Buying Website Traffic Keeping You From Growing?

If you own a website, you have come across the words “website traffic”. It is basically the number of views that your website had.
It is this traffic that determines the popularity of your website and every website owner is looking for ways to increase website traffic.

If you are a manufacturer or a supplier, you would feel pleased about such popularity as it implies your site is finding visitors even though there are so many people out there.
But there is more to website traffic than simply getting a visitor to open your website.

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What are the major advantages of website traffic?

It is no secret that there are reasons you want the website traffic.

  • You want to convert that visitor into a customer;
  • You want the advertisers to know that your website or page within gets so much attention, based on which they might want to put an advertisement there which will increase your earnings.

This is what the calculation of your daily revenues from your website or blog are about;

  •  You want the visitor to be visiting your website regularly for improving the ranking in the search engines. The search engines, after all, pull up websites based on traffic, and list them.
  • The first few pages that open up on searching the internet have websites that have had more traffic. You obviously want your website there, as the visitor is less likely to go beyond first few pages in search of whatever he or she is searching.

It doesn’t matter if the said website does list everything that the visitor has asked for.

Why Buy Website Traffic?

It is not only the manufacturers who would be interested in website traffic! It also would be service providers, or just about anybody who is directly or indirectly related to the content within the website for latching in and climbing the ladder.
Inter-related content, products, and services help in climbing the search engine ladders. It also becomes easier to identify products for diversification or develop partnerships and franchises, etc.
Such traffic also helps in recruiting the desired personnel and orient research and development towards what customers are seeking and removing any doubts they’ve had in their minds.

Any website owner who feel they are not getting enough traffic to the website can decide to buy website traffic to speed up things. Read more why website traffic is important

Isn’t Buying Website Traffic Easy Now?

It is, but there are ample negatives to such purchase. You might wonder how buying website traffic is bad. We will tell you how.

Targeted website traffic

The Website Visitors

    •  The same person visiting the website each day and not transforming into a customer. The visit is recorded as a hit, but overall, it is bringing down the effectiveness of your website because you get such hits but correspondingly you are not getting customers.
      The ratio of customer to the number of hits comes down, i.e., 1 customer/100 hits is better than 1 customer/1000 hits.
      • A visitor could be from a different country or region where your product or service is not sold. How would that help you, if your products are not geo-targeted?
      • The visitor may just open the website and close it, which is referred to as bouncing. Bouncing is actually bad and not welcome in the advertising community as it indicates that visitor does not find the website or blog interesting enough to stay on the page long enough.
      If the visitor is not going to hang around, it is unlikely he or she will see the advertisement that will be placed there. How much time a visitor spends on the site is, therefore, important.
      • Visitors may not be for the targeted market. If it is not the target market, then chances of finding a customer come down drastically.
    • You want your website noticed by those who matter, not those who don’t. What is the point in trying to sell an expensive product to somebody who does not have the budget for it?
      You need to find the targeted market clicking it.
    • They most certainly would not be found as easily as ordinary paid clickers. So alternative methods like social marketing would fish them out.

Are You Buying Quality Website Traffic?

Tools like google analytics  are available that help to identify and analyze and give you an accurate website traffic report on :

• Daily visitors to the website;
• “Daily page views” within the website to determine which page is effective and which is not;
• Assess daily revenues from each page;
• The effectiveness of the website in transforming visitors into customers, i.e., how many customers are obtained from 100 visitors.

Such tools are even free and also offering details associated with them, such as Alexa rankings, and links that were shared on facebook’s social network.
By obtaining such information, it is possible to tweak the data, and optimally utilize the pages to earn more from these sites or decide if buying website traffic is right for you.


While traffic to your website is certainly desirable, buying cheap website traffic may actually ruin its reputation in the eyes of those who matter. By adopting different strategies,aiming for

By adopting different strategies,aiming for targeted traffic and  using social media  and then orienting traffic from content on social media network to the website can be adopted, search engine ranking needs can be bypassed, and more effective results can be obtained.

By adopting different strategies, such as using social media networks and then orienting traffic from content on social media network to the website can be adopted, and more effective results can be obtained.

People on your website from paid website traffic sites will not improve your site in any way and buying website traffic is not cheap especially if you are just getting started.

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4 thoughts on “Buying Website Traffic Keeping You From Growing?”

  1. I have been thinking about ways to increase traffic to my website, to increase its authority and someone suggested that I would buy traffic. I was very suspicious, as one can indeed not guarantee that those visitors will in fact even read the blogs, not to even talk about them converting into customers. I think I will need to look into the quality views and consider if it’s worth the money to increase my stats. Than you for this very informative buying website traffic article.

    • Thanks Xena, personally, instead i would concentrate on increasing the content quality and quantity,because as you say,what`s the point in having poor quality traffic that is not interested in your content and are just there because you paid?

  2. When I was just new in this blogging industry, I buy traffic from Fiverr. Yup. Disgusting. But I was new. I didn’t know. Turned out that you better get 10 organic visitors a day which can be a potential buyer than 100 paid customers that doesn’t convert.

    With this, I don’t believe in buying traffic anymore. Unless it’s from PPC then maybe it’s a different story.

    • People buy traffic from Fiverr,like you only because they do not understand that poor quality traffic is not worth anything.Glad you learned.


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