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Can You Make Money Posting Links Online?

Can you make money posting links online and how does it really work? Getting paid to post links is one of the most sought-after methods to make money online. The claim is that there is no need to own a website, no need of products, and no real work or experience is needed but can you really make money posting links online or what kind of money are we talking about here?

Simply, copy and paste the text given to you with a link to the public forums, various blogs, and also make money posting links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, and other such social media channels.

In this article, we will discuss why companies that will pay you to post links only exist to scam money off people.

What Is Link Posting?You will not make money posting links online but there are better ways to make money online

There is plenty of information online explaining posting or sharing of links to make money on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube in a different way on various websites and blogs. Some are honest while some market it with false promises.

Often, it is described as an easy and fastest way to make a lot of money with little to no effort needed. The idea does have its merit because who doesn’t want to earn money on supporting the family while spending most of the time with their loved ones. An easy life with a lot of money is very tempting. But is it possible that easily?

The description may be slightly different depending on the website you are exploring. The description given is very vague. Most of the time it explains how amazing this job is, how much money one can make and hardly any detail on what exactly the job is.

The job description usually contains the task of spamming the social media channels, the Craigslist, the public forums, emails and other such online platforms with links and text provided by the website.

These links are affiliate links which when clicked and made a purchase gives you a small commission. But the job usually scams people.

In this article, we will discuss why getting paid for posting links on websites only exist to scam money off people and are a complete waste of time.

Why You`ll Not Make Money Posting Links

  • With the advanced technology nowadays, the spam links can be detected and removed easily and quickly. This means your efforts were in vain.
  • Detecting the spammer and finding his/ her social media channels and other online places like email used in spamming will be blocked/banned because it is spam. Not worth getting banned for in my opinion.
  • Getting banned due to spamming can damage your chance of building an online business and clientele.
  • You can hardly make any money through such jobs as quickly as the links get removed.
  • Any job wanting you to pay a signup fee is a scam. You never pay for any job.
  • This spamming activity will give a bad reputation to your online channels.
  • It is a waste of time, money and effort as it is not a long-term money-making strategy. This is because the backlinks don’t really work anymore. Smart business owners don’t pay any heed to them anymore which means that link posting is a dying industry.
  • You can’t make money fast with this job. You get paid for each link that stays active. Since many of the links you posted are deleted as soon as they are detected, your chances of having active link get reduced.
  • There is 30 to 60 days wait period for being paid the due commissions.
  • Many of these link posting websites have a minimum payment threshold which you need to meet if you want to be paid.Earn money online without posting links

Some of the programs that explain link posting idea and that should be avoided are Online Home Careers University, 37 Clicks, Home Job Source, Extreme Home Profits, Cash from Home, Online Home Careers University, Internet Cash Income, and Home Internet Cash.

Most of the above-mentioned programs explain the process of link posting the wrong way. Such Make Money Posting Links Onlineprograms only mislead people by using similar methods which are:

  • Posting fake testimonials
  • Using the same website layout
  • Claiming to make similar earnings
  • Claiming it takes 3–4 minutes per link
  • Same money/ commission per link
  • Asking to dedicate the same amount of time to the job per day
  • Make false promises
  • Misleading and attractive offers to get more people to sign-up
  • Asking sign-up fee

Not A Long-Term Money Making Strategy

Unfortunately, these ‘votes’ (actually called backlinks) don’t really work that well anymore. Some people who are behind the times or missed the memo still talk about the advantages of backlinks, but really, the smart business owners don’t pay attention to backlinks anymore.

Google spends billions on research each year in order to prevent people from benefiting from unnatural linking practices. They have pretty much figured out that paid links do not actually mean a site is good an should rank well.

They are changing their search engine to reflect this. Now, using paid links can actually hurt your business! Now, smart companies are not buying links because they know it might hurt them in the long run. Some individuals still do it, but they are typically not very savvy business owners, and trying to ‘trick’ Google into liking their website.

Now your sports website linked to a cosmetics website for a backlink looks spammy and out of place for Google and it can only hurt your site.

Are there any legit platforms to Find Link Posting Jobs?

Honestly speaking, there were jobs in the past when the internet was new and not as much regulation in place But now, even smaller platforms have strict rules and anti-spam policy in place.

But the good news is; you can still earn money online selling affiliate products. This is a more stable earning online, long-term and you earn affiliate commission check here how to start affiliate marketing for beginners if you missed it.

Online Work From Home Programs You Should Avoid:

These scam sites come and go so fast it`s hard to keep check, but by all means, avoid

  1. Home Internet Cash
  2. Online Software Solutions
  3. Web Fortune Master
  4. Replace Your Job
  5. Home Job Source
  6. Internet Cash Income
  7. Internet Cash Income

As said, the list is long as these scam sites never stick around long enough.

Conclusionclick to view

The link posting idea is not a suitable method to make money online. It is not going to work the way many of the companies or websites describe this job.

If you are going to post links in places such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or other online places, then most of those posted links are going to get deleted shortly after you post them. They get reported and removed quickly.

Moreover, if you continue posting the link in spite of that, your online social media accounts will get blocked one by one. Getting blocked isn’t going to do any favors to your online reputation which can be damaging to any future online business endeavor of yours.

Building websites and selling products/services from the blog is the best way to make money online. . You can pick any niche you want share posts on that niche. Then you sell stuff from big companies like Amazon, or Shareasale. It’s how a lot of people make real make money online, enough to leave your daily job and work online full time.

If you are willing to put in some time to train properly, you could create a real website in less than 30 minutes and a legitimate, profitable online business in just a few months.

