Work from Home Online Jobs

Introduction To Work from Home Online Jobs

The Internet is full of proven job opportunities for just about anyone looking for added income or even a complete replacement for the employment income they currently have.

There are many, many reasons why folks and job seekers turn to the Internet for a change in how they pull in the dough, one of the prime reasons being financial and personal independence.

These are people who want to take charge of their business instead of giving that to an employer and renting their time out to them.

This is the substance for entrepreneurs at heart! They are the people who look for work-from-home opportunities.

More than ever people are turning to work from home online jobs – that is to say, Internet-based opportunities to train and create their own businesses through the Internet.

There are just about as many opportunities as there are people with different objectives, interests, passions, demographics, and origins. There is something for everyone out there waiting to be seized upon for win-win situations.

In this article, we will take a look at some of these opportunities. There are a few that will be grouped together under a subheading, as they makeup one of the most popular umbrella modalities (affiliate marketing,) but mainly because they are website-based.

The others will appear as “non-website-based opportunities” this is referring to those opportunities that do not require the creation and use of written content on a website for this purpose.

Some require previous experience and for some, you can learn as you go without the need for a college degree.

We will also briefly check out the pros and cons of each business modality as stand-alone entities as the need arises.

Blog/Website-Based Work-at-Home Businesses

These types of business opportunities come in several flavors, many of which are considered business opportunities in their own right and in most cases, require a website and can be started even by small business owners. They are:

1- Blogging (for monetization)Work from Home Online Jobs
2- Affiliate marketing
3- Multi-Level marketing (MLM)
6- YouTubing
7- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
8- Dropshipping
9-Flipping websites
10-Niche sites
11- Website developer
12- Facebook Advertising
13- Email marketing
14-Article marketing

What these share in common is that the core of the opportunities, for the most part, require the creation and maintenance of a website.

No need to worry if you can`t create a website, you can hire remote workers and have this done in days.

Most of them follow the same basic set of rules for website development. One such opportunity – Affiliate marketing – takes in many of these forms under one umbrella and serve as a component of this overall business model.

Why We Love Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be considered to be the grand-daddy because it employs many of the other modalities that are listed above.

A few in the list that requires the use of websites do not fall under this umbrella because the business models themselves do not share the same objectives as affiliate marketing. But one thing that connects all the above is that they are online work.

The need for websites is shared by MLM, e-Store and dropshipping, etc, which culminate blogging, e-commerce, YouTubing (and other content management systems,) website development, niche sites, and SEO.

These components are, in most cases, required within successful affiliate marketing (and multi-level marketing) campaigns however, they can also be stand-alone businesses in and of themselves, especially if they are set up to be service-oriented.

SEO is a good example of this. In this model, one performs the services of applying SEO tactics as a service involving the optimization of others’ websites for search engines.

However, in affiliate marketing, beginners often learn and master SEO as part of their agenda and thus apply these techniques in their business, which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

There are training courses and platforms dedicated to teaching affiliate marketing and often include a teaching program on the topic of SEO.

To clarify what I mean by “service orientation,” these are positions in a business where website development, SEO, and professional maintenance are provided for entities as a service at cost for subscribers.

This allows business owners to free up their time to engage in entrepreneurship and the meatier higher-level tasks needed to run their business.

Not having to deal with the technology and mundane tasks that come with website maintenance, which is time-consuming.

So if you have the experience you too can find remote work opportunities as said earlier, you don`t need a college degree to apply for some of these job openings.

Even content creation can be farmed out to service providers. This is also known as “outsourcing” and the folks hired out to do the work, as”freelancers.” Going forward, we will use these terms when referring to a service orientation.

Experienced freelancers have made full-time jobs out of freelancing as there is a huge need for people working on a freelance basis looking for new jobs.

In this article, we will discuss the business opportunities as just that – service orientation – rather than as in-house tasks done by marketers who employ a blog/website as their base medium for commerce.

In other words, these business models as outright standalone services.

Let’s take a look at these and then, in the next section, we will discuss other business models that don’t necessarily involve websites,(as these are not everyone’s cup of tea) such as the business of writing and authoring ebooks, etc.

In these discussions, however, we will briefly consider how these services fit into the more comprehensive business models that share one thing only –

The need for websites created by the business owner within such modalities as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, MLM, etc.


Though touted as a business, this is the common component of commercial enterprise, a requirement for virtually all business models on the Internet.

In brick-and-mortar businesses outside the Internet, this would be simply called “commerce.”

