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Build Internet Business With Content Marketing

Build Internet Business With Content Marketing

No matter what kind of business you are in, content marketing is a powerful way to build your online business.  many marketing experts agree that building your business online with content marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that you can employ.

This post on Building internet business with Content Marketing will get you up to speed on the fundamentals of

  •   What is Content Marketing?
  •   What Does Content Marketing Mean for My Business?
  •   Seven Must-Have Components for an Effective Content Marketing Campaign

What is Content Marketing?    

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

 Content marketing helps online business owners build authority.  Read more from Contentmarketinginstitute.com In this modern age of internet business marketing  content is king.When it comes to online business marketing, building authority is powerful stuff.  let us take a look Why?

Content  is King!

Content works to bring traffic to your site more effectively than any other marketing out there, content works better than banner or link ads.

Content is better than backlinking strategies that is nolonger looked at politely by Google.
Content Is King, Online Marketing,Build Internet BusinessThe reason why building your authority with content marketing is so powerful is because it is an honest way to do business. The more honest and transparent you are, the more likely you are to attract loyal, lifetime customers.

The purpose of authoritative content marketing is to convert visitors into customers and customers into lifetime repeat buyers. Therefore, the type of content you share with your audience must be closely related to what you offer.

By sharing free content, you are building credibility.Sharing information that is useful to your audience helps people to know and trust you, and once they trust you, they will buy the products you are selling.Just like offline, you do not buy from someone you do not trust.

What Is Content Marketing To Your Business

Google ranks active sites with fresh content better and higher so if you are looking to be ranked high in Google, start adding more content and driving traffic to your website.

If you have been online for a while, you will agree there is a lot of content marketing around, the more content you have, the more traffic and higher ranking.

If your audience like your content, Google will like your content too.But how do you know that your audience loves your content?

If you read an article on the internet that you find helpful and like, if you feel a friend or friends may like the article what do you do? You share it with them on social media, and if they too like it, they will share it.

social media marketing,Build Internet Business

Google loves this kind of content, when your content gets shared then google will know it is good content, so get your audience to share your content, get your audience to interact at your site.

That is why it is important to ask your readers to leave a comment at the end of your post or ask them to share in social media if they find your article helpful, the more shares your content get the more Google will love your content.

Successful people online know that high-quality content spreads fast on social media and they always strive to produce top content then drive traffic to their sites through social media.

If you want to succeed online you should start producing top quality content, share in social media, and have your audience interact in your site.

Here is where l joined a community which interacts with me at my site, making my posts rank higher in Google and other search engines, you too can join all for free by clicking here.

Must-Have Components For An Effective Content Marketing

1   Website

The first impression for visitors to you site comes from your website pages and posts. Content on your website needs to be inviting, crisp and compelling.Creative content marketing positions you as an authority in your area of expertise.

A good website has the following elements

  • A descriptive title that uses one or more important keywords
  • Is written in the style of a direct address to readers
  • Uses clear language that is easy for readers to understand
  • Broken into small chunks that are easy to digest and separated into headings and sub-headings
  • Starts with a brief explanation and ends with a summary of the content

    2   Blog Post

Your blog posts are a way of connecting with your audience by giving them information that is fresh and relevant.To establish your authority you should be prepared to add a new blog post  from time to time minimum once a week.

Blog posts are written from your unique point of view. Your posts can be anywhere from 500 to over 1,500 words.  Don’t obsess on the number of words.  Use enough words to clearly express your point without rambling.

Use high-ranking keywords within your blog content. read my article about finding keywords here .  It takes a little while to identify the keywords but it is well worth the time.

Click here to check for high ranking keywords,30 searches free

3  Articles

If you have a website, you should publish articles, there is no better way to get your information to your potential customers. Once you have enough well-written articles, you can start submitting to online article directories.

Article marketing is the best way to get your information linked back to your website. just remember these when submitting articles to article directories

  •  Do not submit an identical article to multiple directories. Article directories hate duplicate copy.
  • Do not copy and paste one of your blogs and submit it to an article directory site.  Google consider this duplicate.

Now that you know how article marketing works, you can click below to start your own site to build an internet business.This is free to join and be a member.

Liked my article then go ahead and share in the social media, need more info then leave me a message below and l will get back to you.

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What Is A Niche In Marketing?

What Is A Niche In Marketing

This is usually a confusing word for many newbies online.l know it was for me.

A niche is a group of people with aWhat Is A Niche In Marketing,target
specific need.A smaller targeted subgroup of a larger market.People in a niche have a targeted problem or need. A niche is a distinct segment of a market.

Let’s take for example baby dresses, this might seem targeted but it’s still a broad niche, girls jumper is more targeted.This is what you call a niche.