To conclude this post, I hope you`ll understand that there is nothing like posting a few links a day and hope to make it your full-time income, it`s not going to happen any time soon. But if you`re interested in making a full-time income online, then check this program that I highly recommend, spam free, helpful members all looking out for you to help you succeed online.

Stop wasting time on scams and start building a real online business today!


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Affiliate marketing and success-Why You Must Put In The Work

Affiliate marketing and success is possible, it may not happen today or tomorrow, you must be ready to put in the work to benefit long term. Affiliate marketing is a great way to create an online income. More and more people these days are drawn to the idea of creating an Internet business.

With technology constantly evolving, there are now more opportunities than ever before, but also more competition in the online world. Affiliate marketing and success go hand in hand only if you are willing to work hard at creating positive relationships with your readers.

Creating a successful affiliate marketing business is possible, BUT it won’t happen overnight. Building relationships, trust, it all takes time and practice. So, don’t expect to make thousands anytime soon if you are a total beginner.

There are so many scams online, that make you believe otherwise. And if you chase the dream of making quick money you are more likely to fall victim of these scams. So, don’t try to rush things, however long it takes, it will be the right time for you.

Learn to be helpful, informative and offer value to your readers first before anything else. Look at it this way, when you`re reading a blog post, you don`t read it just because, you`re looking for info on one thing or the other. So when writing content, think of your readers, what`s in it for them, what are you offering, what problem are you solving?

Why does it take so long to succeed?

Honest, it`s really not that long but most people getting started with affiliate marketing are impatient for the money to start rolling in which in reality, things do not work that way, you have to put in the work first before you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

Treat your affiliate marketing business as a real business. When you invest a lot of money in a brick and mortar business, you work extra hard to make sure your investment isn’t wasted. The success also doesn’t come right away, but you persevere, grow your business steadily until you reach your goal of success the same principals apply in online business. You push forward to make it work because you know how much it will hurt your finances if you fail.

What do you Need for Affiliate marketing and success to follow?

With affiliate marketing, you need very little initial investment. If you are a total beginner, you will need some quality training to begin with like training you will receive from this program, in order to learn the basics. So that may cost a little, but it’s nothing compared to a brick and mortar business investment.

The little investment you may need seems like an advantage over the real business, but it can also be counter-productive. People may not be as motivated, treat it with the same urgency and have the real sense of owning a business.

You’ve got a lot to learn, and I mean A LOT. From choosing your own niche, building your website, keyword research, how SEO works, analyzing your competition, understanding your audience and the list goes on and on and on.

When I first started I knew absolutely nothing about online marketing. I don’t say that I am an expert now, but I have learned a great deal about affiliate marketing in a short space of time. I am still learning, from the experts, from others in the industry, I read articles about affiliate marketing daily.

The industry is constantly changing and evolving. There are always new things to learn, so don’t think that once you know the basics, off you go to become the next big player in the field.Courses like making sense of Affiliate marketing can help you along the way, Michelle the owner of the course makes well over 50,000 selling affiliate products. View Michelle’s Course here.

Affiliate marketing success is possible

Ask any experienced Internet marketer, how long it took them to start making real money and they will all give you different answers. But they all had to learn the basics first, making small steps every day.

This isn’t a business with instant rewards. First, you need to build a solid foundation, your online presence, authority and make Google and Internet users like you. Only then, you can start thinking of making money online.

Why Do Bloggers Fail To Make Money?

When people first start in affiliate marketing, they have very little idea of the time and effort required to make it work. They give up too soon, without giving themselves a real chance of succeeding. This is one of the main differences between those who make it work and those who fail.

You may start a new website, only to find out after a few months that you aren’t really passionate about the niche and find it really hard to constantly write a new content. Should you give up? Absolutely not. Start from the beginning, every successful entrepreneur and leader have failed before they succeeded.

How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

There is really no secret that even if you`ve never created a website you can start from scratch and still make your affiliate marketing business a success. The most important thing to remember is that you are creating your website for people.

  1. Always read other blog articles in your niche so you`re always in the know.
  2. Remember is that you are creating your website for people.many people get carried away with the prospect of earning money, that they often forget there is a real human on the other side.
  3. Be ready to learn new things and to always improve your blog.
  4. Socialize with people in your niche
  5. Promote the right products to your audience. This program helped me understand the importance of promoting the right products and adding affiliate links correctly
  6. Stay focused on your visitors, not on the money, the money will follow once your readers trust you.
  7. Always look for low competition keywords so as to rank high in the search engines, no one will find your post if you`re ranked on page 5 of Google. This FREE to try keyword tool helps me find the right keywords that rank high.
  8. Learn SEO, this will make your posts rank and stay highly ranked.
  9. Have a community of like-minded people to help and support you. I trust this community since I got started online, spam free, scam free, no sales and tons of successful affiliate marketers.
  10. Do not give up, just like offline, you can not start online without experience and expect to make money overnight, you must put

And Lastly Always Remember Content King!

Keep writing and adding quality content to your website regularly, if you are not a great writer, how about hiring someone to write your content at a very affordable rate from this site. Don’t give up if you don’t earn anything in the first few months. Even if it takes much longer than first anticipated. Look at your website from your users’ viewpoint, ask for feedback, think about how you can make it better.

There isn’t a definitive answer as to how long will it take to make your first dollar. It all depends on you. How much time and effort are you willing to dedicate? Some people learn faster than others, so don’t get discouraged if you see others making their business a success faster than you.