E-commerce describes any online endeavor that involves monetization and that of course, includes any business built for this purpose rather than non-profiteering.

For large, website-based businesses, e-commerce can be, and often is, outsourced whereas those starting out or under small budgets, carry out the tasks associated with e-commerce themselves, being the ones wearing all the hats to reduce start-up costs.

Top-Level Online Businesses

This involves several business modalities from the list…

In this class of businesses, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, dropshipping, and even e-stores and flipping websites can be considered “top level.”

This is to say that these businesses are popular, well-established modalities that stand out uniquely and have their own unique objectives that are incompatible with the others.

Affiliate Marketing Or MLM?

Affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing, for example, use many of the same techniques common to online presence but organizationally are very incompatible with each other.

Hybrid versions of these two modalities have been attempted but have not stuck around for very long, even when initial growth has occurred, the ultimate outcome has not fared very well.

This is not to say that occupations such as SEO, website development blogging, and article/email marketing are inferior in fact, they are of great importance and are often outsourced! For this reason, there is no need for office space.

An analogy for this would be to think of what would happen to a large company if the janitors were eliminated from the system! We certainly can appreciate the importance of this position.

Of the four mentioned here, multi-level marketing, and dropshipping almost strictly involve physical products, especially drop shipping.

Dropshipping is the next thing away from the distribution of goods without running and maintaining physical plants such as a warehouse and dealing with customer service, deliveries, bills of laden, etc but still possible to make full time income.

In drop shipping, producers actually provide these services instead of the drop shipper.

The drop shipper’s job is very similar to affiliate marketing. The drop shipper maintains a website on which he promotes the company’s products and thus makes the connections between that company and the right consumers, commonly known as “niches.”  This is what advertisers do in the brick-and-mortar realm.

In each case, the drop shipper or affiliate marketer is issued a unique link that identifies him as the originator of a successful transaction.

The most notable difference between the drop shipper and the affiliate marketer is that the drop shipper is free to set his own price for the product, much the way regular stores do in retail for wholesale products.

Whereas, in affiliate marketing, pricing is set by the affiliate program offered by a company on the basis of commissions.

Therefore, it is out of the hands of an affiliate marketer to control the rate of commission he gets from a sale. Both of these are legitimate work-from-home jobs that you can “learn as you go”.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a popular business model that appeals to certain individuals. Pyramid Scheme or otherwise known as MLM

Amongst online businesses that novices (or newbies) in online business start with, MLM is amongst the earliest attempts, as are such non-website opportunities as doing surveys, freelancing, and swagging.

The main focus of MLM involves informing and recruiting a constant stream of persons for the intent of getting them to join the organization which in turn, does the same in their levels.

The modality features high, dynamic face-paced environments that draw in people who happen upon them.

It makes for an attractive and inviting front end that appeals to many, especially those who are unfamiliar with online marketing.

MLM is known to have been in existence since the 1920s therefore, predates the Internet age to which it has quickly adapted.

In theory, the system has the unique function of creating “level” making the hallmark “pyramid selling” feature. This term should not be confused with a “pyramid scheme.”

The modality is certainly not without its flaws, and despite commonly inheriting the problem of saturation, the modality continues to be popular.

The most notable fallacy of this modality is the well-known adage where the bottom drops out from what is known as “saturation.”

Quite literally, when the unprecedented growth of the bottom-most tiers of the pyramidal levels overcomes demands

Due to such exponential growth, leaves many unfortunate members who “got in too late” are left holding the bag, this model of marketing is not for those who only want extra money as it`s a long-term game.

Consequently, many, many businesses that employ this business model have failed, making the owners and the top-most tiers with boatloads of money to burn yet for most below these levels, a colossal waste of time, money, and energy!

A very small handful of businesses that employ this modality (such as Avon) have survived.  MLM is not recommended!

The “Basic” Website-based Businesses

Often found in use by affiliate marketers, MLM, e-stores, etc, there are a number of once-considered businesses, that stand out.

These include email marketing, blogging, niche sites, website monetization, website development, SEO, YouTubing, Facebook advertising, etc.

Though these historically have (and still do) account for stand-alone businesses, they are more commonly used in top-level online businesses as components of a complex system.

Most of these modalities existed on the early Internet before affiliate and multi-level marketing became popular.  The email itself was one of the forerunners of what we now know as the Web.

It even predates the days of the BBSes (Bulletin-board services) which in turn, predates the modern website-based Internet that we know today.