Let Us Take Another Example

A smoker =smoking is unhealthy = a smoker looking for ways to stop smoking = best stop smoking vapors

Someone looking to buy boy shorts is not looking for girls dresses, but looking specifically for girls dresses.So lets Try and find a niche for Dresses.

You can still narrow it much more, there is girls swimsuits, girls night, girls party dresses=====


A smoker =smoking is unhealthy = a smoker looking for ways to stop smoking = best stop smoking vapors

As you can see in the examples above both are toys but someone looking for girls toys look for different items to someone looking for boys toys. Narrowing down that we have been able to do here to find potentially profitable niches that you could tackle in creating a niche website business in a large market. Read my other post here about niche.

Check my number 1 program where l learned niche marketing

A niche Customer

Let us look at another example, you are in  Geneva Switzerland a place famous for watches, and needed to repair  your Omega watch,your interest is in a very specialized  niche of the  large market category of watches, you would not just search under ‘watches’ in Google, you know you need to narrow your search to your niche based need if you are to succeed.

A search under the broad term  ‘watches’ would yield hundreds of pages about watches from all over the world about every angle for every model and age of watch. To solve your problem you need to specify that you are interested in Omega watches, watch repairs and your location.

You might then do a search under ‘Omega watch repairs in Zurich‘ which will narrow down your search to your target interest for your specific problem. Now you are in the right niche market and can find help fast.

A Niche Website Owner With Solution

what is a niche in marketing

A shop owner in Zurich selling and repairing Omega watches could create a website to attract customers, now if his website was www.artisanchronometrie.ch, it will be targeted and you as someone needing service from his niche will find him using your exact online search.

As a website owner on your website, you will inform people of your niche services and about your industry.Any search for Omega repairs in Yurich will then bring up your website in the google search engines.If you wrote your website well using proper SEO your page might well be in the top ranking of google.

In Summary, A Niche In Marketing Is

A targeted and specific problem and a targeted service to solve a specific problem.It is a perfect match since the client looked at exactly what he needed and you as a website owner targeted a specific keyword.

To achieve this targeted search terms, the website owner need to use a keyword tool to find the right keywords prior to writing his content.Read my other post about targeted keywords.

Ok, we know What Is A Niche In Marketing But How Do We Find Keywords?

If you chose not to read my post above where l explained where to find keywords, lm going to explain just a bit about keywords here.

To have a high ranking post, you need to select your keywords well otherwise your hard work will be for nothing, your articles will not rank in Google, and without ranks in google, no one will see your good content.

Like the example above, if the guy looking to repair his watch did not give a targeted search term, he will not find what he is looking for, if the vendor does not research his keywords before writing his article, the right audience will not find his post in google search engine.

Arrows, Direction, Dimension, Element

When creating a post, you should aim at low competing keywords, this way, you have a chance at ranking in the search engines and being found.

Statistics show that people searching online do not search past the 2nd page of google so you should aim at having your post ranking in page 1 of google.This is achieved by using keyword tools to choose and search for keywords with less competition.


Finding the Right Niche Market

To be successful online you have to find the right niche, check my review to Wealthy Affiliate where I learned all I know online. Think of what are you passionate about, do you enjoy telling people about your cat ? do you like to read, love sports? the most important is to choose your niche carefully like we discussed earlier. Some facts to remember.

  •  chose a niche you are passionate about.
  • a niche you understand about or are not afraid to keep learning and improving about.
  • No niche is too small or too narrow, start small, you can always broaden as you
  • Some people do say follow the money and choose a profitable niche, I don’t agree, follow your passion.

The first you will need to start your niche website is a website, you can create a free website in easy steps

And it is so easy, you have a  niche website.

l hope l have helped answer your question on what is a niche in marketing and you are ready to start making money online.If you want to learn how to make money online, then click here to join my #1 recommendation all for free.

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Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership

Product Name: Chris Farrell Membership

Owners: Chris Farrell
Overall Rating: 8/10
Price: $4.95 For 7 Day Trial, $37 per month or $297 per year, $990 For Mentor Me
Website: chrisfarrellmembership.com 

What is Chris Farrell Membership? 

The Chris Farrell Membership is a training program that teaches Internet marketing. This program happens to be one of the few legitimate programs out there in this industry. This program is supported strongly by Chris Farrell himself and monitored and improved upon regularly. This shows the care he has for it.

In an industry where there are so many negative reports, Chris Farrel membership happens to be one of the few legitimate programs out there in this industry. This program is supported  by Chris Farrell himself and monitored and improved upon regularly.

Training at CFM features a 31-day course where you will learn realistic techniques how online marketing works.The process is broken down and everything is explained so a newbie too can learn the process making money online.