It also takes time for Google to take notice of your website. They won’t rank you on the first page when you create your first few posts and articles. It is possible, but your content has to be really unique and excellent, but there are tips you can use to rank faster.

If you want any real chance of success in affiliate marketing, you really need to understand that there is no magic formula. Everything is about hard work and perseverance, like with anything else in real life. Just because someone says, it’s easy to make money online, doesn’t mean it’s true.

I hope this post will help you get started online and create a successful blog if you have any questions, please leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

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Get The Best Free Website Builder And Create Your First Blog

Do you see your friends blogging and wish you could have your own blog but worried about the cost? you are in luck as now you can pick and chose a best free website builder and build your own website from scratch without any coding knowledge.

Websites are an integral part of the Internet world. Not so long ago, developing a website was a very high paying job which also required knowledge on how to program, and how to design such websites, including coding.

But soon new tools arrived and transformed website development world into a very simple procedure.

Today, there are several free website builders or software programs such as siteRubix, iPage, idea host, siteblog, etc., which build websites for you, free of cost.

So how to find out which of these website building tools qualifies as the best free website builder?

Best Free Website Builder

Qualities Essential For Being The Best Free Website BuilderBest free website builder

Here is a list of what you need to look for in a website builder and compare it with other website builders. My top choice for the best free website builder is siteRubix from Wealthy Affiliate because it offer more than other

  • Free Domain Name And Ease Importing Across Servers

A domain name makes a huge impact on the success of the website and consequently the business. Many website builders help in selecting a domain name, and also offer one or more domain names free of cost

Domain name often becomes the determinant factor for the number of clicks the site receives and the number of visitors who revisit the website.

A good and successful domain name should be catchy, easy to remember and in accordance with the purpose of the website. A domain name in retrospect acts as a brand.

The domain names ending with (dot)com are easily accessible, the most preferred and hence recommended.


  • Website Editing


Some web editors offer a dedicated editor to be used with mobile devices, or the themes that are responsive, i.e., compatible with mobile devices.

The mobile editor makes it easier for visitors surfing the site on their mobile devices, by hiding some of the content.

Smart help is also needed. To avoid coding, which can vary across different platforms, many website builders nowadays offer a feature that enables users to drag content and drop it at desired location on the web page or anywhere within the website.

Ideally, the best free website builder should allow using more than one editor and it should be possible to use all these editors with mobile devices.

  • Template Design And Themes


Templates help to reduce the work and time involved in building a website.

These themes are pre-designed templates developed in accordance with the content and subject at hand. i.e., for what purpose the website is for.

For example, Nextop in WordPress is developed for architects, artists, designers, etc. It includes animation and is responsive. Similarly, H-Code theme is for businesses and e-commerce industries.

Some of these templates and themes may be free, and others may have to be bought. More themes and templates make the website builder more flexible but the quality of these templates and themes matters as well.

  • Plugins

Web templates are fundamental units for building the website, and plugins augment the templates by facilitating additions of various features as well as functions of the “content management system” thereby helping to customize the website as close to the desired level of perfection as possible.

In other words, plugins can be used for customizing the SEO processes and controlling the information display. Plugins also enable the creation of navigation bars as well as widgets.

  • Website Hosting

The hosting part includes optimization of your website’s performance, resolution of compatibility issues with other platforms, devices, and tools, and solving any problems in functionality such as bugs.

  • Easy to use

Even the best free website builder should be easy to use offering access to most features.

  • Guidance and training

Every website builder is designed differently though features and functions would be alike. Good quality website builder like siteRubix offer “step-by-step” guidance on how to use features and functions it is capable of.


• Flexibility
Website builder should make it possible to access CSS codes / HTML codes. This is important for customization. Similarly, flexibility for placing the content is important.

Flexibility levels in website builder enable modifications in its design.

• Support

Best Free Website Builder
This aspect needs no explanation. Website builder should preferably come with 24/7 phone support and /or live chat help, 365 days, apart from email support and this makes siteRubix the best website builder in my opinion.

• Email Services
Website builders facilitate inclusion of customized email addresses in the website by providing apps that link them through regular emailing systems such as Gmail. Such features cost for the service.
• Newsletter
Website builders should facilitate the importing of contacts either through the email address, or through purchaser list, and sending any newsletters to them.
• Memberships
SiteRubix Website builders should facilitate differentiation of information that is shown to members and outsiders through members log in. Therefore, plugins should be available for this feature. When you sign up for siteRubix, you get a free starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate with 10 lessons.

• E-Commerce and SEO
E-Commerce function needs to be integrated into many sites. Some of the website builders are specialists in such sites. Others offer apps which access powerful and popular e-commerce platforms for facilitating such activities.
The control levels vary with website builders. Most allow control up to page level. Some allow web page URL customization and may give control over six titles, i.e., up to H6.

Some website editors allow control on meta description. Such SEO features help to make the website “search engine friendly”, and improve “search engine exposure”.

• Export Website And Restore Website
This is a crucial feature as a website developer may have to know codes for modifying a website. Website builders like SiteRubix are better because they let the developer edit the website content easily because they export the content into WordPress.
Restoring website only means anything accidentally deleted or altered can be restored. It may be content, page, or the entire website.
How many times you can do that, and how much time it takes to do that matters. Likewise, how long ago such a mistake was made, and the website builder allows you to go how far back in time for such restoration also matters.

