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Content Writing Jobs And Mistakes To Avoid


Content writing jobs are an easy way to make extra income from anywhere and make some extra money from home, and if you write high-quality content, you will soon enjoy repeat customers, you want people to read your content and keep coming back for more.

There are numerous companies and each of these wants to establish a strong online presence. Many people usually search online for whichever products and services they need so naturally if there is a website with great content, they will go for it.

Content is essential. People searching for anything online want immediate solutions to their problems and you can be just that if you have relevant content.In this post, I will check at different content writing jobs and also online content writing for your own website if you`re a blogger.

Writing Content For companies

Notebook, Pen, Writing,Content Writing Jobs

Many companies don’t have staff who can write content for their websites so their only option is to outsource jobs to freelancers.

The number of websites is increasing by the day which means many content writing jobs which ultimately leads to huge demand for writers.

If you are writing content for websites, you have to know how to express yourself concisely, articulate your ideas into words and meet the specified deadlines.

Companies or other bloggers want content pertaining to a specific niche so if you are an expert in a particular area, you will always be sought.

The pay you get in content writing jobs varies depending on the company you are writing for. There are some companies that will pay your few dollars while others will pay more.

Whichever the case, you have to ensure that you deliver unique and original content so as to continue building your brand as a writer.

Content writing jobs can be sourced from job boards, writing companies or directly from the company.Outsourcing platforms include but not limited to  iWriter.com,freelancer.com.

Many writers apply for these jobs so if you want to stand out, your cover letter should be great.

Writing Content From Your Website

Alternatively, you can create a writer website and outline your skills. This way, you will attract a huge number of potential clients. You can get numerous jobs and outsource them to other freelance writers.

This way, you will attract a huge number of potential clients. You can get numerous jobs and outsource them to other freelance writers.

Creating your own website is easy, takes less than 30 seconds,y ou can get started below for free

Prices differ, because you can outsource jobs for as cheap as $3, cheap does not always mean quality.But, you can still find very good writers from the Philippines or whatever part of the world, hire them cheap then deliver your work at a higher price.

Be informed there will be a lot of trial and error here, outsourcing for cheap you must also be ready to spend money trying to find the right writer that can deliver quality content in time.

Improve your writing and always aim at getting the best content out there, there are tools you can use to help you improve your writing. Search Amazon for books on content writing.

Content Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Content writing is all about learning new things every day. You will find that each and every job you are given has different requirements and instructions which you have to follow to the letter.

Mistakes are unavoidable so do not be harsh on yourself if you make them. Instead, learn from them. Read how to write content that people read.

The following are some content writing mistakes usually made and how you can avoid them.

Forgetting The Audience

Content is created mainly for the audience so you should always have it in mind when writing. Do not just tell your audience things they already know, tell them something unique that will solve their problems or answer its questions.

• Relying on A Spell-check

Do not rely too much on a spell-check. Words with the same sound but different meanings (homophones) cannot be recognized by them.

Being Wordy

When explaining a particular point, keep it simple. Use few words to explain it without distorting its original meaning.

• Relying On An Online Thesaurus

You need to read and write a lot so as to avoid relying on an online thesaurus. There are some words it suggests that can wreck your sentences. You just have to be confident in your words.

Fancy Synonyms

Always keep your writing simple. Write as if you are explaining something to a ten-year-old. Instead of “abode” use “home.” This way, your content will be appealing to people of all ages.
Incorrect Punctuation

Usage of commas can be very tricky. For instance, we pause when speaking but that should not be the case when writing. They can change the meaning of a sentence if they are used in the wrong place.

Use of Shifting Tenses

These should not be used when writing. For instance, do not use verb shifts such as avoid using verb shifts like, “affects” instead of “affected”. Pronoun shifts such as “you” and “one’s” also need to be avoided.

Use of Qualifiers and intensifiers
Their use should be minimal. Qualifiers such as pretty, sort of, somewhat and intensifiers such as very, absolutely, really, extremely, among others should not be used often.
Use of “Skunked” words
These are words used differently from their original meaning. For instance, do not write “backward” in place of “behind.”

Conclusion on Content Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Word Cloud, Words, Tag, Content Writing Jobs

As a well-established content writer, you can earn a full-time income doing various content writing jobs because you are in high demand.

There are also many free online tools that you can use to check if your work measures up to the required standards in terms of plagiarism, grammar, and readability.

Reading and writing content regularly will help you hone your skills and ultimately get you more and better-paying jobs.

Remember you can not please everyone, if your work is not accepted, do not take it personally, aim at getting better,just don’t give up.