When the Internet was opened to the general public (rather than just educational institutes and military) email marketing became one of the earliest modes of advertising that later became an established business in and of itself.

The modality today is often employed as yet another method of getting the word out though today, it is rarely service-oriented except through a few well-established autoresponder giants such as Aweber, Mailchimp, and GetResponse, which focus on subscription-based email list-building.

Niche sites and blogging are so similar that they could be considered interchangeable terms today.

They both originate from the historic practice of weblogging (an online journal or diary) which developed into a marketing tool over the years.

The term, “web-log” has been shortened to the present “blog.”  Early services, known as blogs, started popping up in the late 1990s, into the 2000s that have since, replace the arduous tasks of building websites using a web page editor.

Some of these are known as Weebly, WordPress, and other content management systems (CMSes) which rapidly came into popular use by online marketers.

There are subscription-based and free versions of these systems available today and remain to be one of the top choices for marketers, having eliminated the arduous tasks associated with website development.

Most SEO services offer installation and maintenance of blog-based websites today and for most people involved with Internet marketing use these remade websites.

Today they are very customizable and literally take seconds and a few mouse clicks to set up the core installation!

YouTubing refers to video marketing.  The base usage is to create a video and upload it to a service like YouTube, which is the most popular.

YouTube is not the only content management system that offers these services though the others are typically a bit more cumbersome to use, they all work well.

Other favorites are UStream, now owned by IBM, DailyMotion, and Vimeo.  There are many others that are free and subscription-based.

Creating videos can be a time-consuming process and therefore, there is a place for video production as a viable service-orientated business usually found on freelance sites such as, which is a marketplace for freelance artists and consumers who need their production services.

Non-Website Based Work from Home Online Jobs

In this section, we will take a look at a number of business opportunities you can take on that do not require a website.

They come in a wide variety of colors and flavors.  Some are profitable and others, well, barely so.  It depends on your ability to make any of these work though they may require you to put more hours in than just spare time.

Most of them are legitimate through and through whilst others may be questionable.

For most of these items, specific sources or links are not given.  My advice is if you find any of these of interest, to search the Internet for more information.  The scope of this article is to lay out some options and to give a short blurb about each.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular opportunities that are available.

Self-Publisher on Amazon

During pre-Internet times, publishing a book required renowned publishing houses.  This involved submitting your typed manuscript to these publishers and awaiting acceptance.

This was an involved and often frustrating ordeal as getting one to publish your book was never an easy task, especially when starting out.  This also came with printing and materials costs, warehousing, and distribution.

Better Days

Thankfully these days, soon after the advent of the Internet, did self-publishing come onto the scene, beginning with home printing in the early days.

At the dawn of ebooks (electronic books) developed by Mark Joyner early on, came the ability to create a mini browser of sorts wherein an author could format their book.

They were colorful, offered a wide range of formatting options, and came with anti-copy and other security measures.

They were, however, cumbersome and prone to failure, making them inaccessible.  Then came the PDF format which we all know today.  This rendered the earlier ebook applications obsolete.

A step further involves Amazon and the ability to simply submit your digital manuscripts, usually, no questions asked, where Amazon would take on the marketing and sales end of the book, listing it on their website, with no complicated application process.

It also offers customer reviews and a host of other benefits.  There are other self-publishing opportunities to be found on the Internet as well which are similar to that of Amazon.

Some are specialized in particular topics whereas Amazon will publish just about anything that is not vulgar.

Digital Course

Are you an expert in a particular field of knowledge in a discipline or subject how about becoming an online teacher?

Not only are there websites out there that will help you arrange and format your materials into a course, as well as instruction on software programming if needed in certain applications, but there are websites out there, for example, specializes in online courses.

These sites are marketplaces where you can get your courses to the public, offering them free or for a charge, all you need is a target audience.

In these scenarios, you will be provided courses and other pertinent information that teaches you how to present your materials so that they will be optimal in their presentations.  If you are a master in your field(s) of expertise, this might be a way to go!

Programming Business

There are innumerable job positions available out there for IT specialists and technicians, however, as an employee in one of these positions can be stressful and unfulfilling, especially if you are working on projects that do little in the way of passion and methods used.

They tend to be highly competitive and, due to the competition, hard to gain advance, but having said that, there is no easy online job you have to put in the hard work before you can earn.

Are you creative?

With the right knowledge and of course, the passion to do this kind of work (as the very nature of it is quite dry and boring to most, being logical and not at all emotional,).

