Can You Earn Extra Income Online with SFI?

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Can you earn extra income Online with SFI?What will you be doing to earn that money and do people succeed? these are some questions I will answer in this post of SFI review.

SFI is a long-standing online-based affiliate business opportunity. It has been in existence since 1998 beginning with the availability of a single Cleaning product.

The company now offers over 80,000 (90,000)SFI products for its worldwide network of affiliate marketers.

Its affiliate program is free to join for folks in roughly 200 countries across the globe. Its slogan is “Aim High. Dream Big.

Can You Earn Extra Income Online with SFI?


The program entails, not only engaging in the affiliate program but creating and maintaining subgroups of affiliates, from which the creators of such groups can, in turn, make additional affiliate income deriving from the sales of the affiliates in their group.

SFI has a number of helpful tools for use by members to help them earn extra money online or in some cases, become the main source of income for the most resilient and experienced.

It’s advertising purports that an average person can join and soon be earning six-figure income but read on before you rush to join SFI.

IS SFI Affiliate Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

SFI, in an effort to shift attention away from the infamous MLM marketing model, the literature is composed of ambiguity under the guise of “affiliate program” or “affiliate marketing.”

In essence, sales generated by such affiliates are treated much like they would be in other programs – there is a commission structure on the products in the inventory.

The program is free to join and membership is based on the filling out of an application which can be really time-consuming given that you can sign in other similar websites in under 3 minutes.Can You Earn Extra Income Online with SFI?

The tell-tale sign is the formation of affiliate groups. Affiliates are encouraged to work up to “Executive Affiliate” status (EA) and do so by criteria laid out in recruiting and teaching at least five affiliates, who are trained to aspire to do the same.

Whilst multi-level marketing (MLM see definition)remains to be a popular business model, it certainly is not one of the best, and is notorious for bottoming out after a while when it becomes saturated, leaving those in the bottom-most tiers putting in a great effort with little or no income from their hard work.

Can You Make Money with SF

 The answer for a few, yes. To earn money online with SFI  is possible, but the major drawback with MLM schemes is that they make things look easy when in reality, they are not and you will have to work very hard to earn using SFI.

Only those who are seasoned at working with SFI marketing, training and encouraging recruits to perform beneath them stand better chances of making some income.

SFI provides a handful of online training that you can use, but believe me it`s confusing you will get lost. The website is not user-friendly especially if you`re getting started. It is overloaded with a lot of information, making it difficult to understand.

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“Why SFI Works for Some & Not for Others.” As one might expect:

[ordered list]
  • Do a little work Make a tiny commitment,
  •  Do your small part each and every month
  • “Simple as A, B, C!”

Failure to do this proposes the article, and “you will find yourself amongst the wailers.”

SFI is a complicated array of rules, regulations, business criteria, power tools, reports, training, income charts and much more.

Most people coming in at the calling of the strategically engineered promotional campaigns quickly find out that there is much more to the SFI system than they had bargained for, and are known to be the “wailers” spoken about in the article.

Pep-talk literature keeps folks in and generating income for their uplines with false hopes that they, one day will share in the same fortune. Unfortunately, for the “average Joe,” this doesn’t happen.

Pros And Cons Of SFI


  • Free to join
  •  Online Training and Customer & Technical Support
  • Sign Up Bonuses
  •  Different Ways to Increase VersaPoints


  • Registration can be time-consuming
  • Too Technical if you`re new
  • Information overload
  • TripleClicks MasterCard fees are way too high
  • Generating sales is hard
  • Newbie unfriendly(if you`re not a seasoned sales person)
  • The user interface is confusing

Is SFI a Scam?

A number of others indicate SFI to be a scam read more at to reach your decision. However, it is a legitimate company that has been around for years and some members do earn extra income online using it, but as said earlier, the majority of SFI members do not make money.

However, the MLM business model can, and many times is easily corrupted. It may not be the case with SFI, However, MLM does have a bad rap and because it does have issues and is considered “infamous.”

To avoid scrutiny and damage to their reputation, SFI disguises the business model as a glorified affiliate program with a twist. The affiliate business model has a far less irrefutable status in the minds of most people.

Still, Is SFI a Scam? Can You Make Money With

Though it is not technically or legally a scam, SFI ’s marketing campaign, which draws in thousands of folks each year who are not suited for this type of work, is unethical.

Though the ways they engineer their marketing campaigns is not illegal, it does fringe on borderlines.

Though the ways they engineer their marketing campaigns is not illegal, it does fringe on borderlines.

The ambiguity and false leading advertising media is, in itself, scammy, and at best, misleading. Their numbers are exaggerated and do not represent actual statistics.

In spite of the coaching and learning materials found on SFI’s website, the vast majority will not make any money with SFI.

Their numbers are exaggerated and do not represent actual statistics. In spite of the coaching and learning materials found on SFI’s website, the vast majority will not make any money with SFI.

So, Can You Earn Extra Income Online with SFI?

It takes much more work than an “A, B, C” approach than they would like prospects to believe. Hiding the MLM aspect of their SFI marketing scheme is a common strategy today as they make the phraseology in their marketing politically-correct. Therefore, for most people, SFI is not recommended.

You can make money using a free website from Wealthy Affiliate selling other people`s products without promoting the man at the top. It`s free to get started so put your wallet away and learn how to make real money online.Here is a review if you missed it.

 Conclusion of SFI

SFI  website is overloaded with a lot of information, making it difficult for you to understand you will just get overwhelmed with what you read. If you feel a friend could benefit from this post, go ahead and share with them on social media. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below.

6 Comments on "Can You Earn Extra Income Online with SFI?"

  1. Hey Sarganser!

    It’s nice to have some info about this guys, since there’s not many out there.

    It really looks like an MLM company if you have to drag people into it to make money in the first place.

    I don’t have much sympathy for these online marketing schemes, since even having products to sell, the main objective of those at the tops is to benefit from recruiting and not from the sales themselves.

    That sucks. Thanks for the insights on this one.

  2. Simon Crowe in Asia | May 19, 2017 at 2:40 pm | Reply

    It’s interesting how SFI has morphed the affiliate marketing model and multi-level marketing model together.

    I didn’t know if it would work out really well or turn out to be a really bad idea… but this sounds like it’s the latter.

    It’s always a bad sign when businesses try to hide their true business strategy, if it wasn’t a scam, why not just be open and transparent? Thanks for highlighting the points you’ve made Carol, I’m sticking with the affiliate marketing model for now because I think it’s a real and solid way to go about online business.

    • Thanks Simon, I totally agree with you, SFI not being totally honest about thei business model gives anyone a reason to be weary.Just like you, I prefer affiliate marketing, much more solid.

  3. I have heard of MLM that some companies make you buy there promoting packages so you know what you are selling. Is that true ? Anyway, I also heard about MLM that are very limited and yes, they tend to over saturate pretty fast.

    I share your opinion that the best way to go is by far Wealthy Affiliate. I was skeptical in the beginning but now I am sure that they are really pro’s !

    • With MLM marketing, you need to be able to recruit as many people as possible then they too need to be good at recruiting otherwise you`ll not make any money,this leads people to pestering family and friends and before you know it, you dont have friends because they are afraid you`ll try to sell them something.

      The best way to earn online is to sell affiliate products, you dont have to deal with clients or shipping and only have to worry about sending traffic to the product you are promoting.

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