  • Getting started membership price is quite affordable.
  • With his English accent and polite manner, you can’t help but like Chris Ferrel.
  • Being able to build a website without prior experience using the template they offer.
  • The information is broken down in a way that is easy to understand
  • You can go at your own pace in the courses
  • Step by step lessons with short videos


  • There is no free trial
  • There are extra fees that members are not explained beforehand, fees for hosting or auto responder
  • Lack of a good community feature

Check my # 1 program and join a real community 

Who Is The Chris Farrell Membership For?

CFM is meant for newbies, the training is focused mostly on basics like building a website, hosting, setting up an email autoresponder.For someone who can do these, the program does not have more to offer.

Simply said, CFM if more suited to newbies wanting to know how to start making an income online.


Training and Tools at CFM

There are different training modules, most are in specific skills sections, place to start for anyone new to internet marketing should be 10 minutes to success. This is the training Chris Farrell is best known consisting of 31 videos.

Here you are shown how to create a 3-page website with a squeeze page, a download page and a thank you page.In this task, you will be able to use pages that Chris has already created.

Farrell membership

In the first videos, Chris explains that there is a course of lessons,5 skills you need to know if you are an absolute newbie.After this introductions video, you are taken through the following

  • Choosing a niche check what a niche is in my other post 
  • Buying a domain name
  • Getting web hosting
  • setting up an autoresponder
  • installing WordPress
  • creating your first 3 pages
  • creating email messages.

Please note that there are some extras you have to pay for, your domain name, the hosting and the autoresponder.

Click here to see my #1 program where hosting is free


Creating Your First Website At CFM

There is a Done For You course at CFM where you can choose a ready-made site with a niche already chosen for you.

You can opt for lead pages at CFM although it will cost you monthly or yearly.In the lead pages you will

  1. learn how to publish on facebook
  2. use autoresponder
  3. create a thank you page

The above are some training you will need to start earning online but there is more at CFM if you want to be successful online.


More Training At CFM

Finding a Profitable Niche

Chris explains the ways he use to find profitable niches,this system may not work for everyone

Understanding And Using Facebook

There are videos where Chris Farrell guides you in setting up a Facebook business page and the difference between a fan page and personal page.

Making Money Online 

Here Chris will explain the process and the steps to making money online.


Getting Help And Support At CFM

Ways of getting help at CFM are by submitting a support ticket using the forum or the knowledge base.Chris also list his phone number where members can call him.

But that does not stop complaints from time to time of  lack of community and delay in support tickets being answered.This can leave a newbie feeling desperate and relying on other members who may not be knowledgeable to help.

The forum covers mostly basic questions which newbie can have, but should you have a specific question, you might get frustrated.Check here to see live chat in my #1 program


CFM Price

  • There is a 7 day trial membership for $4.95guarantee_14
  • lf after the 7 trial dazs zou want to remain a member,the membership price is  $37 per month or $297 per year.
  • As l mentioned above, you will need hosting,domain and autoresponder.All these will cost zou an extra 30 per month.

CFM Upsells

Chris offer upsells known as mentor me which will cost you a good  $997.There is also 4 week fast track, for 447, Chris promises to bring you to creating a successful online business in 4 weeks.

My Final Opinion On CFM

Product Name: Chris Farrell Membership
Owners: Chris Farrell
Overall Rating: 8/10
Price: $4.95 For 7 Day Trial, $37 per month or $297 per month, $990 For Mentor Me
Website: www.Chrisfarrelmembership.com

My Chris Farrell Membership Review l find the program to be totally  legitimate and l would recommend it to anyone just getting started online.Chris created a program that is newbie friendly.Chris is honest and lets you know outright that this is not a get rich quick scheme but needs work.

The training is easy to understand and well divided to easy to manage modules. The downside is that they are not regularly updated which means they can become outdated fast.

Liked my post, go ahead and share with friends on social media.Click the banner to join my #1 program where l make money online.

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Is My Paying Ads Legit

Is My Paying Ads Legit?Let`s Take A Look

My paying ads

Company Name: MyPaying Ads

Site Adress:www.mypayingads.com

Owners: Uday Nara(Real name is Nalam Satyanarayana)

Verdict: Legit

Price To Join: Nil

Is my Paying ads legit?Mypayingads has been online and active since 30th March 2015.(not so long)There are 125193 members as the time of this post with a total amount of $ 6189798.19 paid out to members.

The Owner Uday Nara is located in Singapore, a mechanical Engineer by profession and internet marketer since 1st Feb 2015.These are not my Statistics, this is what is stated at my paying ads pages.

What Is My Paying Ads?