You could eke out a splendid living that will put you well into the upper-middle-class status, there are potential clients looking for help= more income for you.

If you love video games, this is for you as you can create your own worlds for others to explore!  You can provide software that keeps major corporations running efficiently, or provide life-saving applications that power the health industry!

With the ever-growing data, communications, and infrastructures, so are the growing need for evermore IT and programming specialists for remote positions.

Copy Writer

The writing (in this case, called “copy,” or “sales copy”) isn’t the same thing as reproducing something but refers to the occupation of producing advertising text aimed at making consumers aware of a particular product or service and persuading them to buy.

The occupation takes on many forms, including such text, in a number of mediums like newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, radio and television, fliers, even movies, and music.

It finds its way into the Internet as well, today in the forms of straightway, classic adverts on websites, and is used in behavioral targeting and in re-targeting.

Copywriting is the bread and butter of countless entities the world over and you too can do this for extra income. It ranges from commodities to entertainment, to politics, to religion and it touches every aspect of 21st-century life.

Needless to say, there is no saturation of copywriters in this field.  Advertisers are in constant need of people who can effectively communicate persuasively through writing.

There are countless advertising agencies and room for more!  This occupation requires people who love to sell, are apt to do this, and can communicate well.

The proponent in this field should be able to think like a consumer and know the art of such communication.  Advertising is the frosting on the cake of commerce.

The industry is in dire need at all times, for great prospects!  If this fits you, and you are good at it, this can be a lucrative move for you!

Skype Coaching

What in the world is thisIn short, Skype coaching is exactly as it sounds – it’s coaching sessions done over the Skype communications services.  This is one of many ways a coach can conduct their sessions in other ways than face-to-face in-house sessions.

Skype has become a valued method of coaching because the service is free to use and is as effective as phone coaching, which has also become a popular method of delivery.

The requirements of this position, of course, is that you are a practicing coach (not for legal purposes) and that you have your sessions well organized.

In Skype coaching, many of the same methodologies used in face-to-face coaching apply – such as initial consultations, regularly scheduled appointments, and tactics used in the discipline and administration of the coaching itself.

The coaching can be of just about any kind.  You can, of course, set your own price for your services.

Skype allows the expansion of your coaching business that surpasses the telephone, mostly in expenses since everything else in this method is very similar to telephone coaching.

To take advantage of the free service that Skype offers, it is required that both the coach and client both have and use Skype accounts else.

There will be charges for the use of Skype for those who must go outside of the system for example, having a session with a client who does not have the service.

If you are a coach in any field and are looking to expand your client base – this is a practical and easy way to do it!

Flip Domains

It sounds much like what you do with houses in real estate.  This is exactly what you do.  Buying and flipping domains is virtually the same thing as its counterpart in real estate.  The same methodology applies as well.

As in searching for properties in the right areas in a community, the same applies to websites as well, the difference being you search for reputable domains that have expired or were discontinued and purchase them.

Houses often need upgrading and renovations before putting them back on the market for profit.  Websites often need to be redesigned, current content put on them, and their SEO restored or renewed as well.

Just like houses, fix-me-upper blog posts can be purchased at dirt cheap prices, renovated and made to look attractive, and turned out for sizeable profits.

It is not unheard of to pick up a website for under a hundred dollars and turn a profit of over a thousand for websites that are always in high demand.

If you enjoy taking old worn-out websites and reviving them, this would be for you!  You should know how to write content, have patience whilst the search engine rankings go back up, redesign the website’s look.

You should have SEO under your belt and NEVER resort to plagiarism in this industry, which some have done since this practice leaves the unwary customer the daunting task of trying to find out why the webpages will not rank in the search engines!


Do you run a radio show?  Can you do this on the Internet?  Do you have any sort of regular speaking arrangements for any topic such as sermons, seminars, and other regularly scheduled speaking events?

Why not expand on getting your messages out by recording and posting them on your website or podcast service?

Podcasts do just this!  It enables you to provide past speaking events in an archive that will pique the interests of others looking for the information you have.

This is an enhancement to your presence and provides easy access to your past events for others!  Podcasts can be posted on social media such as Facebook and content management systems such as your own website or in places, especially for podcasting.

They can be uploaded to YouTube and other video sites and are popular work-at-home jobs right now.

Freelance Pay Per Click Consulting

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising method that surpasses regular free advertising on the Internet.

In other words, it is a structured “paid” advertising marketplace through which you gain better footholds and control over the free-based variety, putting you in front of a more advanced, more premium audience.

