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Waiting for organic traffic can be slow,paying for traffic too expensive if you are just getting started.Let`s see some methods in promoting your website free,may take time but sure works.

Not so long ago a few jingles on radio and a few advertisements on billboards registered in the minds of people, who tried the product, and then took a call whether they wanted to continue using it or not. The last decades have completely changed that scenario.

Now, people need a website to sell their products, and should know the tricks to pull it up in the search engines.

Surfers do not have the patience to search more than first few pages for what they need.

It does not matter if the product is unique and a solution for some of the most annoying problems. The success of even such an innovative product will depend on how well the website is promoted. Promotion of website refers to drawing traffic of surfers to the website.

Promoting websites can be expensive. But you could also consider promoting your website free. It would take time but the returns would start pouring in slowly and steadily.

What more, if you master the art of promoting your website free, you could also do it for others and earn monies in the process.

For starters, you would need to know the essentials for promoting your website. This means you need to know the following things:

A. How to develop a striking brand

How significant is an apple to you? But when you see the Apple logo or Windows logo for that matter, it creates certain recognition in your mind.
When they started, those logos seemed of little consequence. But today, they identify the company and their product.

You want to promote your website then first develop one. Likewise, you would need a name that becomes permanently yours. Make it striking enough for rousing curiosity.

Also, have signatures for your text messages and emails that unmistakably point towards your product or brand. The signature should lead to your URL, and to the website designed for smartphones as well.

B. Something About Website SEO

What does it mean? It means identify keywords that will pull out your website out of a large pool of websites.Now, how to achieve that?
Luckily, there are tools available for you. “Google keyword tool planner” is one such tool that would help you identify which keywords are not overcrowded and will bring traffic to your website if they are included in your content.

Obviously, those keywords should be related to your desired niche market.

While Selecting Keywords Try To

  1.  Select keywords that are long-tailed, instead of shorter keywords. Shorter keywords can mean struggle to get ranking for the website.
  2.  Select keywords that are not the most popular and yet show reasonably high frequency of searches against it.
  3. This means the surfer has searched for that keyword. Such a keyword is an opportunity to fill in the void that others have not yet filled in.
  4.  Apply tried and tested SEO techniques. This way one can ensure that the keyword is incorporated in the title, content, headings, and any meta description.
  5. The old adage of a picture being worth “a thousand words” holds good, but it would be worth even more if keywords are included in the picture’s title tag as well as the alt tag.

Professionals use similar ways to promote their website. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Try top rated keyword tool free

C. Content Rules

You must have heard that content rules the roost. It is true. So what must you focus on when you write the content?

i. Information about your product or whatever the website is about;
ii. English if the website is in English. Surfers hanging on to the site would belong to the language, and they would automatically expect some level of perfection there. Language should be kept simple .
iii. There should be no ambiguity in the content or contradiction between contents on different pages of the website.
iv. If you know what would interest the surfer, add it on the respective page instead of expecting the surfer to contact you.
v. Content should be lucid, well-written and engaging without being too verbose, and without excessive details.
vi. Presentation improves readability.

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It goes without saying that you need to update the website at regular intervals. New information in your posts, rather than merely rephrasing the old information, improves the loyalty of the surfers to your website.

Every time the blog post is added, friends and others on social media should be made aware of it.

In case a company blog is being created, using tools such as Google Authorship would help considerably.

Develop the content and have someone  a close critically approve or disapprove it.

There are websites such as that let people assess the effectiveness of the content they developed and help to optimize the layouts as well ads effect on the pages.

Likewise, websites such as enable people to optimize utilization of mobile marketing.
D. Use social media to promote your website

Social media helps in developing contacts and identify potential customers far more easily than random targeting.
But apart from such target marketing, it also helps to spread the word since people become friends and check each other’s websites.

Then they become familiar with products and services offered.
They keep such information in mind, and may actually have some other friend looking for such product or facing problems that such product or services can resolve.

Effectively, a channel is built.
Popular social media sites are of course Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and most bloggers use this for traffic, you too can use these towards promoting your website free.
Social media sites can be effectively exploited by coming up with some contests or offering some giveaways for doing something.

These should be on the landing page, and would prompt the visitor to like and add contact information. More shares imply higher ranking on search engine listings.

E. Listing with search engines

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Popular search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Any new content should be submitted to these for listing, and they would be indexed.

Failure to do so would mean that fresh content has not received the required level of visibility.
Listing on less popular search engines also helps as not everybody tries to promote their websites through them and the traffic on those sites definitely improves the ranking on all search engines.

F. Draw Others Through Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking can be done through news articles, guest blogging, forum posts, and link exchanges.
Their sites get pulled up, you get dragged up with them, and vice versa, your site is pulled up, they get to take a piggy ride.  Consider contributing free posts to others websites and include required backlinks to your website or blog.

Consider contributing free posts to others websites and include required backlinks to your website or blog.

G. For local business, there is Google local business

Google has a tool for local businesses, i.e., “Google Local Business”.

There is no reason to show the product in International markets if the target market is within the country.

By showing it in other countries, there would be an increase in bounce rates, i.e., the visitor would arrive and leave the site, without waiting for sufficient time, and that works negatively for the site’s ranking.

Google lets website register with them the information without charging anything for such services. In addition, it provides guidance on how to promote the website.

It is indeed a great way to learn how to promote your website free.

Is Promoting Your Website Free Worth The Effort?

Rome was not built in one day. Your website too would take some time to take off and fetch you desired results.

Just because you start seeing results should not, however, be a good reason to stop contributing to your website.

If you are promoting your website, you do need to continue learning and adding new content, seemingly forever.

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