MPA, as it`s commonly known is a revenue sharing online advertising company with a Pay-to- click component. MPA provide high quality targeted traffic to advertisers and to attract more targeted traffic, MPA incorporated pay-to-click on the site.

Non-members can use MPA to advertise other make money from home opportunities, Affiliate programmes, MLM, work from home opportunities.

If you are familiar with Traffic Monsoon, MPA works the same.MPA enables members to earn income by viewing the Advertisers offers which start from as little as $1.

How My Paying Ads Work

To earn from MPA, you have to spend minimum $1 to buy Adpacks which l explain below

Capture ad packs

The revenue from each pool is distributed to the active ad packs of the same pool only.
The maximum ad packs that members can have are 200 for all AdPack-Plans except for Adpack Plan 10 where members can have up to 2000 packs.
As a member, you have to reach minimum 100 ad packs before you`re able to buy the next higher ad pack plan.
Advertisement  Packages
You can choose between 5 different ad packages to suit your needs
Earning Money With MPA Ads
 To earn money at MPA, as a free member, you will have to click on ads earning $0.001 per ad clicked, you have to surf 10 ads a day, this means you can earn without having to refer anyone as long as you surf 10 ads a day.The Ads are clickable every 24 hours.
My Paying Ads-View Ads
Your Advantage With My Ad Pack As An Advertiser
  • Affordable Advertising packages.
  • Quick targeted traffic to your website.
  • Different ad packages.
  • Login ads.
  • Banner ads.
  • PTC ads.

Can You Get Refunds If Not Happy With MPA?

MPA does not offer any kind of refunds since the business does not offer intangible products.So be sure when buying your AdPacks.

As a Future Member, You`re Still Worried Is My Paying Ads Legit?


For an online program to be legal it should offer a service or a product to it`s members.MPA members who pay AdPacks get a business listing.

To reach the highest level of earning, you need to purchase minimum 100 shares of each level, there are 10 levels in total.

How Will You Get Paid

If you are still here reading this then you are serious about making money, MPA pays you within 48 hours of you requesting payment, through Perfect money, Solid Trust, Payza or Paypal. Be informed that you can only request payment to the same processor you used to Deposit.

My Paid Ads Payment Proof

payment proof


Is MPA safe To Invest?

This program has not been around long enough for me to justify it as being safe, anyone who chooses to invest in MPA should do so at their own risk, haveing said that, you still get your ads out there even if you do not make money.

Final Verdict on My Paying Ads

The program is 100 % legitimate and they are paying but as said above, you decide if it`s safe to invest your money or not.

Liked this article then share it with your friends who may need it, want to see how I earn money online?

 Join my Number 1 Program then Click Here 


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How To Earn Money With Google Adsense

Many bloggers have heard that it`s possible to earn money with Google Adsense but are unsure how It works or even if it`s really possible to make money at all.In this post, I’m going to guide you how to set up your Google AdSense account and how to earn money with Google Adsense.

At the end of this post, I will list some top Google Adsense alternatives should Google Adsense disapprove your application.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a system that Google created and set up to help you as a website owner to monetize the traffic coming to your website by displaying advertiser ads on your website.

When a visitor to your site clicks these ads, Google will pay you.In some ads, you get paid when a visitor just view them.

The revenue from Google Adsense is just cents per click/view so do not expect loads of cash in the beginning especially if your site is new and the traffic low. But something to remember is that the cents do add up fast as your website traffic grows.

The advantage of Adsense is that it`s a set and forget, once you have it on your site, there is really nothing to do apart from maybe changing the ads while testing what works best, they will always earn you money as long as you have visitors to your site.

How To Join and Earn Money With Google Adsense

To join Adsense, you have to apply and go through the approval process. Before application, it is recommended that your site has about 20 pages or posts for Google to consider accepting your application.

Some people rush to apply for Google Adsense with almost no content and the application gets denied.But if you have everything in place, the signup process is simple really, it takes about 4 days (sometimes longer) to hear back from google if you`ve been accepted or not.

If your application gets approved, Google will send you a confirmation. Google gives you different options choosing ads and what formats you prefer Text or images.Play around with them test how they look on your site to see what works best.

Check Better Ways To Make Money Online 

Getting Adsense Code From Google Adsense

Once you have been approved by Google Adsense you need to place ads like shown below, by clicking on my ads then click on new ad unit, this will take you to customizing your ad unit.Choose the ad unit you want then click “save and get code”.

                    Google Adsense

Copy the code and place it where you want it shown on your site(from your WordPress admin area)I`m guessing when you`re reading this, you are familiar with WP admin area.

How Does Adsense Work?

Google Adsense works in an easy way, you start by selecting which Ads you want Google to display on your site, take care to choose the right ad types and formats.

