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Why Buying Facebook Likes on Fiverr is Destroying Your Business

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Business owners now to go to social media like Facebook, Pinterest or G+to promote their products and to increase traffic to their websites. But gaining followers is not that easy; and may seem like you are promoting to no- one, no one reading your well-written post more so, gaining likes.

You can’t expect to have thousands of likes on a whim. It’s a slow process, especially if you’re still new to this trade. Apparently not. There are now sites that let you have 10,000 likes or so in just a matter of seconds. Works like magic. This is an offer that sounds too tempting to refuse. It’s like manna falling from heaven. Do nothing more than paying a few dollars and get as many likes as you need, but is it any good?

The answer is a big no. Recent investigations show that buying Facebook likes on Fiverr is destroying your business. Buying cheap likes is a gig you should stay away from, read my earlier post on Fiverr complaints. And you will understand why Fiverr as cheap as it is, is bad news for your business.

You cannot just get likes from 10,000 different accounts in a matter of seconds, or even minutes, coming from different parts of the globe without getting detected. Suspicious traffic like this doesn’t go unnoticed by the Facebook radars. When that happens, you would lose your likes and possibly, your reputation too as a business. And you wouldn’t like that to happen, do you?

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Unfortunately, too many businesses are involved in this gig. This is maybe because the offer is just too tempting to stay away from.

But trust me, it’s a bait. Just recently, Facebook announced a major crackdown on fake likes in its sites.

The investigation includes sites that used like button bots and like farmers such as the ones you get from Fiverr.

With Facebook upping its antenna, it’s not so difficult for them to track down the accounts that use fake likes. And this would reflect badly on your business, which means that you could lose your real followers in the process.

If you buy thousands of likes from Fiverr and the like, you are probably sharing the same followers as the other current customers of the site. Because believe it or not, thousands of businesses are guilty of this cheap trick.But the reality is that you are cheating yourself, these likes from Fiverr are from people who do not even look at your site, they do not care about your content.

The new followers who like your post are just carbon copied from countless of fan pages on Facebook. This makes it easy for Facebook to follow the trail and detect your account.

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Buying Facebook likes on Fiverr is destroying your business and everything that goes with it. It is really not so clever after all. It would just cost you your hard earned money while putting the reputation of your business on the line. Not to mention that your Facebook account could get suspended too.

If you really want to get hundreds or thousands of likes and followers, earn it. It might take long before you achieve that status. But at least you’re doing it the right way.

At least, you’re earning real likes from real people, useful likes from people who honestly care about your content, not bots.Be active in Facebook, make time to socialize and in time, your following and likes to your posts will start going up.

A paid Facebook like means one less real like. Why spend money on fake likes you cannot use? It isn’t a social media strategy. It’s just plain cheating. Because when you buy these fake likes from Fivver, you’re not just cheating the customers, but yourself as well.

If you`re struggling to get people to like and share your content, there are helpful materials that show you step by step how to get facebook followers. As said earlier, this may require some work, but what you get in return is well worth it.


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