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Banned? Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

I remember when I first applied to Amazon affiliate program and my application as an affiliaate got denied, I felt lost and desperate, what and how was I going to sell Amazon affiliate products on my websites if Amazon did not want me as an affiliate?

Soon I discovered there are many more affiliate programs out there, more than I could have thought.

Amazon’s affiliate program success in online marketing is unparalleled. The company that arrived almost two decades after Microsoft exploited the potential of the Internet like no other business before it did.But I will not dwell on that,you can check more on Amazon history online.

In case your application has not been approved or if Amazon has banned you, there are countless Amazon affiliate program alternatives that you can use to make money online.

This may surprise you if you`re new to affiliate marketing but there are top paying affiliate programs out there that will pay you more for your efforts than Amazon will.

Amazon revenues

Amazon affiliate program,Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

Amazon revenues in 2015 stood at $107 billion approx. This is certainly a mammoth sized empire if you consider that Google’s revenues stood at $74.54 billion approx. and Microsoft’s were $93.58 billion approx. in the same period.

Only Apple surpassed Amazon with $233.72 billion but the credit for it goes to its hardware sales, which actually tripled in the period.According to satista.com.

In other words, Amazon has been leading the pack. The company has in recent times found an unexploited niche for itself, which it is exploiting through Kindle.

Kindle, incidentally was launched for the first time in 2007 and is already changing the way people read. But there is no denying that for now, Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is its bread and butter.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is, as we know, a way to sell a product that we spot and find interesting to others, and earn commission for such sale.Our contacts matter and we know what they would find interesting or would be looking for.

Basically, it is a hotchpotch of social marketing and direct marketing resulting in somewhat target marketing.Need to take classes to learn affiliate marketing? then join the best-rated program and learn affiliate marketing here it`s free to join.

It satisfies the customer because he/she did not know that such a product existed or arrived in the market. That happened a lot in the past, notwithstanding the advertisements.

It satisfies the business enterprise manufacturing the product for obvious reason; after all, it does not have to spend monies for not getting any returns.

The manufacturer would be liable for paying commission, only if sale materialized.Finally, the affiliate marketer would be happy earning monies on the product doing less work but doing it intelligently.

Why is Amazon affiliate program successful?

For starters, it transported to net a direct marketing system that was succeeding in real life, modifying it as it were to rope in many people.

In the process, it generated employment for many and improved the turnover of businesses as well.It also managed to offer enough exposure to all types of products, at minimal cost.

So far as Internet surfers are concerned, they could ask for anything, and Amazon had it for them, sourcing from different corners of the world.

Effectively, people found a way to shop with the new online marketing concept that Amazon came up with.

Join The #1 Rated Affiliate Program

Why Amazon Affiliate Program Is Successful 

A- It does not require much effort to start earning as affiliate;
B-It is free to join though there are paid options as well with additional benefits;
C- System of paying and earning commissions is transparent and there are reports on them;
D- People can rope in visitors to their blogs or websites and get them to visit the products on Amazon marketing network. There is a wide range of products to promote here, which makes it possible to include them more easily on blogs.
E-Amazon also pays for sending people to the site. In other words, it is not necessary that the visitor has to buy something that was suggested. The visitor sent by the blog or website of the affiliate marketer may surf and buy something else and you will still get the comission.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program Doesn’t  Have Everything And Has Its Drawbacks 

A- The tracking cookie deactivates within 24 hours. This means, if the visitor to an affiliate’s blog visits Amazon to look at the product and defers his or her decision to buy the product for another day, the blogger earns nothing because the link expires. Usually, people take time to decide on any expensive purchase;
B- It offers less commission to its affiliates in percentage as well as in raw value. Commission ranges from 4 percent to 15 percent, depending upon the product, in this front, amazon affiliate program commission is not the best out there, there are programs that pay much more.
C.There are reasons that can ban an affiliate from participating in the program.Such eligibility and ban can force the user to look at other alternatives to this program.

Like in traditional businesses, it is always advisable to look at Amazon associates alternatives to fall back on.Below but not limited to are some top affiliate marketing companies you should join.

Before you check these alternatives, check my #1 recommendation program here as I have explained in detail why it`s the best,with a 25-50% commissions you can`t ask for more and do not really need to become Amazon affiliaate.

 Four Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives To Consider:

1. eBay Affiliate Program: Ebay, Website Affiliate Program

This online marketing business was also incorporated around the same time as Amazon. So it is a fairly long-standing business.

eBay also offers several products for promoting, but affiliate marketing program that it ran in the past, was not really liked by the marketers because of various issues.

Recently, it has overhauled its programs, and systems, which makes its affiliate program worthwhile option to Amazon affiliate program.

