Auto Affiliate Machine Reviews-Not My Top choice

Product Name: Auto Affiliate MachineOverall Ranking: 2 out of 10Price: $17 + 4 upsells and a lot of downsellsOwners: Billy Darr, David Kirkby, and Justin OpayWebsite:http://autoaffiliatemachine.comIntroduction To Auto Affiliate MachineAuto Affiliate Machine is a software that claims to help show you how to generate a simple PDF document and generate online sales. All done on autopilot with the help of viral social media traffic. The product also claims to help you in making thousands of dollars. Auto Affiliate Machine product is created by the seasoned Internet marketers known by the name Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay. Auto Affiliate Machine is simply a cloud-based system. It claims to provide a unique way to promote the written reviews and online business through various social media channels.The method used in its training is different from others. But the method Auto Affiliate Machine uses to train you in affiliate marketing is wrong and useless. I will get to that later.The process is very simple and straightforward according to auto affiliate machine. There are three steps involved:

  • First, you buy the software.
  • Second, you activate the software.
  • And third, you sit back to watch the money roll in. (if it were so easy, why am I sitting here blogging my fingers to the bone)?

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The steps appear too vague to follow. You would need to dig deeper to fully and clearly understand the working of this system. The website looks authentic, clean and fairly lengthy. The very first thing that you see when you visit the website is a sales video. The video explains what to expect and what to do. It also mentions how anyone can use this system and earn $ 100 per day without any experience or extra effort.  with no experience and very little effort.This is something that is appealing to any audience. The instructions are very strategic as you explore the website more. The Auto Affiliate Machine website does not try to trick you into buying packages. Not completely at the least.Why there are Auto Affiliate Machine Reviews all saying quite different thingsPros

  • Auto Affiliate Machine is affordable. It costs only $ 17. Even the upsells are below $ 100. Not much money loss even if it turns out to be another big scam.
  • It offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • It pretty much tells you what you will get after buying it. No tricks.
  • The information provided is okay.
  • The software is legit.


  • One of the major flaws of this product is the lack of traffic. Without traffic, there is no business.  The method they show is to share your pdf on all your social media channels to attract traffic. Nothing about Search Engine Optimization or Facebook Ads, etc. Without branding, your social media marketing is pretty much ineffective.
  • The affiliate marketing strategy they employ is pretty much useless. Hardly anyone opens and read a pdf.
  • The training is very brief.
  • There are many hidden costs.
  • The product and training are of poor quality.
  • The product is over-hyped.
This appears as soon as you`re ready to leave auto affiliate machine

Who Is Auto Affiliate Machine It For?

Although it is for anyone wanting to delve into affiliate marketing and online business world, the product is neither helpful to the beginners nor the veterans where training is concerned. However, the software is legit for money making.

Training / Tools Overview

Auto Affiliate Machine claims to provide step by step training which is misleading. The truth is, it provides 6 very short and brief tutorial video of about 25 minutes in a total time limit.

This explains nothing substantial and hence prove to be unhelpful serving no purpose in training.

Auto Affiliate Machine Price

The price may vary depending on how you navigate the sales page and the purchases you make. One constant figure repeated is $ 47 in the tutorial video. However, you can get started with a one-time fee of $ 17. They offer a discount of $ 5 if you try closing the page without starting. There are also a series of upgrade that Auto Affiliate Machine offers:Upgrade 1: The Elite Edition. It lets you add two more social media accounts with bonus video training. It will cost an extra $ 37.Upgrade 2: The $1000 Weekly Edition. This offers further training regarding how to increase earnings to $1000 per week. It will cost an extra $ 27.Upgrade 3: The ‘Done For You’ Edition. With an extra cost of $ 27, you get more than 40 generic DFY campaigns along with optin pages, graphics, and email swipes. Upgrade 4: The Reseller Edition. It lets you sell the Auto Affiliate Machine software forward as your own product. It costs an extra $ 47.

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Final Verdict On Auto Affiliate Machine ReviewsAuto Affiliate Machine ReviewTechnically, it is not a scam as it does not try to trick you into paying more. It does provide you with legitimate software for the money spent. However, the product is extremely hyped up and is very misleading against the actual result. The core software used in Auto Affiliate Machine system can be availed for free by copying so the product is not worth paying that much money each month. Moreover, the earning figures that are suggested cannot possibly be achieved by the beginners or even with someone with experience in online business. One way to make some money with this Auto Affiliate Machine is via the purchase of the reseller upgrade to later sell the product to another as their own.I would not recommend it and if you do decide to give it a try then do not expect any miracles as without hard work and effort there is no result.

Of course, there are places where you can learn ways to make money online without spending money to learn, has some great tips about places(websites)where you can learn free stuff.

The only downside to learning free is that it takes longer to get everything you need as you have to go through some crap stuff.

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