For instance, Google’s AdWords Program places your ads on the top of the search results (called “SERPS” Search Engine Results Pages.)

This gives you the advantage of being put first in line to be seen by consumers!  How’s that for an “unfair” advantage?

If not done right, PPC can backfire on someone inexperienced in how to use it.  It can even result in expulsion from the program which is well-known to Google and other search engines!

Once this is done, it is very hard, if not impossible to become reinstated to the program!  Why take the risk in this?  It’s not wise to try to pull this off when you do not know what you are doing right?

This is where YOU come in if you have mastered PPC!

If you know PPC and are well experienced with it, you can become a known expert by opening a freelance business for assisting, providing consultation, and taking initiative in calling the shots for people who are inexperienced with such programs and make money doing it!

eBay and Other Auction Sites

Countless folks have created businesses on eBay selling their wares.  This is also true for many of the other auction sites out there.

Though you can do well on most of these, eBay, by far, is the most popular, the largest, and the most versatile website of its kind.

It even offers its own online banking institution, PayPal, which it owns.  eBay offers distinct features that cannot be found anywhere else, for example, you can offer an auction-style listing or a “Buy-It-Now” style.

Want both?  Yes, you can do this as well!  It has its own affiliate program where, if you are not in it to sell goods, you can promote products being sold by others.

eBay is a marketplace, not only for goods but for services and opportunities in its own right.

If you are not familiar with eBay’s procedures and features, it provides a comprehensive guide on what is what and how to perform everything on its website.

It also has an extensive community forum where just about every issue under the sun related to eBay can be found.

You may want to check this post on how to sell on eBay for beginners.

There are many other auction sites available though none of them can touch, even the outermost garments of this auction giant nor reach the lowest levels of features offered for buyers and sellers alike.

For all of these reasons, eBay is the most recommended marketplace through which you can build a direct-selling empire and there are no limits as to how much income you can derive from this one-of-a-kind website!

If you are interested in adding to your brick-and-mortar store, or consignment shop, or simply looking for a place without bothering with flea markets, yard sales, etc, eBay may just be the option you are looking for it`s a great place to give a try.

Web Developer

Many, many entrepreneurs and business owners need websites to command a web presence for the products and services they render.

Indeed, a number of companies have tanked because they have failed to create an online presence and could not compete with companies that have.

Places like Radio Shack, Toys-R-Us, and many many others are prime examples of companies that underestimated the power of the website on an ever-growing Internet community.  This is indeed sad.

This need has grown exponentially over the years and no end is in sight!  What does this mean for you, as a web developer?

Many businesses do not have a website because they are too busy to do the tasks involved with having, running, and maintaining one.

The custodial work involved with keeping up a website can be surmounting and it certainly comes with a learning curve that, in and of itself, deters businesses, especially the small ones, from starting one.  This becomes a vicious cycle.

However, businesses regularly seek out third parties to carry out this work for them, not just a one-time set up of the website, but running and maintaining it as well.

This includes content, applications that are needed on the website, and search engine optimization (SEO.)

Passive Income?

What this means for you is that you will have a recurring income from each account you maintain. You will provide counseling and consultation for your clients and perform related tasks based on needs written up in a contract.

This type of business is lucrative and you can grow it into a multi-employee team, allowing you to take on hundreds of accounts!

Quality control and excellent social skills are important in this business as it can be quite competitive and customer expectations can also be demanding.

Affiliate marketers often take on a business like this on the side.  This is so because the same kind of knowledge and technologies in that industry also apply in web development, at least in basics.

Graphic Design

This comes in two flavors – Going with a company to work for that specializes in whatever you have passion for, or to hire yourself out as a freelance artist specializing in graphic design.

Both flavors come with working at home these days and offer flexible schedules and to me, this is one of the best online jobs.  There are a number of companies that hire in-house and/or independent contractors to do the work.

Insofar as independent contracting, you are responsible for reporting income to the authorities and tax preparation whereas an employer does all the figuring for you.

Else you can join a marketplace such as where folks come to find many services to hire.

Occupants look to such website-based marketplaces to do custom work for those who request it so this should be one of your directions when thinking of work from home online jobs.

Consulting Business

Have you mastered a discipline or an industry that has most consumers guessing?  Are you familiar with how government programs work?  What about insurance?  Health?

All of these and many other entities require a liaison or go-between for consumers that are at a loss as to how something works and what are options for them.

To many, these entities are more like mysterious black boxes and have no idea where to turn nor where to look for answers.

