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Welcome to My site, l heard about internet marketing about 10 years ago( 2005) and was really interested especially when l heard l could make money at home or from anywhere else in the world so long as l had internet connection.

But my hopes of starting an online business were soon gone, I could not create a website,l did not know HTML and all the computer language. And when l tried to have someone build me a website, I was discouraged again, l did not have the kind of money he wanted so I gave up hope of ever earning money from home or anywhere I chose to.

Fast forward 2009, I lost my job, a job I had hoped I will work till retirement.I was devastated, there I was, mid 30 and jobless, again I thought of online marketing, I was determined that I will become my own boss, work for myself and not answer to a boss, not make someone rich and still give them a chance to boot me out when they saw fit.

Unfortunately for me as a newbie, I met the so-called internet gurus who shout and show the fake( I did not know it then) payment proofs.Needless to say, I did not know what they wanted was my money.

I bought one product after the next, believing the secret to online marketing and online success was in the next product.

Took me a while to realize it was all a lie, I was scammed, needless to say, I felt so stupid and so angry at myself.I was jobless and had given some scam artist my money.I did not even mention this to anyone because of the shame I felt, I did not want people thinking I was trying to chase rainbows.

After my losses I took a break from my dream of making money online, I did not have the money and was too scared of another scam.

That was till I found Wealthy Affiliate a community of experienced online marketers and beginners all with the same goal, to make money online.

At wealthy affiliate, I learned how to build a website and how to make money online.As a newbie, I felt very lucky to be in an environment where honest experienced marketers show you step by step how to make money online. All starting with building your foundation your website.

All starting with building your foundation your website. The best part is that Wealthy Affiliate is a spam free site and a real community of like-minded people. If you too want to build an online business, Click here to Join Wealthy Affiliate


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