You have a choice to choose from text or image display or you can decide for both. Another important thing is to choose where you want Google to display the ads, here there are facts to consider, where will they get the most clicks, where they do not block readers when they read your articles.

You can choose to display the ads on your side banner as there are different sizes to fit most places on your site.

Where To Place Google Ads For Best Results

When placing Your Google Adsense Ads, you should aim at getting the highest click-through rate(CTR).

Below is a heat map showing different places to place your ads, the brighter the color, the better it is for your ads as this shows which places get the most Click through rate.

But you can play around with different places on your site and find what suits you best as not all sites are the same.          How To Earn Money With Google Adsense

Read more here to find what works best and for more info on Google Ads.

Please note that Adsense is not a get rich quick program, on average you earn cents going upto$10 but these are far between.

You need a large traffic to make money with Google Adsense.If you have good traffic to your site, you can make a good income with Google Adsense.There is no more secret on how to make money with

There is no more secret on earning money with Google Adsense, there is no complicated step by step guide, insert the links, drive traffic and that`s it really.

Receiving Money From Google Adsense

Payments are done monthly once you have reached a minimum of $ 100 in your account.Adsense gives you a choice to choose your preferred payment method.

  • Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT)
  • Western Union(if Available in your country)
  • Regular Checks

The time it will take for the transfer to reach you vary depending on your Geographical location, can take days to weeks.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives

Want to earn with your website but Google has not approved your application for whatever reason?

There are Google Adsense alternatives out there, I even advise you to try these alternatives and find what works best for you.Listed below(not in any order) are some top Google Adsense alternatives

Google Adsense is the best way of being paid to display ads on your site out there, but do experiment and see what works best for you.Just remember without traffic to your site, you will not earn money with Google Adsense or any alternatives out there.

Try driving as much traffic to your site as possible if you want to make money with any of these programs.

I hope this post could help you understand more about Google Adsense, how to set up your Adsense account and getting paid.


To succeed with Google Adsense or the alternatives and make passive income online, you need a website with good quality content and you need people to see your content.

This can be scary if you`ve never built a website, luckily there is a program that you can join and learn how all this is done.

You will learn how to create a website on any subject you like, anything you`re passionate about and learn how to monetize that site.

Imagine sharing your gardening tips with people and earning money? or sharing your beauty tips and tricks and making money doing it.It`s easy really, all you have to do is click here to get started.

The best news is that it`s totally free to get started, you read that right so put your credit card away, you get 2 free websites, free tutorials on building a website from scratch.

Need any more info? leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you.Know anyone who wants to create passive income? go ahead and share this with them on your social media.

What are your tips on making money online? share with me below.

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Why Use Solo Ad Traffic

Do You Need Solo Ad Traffic?

In my earlier post, we discussed driving traffic to your site and which methods to use.Today we shall look into paid solo ad traffic and the best place to buy website traffic and when to use solo ads for best results.

What Is A Solo Ad?


A solo Ad simply explained an email ad that someone will send to his list, it`s done by finding someone in the same niche and you pay them to advertise your product to their list.

The idea of choosing someone in the same niche make sense as his list will consist of people who are interested in the same niche you are promoting.

You do not want someone with a beauty or cosmetics opt-in list sending out your outdoor gear solo ads. I hope this makes sense, you want solo ads sent to people interested in what you are promoting.

Solo Ad Traffic

Why Do People Go For Solo Ads?

Anyone with a website knows it can be time-consuming, writing articles then waiting for the right audience to find your article.

After spending time on social media trying to promote your site, visiting forums and chat rooms and the traffic is still a trickle, some people decide to try Paid Solo Ads.

If you are a beginner online and budget is tight, paying for solo ads might not be for you.

But if you have money to spend and no time to wait for slow traffic, you can go for paid solo ads.

Before you set out to buy paid solo ads, it`s important to find a vendor who will give you high-quality traffic? how do you do this?by avoiding places like Fiverr where most vendors sell very low-quality traffic.

Getting thousands of poor quality website traffic does not benefit your site in the long run and the hard work you are doing will be of no value at all.

Click here learn how to get traffic to your website

How To Set Up Solo Ads

Solo Ad Traffic

The first thing you need to do is join Udimi Before you start a Solo ad campaign, make sure your capture page is well written, this way, you have a chance of converting than if your page is poorly written.

Find a decent Solo Ad provider, you will know one by checking the reviews.

There are sellers out there who will promise to sell you cheap ads, but buying cheap ads that do not convert is not what you want.

Choose The Best Solo Ad Vendor

If you are new finding the right vendor can be tricky but it should not be.On the top menu of Udimi, click finds sellers, you will be able to view and choose sellers.

  • Choose a vendor in the right niche, as said before you don’t want your vendor promoting your make money niche to his Travel niche list.You want to be targeted traffic.