The major drawback is again that its tracking cookie does not keep track of customers beyond 24 hours.

2. ShareASale

This online marketing business tends to focus more on the fashion industry. Therefore, it is rather restrictive in a way, even though it does have near about half a million different products that it sells.

Within the fashion industry, it offers almost everything, but in general, the niche is narrow.
In so far as cookie’s length is concerned, it varies, as does the commission rate for various products directly or indirectly related to fashion industry.

3. Clickbank

This online marketing site is rich in the choice of e-products available for sale. It, however, has had a checkered history with its affiliate marketing system.

But it is still worth a try considering that the tracking cookie it uses keeps track of the visitor looking at buying any electronic product for almost 2 months or sixty days.

This means the visitor gets time to make up his or her time about the product, and the blog or website owner can earn commission for sending the person over to the site.But this site is not as famous as eBay or Amazon.

Nevertheless, it is worth a try, especially if Amazon has denied your application or banned your site. The site pays commission that is 10 percent and above, which makes the effort worthwhile.

4. CommissionJunction

This is one of the best affiliate marketing sites that are operating today. It is professional in the way it is managed and has technology that is considerably superior to the one being used by Amazon affiliate program.

One of the reasons for its growing popularity is the cookie length. Unlike eBay and Amazon, cookie length varies as per the product and price. Likewise, commission payable also varies.

Nevertheless, this site is fairly popular among affiliates because of professional system in place.


Though there are other online marketing businesses that provide services of affiliates, Amazon affiliate program has been around longer and have that advantage in establishing their reputation.

It will certainly be a while before affiliate programs of other companies overtake their businesses. But earnings from other online marketing businesses can be considerably higher precisely for this reason.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I’d recommend a program where l not only earn 50% affiliate commissions and you will too.It`s free to join, has been online and paying affiliates since 2005 without failure.

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Promoting Your Website Free

Seo, Google, Promoting Your Website Free

Waiting for organic traffic can be slow,paying for traffic too expensive if you are just getting started.Let`s see some methods in promoting your website free,may take time but sure works.

Not so long ago a few jingles on radio and a few advertisements on billboards registered in the minds of people, who tried the product, and then took a call whether they wanted to continue using it or not. The last decades have completely changed that scenario.

Now, people need a website to sell their products, and should know the tricks to pull it up in the search engines.

Surfers do not have the patience to search more than first few pages for what they need.

It does not matter if the product is unique and a solution for some of the most annoying problems. The success of even such an innovative product will depend on how well the website is promoted. Promotion of website refers to drawing traffic of surfers to the website.

Promoting websites can be expensive. But you could also consider promoting your website free. It would take time but the returns would start pouring in slowly and steadily.

What more, if you master the art of promoting your website free, you could also do it for others and earn monies in the process.

For starters, you would need to know the essentials for promoting your website. This means you need to know the following things:

A. How to develop a striking brand

How significant is an apple to you? But when you see the Apple logo or Windows logo for that matter, it creates certain recognition in your mind.
When they started, those logos seemed of little consequence. But today, they identify the company and their product.

You want to promote your website then first develop one. Likewise, you would need a name that becomes permanently yours. Make it striking enough for rousing curiosity.

Also, have signatures for your text messages and emails that unmistakably point towards your product or brand. The signature should lead to your URL, and to the website designed for smartphones as well.

B. Something About Website SEO

What does it mean? It means identify keywords that will pull out your website out of a large pool of websites.Now, how to achieve that?
Luckily, there are tools available for you. “Google keyword tool planner” is one such tool that would help you identify which keywords are not overcrowded and will bring traffic to your website if they are included in your content.

Obviously, those keywords should be related to your desired niche market.

While Selecting Keywords Try To

  1.  Select keywords that are long-tailed, instead of shorter keywords. Shorter keywords can mean struggle to get ranking for the website.
  2.  Select keywords that are not the most popular and yet show reasonably high frequency of searches against it.
  3. This means the surfer has searched for that keyword. Such a keyword is an opportunity to fill in the void that others have not yet filled in.
  4.  Apply tried and tested SEO techniques. This way one can ensure that the keyword is incorporated in the title, content, headings, and any meta description.
  5. The old adage of a picture being worth “a thousand words” holds good, but it would be worth even more if keywords are included in the picture’s title tag as well as the alt tag.