Your job is to bring this information down to a level which is easy to understand and answer questions people ask about obligations, benefits, special problems, etc.

You should be proficient with communication skills and working with people.  In this service-oriented business, no two days are alike!  It will, therefore, keep you on your toes but it will make life easier for those who call on you for the answers.

Paid Private Facebook Group

Most people are aware of Facebook Groups – those communities that specialize in a certain topic such as gardening or travel or any other topic under the sun and you do not even need a high school diploma, if you can use facebook, you can do this.

These groups may consist of entertainment fans and just anything ranging from downright stupid to highly serious gatherings.  Did you know you can create a private group of paying members?  Yes, you can!

Why “paid?”

Think of these groups as exclusive clubs.  These are where groups who have paid for entrance can delve into insider discussions, mastermind sessions, and problem-solving.

A paid-for-admission criteria is designed to attract only those who are serious-minded about the topic being made available.

Groups can be created to induce ideas in state-of-the-art products and services that are in development or anything that is not meant to be available to the general public.

Do you have an invention or some other “top secret?”  Even for common topics like dog training and farming, there may be a call for specialized discussion or for serious, like-minded members of the group to attend without unnecessary distraction.

Paid admission to a group is not limited to Facebook.  There are other alternatives – websites that are dedicated to serving such groups and these can be done even on mobile devices.

You probably won’t get rich with the proceeds that come from admission fees but it can add up.

Lead Generation

Producing leads from the general community is about as old as advertising.

In its basic definition, lead generation is the practice of making consumers aware of a particular product or service and formulating methods in bringing in the best quality leads that will most likely result in closing the sale.

Today, this has become far more difficult due to the vast quantity of information coming at consumers from all sides.

The more modern objective in lead generation involves cutting through this static through more sophisticated methods of bringing about product recognition, building relationships, generating more qualified leads, and more likelihoods of closing deals and making the sale.

This also involves getting consumers to acquire enough trust in the company for which lead generation is provided, to do business repeatedly.

Though lead generation is normally done in-house with a particular company, it can also be done freelance.

Technical Writing Online

This is prose literature that describes the facts and figures of how something, usually technical in nature, works.

For those who are knowledgeable about the basics of the technology in which they work, such writing is used to describe the latest thing that is, or has, come out.

It can also be descriptive writing for any product, written with the consumer in mind or even elementary school projects. Such writing must be easy to understand and thorough in going over the simplest features of a product.

Technical writing is found in instructions, user guides, computers, and technological, and scientific publications as such, but can be found in many other applications.

If you’ve been trained in a particular industry through hands-on experience and significant time doing this, and you can write well, you could take on the position as a technical writer for the industry you are familiar with.

In this particular occupation, you would likely be an in-house employee doing this rather than an independent writer though, the latter isn’t unheard of.

Under the right conditions, you could hire out as a freelance technical writer though you should have a working knowledge of a variety of technical applications through hands-on experience or a general education of technology.

Resume/Cover Letter Writing

Writing a resume for an employment position must be done properly.  Companies that are hiring often get swamped with resumes for a position, especially for high-end ones, and will not waste any time on poorly done resumes.

The specialist who goes through the resumes is trained to recognize what to look for in poorly-prepared ones, even the smallest errors like spelling or grammatical errors!

Throughout the hiring process in most companies, It is very important that the applicant must display the highest levels of professionalism.

This is a social convention demanded of by reputable companies seeking new hires.  Some of the littlest things, such as poorly formatted resumes invariably get a thumbs-down!

There are three ways you can go about writing a resume with a cover letter (which in most cases, is also required.)

You can try to write one out (not recommended,) you can study up on how one should be written (acceptable) or you can hire this important document done for you by a qualified person who is experienced in writing the best possible cover letter and properly format the resume itself.

Having a resume professionally composed is a popular option amongst applicants for jobs and if you are qualified (through mastery) you can reap the benefits of offering this service to applicants at a competitive price.

Though this service probably will not make you rich, if you have a business that entails insurance, tax preparation, and other legal documents, you can add this service to the enhancement of your business.

The service can also help out as a supplemental income for you if you have a computer and an Internet connection.

Tech Support

Whilst in many cases, doing tech support services can be, and these days, is more generally a work-at-home occupation, these positions are usually job positions from employers that seek money-saving arrangements.

Not having to provide and maintain floor space with office furniture, equipment, and utilities needed to have these employees in-house.

