Earn Instant Gift Cards – An InstaGC Review

An InstaGC Review

An instaGC review will look at what the program is, how it works, how to earn on the site, and finally if it`s worth time and effort.

InstaGC is basically a gift card reward site. You are rewarded with points once you have completed a certain task.

These tasks can be watching videos, filling out surveys, listening to music, visiting websites, testing games, and much more.

Once you have earned your points, you can redeem them for a gift card from one of your favorite stores Like Amazon.

So, is it possible to earn instant gift cards? The answer is yes, but listen to the rest of the story.

Signing Up To Insta GCearn gift cards online with insta GC

The initial sign up was very easy and straight forward. The first impression of the site was a bit overwhelming. There were so many choices;

I didn’t know where to start. So I went to the right upper corner and found the guide. That helped a lot.

I would suggest starting with the guide. It gets you orientated with the site and answers most of your questions.
I would also suggest getting a new email address, just for this site. You will be asked for an email address at just about every website you visit, while you are earning points.

You should expect emails from everywhere you sign up. You can get a new email from Gmail or Yahoo to avoid your email address being filled with spam emails from some of the programs you`ll sign up to but this is up to you.
There were so many ways to earn points. So I decided to start out doing a few tasks in each category.

Earning Categories At Insta GC


Clicks send you to websites to browse and complete tasks. Some tasks are as simple as clicking on an advertising flyer.

Some ask you to do a search then click on a search result.

The point reward is between 1-5 or .01-.05. (cents) in cash value. That’s not a lot! I spent 10 minutes and did 8 offers. I was rewarded with 6 points.

That’s not a lot of money for your time! I spent 20 minutes and did 8 offers. I was rewarded with 6 points. I did a 5 pointer but did not get credit for completion.

I had to go through a 10-page article and enter letters in a captcha at the end. There was no captcha, so no completion.

That’s not good when I’m doing an InstaGC review. I took off points for that one.

Insta GC Offers

Offers are things like surveys and studies. I played a weird video game for 10 minutes and received 25 points or .25 cents. That’s not a good time vs. money ratio.

I also took a survey that took about 8 minutes and I was rewarded with 105 points or $1.05. That’s a low payout for an online survey but it could be worse, I`ve participated in cheaper surveys.


You have to go to certain websites and buy something. Once you buy something you receive 1-15% back in points/per dollar spent. So at 10%, $1.00 spent = 10 points .

If you spent $100.00 you would get 1000 points or $10.00. It’s worth it if there is something you were going to buy anyway.

There was a lot to choose from and they had some big names like Wal-Mart. Amazon and Target. I would stay away from the low % offers.

Click here To Shop At Amazon And Earn Points


Tasks are the social section. Between 2-5 points or .02-.05 (cents) they would like you to share or follow on social media.

For 25 points or .25 (cents) you can create a new forum thread or blog post.

It’s not worth the time or aggravation for spamming friends and family but if you are crazy about social media, go ahead and try it.

 instaGC Trials

You will receive points for signing up for trials. They have several different trials from 7day to 30day with a cost to you (yes you have to shell out cash) of $0-$10.00. It depends on which one you choose.
The points rewarded here in trials seem to be the best value. I went with a new one-day fantasy league trial.

I had to deposit $10.00 and play one fantasy game for money. I received 1200 points which equate to $12.00 and the potential to win big money on the fantasy site.

Now I`m not a gamer in any way shape or form but just had to give it a try as I wanted to write a complete and informed review of instaGC.
All other point rewards were well above the money you had to put up. For example, you can buy 4 Dr. Seuss books at $ .99 cents each and get rewarded with 750 points or $7.50.

That alone is a profit of $3.50 and you have 4 Dr. Seuss books (Who can’t use another Cat in The Hat Book?). The trials are by far the best value on this site!


The videos paid out .6-3 points or .006-.03 (cents). This is by far the worst time vs. money ratio.

I spent 4 minutes watching a video and was paid .01 (cent). I would have probably made more money spending my 4 minutes walking around a parking lot looking for change on the ground.

Redeem Your Points

What impressed me the most from this website was the number of different gift card options. They have so many big names to choose from here. You have everything from AMAZON to XBOX. There are over 260 gift card options.
The minimum to redeem points for a gift card is 100 points or $1.00. That’s great if you want to get out quick! Which is what I did.

Other Payment Methods

If you want a check mailed to you, they can do that for a minimum of 500 points or $5.00.
You can also do a direct deposit for a minimum of 500 points. I would not suggest this route for such a small amount of money.

You start messing around with bank accounts and routing numbers. It’s just not worth it.

PayPal is an option but, with PayPal, your minimum is 5,000 points or $50.00. It will take a pretty good while to get up to 5,000 points.

All gift cards are given to you digitally and electronic. You will have to check your gift card when you`re redeeming it, to see if it can be used online/offline or both. It will depend on the store you get it from.

Promote InstaGC And Earn More

If you like InstaGC and know anyone who wants to earn gift cards, you can refer people for points.

You will receive 10 points for a new member that registers and confirm their email through your affiliate link.

You will also receive 10% of their earnings. It’s nice they offer this although, it will still take some time to build up a decent amount of money it`s a good passive income which I talked about in my earlier post. But, you just never know, right?


Overall I thought InstaGC was a fun site after I got the hang of it. It looks like some of the ways you earn points are better than others, comparing time vs. points (money) earned.
I would rank videos last at 4 minutes vs. .01 (cent). The best would be the Trials.

Although you had to put down money, you made that back and then some, but then again, this is not enough money to quit your day job.

You would have to spend a lot of time here to make a decent amount of money.

I know there are better options out there for you to make money online. This site is more of a fun, pass the time away kind of website.

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