Different sellers different prices, prices are between$.30 onwards.Cheapest doesn’t always mean poor quality, so be aware of this.

When you`ve found your vendor, click on the vendors image and you`ll be directed to set up your Solo Ads.Here you have options to choose

  • The clicks you want to buy
  • The Email (email swipe)
  • Your chosen day for the emails to be sent

As a beginner, you should go for 100 clicks.Why 100 Clicks to me it`s easy calculation and nothing more.

You may not succeed first time round, maybe you may need to test 2-3 different sellers to find what works for you.

Email Swipe: Simply put, in this section you write down your offer(what you`re trying to sell) If it`s an affiliate product you are selling, remember to put in your affiliate link.

Experienced vendors sometimes change your email swipe, do not worry they are looking out for you.Read more about email swipe here.

When done with the email swipe, the vendor will show you the price, click buy solo.The vendor will then send you a confirmation email.You are done, wait for your targeted traffic to start rolling in.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Use Google analytics to track and see where the traffic is coming from.Traffic from some countries almost don`t convert, and if you`re paying for the traffic, you have to buy targeted traffic that converts into buyers.

Thanks for stopping by, l hope my post has helped you understand more about Solo Ads and setting up your next campaign.

The most important thing to do whenever you place Solo Ads is to track your results, this way you will be able to know which vendor is worth using for different Solo Ads.

Have any more questions? Leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you.Think a friend needs to know how Solo Ads are done?go ahead share with them this post.

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Extra income online jobs

Extra Income Online jobs That Are Easy To Start

There are still ways to make money online, forget the get rich quick scams telling you you can make 1000s without doing nothing, you get nothing for doing nothing.But if you are willing to put in the hard work, you can make good money online at the comfort of your home.

We are going to look at some legitimate ways you can make extra income from the comfort of your home doing the things you love or things you are already doing anyway.


So What Are Some Extra Income Online Jobs

Be a content writer

If you like writing and enjoy doing it, there is a large market for you online, there are people looking for content writers all the time.

Before you get started, think of where you want to specialize, medical, beauty, dating the choice is endless.It`s advisable to start writing in things you enjoy so you can practice and expand as time goes on.

Join the many sites that connect writers and clients and be ready to deliver high-quality content.You may not have a lot of work to start with but as time goes by and you gain more trust, you will get return customers and before you know it, you`ll be making a good income online.

Sell on eBay 

eBay is a place where almost everything and anything can be sold and quite easy to get started.Have items in your garage you are not using, those old books, vintage cameras, old skis, unwanted unused presents and toys.

Consider it as getting rid of your junk and being paid for it.You can also sell new items on eBay.The good thing about eBay is that everything you don’t need there is someone who needs it.Read my other article about selling on EbayExtra income online jobsProduce Videos

Some people prefer to watch while learning, you can teach your audience all kinds of things, anything you know how to do there is someone out there who wants to learn, you can teach your audience how to cook, how to apply makeup the correct way.

Videos are very lucrative and unsaturated unlike print material and you can make good money here.

See how easy it can click the image below to get started

Online Courses

Have you always thought of teaching but do not have a chance to teach in school?there are online schools which teach different courses.

How about opening your online school teaching Chinese, German, Igbo, Swahili and all the different languages out there?Get some Ebooks to familiarize yourself how to get started.

Or you can join my number 1 programme and learn how to get started.

Sell your own Work

We talked of selling on eBay, selling on eBay does not only consist of used items.you can create your own products and sell them. Are you creative,a good photographer and want to share your photos with the world? You can sell your creative work online and earn money from it.

Extra income online jobs do not always require learning a new trade, you can use the talents you have and start making money online from home.

Before you get started, to be paid for your online job you need to have PayPal an online payment system that will enable you to send or receive payment.

Want to join me where l learned to make money online? click below and create your own money making website.

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How To Make Money With ptc Sites

There are many ways to make money online and one of them is being paid to click on ads.There are hundreds of Paid to click sites out there that pay you to click and watch ads for a given time usually 30 seconds or less.

This is a good way to make some money if you are just getting started online or if you already spend time online surfing the net.You can click on ads while learning for ways to make REAL money.This post will let you into how to make money with PTC sites and what to look out for so as not to be scammed.

This post will let you into how to make money with PTC sites and what to look out for so as not to be scammed as most PTC sites are not to be trusted.

PTC sites overview


Just as l said above, a PTC site lets you click on an advertiser ad, watch it for a few seconds then get paid cents, do not expect much, most PTC sites pay about $0.10 or less.

$0.10 may not seem a lot but it adds up quickly if you click ads in 10 or more different PTC sites at a time.There are people who claim to make $1,000s per month doing PTC but to be honest they are few and far between.

