A Guide To Keyword Research For High Ranking Blog Post

If you`re new to the term keyword, here is a guide to Keyword research for a high ranking blog post and at the end, you`ll be comfortable searching for the right keywords like a pro and every post you write from now on will start to rank and get your site traffic from the search engines.

Keywords are phrases in your website content that make it possible for people to find your site in a search engine.

A high-ranking website does its research to find relevant keywords for its niche and also ‘speaks the same language as its target audience.

Put simply, a keyword is any word that your visitors type in google to find your site. As a blogger, your primary reason for keyword research is to find what your readers are looking for and create content around that keyword.

I’m going to talk you through the process of research and explain why Keywords are so important.Your Blog Not Ranking,learn how to do proper keyword research

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically a variety of techniques used to increase the number of visitors to a website by achieving high ranks in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO works miracles for any type of business done online because it has a direct impact on readership, sales, and raking.

If done properly and in the right measures you can take your website from non-existent to top page rankings!

Making your website more accessible and easy to find means the greater the chances of having an increase in business.

These few simple steps done properly can work wonders for any website:

Strong and Informative Content 

Strong content goes into depth about its particular topic, the more informative and useful the more people will trust your content.

It should be clear and simple yet fulfilling enough for the visitor to end the search on your website, meaning they won’t look elsewhere for information.


The majority of your posts should have a few keywords in it which you might base your article around.

However, keywords should not be used in excess as your content is naturally being indexed and it needs to flow.

Keywords are important but don’t lose sight of your niche and your visitor’s needs.

Unique Content

Your content should not be a rewording of similar articles already ranked in Google.

Do your research, read books articles and learn the ins and outs of your niche so you have a clear understanding yourself because you want to provide your visitors with new information or a new take on your niche.

Fresh Content 

You need to be up to date with your chosen niche. Sign up for Google alerts or online magazines as part of your research before you start writing.

Keyword Research

Most people use keywords in excess, so every page or post will be loaded with keywords.

Making the content awkward to read and engage with means you eventually lose the interest of your visitor and the search engines.

A good website is informative and helpful and is conscious of its visitors at all times.

This means quality content. So before I go into more detail about some techniques you can use to research keywords.

Let me emphasize that keywords should not be your main focus!

Most of the content you write is naturally being indexed anyway, so you need to keep the interest of your readership with flowing and useful content because that’s what Google looks for and that’s how you achieve high rankings!

3 Ways To Search For Keywords

1. Google Instant

Using Google instant is a free and easy way to get an idea of what people are searching for in your niche.

It’s great if you’re stuck for ideas on what your next article should be about.

For example, If I had a website about ‘losing weight’, I would type that into Google to see what other people are searching for and Google will give me different phases people are searching for the most.

2. This Keyword Tool

Google instant gives you a list of highly sought-after keywords or popular searches, but for people who have just created a new website a guide to keyword research will explain all the steps you need to follow.

Your best bet for rankings is to go after ‘low hanging fruit keywords,(read more about low hanging fruit here) these are low competition keywords that still bring in the visitors but you have a higher chance of attaining page one or two rankings in Google.

To get to these keywords a more advanced tool such as the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Keyword Tool can help you with this! Keyword tool image

This a lot more detailed than Google instant as it determines the number of searches, traffic, and competition each keyword holds.

If I wanted to find keywords for “for example” affiliate marketing, the keyword tool will show me that the word is high competition and hard to rank for.

But the tool will still show me other keywords I can use to achieve better rankings.

This way, I know that instead of writing my keyword simply as affiliate marketing, I will choose a keyword “Affiliate marketing secrets”

Image Below Explained

  • Red-Poor(too much competition)
  • Yellow -Ok (need more work to rank)
  • Green-Easy to rank for as the keyword has low competition
  • Keyword-word/phase people type in search engines
  • AVG-People searching for that keyword in a month
  • Traffic-Average monthly traffic
  • QSR-Competition(blogs ranking with the same keyword)
  • KQI-Keyword quality indicator so you know your chance of ranking on page 1 of Google
  • SEO-Seo score
  • Domains-Tells you which domains are available for the exact search term

A Guide To Keyword Research from Jaaxy keyword tool

There are about 14253 results for this particular keyword which is decent but a low competition keyword should have under 100 results.

As you build more and more content around these low competition keywords, the numbers start adding up meaning more visitors and higher rankings.

You might never use high competition keywords again! However, the WA Keyword Tool is not available for starter members but there is a free alternative that is just as awesome!


JAAXY doesn’t have a sort option like the WA Keyword Tool, however, it does have an SEO column that gives you a score out of 100 on how likely a keyword will rank on the first page of Google.

The higher you score, the better! JAAXY also has a related section to the right which is similar to the ‘Dig’ function on the WA Keyword Tool.

The QSR column is similar to the ‘view results’ option, it tells you how many competing websites there are for a particular keyword, remember under 100 is ideal!

There is also an awesome Domain function in JAAXY that tells you whether a domain is available for a certain keyword and there is a lot more other useful functions that make keyword research fast efficient and even fun!