• Mobile Apps And Responsive Themes

Best Free Website Builder
Nowadays, most people access websites on mobile devices.
This means the website owner should be able to manage much of the activity such as interacting with the visitor, edit any products, add any products, keep track of orders, comment, blog, track those who are social followers, etc. on mobile phones.
Some website builders even allow users to build the complete website from a mobile app. Themes should also be responsive, i.e., users should be able to interact using their mobile devices.
• More Than One Editor
Website builders should allow the website developer to access more web editors.
• Background And How Many Websites It Is Powering


The longer the website builder has been around, the more confidence it inspires. Similarly, the number of websites it has power is used as a way to measure the tool’s effectiveness and popularity.
For example, siteRubix has been around since 2007. Technology has changed considerably but many of the features are linked in this tool to WordPress, so it has kept pace with time since WordPress has been keeping pace with technology.

Some templates, themes, apps, and plugins are built in within the most website builders. Flexibility comes down with drag and drop website building option. siteRubix also let users link to WordPress.
WordPress offers greater flexibility in customization and yet the user need not be familiar with either coding. Ranking of website builders based on all such features can be a difficult proposition.

Ranking of website builders based on all such features can be a difficult proposition.
In general, website builders such as siteRubix are sufficient and comprehensive for most requirements.

Build a siteRubix here all you need is a  domain name,it takes just minutes


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How To Buy Domain Name And Start A Blog

There is no question that almost every business needs the internet presence in the current digital age. For that, a business needs a website which requires a web domain name. A website owner should consider registering their own domain name. But where do you buy a domain name or how do you buy a domain name if you are just getting started?

It may sound simple but it`s not when you`re just getting started and have no idea how it`s done, I know I knew nothing about a domain when I first got started online.This post will explain how to buy domain name and what to look for if the domain you want is already taken plus the places to buy.

A domain name is a unique and relevant URL of the business website which, in other words, is the address of that website. Any individual whether they own a company or not can easily register the domain name online without much hassle and at affordable rates.

Why Is Domain Name Important

  • A domain name comes in handy when or if you decide to change the web hosting service. You can change the location of all your web files without having to change the address (domain name) of the website.

It is convenient and efficient as it saves you from informing all your regular customers and clients about new website address since you wouldn’t need one. It prevents confusion and possibility of losing clients in the confusion created by the change.

  • A domain name adds credibility to the business and people trust businesses with their own websites and suitable domain name.
  • A domain name that suits and is self-explanatory of your business is highly successful and in demand. This is because it is easy to remember and connect with the type of business you are doing and attracts more customers.
  • A domain name is helpful when it comes to winning over sponsors. A sponsorship is essential as it helps to add an aura of authenticity, respectability and reliability to the business website.

How To Register A Domain Name

  • First things first and that is to think of a selection of a couple of good domain names that represent your business very well. Thinking of more than one would good in case the one you wanted is already taken. It would be beneficial if you could think of something catchy and easy to remember as well. you’d like to use.
  • The domain name registrars require online payments most of the time. So, it would be prudent if you keep your debit/ credit or PayPal account ready to make the payments as necessary once you selected a domain name. After the payment, you get the ownership to the domain name immediately.
  • In case, you have already registered for the web hosting service then find out whether the same service providers offer domain name registration or not. If not, you can check what are the primary domain name registrars they prefer.

You don’t necessarily need to register for the same service as the web hosting because the domain name can be easily transferred later on if you don’t like the current service.

For a further understanding of the service provided, you should go through the FAQs of the websites and make your decision after being fully informed.  It would do good in avoiding having to transferring the domain name.

  • In case, you are still looking for a web hosting service then you can allow the registrar to use your domain name for a temporary website. Setting up a website requires many steps and can take time.

If you go about setting up a temporary website, you can buy the domain name and not worry about losing it in case it becomes unavailable later. It is very much possible for a domain name to become unavailable with the number of websites being launched every single day.How To Buy Domain Name

Domain Name Registrars

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a big-name provider with loads of hosting add-ons and telephone support but with high prices. It is considered the world’s biggest domain registrar with 17 million customers worldwide.

The starting prices are cheap but only apply if you pay for two years upfront. The second year is more expensive. There are also no bundled extras. You have to pay extra to have them included while such bundles are often included free of cost in other domain registration services.

  • Hover

Hover is a quick and easy domain name registrar. It offers Whois privacy for free. The pricing is fair and there is also support albeit not available 24/7. It is a very clear and straightforward domain registrar. It allows you to check the costs before you even start with its easy search filter option.

The results page displays every available domain that you can register along with their prices so that you can easily scroll through and pick one suitable for you.  Or at the least get an idea of what you want. You can even search using the categories. It opens up the chances of finding the domain names that would have otherwise gone unseen.

  • Dynadot

Dynadot is a good quality domain name registrar with a powerful search tool at reasonable prices with loads of extras free of cost. It is different from the usual domain registrars.

From the very beginning, when you do an initial search, you get access to Bulk and Internationalized Domain Name search tools which can be set up as defaults for all your future searches.

Dynadot offers special deals on some selected extensions and also a good value price at renewal. The support isn’t as impressive but there is a public forum to browse commonly asked questions.

  • Google Domains

Google Domains is a no hassles domain registrar with excellent support. It is easy-to-use and offers a bit above average prices. It is a straightforward service provider that doesn’t add to already existing confusion into the process of domain registration with endless sales or special deals.

Working with speed is its main priority to make it as easy as possible for you. The catch is Google Domains does not support all the available domain extensions.

Namecheap is a user-friendly domain name registrar which offers domain name at cheap rates. The Whois policy is free here and the live chat as support is an icing on the cake. The billing process is straightforward and honest. Check an earlier in-depth post on Namecheap here.