Professionals use similar ways to promote their website. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Try top rated keyword tool free

C. Content Rules

You must have heard that content rules the roost. It is true. So what must you focus on when you write the content?

i. Information about your product or whatever the website is about;
ii. English if the website is in English. Surfers hanging on to the site would belong to the language, and they would automatically expect some level of perfection there. Language should be kept simple .
iii. There should be no ambiguity in the content or contradiction between contents on different pages of the website.
iv. If you know what would interest the surfer, add it on the respective page instead of expecting the surfer to contact you.
v. Content should be lucid, well-written and engaging without being too verbose, and without excessive details.
vi. Presentation improves readability.

Presentation, Marketing, Windmill


It goes without saying that you need to update the website at regular intervals. New information in your posts, rather than merely rephrasing the old information, improves the loyalty of the surfers to your website.

Every time the blog post is added, friends and others on social media should be made aware of it.

In case a company blog is being created, using tools such as Google Authorship would help considerably.

Develop the content and have someone  a close critically approve or disapprove it.

There are websites such as ezoic.com that let people assess the effectiveness of the content they developed and help to optimize the layouts as well ads effect on the pages.

Likewise, websites such as Outbrain.com enable people to optimize utilization of mobile marketing.
D. Use social media to promote your website

Social media helps in developing contacts and identify potential customers far more easily than random targeting.
But apart from such target marketing, it also helps to spread the word since people become friends and check each other’s websites.

Then they become familiar with products and services offered.
They keep such information in mind, and may actually have some other friend looking for such product or facing problems that such product or services can resolve.

Effectively, a channel is built.
Popular social media sites are of course Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and most bloggers use this for traffic, you too can use these towards promoting your website free.
Social media sites can be effectively exploited by coming up with some contests or offering some giveaways for doing something.

These should be on the landing page, and would prompt the visitor to like and add contact information. More shares imply higher ranking on search engine listings.

E. Listing with search engines

Marketing, Business,advertise

Popular search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Any new content should be submitted to these for listing, and they would be indexed.

Failure to do so would mean that fresh content has not received the required level of visibility.
Listing on less popular search engines also helps as not everybody tries to promote their websites through them and the traffic on those sites definitely improves the ranking on all search engines.

F. Draw Others Through Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking can be done through news articles, guest blogging, forum posts, and link exchanges.
Their sites get pulled up, you get dragged up with them, and vice versa, your site is pulled up, they get to take a piggy ride.  Consider contributing free posts to others websites and include required backlinks to your website or blog.

Consider contributing free posts to others websites and include required backlinks to your website or blog.

G. For local business, there is Google local business

Google has a tool for local businesses, i.e., “Google Local Business”.

There is no reason to show the product in International markets if the target market is within the country.

By showing it in other countries, there would be an increase in bounce rates, i.e., the visitor would arrive and leave the site, without waiting for sufficient time, and that works negatively for the site’s ranking.

Google lets website register with them the information without charging anything for such services. In addition, it provides guidance on how to promote the website.

It is indeed a great way to learn how to promote your website free.

Is Promoting Your Website Free Worth The Effort?

Rome was not built in one day. Your website too would take some time to take off and fetch you desired results.

Just because you start seeing results should not, however, be a good reason to stop contributing to your website.

If you are promoting your website, you do need to continue learning and adding new content, seemingly forever.

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What Is Jumia Online Shopping ?

Image result for jumia kenya,Jumia Online Shopping

Jumia online shopping is a site that sells various items such as electronic appliances, home appliances, clothes, shoes and many others through the online market.

This trade was founded in 2012 by a group of Nigerian men. It has spread its services to other parts of Africa and is now among the top online shopping sites that are trusted and thus used by most people.

Jumia online shopping has proved to be very convenient to many of its users. This site is readily available to everyone at any time of the day and all the days of the week.

Any Risks With Jumia Online Shopping?

In short, it works on a 24-hour basis. The package also comes with a risk-free guarantee. This is possible because you do not have to buy an item before you are fully satisfied with the product.

Like most of the online shopping platforms, your product will be delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

Jumia also has offices in different cities and countries in Africa so you can opt to Pick up your shopping from the offices.

The package also comes with a risk-free guarantee. This is possible because you do not have to buy an item before you are fully satisfied with it.

What Is Jumia Online Shopping AffiliateJumia online shopping

One of the good things about Jumia is its affiliate program. If you have a blog with good traffic, you can sign up to be an affiliate at Jumia.

You will have to sign via CJ as a Publisher and once you are accepted, you can start driving traffic to your website or blog and if you make sales, you will earn commissions.

The banners and text links that you generate at CJ.com are the ones that you will place on your blog or website.

The Jumia affiliate shopping is still in its early stages since it is barely two years old in most areas but that does not mean that it is not profitable.

Click Here To Join The Best Affiliate Program

Jumia ad banners and text links can attract customers if they are relevant to what your target audience needs and if they are in visible positions on your website.