So JAAXY is a fantastic tool for you to make use off and what’s better is that there is a free trial you can use which offers 30 free searches! That’s a lot of content ideas for free!

I like to use JAXXY in conjunction with this platform because there’s so much training available on the proper use of keywords, where to place them, how to search for them, and much more!

Although the WA free starter membership doesn’t offer the Keyword Tool, there’s still training available which you can use with your free JAAXY trial.

How Many Searches are Good?

There is really no fixed rule for the number of keywords, but if you are trying to rank a new website then the general rule is to find keywords with less than 100 competing sites and a minimum of 100 searches a month.

But then, if you are producing good content, you can go for lower than 100 a month searches because every post you write ranks for more than 1 keyword.

Other Keyword Tools To Find keywords

There are other programs out there that you can use to find targeted keywords, one I will recommend if you are not using Jaaxy is this program here, it`s a great tool and I wrote a review about it which you can read here but I can not justify paying so much for a keyword research tool.

What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

The best free and paid keyword research tools that will help you with search volumes in my opinion should be the ones you can afford. I have used Semrush, Jaaxy, Ahrefs, and Affilorama. Each Keyword tool has its negatives and positives, but I just can not justify paying $100 a month for a keyword tool to help me with SEO metrics. You can try Semrush here free to see how it works.That’s why to me, the best keyword research tool still remains Jaaxy, you get quality and value for money. You can click here to try the Jaaxy keyword tool totally free.Free keyword tools like this are ok when you`re just getting started but as your blog grows, you`ll need a paid keyword tool to help you spy on your competitors.

Final Word On  A Guide To Keyword Research

I hope this post will help you understand more about how to search for low-hanging keywords that are easy to rank.

Remember it takes a bit longer for newer websites to rank and the more content you produce using any keyword tool of your choice and going for the best keywords, the higher your site will rank.

Find phrases that other bloggers in your niche use the least, write a post that gets ranked high.

Let me know how you get on with your free trials, or if you have any more questions, leave me a message below I’d love to hear some feedback.

Something I Forgot To Mention

The keyword tool updates monthly, so the numbers you see this month may not be the same as next month or the month before.

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  1. Nice thanks for sharing informative post like this keep posting if like more details visit my website linkhttps://salesforcemasters.in/

  2. Thanks for making me aware of Affilate keywoord tools,upto now, I have been posting on my site without searching for keywords and my blog end up now ranking or is somewhere on page 9 of google.
    Which in your opinion is the best keyword tool I should chose?

    • thanks for stopping by, writing any blogpost without looking for low ranking keywords is a sure way to failure.Good keyword tools do not even cost too much and the good thing is that you can pay month by month as you go which means you can get a keyword tool for 1 month,search and save as many keywords as you wish then downgrade again till you need it next time.

    • Glad you found the post useful, I find that writing a new post without researching for low competition keywords is almost like a waste of time, there are too many blogs out there competing for the same keywords so you have to know what keywords will help you rank higher.

  3. usually, I don’t comments on blogs but your blog is very interesting its full of information and i liked it .your article is very convincing. I am also providing a course of angular js and other software training course at Hyderabad .so for more just go through a link.

    • I really appreciate you stopping by, I will visit your site and see what you offer.I think blogging without searching for keywords and knowing what keywords are easy to rank for is not very wise, no one finds your post on page 2,3 of google.
      Looking for keywords is the best way to have a chance at high ranking and getting to page 1 of google.

  4. Sarganser,

    In recent days, I could see more bloggers discussing the Wealthy Affiliate tool. I am sure it must be the potential to fetch the appropriate keywords. And Jaxxy too. Is there free versions available to give it a try? I have been using the ‘Keyword Everywhere’ to find the search volume of any keyword that I opt for (mostly for relevant keywords). Now, that’s a paid tool. However, if I want to go for a full suite SEO tool, I hope these would be considerable.

    • I`d go for Jaaxy, you have 30 free trials so you know what you`re getting before you decide if you want to upgrade or not. Unlike other keyword tools, Jaaxy coat only $19 a month so it`s really affordable. Not only do you get to look for keywords, but you can also spy on your competitors, check where your site is ranking or find domains and much more. I have been using Jaaxy since I started blogging. I tried other tools but they are just too expensive and some are not even as reliable.
      Give Jaaxy a try, at least the free trial period as it`s no strings attached.

  5. Sarganser,

    Great ideas. Keywords are the foundation. Indeed, we must understand our target audience’s search intent before settling upon our focus keyword. However, I am quite new to the tools like Wealthy Affiliate & Jaxxy, that you have mentioned here. I’ll give a try for sure.

    • Wealthy Affiliate has been around for so long and the training is first class.Best of all, it`s free to join(just as mentioned on my post).
      Jaaxy is a brilliant tool to help you find low competition keywords or if you want to know where your site is ranked.jaaxy is my go-to tool.Best of all, Jaaxy too has free trial so you can see what you are getting.If you decide it`s the right tool for your business, it`s quite affordable too.


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