What To Do If Your Chosen Domain Name Is Already Taken

  1. Modify the domain name slightly. Try adding a word after, or before the domain name. Don’t try to overcompensate it and make it complicated. Keep it simple. The domain name should be easy to remember.
  2. Use different extensions. Domain extensions like .net and .co are still used commonly.
  3. Make an offer on the domain. Look up the owner of the domain name using Whois and contact them with an offer to buy the domain name from them.

Before you contact the domain owner, keep a few things in mind:

  • The owner’s asking price might little higher.
  • Don’t make an offer in the first communication. Ask them whether they are willing to part with the domain name.
  • Make a counter offer if their asking price is too high.
  • You can avoid the negotiations by using domain name broker service like Sedo.


As soon as you have selected and decided to purchase the domain name for your website, you should buy it. Domain names are snatched up very quickly and if you wait to come back later after you have designed the website, there is a distinct possibility that you may be too late in claiming your first choice of domain name.

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A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways one can earn passive income through the internet. By passive income, we do mean you can earn while you are sleeping. Literally!
Sounds too good to be true. Doesn’t it? But it is real. Not just a dream. Before we delve deeper into the semantics of affiliate marketing, we will first cover what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.

The idea behind affiliate programs websites is to promote products of other people online and earning yourself a commission on each purchase. In other words, you are marketing a product and so you are in that sense, an affiliate marketer.

The merchant (or the seller) whose product you are promoting provide you with a unique link which is called an affiliate link. This link acts as your affiliate ID. This affiliate link is used by sharing it on your blog, website, social media networks and the likes.

Essentially sending potential clients or customers through the affiliate link to the main site of the merchant. The whole process is based on revenue sharing.

There are important things that you must know before starting with affiliate marketing. Let’s have a look at affiliate marketing step by step guide.

Finding A Niche

Choosing your niche is the very first step to be taken before you even think about venturing into the affiliate marketing. Without knowing your niche, you will flounder around which will not help you in your endeavor.

If you don’t know what subject your site will be centered on, you can’t exactly build a website. there is an earlier article explaining a niche in detail.

To know your niche, ask yourself these questions.

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • When you are passionate about a subject or a topic and wish to work alongside that, it makes the job easier and more interesting. Since it is your passion, it is not too far-fetched to say that you are already quite knowledgeable about that. For example, if you are passionate about beauty and aging then beauty products could do the job.Still, if you have doubts then more researching wouldn’t hurt to be sure of your choice.
  • Is there money in that niche? Are these products in demand?
  • Determine whether the topics you have chosen have any scope in the market. Whether they will earn you money or not.  Without significant consumer interest shown in the products, your niche is not going to make you much money.
  • Can you see yourself creating blog posts of about 300 or more words regularly?
  • Does this niche have merchants offering the affiliate programs?
  • Is there a space for another affiliate marketer in the chosen niche?

Before choosing a popular niche, you must ensure whether there is a room for another affiliate marketer in that field. Also are you ready to compete with the already established affiliate marketers in that niche?

Based on the above-mentioned points, shortlist your choices and head over to the next step in starting affiliate marketing.

Research For Suitable Affiliate Programs

After choosing a niche that works for you, it is now time to find suitable affiliate program and products. For that, you need to dig deeper!

As a guide, keep the following points in mind while selecting a good affiliate program:A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

  • Find out whether sellers related to your niche or similar are using the same network. It can give you an idea of the likelihood of your success with that program.
  • The percentage of commission offered to ensure you get sufficient returns.
  • Ensure that the products and services to be promoted are trustworthy. Promoting a bad product or lying to your audience can prove fatal for you and your reputation. Honesty is paramount here! If possible, buy and try the product yourself before making a decision.
  • Make sure that the customer support of the program is reliable

The best affiliate program to get started here will be the program is free and easy to join, has 1000s of products for you to promote and has a good cookie period.

Don’t be hasty in choosing an affiliate program as that is what will make you money. Taking your time will be worth it.

Where To Find Affiliate Products

You can find these products at affiliate networks which are the websites that basically are controlling the affiliate program for the seller.

There are hundreds of sellers listed there which are waiting for new affiliates like you to sign up to their affiliate programs. Some affiliate networks include Clickbank, JVZoo, Commission Junction, Linkshare, and this program here which pays 50%  recurring affiliate commissions.

Building A Website

With research done, it is time to put your hard work into action.

Building a site has now become very easy. Anyone with basic computer skills can create a website for themselves. You don’t even need to do any coding for that.

For a newbie, WordPress is the best choice. It is very easy to understand and follow the steps in site creation. You can create your free website in less than 30 seconds by entering your domain name below

Buying A Domain
First things first, you have to buy a domain name for your website. Now, what exactly is a domain? A domain is the URL of your website. In simple words, it is the web address of your website. For example

Your web address must be unique. With so many websites on the internet, it is possible that the domain name you want is unavailable. So, it is better to make a list of possible domain names that you like.

The domain names are available in low prices on several platforms like Make sure that the domain name is relevant to your niche and products you plan to promote.

Web Hosting

If the domain name is the address of your website then web hosting is very much the house of your website.  It is the place where all the content of your website will reside.

Much like domain names, web hosting is also affordable now. Choose a reliable and most popular hosting service. The better the service, the better will be the working of your website.

A good website that runs smoothly without any hang-ups and follows a good user-friendly theme helps make an impression on the audience. My choice host is Bluehost.

Note: If you buy the domain and web hosting from different websites then you will have to link the two of them together. It is easy to do. So, no need to worry about it.