Text links should preferably be short and descriptive if you want them to attract clicks.

A good example would be, “Buy latest Jumia Shoes here.” It is also in your best interest that you keep tabs on your performance in CJ.com.

The payout threshold is $100 which you can withdraw as soon as it accumulates.

If you do not own a website or blog, you can still be a Jumia affiliate. You can sign up to a Jumia affiliate after which you are given a unique link.

You can then post it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ among others or you can create a free website here

Discussion forums are also a good place to post your link due to its high conversion rate.

Whatever you do, always ensure to place your link where it is related to the subject being discussed otherwise you risk being marked spam.

These methods tend to be tedious you have to build a good reputation in social media or people will just ignore your links.

Pros of being a Jumia affiliate


• High commissions of up to 11%
• Jumia banners have some of the latest designs. They can thus attract lots of customers to click on them and thus buy goods through your affiliate link.
• Premium publishers in Jumia are entitled to premium commission every now and then.
• Jumia has a highly efficient support team that is available 24/7. They solve affiliates’ issues within a short period of time.
• A single product feed in Jumia can contain 50,000 products or more thus give you wide variety to choose from.
• Payment can be made through local bank transfer.

Cons :

  • online shopping is relatively new in Africa so you might struggle to make sales.
  •  You can refer several customers to Jumia but if none of them makes a purchase using your affiliate link you will not be paid anything.
  • Jumia accepts cash on delivery, making it hard for an affiliate to track if a sale is made or not.
  • Getting approved to be a Jumia affiliate is not easy if your website has low traffic.

Alternative Affiliate Programs Jumia online shopping

Apart from Jumia online shopping, there are other choices that are preferable and suggestions to explore. Such sites include my #1 recommendation, Share a Sale, Amazon Olx, Vconnect, Kaymu, Konga, and Dealdey among others.

Some of these sites such as Olx allow you to sell almost anything online. They have incredible selling prices, good delivery service, and the customer services are just great.


There are several Jumia affiliates who are already reaping big from their links. You can also be one of them if you already have a well-established blog.

Or if you are located in Africa, you can shop for different products at competitive prices.

Think someone can benefit from this post? go ahead and share it in Social Media

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How Lucrative Are Make Money Online Surveys ?

Make money online surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn your first dollar online. But how much can you earn taking surveys? most of the time you`ll hear you only need to have a computer and access to the internet to get started but are earn money online surveys really worth the effort?

In fact, there are some online surveys you can complete with your phone. Surveys require that you give your opinion on particular products and services.

You will be surprised by the number of companies that have enlisted research panels of average consumers to complete online surveys. Any company looking to improve services do so through surveys.

Search, Internet, Marketing,online surveys

Does It Cost Anything To Join?

Surveys sites are free to join. Experienced online surveys site members will tell you that you that you have to join numerous surveys sites to increase earning potential.

This is because earning is slow and l will explain more below.

Although these sites are free to join, you will not have access to all surveys except those which you qualify for.

Country Targeted Surveys

Survey sites require that you provide your personal and demographic information when joining. This is what will be used when selecting participants for surveys on particular services and products.

The majority of online survey sites are usually limited to a particular country or countries where the products and services being reviewed are available.

Those that offer online surveys to participants worldwide are very few. The surveys being offered are very few thus making their payouts as low as $5.

This may seem like a small amount, but you will be surprised it may take you over a month to reach cash out, this is because the pay is very low, most surveys pay about $1 or less per survey completed.

But How Will You Know There is Surveys To Complete?Internet, Laptop, survey,online

Participants that have been deemed suitable panel members will receive an email inviting them to take a short screening survey.

There are times you will get an invitation to a screening which usually takes between 3-5 minutes but still not makes it to the main survey.

Upon qualification, you will be given a longer online paid survey. You will be paid upon successful completion of the task assigned to you.(note that the money is kept in your account till you reach the minimum payout)

Surveys can be as short as five minutes while others can take you as long as 30 minutes but the latter are very few.

Compensation for surveys depends on the company and the survey.

There are surveys that will pay you a few dollars or cents while others will send you free products in return for trying them and submitting your feedback about them.

A Majority of surveys “pay” by enrolling participants into sweepstakes where being the ultimate winner is almost impossible so you should decide if you`re going to take surveys for cash only or if anything is ok.

Online survey companies need honest answers from the participants they select. Should you be one of the respondents, do not makeup answers or ask unqualified people to fill them up for you.

