full retirement age due to financial strains.

When Social Security retirement benefits are just not enough and life after retirement is worrying.

With some counties(depending on where you are) planning to raise this to 68. Other rises will inevitably follow. As Social Security establishes the age at which workers and their families may begin receiving retirement benefits. Now not all are fit enough to work until 65.

The picture you had painted all along of knitting cardigans, playing on sandy beaches with grandkids and just taking it easy since you have earned it is quickly fading out the window.

It has concerned me that I might have to scrimp or count pennies and save in order to survive through retirement but I have decided that this is definitely not for me!

I feel rickety now and I’m not yet 50, how will it feel going to work for someone in 20 years? Having people young enough to be my grandkids as my boss, getting up early morning in the middle of winter.

This is not for me, no way. This is why I started working online. See how I got started here if you missed it. And you can do it too.

The Future for Retirees

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Well, I would love to say that the future will be alright, that the politicians will sort it out for older people and make sure that we will all be comfortable in retirement age. Unfortunately, we all know that this will not be a case and it will be up to ourselves to look after number one.

Ok, I seem to be pinning all of the blame on politicians, however, whilst they have no control on the longevity of life, there perhaps could have been a lot more done in the past when they knew this problem would occur.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because we can take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

If you feel having to be working after full retirement age is not for you, if you want to have a little nest egg come retirement, then read below.

As I will show you the best business opportunities for retirees that can be done in the comfort of your home at your own pace.

An Opportunity for You

If you are worried about not having enough income in retirement would you like to know about a fantastic and legitimate Business opportunity available to people in your situation?

Actually, this online Business is available to anyone who has a computer/laptop and is willing to put in time towards building their business.

It was a no-brainer for me because I would rather be sitting in my home on a cold winter’s day than have to get up and go to work for somebody else on what is likely to be a low wage.

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Conclusion On Working After Retirement Age

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No matter how much you love your job now, dragging yourself out of bed in a dark winter morning to go and work for someone, building their dreams because yours failed, is no fun any way you look at it.

Having a boss say when you can go on vacation with your family, counting pennies and making a cents stretch is not the way you thought your golden years to be like, do the right thing and secure your future.

It`s so simple and easy to get started, if I, a nobody could do it, believe me, you too can do it.

If you have any questions, I`d be glad to answer, if you feel ready to secure your future, then click here I`m waiting to greet you at the members’ area so see you inside.

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