Create Good Content

When the site is ready, you need to create and add content to your website. The content, whether it is a written, graphics or any other multimedia, must be relevant to the niche you have chosen.

The content must be unique and must be of good quality. Make it interesting and compelling to engage the audience to keep coming back.  Also, ensure that the content is easily searchable.Read more on getting your site ready for search engines here.

How To Promote Your Website

A well-written and informational content will help bring in the audience. The interested ones will bring in more traffic.

But it is a gradual process which can take a long time so you need to help it along by promoting through other means. After all, good traffic means more possibility of sales. And more sales mean more passive income.

Here are some ways to bring traffic:

  • Promote through social media.
  • Promote through guest post requests on popular blogs similar to your niche.
  • Promote by building an email list.
  • Use good SEO to improve your content and make it more search-friendly
  • Promote through paid advertising.

Promote Affiliate Products And Offers

This is where the actual affiliate marketing begins. Add value to your already valuable content by adding and promoting products that will interest your audience.

Promote the offers of your chosen affiliate program through:

  • Product ReviewsDecision Question Response Horizontal Prob

You need to build the trust with your audience as they rely on you for your opinion. So, be honest and don’t gloss over the cons in your pursuit to promote the product. Try the products yourself and write an honest review based on your experience. Check how to write a product review that converts here.

Be more specific and detailed. Adding good quality images of the product also help. If possible, you can even create and upload a product review video.Add the affiliate link to the reviews so as to send your audience to the seller’s page.

  • Banner Ads
  • Banners are creative affiliate link alternative offered by the affiliate programs. Your affiliate link is embedded in the coding of the banner so it works the same way as the affiliate link.Usually, affiliate programs provide their own creative banners. You only need to insert the banner on a most visited page. Adding banner ads in the right locations can generate good traffic and hence more sales.
  • Email promotions
  • Build an email list and promote through email promotions. Build a good relationship with the audience first. Don’t go for the hard sell straight away.  The emails must contain affiliate links to products you promote.
  • Discounts and giveaways
  • Who doesn’t like discounts and giveaways? Many affiliate programs often run promotions that offer discounts or giveaways. It is a great way to promote affiliate offers.


I hope this post on a beginners guide to affiliate marketing helped you understand more how affiliate marketing works and what you need to make money as an affiliate marketer.

An affiliate marketer sell products of merchants or sellers for an agreed percentage of commission on the amount of sale. Anyone can join the affiliate program either directly through a seller or through a set network that handles all the affiliate transactions.

The best way to succeed is to send targeted customers to the main website of the seller through your affiliate link or affiliate banner. Directing the right person towards the right offer will have a good chance of product being sold so that you can earn your commission.

Let me know if you have any questions,just leave a message below and I will get back to you.

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How To Start An Online Business For Free

Have you at one time thought how to start an online business for free? are you tired of your job, working and making someone rich and your dreams remain unfulfilled?The good news is that it`s possible to get started, get your website up and running without spending a cent.

People who come here to learn how to set up their own home-based business usually fall into one of two categories:

  1. Those who are looking to earn a part-time income only (perhaps to supplement household income)
  2. Those who want to quit their job and earn money full time

Which one of those do you fall in to?

The good news is that whichever one is most relevant for you, each is possible to achieve with an online business.But as with most things in life, you’ll only get out what you put in. You will have to work hard to get your business up from the ground.

Don’t expect cash to magically appear in your bank account without any effort as it won’t happen. and if anyone tells you it`s possible to make money online without putting in the work, it`s a lie. Well, in the beginning, you have to put in the work.

There are hundreds of dodgy products available today that will promise you instant riches, or cash on demand or cash without effort. If you have worked it out already – none of them work. I`ve been there, I know for a fact they do not work.If they did, we would all be rich.

I can’t stress enough that what I`m suggesting is a no scam no fluff, this is a real business opportunity. It works. Many people earn full-time money from it. But you need to learn what to do, apply it to your business and keep working at it. Read my review here if you missed it.

So what can you make in a typical month?

It’s really about momentum and the work you can put in. It takes time and effort to get the ball rolling, but as your knowledge, experience and skills develop you’ll get quicker and better at doing what you need to do.

So start now and create your free account

As well as earning commissions from sales there are other ways of earning money from your website. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Google Adsense
  • Selling advertising space on your site
  • Selling affiliate products


Google Adsense is an advertising product that online retailers can use to promote their businesses through other people’s websites. On this page, you should be able to see an advert running on the right-hand menu bar, and sometimes banners in some posts, that’s a Google Adsense advertisement.

Google displays an advert from one of it’s registered businesses and if someone clicks on the advert and interacts with that business I get paid! Check Google alternatives should google not approve your application.

Advertising space

If you build up a website that becomes an authority on the topic of your choice, you will be able to sell advertising space to online businesses.

Businesses selling products in the industry that you are covering will want to get their goods and offers in front of your highly relevant website visitors.

Resale value

A website that is earning commissions on a regular basis has a resale value and often we’re talking multiples of $1,000’s. Obviously, the higher the commissions earned, the more traffic your site has, the higher the resale value.Check this post on selling domain names for profit.

The journey to your financial success is a path you must take a step at a time. But the sooner you start walking, the sooner you’ll get to where you want to be.

Set Up Your Free Account

You’re here to learn how you can make some money from home,?

Well, I’ve some great news for you.. you’ve found the right place! I can show you what I do, how it works and most importantly how you can do it for yourself.

Shall we start?

The internet is a large marketplace. 

The internet just keeps on growing. Today, in 2017, there are over 2 billion people around the World who use the internet for work, leisure and business.That’s a lot of people.