You should do your best in giving honest answers because you will be building your credibility and potentiality of getting more surveys

Important Points To Consider Before You Join Online $urvey Sites

A-Numerous Make Money online Surveys Scam Sites

There are many illegitimate make money online surveys sites. Surveys sites that lure people into signing up by sending spam emails such as, “Earn $200 per week!All from the comfort of your bedroom” should be ignored. Promises of quick money with little effort should always spell scam.

Other scammers pay freelancers commissions for fake testimonials to rank their survey sites at the top and make them appear legitimate.

Scammers can be very cunning making it hard to identify them. To avoid being scammed, you should never give any importance to spam solicitations.

You also have to ensure that you always use Google and other search engines for reviews to find details on the company you want to sign up to.

You might find complaints from people who have been scammed.Check complaintsboard.com and see how many complaints they receive of surveys sites not paying

B-The pay is negligible

As opposed to other means of making money online, you cannot expect to earn a full-time income from taking online surveys.

Make money online survey sites usually pay in cents so the maximum amount of money you can expect is $100 after months.

This is a very small amount of money given the kind of effort you have to put into some surveys.

Join Where I Make Real Money Online

C-Offering personal information

While signing up to online survey sites may be free and easy, the kind of personal information you have to provide can be disadvantageous to you.

If you sign up to a scam site, there is a high likelihood that your information is going to be shared with third parties.

Your inbox may be bombarded with numerous unsolicited emails or worse still, your bank details can be used to steal money from your accounts.

When signing up to several make money online surveys, I`d advise you to have a separate email address so as to keep your private email address safe.

Bottom line

Scam sites are increasing by the day. However, that does not mean that there are no legitimate make money online surveys.

If you compare the time and effort you have to put into online surveys with the kind of compensation you get, you will realize that it is not the best way to make money online.

There are many ways to make money online that can pay you better than the cents you get from online surveys. One of the best ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is sell products online this is very lucrative as you decide how much you make, check my #1 recommendation, the place I learned to make money online.

Have you or anyone you know been scammed time wise or money wise with these make money online surveys? would like to hear from you, leave me a message below.

“Know anyone who can profit from reading this?go ahead and share with them on social media”.

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Should You Start Blogging Online

Thoughts, Clouds, Font, Free, Freedom,start Blogging Online

Should you start blogging online and how do you get started?what do you need and what exactly is blogging?

Internet ushered in the new vocabulary that did not exist merely four decades ago. Blogging is one of the most popular ones amongst it.

Most people have heard it, and even used it, but few really know what it is.

Blogging is another name for weblog, which is nothing but a page on the website which is maintained like a diary.

The diary records the events and information, informally, which others read, react to, or add to. The network of people interested in the topic is formed, which includes those who are for or against what is mentioned on the blog.

So what is the big deal about blogging?

“Why should you start blogging online?” is a question that is often asked by the people. After all, views on any subject can be exchanged on Facebook and other social media sites.Similarly, people can offer information, or get information by asking on such sites.

The difference between such kind of posts and blogging is the stating of opinions on many topics and specialization on the topic.

Icon Set, Twitter, Google, Social Media

On social media sites, people do not confine themselves to any main theme or topic.

They may discuss the topic in depth, but for a short duration.

They do not come to update the information, and even if the information is updated, it may not be read by others who participated in that conversation or discussion.There is, also a limited set of people accessing such information.

Personal blogs, on the other hand, focus on the topic and offer information that is directly or indirectly related to the topic.Effectively, these weblogs reduce the need to search specific information.

Moreover, the blogger periodically adds new information on the topic and such information can be identified more easily unlike on social media sites.

 why exactly should you start blogging online?

Agreed that blogging reaches out to a specific set of people who are interested in the subject. But that still does not explain how it benefits blogger in any way, right?

For starters, there are several benefits of blogging online. These include

A. Blogger shares the information that is at his or her disposal, and gets some in return in that informal environment;
B. Blogger can earn monies from blogs as advertisements related directly or indirectly to the subjects can be embedded on the web page, whence the blogger gets paid for the number of views;
C. Blogging improves skills of expression in writing. Blogger acquires clarity in thinking and becomes more articulate in expressing.The content is also presented more coherently and sequentially. Such skills make entry into freelance writing easier.In fact, freelance writing should also be done by bloggers to improve presence on the internet and draw traffic to their own blogs.
D. Blogging being an informal environment makes it easier for blogger to accept any corrections without any ego conflicts, which is more likely on professional sites;
E. Blogging also helps to promote causes or sell products directly or through affiliates;
F. Blogging is easy. Knowledge of the subject is all that is needed apart from command over the language in which the blog is created.
G. Blogger can impress people and be called to speak on the subject or find consulting deals.