You may not make $1000s in the beginning but with enough referrals, you can make enough since you get paid when/if your referrals click on ads so do encourage your referrals to click the ads.

How to make money with PTC sites

Because PTC sites do not pay much, it does not mean you can not make enough money, put in the work and you will reap profits.The trick is to have many referrals who also click ads every day.

Many PTC sites demand you click ads to earn from your referrals the next day.If you do not click ads today you will not earn clicks from your referrals the next day.

Most of the older PTCs are more difficult to gain referrals but not impossible if you now how to.

How To Get Direct Referrals For PTC Sites

Older PTCs like Clixsense and Neobux which also happen to be the best-paying PTCs are difficult to get referrals but not impossible.Here are some ways to get referrals

  • Join make money forums
  • Create your own website and drive traffic to your links
  • Join make money chatrooms
  • Advertise your affiliate links in traffic exchange sites read my post about traffic exchange sites to understand how traffic exchange work.
  • You can join downline building programmes mostly found in make money forums

When all these fails, you can always rent referrals, these are members who joined a site without a referrer and sites do rent them out for a small fee for a period of 1 month.

Before renting referrals, make sure you`ve earned enough money to change any inactive referral otherwise you only lose money.

Pros And Cons Of  PTC Sites


  • No experience needed to make money.
  • Easy to make money.
  • Free to sign up.
  • Many PTC sites to join.
  • You can rent referrals.


  • Difficult to make money if you have no referrals.
  • Difficult to get referrals for the older more established sites.
  • You have to view sites you do not want to which is not easy.
  • Needs time and patience to get referrals.
  • Many PTC sites come and go so you have to be careful where you invest money and time.

My Final Opinion

Paid to Click sites are easy to set up, for this reason, there are too many scams out there, if it`s too good to be true, it probably is!No site will pay you more than a few cents to view an ad.

If you are going to work on a PTC site, cash out as soon as you reach the cashout limit, you never know if a site will be here today gone tomorrow.

Before you join a PTC site, check and see that they have a forum and if they answer support tickets.You will be able to see in the forums if there are many complaints.

Don’t join sites with high cash out limits, think of how long it will take you to reach a $5.00 limit if you are clicking  $0.10 as said earlier, a PTC site may be here today and gone tomorrow.

Do not pay for an upgrade before you earn any money, especially with new sites, if you are going to pay for an upgrade, it should come from the money you earn in PTC, not from your pocket.

Want to join where I make money online? click here

Need more info on how to make money with PTC sites? leave me a message bellow and I`ll get back to you, think a friend could use this info? go ahead share it with them.


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Does Opinion Outpost Work?

Does Opinion Outpost Work?


Found this site while looking for opinions or reviews on Opinion Outpost? Trying to see if it`s worth your time and looking for reviews? Congratulations for doing the right thing, looking for reviews to decide if you should join a program or not, with so many internet scams out there, it`s the best thing to do before joining any program.

Many people are looking for ways to make money online, and some not sure where to start decide to take surveys.

Surveys may sound as an easy way to make money from home answering some easy questions and being paid.Most surveys do not pay well, you get paid in points, coupons or cents for every completed survey. Like many newbies online, when l started out, l tried surveys but soon realized they were a real waste of time.

What about Opinion Outpost? Does Opinion Outpost work? Is it worth your time?

My Experience with Opinion Outpost

There are loads of personal questions,l understand and accept that this is necessary for them to supply me with the right surveys in the future but with so many scams online, who wants to give personal details to an online program they have just joined?

After you have been accepted, you spend time filling unpaid pre-surveys and after each you get a message that you do not qualify. This takes a lot of time as l explained in my other post.

Earning Potential at Opinion Outpost


When you read about surveys online, they paint this picture of making loads of money, of you having so many surveys you can choose and pick what survey to take.

Once inside, you soon realize this was just talk to get you sign up, you realize the surveys are far between depending to where you live, how old you are, your marital status, employment status.

Surveys at Opinion Outpost does not pay much, it ranges from a few cents to rare 2 figures, getting a 3 figure survey is almost impossible.

The way to earn money(Points) in Opinion Outpost survey is to invite as many people as possible who also take surveys as you get paid when your referrals complete a survey so be prepared to pester family and friends to join Opinion Outpost survey if you want to earn some pocket money.

As said Opinion Outpost pays you in points.You take surveys and get paid in points, once you have enough points, you can cash out in Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards or deposit the points to redeem for cash into your PayPal account.Deposits in PayPal are minimum 100 points and believe me, reaching the 100 points is almost impossible, it will take you ages to get 100 points.