By using a computer and creating a web page, we all have the opportunity of connecting with and talking to every one of those internet users.

That’s a massive opportunity.. just think of the size of that marketplace.

What if we could help some of those internet users and as a result of our help, we were paid some money?

Not a massive sum of money for each person, but a sum all the same.How many people would we need to reach in order to create a full-time income?

How we help internet users and how we get paid

Everyday loads (remember 2 billion plus) people use the internet to find things. A lot of that traffic is people looking to buy things from companies. In fact, according to the total value of internet sales in 2014 came to a whopping $22.492 Trillion (and in case you’re wondering a trillion looks like……. I`m not even sure how many zeros in the end).

I don’t know about you but I struggle to get my head around just how big that is, but what we must remember is that for us to create a full-time income, we only need a tiny slice of that marketplace. In fact, to be really successful we only need a tiny slice of that pie.

So how do we get some of this action? 

We put buyers in touch with sellers – it’s as simple as that, it’s as old as the hills and a job people have been doing for centuries. The difference today is that with the growth of the internet you can easily work in this environment from the comfort of your own home.

No longer do many salespeople go door to door, it’s mostly done on the internet and each time we introduce a buyer to a seller the selling company pays us a small commission, which is normally worked out as a percentage of the sales value.

So for example, if we introduced a customer to a cycle business and the buyer bought a $500 TV, we could receive a 4% commission on the sale, Now imagine selling several of these per month plus other items.

OK, so how do I actually introduce the buyer to the seller?

First of all, you need a topic or interest for your business to be based around. So, as in the example above, if you’re into home entertainment then you could use that as a topic.

Absolutely any product/industry can be the basis of your business, but I find it helps if you pick something you like or enjoy it’s just more fun that way. Are you passionate about gardening? share your passion and earn money when someone makes a purchase from what you promote.

Second, you need a website and we always use WordPress. 

If you’ve never met WordPress before, don’t worry it’s as easy as typing on a keyboard. These days you don’t have to know anything about HTML code or any type of web builder software in order to build a great looking site. Seriously, don’t worry it really is easy.Click here to check out WordPress.

Thirdly you need to create content for your site. Your content is the meat of your business and the pages and posts that you create will be the way that you help internet users find what they want.

Again no need to worry if you`ve never written content before, writing content is just like talking to someone.

Still worried about writing content?There are many freelance sites out there that for a price will write you award-winning content.check out some content writing sites here.

As an example, you could write some product reviews.

Sticking with the cosmetic theme, you could review a number of facial products and then make a recommendation of the product you thought was the best. An internet user looking for a beauty product review would read your review and take up your recommendation.

Fourthly we get paid! Your internet user doesn’t just read your review and then go away. You provide links to a sellers website where they can actually buy the product.

There’s a special piece of code in the link that lets the seller know that it was you that referred the customer and that way they know they need to pay you your commission.

Internet Buyer → Your Website → Internet Seller

So that’s the theory, how do I actually do this in practice?

That’s where our great community at Wealthy Affiliate come in. The Wealthy Affiliate training platform has been around for over 10 years and has grown to well over 800,000 members. It provides all the training that you need to build websites for profit as well as all of the tools you need for hosting, promoting and so on. It’s a real one stop shop for internet entrepreneurs. From beginner just getting started to experienced internet marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Work from home

We all started with the Wealthy Affiliate Free 10 Part Course and I totally recommend that’s what you do too. This course is a great introduction into how everything works and it’s practical hands-on training – by the end of lesson 10, you’ll have a functioning website up on the internet for free!

You’ll also get to meet the great people who make up the community. We’re all building our businesses and learning and earning as we go, so if you ever get stuck with something, somebody will be able to help you out.

I should point out that the free course as well as being completely free, only needs a valid email address in order to access it. You can set up a brand new email if you want and if you don’t like the course, Wealthy Affiliate or the idea then you can simply leave with no problems or hassles.

This really is an opportunity to learn how to build an online business and create an income for yourself.

There are no gimmicks, no hard sell, all you’ll find is 100% of the information you need to succeed and a great community of people who will help you along the way.

I hope this post helped you understand more how you can enjoy a piece of the internet, how you can use the internet to make an income.If you have any questions, leave me a message in the comments box below.If you know anyone who can benefit from this post, share it with them on social media.


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What Is A Payza Account?Let Me Explain

What is a Payza account? Payza is an electronic wallet (e-wallet) payment system which was founded in the year 2004. At the time of its foundation, it was named AlertPay and later in 2012 changed its Name to Payza.

PayPal is no longer the only way to send or receive money online throughout the globe. Amongst many alternatives to the PayPal, the best one is Payza. I will explain how Payza works in this post so you understand more.

The office headquarters of Payza are in Montreal, Canada. This service is available to the users around the globe. So the first question we need to answer is

Is Payza Like PayPal?

Yes! It works in a similar fashion as PayPal, but there are also differences between Paypal and Payza. For example, Payza supports more countries and the transaction rates are comparatively lower than PayPal.

In this article, you will learn how to get Payza sign up, operate and manage a Payza account for sending and receiving payment.

How To Create A Payza Account

Signing up for a  Payza account is simple and straightforward if you know how to sign up for a PayPal account, then it`s the same process.

  • Go to the signup page
  • Select your country
  • Select the type of account you wish to create. Payza offers two options: Personal or Business. If you are not a company or an organization then select Personal.What Is A Payza Account?

Following this, a new window will open up. It will ask for your name, your email address, and the password. Type your answer accordingly in the appropriate spaces.