Money making from blogging

People rarely do work without expecting monetary rewards. Moreover, if they begin something, they expect the rewards to be quick and substantial.Monetary success in blogging depends on many factors.

If you are in a dilemma regarding should you start blogging online or not, you need to understand some basics about blogging.You can also read this about making money

Fundamentals For Earning From Blogging:

A.Select A Niche

You need to select a topic that you are familiar with and which interests you. So you know, there is no niche that is not profitable, you can make money with all niches.

If the niche interests you but you do not know much about it, you will read more about it, and be able to come up with new content more easily.

But do analyze the percentage of likely traffic towards the site. People will search more for health insurances than for organic herbs. Read more about niche selection here

B.Build A Website:

Here you`ll need to think if you want a free hosted website or self-host.There are free host sites like blogger.com but these sites have limitations

Eg: www.timelessbeaitysolutions.blogspot.com or www.timelessbeautysolutions.comYou see that the second option looks much better.

Not only are the free website limiting, having your own website is like real estate, as time goes, your website increase in value.

C. Content Can Never Be Deposed As The King

How you present the content matters as much as what is in it.Write what people can read in an easy way, a block of boring text is not what many online readers want.

Moreover, visitors of the blog would love to come across new content on regular basis. This means regular updating of the content is required.

D. SEO Techniques

Though not a must, bloggers are highly recommended to get familiar with SEO.

It is important if you desire to achieve high ranking in search engines. A high ranking means more views and increased traffic to the blog.

E. Traffic to your blog is important

Traffic refers to your website/blog visitors. The visitor not only needs to stay on your site, but this can only happen if you have high-quality content.

Based on such analysis, it is possible to design the content and even write on other people’s blogs with keywords and backlinks to bring traffic to your own page.

keywords play a big role in increasing the searchability and visibility of the blog.

F. Interact with visitors

Many bloggers leave the page there and do not interact with the visitors seeking information or adding to it.

Big mistake! Huge mistake! That visitor can actually become a regular visitor to your blogs, and even recommend your blog to another person.

Therefore, replying and interacting with people raising questions, or even offering negative views is necessary.

Obviously, some level of civility is called for when you start blogging online and dealing with visitors because others are watching.

I am doing everything right but not making money

Have patience! You have only invested your time in there, and very little by way of money, haven’t you?

Finding affiliates may take a while. Also, Google Ad Sense is only available after you show a regular activity with quality content.

So what you need is being regular with updating information, and keeping the visitor informed.

Also note that you may be rejected by publishers, but the audience would not.

Here, the core matter of the content is important, and not how you dress it. You don’t have to be an expert in everything to start blogging Online,  put in as much effort and you will improve.

Returns may take time but will come in due course if you have done everything right.


There can only be one answer if you should start blogging online”, and that is yes. It is one of the easiest ways to earn monies online provided you have patience and are a regular contributor to your own blog.

The best thing about it is, you are your own boss and you don’t have anybody breathing down your neck paying you the pittance for your hard work.

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Can Anyone Do Home Based Internet Jobs?

“Can anyone do home based internet jobs?” This is the question that rings in the minds of newbies who have no idea about what working online entails.

The answer is actually very simple, anyone can do home based internet jobs. When as a newbie you come across people who are successful in online jobs, you may feel intimidated and wonder if you can ever be like them.

Yes, you can. There are many online jobs that you can begin without any experience and with time you can advance to better-paying home based internet jobs.

There are many online jobs that you can begin without any experience and with time you can advance to better-paying home based internet jobs.

The best thing about internet jobs is that you get to determine the kind of pay you are going to receive.Home Based Internet Jobs

If you are determined, focused and willing to learn new things daily, you will always be smiling to the bank.

If you do not put in the effort to your online work, you might find yourself giving up before you even get started.

Basically, you are your own boss when it comes to online jobs. You set your own working hours and can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

You set your own working hours and can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

How To Start Home Based Internet Jobs

Since online jobs are diverse, you will find that there are those that require expertise. Such jobs can earn you a lot of money if you master the skills perfectly.

You have probably heard of people who became very successful in a particular type of online job all because of training.

This is what you also need if you are looking for a prime opportunity to expand your knowledge base.

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Training will address your weaknesses and strengthen your skills and improve your performance and consistency.

There are many free online courses you can take irrespective of which online job you have chosen. This kind of training is best suited for beginners.

However, once you have established your niche you need to invest time and money in proper training.Read more about choosing a niche here

There are professional and experienced trainers (individual or institution) who will not only teach you all you need to know but will also give you certification which you can use when applying for online jobs.

Training is one of the steps you have to take especially if you want to earn a living online. Training can take anywhere from weeks to months depending on the skill you are being taught.


