Can You Earn Extra Income Online?

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Since the dawning of the Internet in the mid-1990s, business has taken a historical and phenomenal turn like never before in all the course of mankind.

At no other time before has the building and maintaining of a business been so easy and inexpensive to achieve.

So the question stands. Is this really possible? Can you earn extra income online like the buzz for the last two decades implies? This short article proposes a resounding “YES!”

Earn Extra Income Online

It is absolutely possible to create and maintain an Internet home-based business…but, conditions apply. There are as many conditions as there are business opportunities, and since most business start-ups come from opportunities.

We will briefly explore what it takes and what you should avoid when attempting to build a business that will reward you with a life-long, not only “extra” income, but full replacement income to that burdensome job you currently go to every day of the work week.

The Online House of Smoke and Mirrors

First, a little housekeeping on a few things you should watch out for when starting out. For the novice and one just beginning, there are traps you can fall into very easily, and these are known as Internet scams.

They are also known as making-money-online, Get Rich Quick schemes. At the end of this article, you will be provided with an opportunity that by-passes any and  all of these snares from the get-go…Can You Earn Extra Income Online?

They come in the form of Big Red Easy Button-type opportunities. You know them by their colors – very often those Make-$1,000 – $10,000 per day working in your underwear-type scams.

They’re everywhere and rampant and you can tell which ones they are just by the advertising. If it seems too good to be true – it almost always is! Don’t fall for them!

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This is 2/3rds of the reasons why folks fail online. Know them when you find yourself looking at what seems to be an unrealistic expectation and ALWAYS go to the disclaimer page. If you see “results are not typical” or “atypical for the average person,” don’t mess with it!

Reputable Opportunities

It goes without saying that there are sound business opportunities out there, but they are far out-numbered by the scammy ones. Bottom line here – how to tell if something is reputable is what you find in the advertising.

If it looks like an uncanny appeal to your emotion – that sizzle without the steak, a red flag should go up that this is not reputable, but if what you’re looking at actually tells what the product or service is and what it does – and you don’t get the usual hype, exaggerated figures, etc, it’s worth looking into.

It takes due diligence. Those that are more reputable like Wealthy Affiliate tend to be far less flashy and will be quick to tell you that you will not make boatloads of money in the next few days – this will take lots of work as you would expect in any legitimate business – just like a brick-and-mortar business.

Even amongst these, if they have to do with surveys, doing tons of special offers, that sort of thing, probably not the best.

Experience shows that those that are the most reputable are the training platforms with an active community and has been in business for some time. Watch out for multi-level marketing opportunities. These can be extremely tricky!

You’ve Found an Opportunity!

Great! Now a little housekeeping on YOUR end of the court.make extra money online

To succeed in any business take tremendous effort and has a learning curve. You must overcome any temptation to look at your business as a hobby or something that will just fall together. That doesn’t happen.

You must be prepared to work hard. Put effort into your business on a regular basis and remain consistent. Master it! The best opportunities come with the necessary training.

Remember that no business is a bed of roses and consists only of the things you envision to be enjoyable. When the rubber meets the road, you will find that it comes with chores that take the lion’s share of the time.


Later you can outsource stuff like this.

You CAN earn extra income online if you avoid scams, seek out ONLY training and opportunities that have been time-tested, definitive in both reputation and quality.

Worthwhile ventures take mastery and this goes against the ideals of Westernized consumerism. There are no Big Red Easy Buttons or Silver Bullets outside the realms of an online scam.

Keep records, take notes and above all, maintain excellent customer service and relations!

Want to learn how to make money online? l highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate,a safe community with successful online members ready to help you succeed in your online journey. Going it alone does not work you need to surround yourself with like-minded people to succeed.

It all starts with a beautiful and free siteRubix which will guide you in step by step into building your website and monetizing.

If you have any questions, please do leave me a message.


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