Hours are also set by the company and most any other policies that would apply in-house also apply to those working out of their homes.

These positions almost always involve answering phones all the while at work and the day’s data gets transferred to the company administration over the Internet.  Employees may be out of state and even out of the country.

This has gotten even more so since pay-outs to foreign employees is often far less than, for example, what it would be for employees living in the US and Europe.

Surveys To Make Money From Home

Companies engage in market research, and one of these methods entails getting feedback about their products directly from consumers by way of surveys.

These usually inquire about a product’s usage, satisfaction, when used, how used, why selected, and recommendations.

The formats used are common Yes/No answers, multiple-choice, gradient scaling, and sometimes essay questions.  They are generally clean and very simple to fill out.

They are usually about a single consumer or household product, particular food, and sometimes a service.  For those looking for online opportunities, doing surveys are often the first picks before moving on to better things.

Understand more about taking surveys for money

Surveys are best suited for folks that purchase name-brand merchandise and foods as these are the products that are commonly market researched.  Off-brands, store brands, and white-label brands do not get researched.

These products tend to be less expensive and folks who make lower incomes generally spend their money on lower-priced products.

Consequently, when surveys are served up to them, these people generally get rejected from more surveys than people who purchase name-brand products, making surveys even less profitable to them.

If you are looking for extra money, surveys probably are not the way to go! There is no way of making full-time income with surveys and let no one tell you otherwise.

Using Swagbucks To Make Money

This is an acronym for “Stuff We All Get.”  It can also refer to stolen property however, this is not the application referred to here.

Online, refers to a system where you get paid for the things you already do, such as surfing the web, watching movies, referring people, doing surveys, purchasing gift cards, play games, and so forth. is an example of such a system.  Getting into this, one must be aware that, the pay-outs for these things is extremely low.

For example, the common payout is about 1%, which will not even come close to paying the rent or even a utility!  On average, most people doing this will pocket anywhere from $50 to $300 per year.

The upper value will take lots and lots of time and effort to achieve!  Remember that tallying up, for example, 300 points will yield about $3 in USD.

Doing this work is almost literally for those who have nothing else to do!  It is not recommended unless you have an insatiable love for this type of thing, and some people do!

I have included this here because it is a legitimate occupation and since it spells out the details and expectations quite clearly, one who gets into it should not complain.

It can be a fun thing to do, but should not be a main source of income because that would simply be disappointing.

Final Thoughts On Work from Home Online Jobs

Here are some important considerations to take into account when looking into any online jobs that are available:

Be aware that there are likely laws regarding any kind of income from self-employment, starting a business, or any other self-generated income source. This means reporting income to any lawful entity, such as income taxes, etc.

It is unethical to conceal income in order to avoid paying taxes and doing this if caught, can result in hefty fines and jail time.  Creating an entity is recommended once your business begins to get profitable.

These provide a number of protections as well as make you stand out.  You will garner more trust from your customers and clients than you would without one.

If you are in the United States and form a corporate entity, there are specifics about that which require your prompt attention, (for example, submitting your minutes when required to do so,).

Failure to do this can result in penalties.  An LLC does not carry such strict policies.  The same sort of considerations should be exercised for any jurisdiction in which you live.

Always carry out any legal obligations that come with self-employment and forming a business.

Your Working Space At Home

Carefully select the space in your home for your office, preferably away from distractions such as television and other people in the home.

You should regard your regularly scheduled work times as important business and treat it like you would with an employer.

Those living with you should respect the time you set for working whatever you do as times of off-limits, except for emergencies.

If this cannot be procured then you would be better off doing your work away from home.

The home office should be adequately equipped with a workstation, of course, an adequate well-maintained computer and peripherals, basic office supplies, and perhaps a source of non-distracting music in the background.

It is likely you will be able to make deductions in your taxes for the space you use and the costs of the equipment of the office.

This includes your hosting costs and anything associated with the business that you pay for, such as business-related subscriptions or platforms that provide online tools you need.

There are some things to watch out for when selecting an opportunity to go into.  Remember that the Internet can also be a hall of smoke and mirrors!  You can walk into traps if you do not go where you are looking.

Anything that piques your interest should always be followed up with research that will bring out the offering’s true colors.  Do NOT find yourself having been scammed by one of the many online crooks that are out there!

Since there are way too many types, it would be fruitless trying to bring out each and everyone here.

However, there are things to look for, and the way to do this as a rule of thumb is to type the name of the opportunity, followed by a word that would show results about the nature of the opportunity.