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If you thought training was enough, then you are wrong. You need to practice what you have been taught.

Training would be useless if you didn’t practice over and over till you become the best. There is a lot of competition when it comes to online jobs and you should always try to be the best.

Mistakes to avoid

One of the greatest mistakes that people make is doing online jobs with the expectation of becoming rich quickly.Just like

Just like a traditional business,it will take you time to build trust.Getting started and expecting riches in a month is fantasy,it does not work that way.

There may be people who are earning a six figure income working online but if you ask them, you will be surprised at the experiences they had to go though to reach where they are.

You have to start small and work towards your ultimate goal at the right pace.

Example Of Home Based Internet Jobs

Say you love cooking and like taking photos of your cooking or sharing your idea with friends, how about creating a website where you can share your recipes with a wider audience?Once you have the audience,you can sell kitchen affiliate products.

You will be making money doing something you already love and are already doing sharing recipes.

Making money online is  that easy,find what you enjoy doing,build a website,get an audience then sell affiliate products.


You should also avoid falling into the traps of scammers. You only require an internet connected computer or device to start home based internet jobs.

Never fall for promises of people who promise you to make you rich in a month. These are scammers.

It is free to apply to most of the internet job and get accepted especially if you have the skills needed. All you have to do is just believe in yourself.


If you still haven’t dived into the pool of home based internet jobs, you are missing out. These jobs are a great way to earn extra income or a full-time income.

As long as you get the right kind of training and then practice it regularly, you are good to go.

Most importantly, you should steer clear of scammers because just like you, they are trying to make a living online so they do not have your best interests at heart.


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Should YouTrust Binary Options Trading Reviews?

Binary options are luring traders from traditional markets. The reason behind it is very simple. There is a general perception that it is easy to earn plenty of money in this type of trading, and such money could be earned faster.
As more and more traders, including small time players, have started turning towards this lucrative way of earning, websites offering binary options trading reviews have also come into the picture.

But Should Trust The Binary Options Trading Reviews?

Information available in Binary options trading reviewsBinary Options Trading ,ideas,Sales,Trade

The websites that offer such reviews seem to offer crucial information about binary options trading sites such as:

A- Is this broker regulated and does the broker hold a license?
B- How much is the minimum deposit required?
C- How are the “in the money”, and “out of the money” for this site? What are the expected returns from the site? This varies as per the platform and other hardware as well as software being used.

D-What are the expected returns from the site? This varies as per the platform and other hardware as well as software being used.
E-What type of platform do they offer for binary trading? Does it have robotic execution or indications, or does it use the signal?
F- Does the site offer any bonus? If so, how much?
G-How do users rank the site, and how many users have ranked the site so far?
H- Where are their offices located?
I- What are their phone numbers?

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It may seem to be comprehensive information, but it is not. These binary options trading reviews are silent on many things.

For example, these review sites do not mention details of regulatory authorities under whose jurisdiction the broker would come, and do not give any way to approach such regulatory authorities.
Many of these reviews are also not updated periodically.
They offer the link to the respective “Binary options trading” broker’s site, but the binary options trader would need to do a lot of homework.

For example, when did the broker launch the site, has the site been paying, are there any grievances, etc.
Effectively, the trader does not get much information from the binary options trading reviews available online.

But the growing concern about these reviews sites is that they fail to spot scams.Read more here

Scams And Binary Options Trading Reviews

The rating is obviously based on users. But are the users authentic? Here is how a binary options trading scammers operate:

1. He or she creates an attractive website portraying that he or she is a licensed binary options broker.

Are binary options trading reviews verifying this information? No.
2. This scammer writes a software program that comes up with trading signals.

That is not a very difficult thing to do.

Many trading signals generating software programs are available in the market.
The scammer merely has to rewrite the program or even use any one of the available free tools. Review sites do not verify such things and have no comments to offer on software program of the scammer;
3. The scammer begins advertising the trading platform and the software program.

There is no compunction in using fake testimonials and coming up with many names.

Review sites do not confirm the true identity of the person;Read my older post about fake reviews
4. Scamming site wipes out the initial deposit and soon asks the trader to invest some more.

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The binary options trading reviews cannot be relied upon to give the accurate rankings to the binary options trading brokers. While some indications may be right, a lot of homework is still needed while selecting a binary options trading platform.

While some indications may be right, a lot of homework is still needed while selecting a binary options trading platform.
In addition, the trader also needs to be familiar with binary options trading transactions, and signals to differentiate between a reliable broker and a scammer.

Binary options trading is not for everyone,you can have more success creating your own website and selling other people’s products, it`s free to get started so put your credit card away.

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