If you break it down, you will be making almost $1 per hour.You can sure think of better things to do than work for $1 an hour.

Opinion Outpost Complaints

You can read loads of complaints from different sites of members from  past and present members complaining of opinion Outpost one place to read complaints is ripoffreport.com

Many people waste time taking pre-survey surveys at Opinion Outpost only to be told they do not qualify for the survey, this is time spent/wasted as they do not pay if you do not complete the survey.

My final Opinion on Opinion Outpost Survey?

Opinion Outpost survey may not be a scam, but they are not worth your time, the money they pay if you are lucky enough to finish a survey is not even enough to pay for your electricity bill, you can do better at making money online read about my number 1 recommendation.

So how can you make money online?

Making money taking surveys may sound easy since you do not need any experience but as said above, it`s not easy at all and earnings are so low.

You Will sure do much better with affiliate marketing, selling other people`s products. Don’t worry if you are not a sales person, my number 1 recommendation program will take you by the hand and teach you how to build a website and make money.

Have any questions, still need more information leave me a message bellow and l will get back to you.Know a friend who could use this post and stay away from Opinion Outpost? go ahead,share with them this on social media

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How To Get Out Of Payday Loan

We all know how it all starts, an emergency that you need the money here and now and the only place you can get it is the payday loans.But these loans gets millions in trouble every year and this post will give you tips on how to get out of payday loan working from home.

Most people go to payday loans because they are in some kind of emergency or the other and can’t find the money anywhere so they take the funds to pay back in the next payday.

With payday loan companies giving money away carelessly l might say, the result is that people always find a way to borrow and soon it`s a cycle they can not get out of.

The interest rates are so high then come administration fees, late payment charges and before you know it, you are trapped.

Few weeks, months later it`s the same thing from most people.

  • I can’t pay the short time payday loan back.
  • The payday loan company is refusing to take small amounts because you can’t pay a lump amount in 1 go.
  • Threatening phone calls from payday loans.
  • How do I get out of the payday loan?
  • The charges and interest rates are escalating out of control.
  • Please help, l need to get out of payday loans Debt.

Payday Loans Complaints

There are all kinds of complaints out there, threats, scams, collecting money you have supposedly paid back.Some payday loans companies have been fined millions for unfair fees and using ways to get money from clients who can’t pay.Read here

Payday loans should be avoided at all cost.But how do you avoid payday loans if your money does not stretch till next pay cheque?

If your salary never make it to the next pay cheque and you`re living day to day then things have to change because you`re either not earning enough or you are living beyond your means.It`s time to earn more wages, time to increase your income online.

Most payday loans Collect a 1% interest per day if you can not make payment in the agreed time, this adds up very fast and a $100 loan can quickly spiral out of control.

Not only do payday loans make it almost impossible for you to repay once you miss a payment with the high percentage interest, but if you can not make payments, you will ruin your credit file and getting credit in the future will be very difficult.

Get Help 

If you are having problems paying back your payday loan, talk to your payday loan lender and try to find a payment plan that works for you.

If you ignore to do this and still can’t pay your payday loan, your payday loan lender will pass the case to a debt collector and believe me when it reaches to this point it`s no fun,

The debt collectors will start calling you, sending you letters demanding payment and if you still can’t pay, the debt will show up in your home demanding you pay and when they do show up, they are not leaving with payment in full.

How to get out of payday loan

How To Get Out Of Payday Loan

It is possible to get out of payday loans, by learning online marketing and making money online, you can increase your income.

Making money online may seem impossible or only possible for the selected few, this is not true.Anyone with the right training can learn internet skills and make money online.

You can make money selling other people’s products from your blog, selling on Amazon all at your time and pace.

Making money online l can confidently say is easy if you have the training and follow what you learn.

Read my post on how you can make money online if you put in the effort, you can make money online, there are so many people always looking for items and for help online.

In fact making money online is in simple steps, starting with the right training and a website of your own.

         A Quick Look at How You Will Be Creating Success

With the right training and the right people around you, you can learn the 4 steps it takes to build a website and start making money online and getting away from payday loans.

It may all seem new and foreign, or confusing with little things like but l don’t have a hobby, no interest, we all have interest, cleaning your home is an interest, quilting, reading all these are interests and you need just one to make a full-time income online.

You can get out of payday loans if you learn to make money online and be free of debt.Click the banner below to join my Number 1 program where I learned to make money online successfully.


If you have read this far, join the best affiliate marketing website online and learn how to build a successful online business beginning with the foundation, your own website.

It`s free to join so put your credit card away, there are no obligations so if you find it`s not for you,you`re free to leave at any point. Here you will meet successful marketers all interested in your success as you learn in a spam free community.

If you have any questions regarding this post or any other post, please do leave me a message.

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