Can you contact the owner or the team working on the opportunity?  What does the website look like?  Do you find textual problems? Do things add up properly?  Have you read the disclaimer literature? (Boring I know, but extremely vital!)

Have you looked for any information that would allow you to make an informed decision about joining?  There are complaint sites out there.  Have you considered these?

If something looks fishy, stay away from it!  If you are presented with the flaunting of wealth, tropical beaches, very high numbers, and unfulfilled expectations – in other words, if it looks too good to be true, it likely is.

Watch out for glitter and flashy-looking presentations that include the above.  If you go to leave the website and you get a “WAIT!” drop-down promising lower pricing, get away immediately!

Watch out for those “cookie-cutter websites” that are often offered as part of a business opportunity.  Why these are often signs of scam cannot be more emphasized and therefore, warnings to heed here!

All That Hard Promoting

In all of these businesses, as shown above, there are those whose hidden agendas are for the owner(s) of the business and not, as I can best describe – consumers.

But how do we spot such schemes? For example, one popular method that looks good but in many cases is not, are what’s known as “business-in-a-box” routines.

In such offerings, you often get what everybody else gets who sign up for such a scheme – a blog included.  Like everything else in the package, you get the same website on which you have very little control of the metadata in it.

They often include advertising that points back to the business, and all you do, or can control, sometimes in a limited sense – is content creation in the form of blogging.

These often come with required hosting with highly inflated pricing.

These types of business schemes are targeted to folks that have little-to-no knowledge of online marketing nor their technologies, thus becoming easy prey for scammers.

Please consider these warnings found in many business models and do note that the models listed do contain some bad apples, there are also legitimate opportunities out there.

Is MLM Your Choice?

In the multi-level-marketing model (MLM) for example the famous Avon corporation has historically used this business model with great success,(there`s this post that explains in detail how Avon works) mostly due to the large variety of products they have in their line-up.

This creates a circumstance where saturation does not occur yet the vast majority of opportunities that come out do saturate due to the lack of products thereof, thus morphing into the dreaded pyramid scheme scenario.

Most MLM schemes “dry up” and those who have gotten in late and are on the lowest tiers or levels, get left holding the bag when the business bellies-up.

Just A Heads Up About Work from Home Online Jobs

The warnings given here are not meant to frighten you away from some potent opportunities that abound.  The most important thing you can do is to use your head, do not rely on emotions, and very carefully scope each opportunity out before jumping in.

If the opportunity is valid, it will be there tomorrow, next week, next year, etc!  So don’t let the scarcity bug come along and pull you in.  Most important of all…

Whatever you find, put your passion first and income second!  Don’t do something for the money alone.  Do what interests you and that you love doing.  You owe it to yourself to create a business, not a job for yourself!

6 thoughts on “Work from Home Online Jobs”

  1. Before creating my website and working as a affiliater I searched for soo many online jobs. It’s easy to find, but not always easy to do.

    It’s true we have endless of offers out there, but it also takes time to find out which one is the right one. I am glad I found mine.

    Thanks for your list. These are great and useful. Someone was asking me about ideas and I will use your list for it. What do you think it’s the best home base job? 

    Have you tride many of these?

    • In my opinion, the best home-based work is the one you already know, not one you have to learn from scratch but having said that, I learned affiliate marketing from scratch so everything is done online. You just have to be ready to learn, take action, and never give up.

      Online income jobs(scams mostly) that i do tell my readers to stay away from are online surveys and PTC, who wants to work and make cents? to me these are not online jobs, they are time wasters.

  2. Thank you very much for great detailed article. I recently decided to leave my corporation work and start working online for myself. Its not easy and I firstly focused on most obvious choice – affiliate marketing. But your post covers other interesting possibilities I never thought about, like own podcast or Skype coaching. Looking forward to use your advices in practice !

    • I`m glad you found the article useful making money online is not only about affiliate marketing although it`s my preferred method, there are endless ways to make passive income online.

      Let me know how it goes

  3. Thanks for this well detailed and helpful article. I have always wanted to quit my current job and start something of my own online but I wasn’t sure of what to venture into as I am new to this online business thing. After reading your article I think it is affiliate marketing for me. Thank once again for this 

    • Thanks David, there are so many different ways to make money online that there is space for everyone who want to give it a try.

      Having said that, beginners should avoid risky things like MLM, if I were to start today, I`d invest the minimum I can then work my way up.For this reason I also shared any possibilities that you can start without any investment.


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