5 Best Gigs to Try on Fiverr

Fiverr is, hands down, one of the best platforms for freelancers that have been around for more than 10 years now. But before you get started you might need to know which are the best Fiverr gigs. We`ve listed here 5 best gigs to try on Fiverr. Despite starting as a humble marketplace, it has … Read more

How To Sell On Etsy [A Beginners Guide]

How to sell on Etsy for beginners and experienced marketers alike looking to make money online

With online selling being one of the most lucrative ventures in the modern-day, Etsy has sure crafted a name for itself in the online arena. Being an e-commerce platform brings together millions of buyers and sellers with an eye for vintage and hand-crafted products. For beginners, the biggest challenge often is getting the ball rolling. … Read more

Careers For Women Over 50 And Alternatives

become a freelance writer

Are you intelligent, highly educated, have skilled work experience but unemployed or nearly so? Are you also a person born between the mid-1940s and 1964-a a baby boomer? This post will cover careers for women over 50 and what alternatives are out there because, in the employment world, this is not YOUR time. According to … Read more