When you are done typing your answers, click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

A confirmation message will be sent to the email you typed in before with the activation link. Clicking on the link will activate your account. You will be taken to your Payza dashboard immediately after.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Payza account.

How To Setup Your Profile On Payza

Click on the link “Complete Profile Setup”.A popup window will appear. Here, click on Get Started.

Fill in the information as asked or applicable. For example, the Work Details. After you are done typing click “Save details

Then you will be asked about your address, contact number, security details, etc. Type the information and click “Save and Finish” when you are done.

If the information is typed correctly in appropriate places, you will get the message “You have successfully setup your profile”.

Now you can successfully access your Payza account.What Is A Payza Account?

How To Operate Your Payza Account

When you log in to your account, there are four main things displayed on the top. These are as follows:

Send Funds: Use this option for sending money. It is simple to use. Just type in the email ID of Payza user to whom you wish to send the amount and type the amount you wish to send. The funds can be sent from your balance in Payza account, your credit card or your bank account.

Request Funds: In case of requesting funds from another Payza user, go to this link. Here also you have to provide the email address of the said Payza user and the amount requested.

Add Funds: To use other online services, you must have some funds in your Payza account. You can add funds by using  “add funds” feature.

Withdraw Funds: This feature is to withdraw their balance in your bank account. There is a good news for the India based Payza users. Payza has recently started local bank transfer service.

How To Receive Funds In Your Payza Account?

Freelancers, e-commerce, e-traders, PTC sites users or any other online money making users can use their Payza email address to receive payments in an easy and effective way.

All you need to do is fill your Payza email address in the account settings of the website if you are using a PTC site or a Survey site. When you have reached the cashout threshold depending on which site you are using, just click on the “cashout” option.

The payments will be processed and sent to your Payza account.

How To Withdraw Funds From Payza To Your Bank Account?

You must first add your bank account details to the Payza account. To do this:

  • Click on the Wallet on the left sidebar
  • Click Bank Account
  • Click “Add a Bank Account

Now enter the bank details as asked.

  • Choose the type of currency you wish to receive your payments in. Local Currency is usually the best option to choose here.
  • Click Next

Verify the information and if all looks fine, click on the Add bank account button. A message will display saying that you have successfully added your bank account.

Now to actually withdraw funds, click on Withdraw Funds option.

From the options, choose bank transfer. Select the bank in which you want the payment to send in.

Type the Amount you wish to withdraw and click Next.

The amount will be transferred to your bank account within 3-4 working days.

Payza account is predominantly used for those who are making money through online medium. That is almost everyone in present time. It makes sending and receiving payments online easy and effortless. And it is cost-effective!

I hope you enjoyed this post and know there are alternatives out there if PayPal is not available in your country or if you`re a member of a program that does not use PayPal like this program here.

What`s your favorite online wallet? would like to know why you prefer one over the other, leave me a message below.

If you liked this post and know anyone who can benefit, share with them this post using any of your favorite social media.

Did you know Payza pays you cash to invite friends? for every person you invite and joins Payza, Payza will pay you $5.


Update March 2018 is no longer online if you still wish to join payza, their new URL is

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How To Make Money Working From Home Online

If you are wondering how to make money working from home online then this post is for you, I will cover different ways you can benefit from the internet.

The idea of an extra income is appealing to most of us and of the money could be earned from home via the internet then all the better.

Admittedly, there are scams jobs online that make people wary of the online work. But there are genuine and legitimate online jobs from home. You can even apply for some of these legit online jobs with no fees.

Here are some of the best online jobs from home:

Paid To Click (PTC)

This is one of the easiest and most common online paying jobs. In this job, a person has to click on an ad and wait for it to run for about 5 to 20 seconds. As soon as the timer has run its course, the cents allotted to the said ad is added to your account balance.

There are dozens and more such sites available on the internet. To recognize a scam from genuine, you can check the reviews on the site, payment proofs and for how long the site has been working.

NeoBux, Clixsense, DonkeyMail, etc.. are some of the genuine PTC sites that have been around for long and pay without delay.

Online Surveys:How To Make Money Working From Home Online

If you are still wondering how to make money working from home online and get paid, Paid surveys are another way of online earning jobs.

It needs no investment and only need 2-3 hours of your time daily for making extra cash. The Internet has over hundreds of survey sites for you to choose.
If you qualify for the survey you selected then you are forwarded to the questionnaire or the multiple choice surveys where you either have to type in the answer or choose the best available option according to you as the answer.

These surveys stress that the answer must be genuine, detailed and well thought out.

Short and hurried answers may get you disqualified from the survey without being paid, no matter how much progress you had made in answering the survey.

Swagbucks, GlobalTestMarket, Online Bureau, etc are few such survey sites that are genuine and popular.Before you decide to join any survey, do read an earlier post here on exactly how surveys work.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online paid jobs but a bit difficult one for someone who is new to the online world.

In Affiliate Marketing, a person becomes an affiliate to any of the online advertisers such as Amazon, eBay, etc, and then get to work on promoting the products of the said advertisers.

If or when these products get sold or a new sign up is made, the affiliate gets the commission.

To become an affiliate, one has to sign up to the advertiser’s website as per the affiliate program and its terms and conditions. Millions of people are already making money via affiliate marketing.

Since online shopping is on the all time rise, the future for affiliate marketers is certainly looking bright.

Click Here To Check How Affiliate Marketing Works

Captcha Typing Jobs Online:

A simple typing job on the internet where you identify and type the letters or characters as shown in the image into the empty text box.

For each correct Captcha entered, you get money transferred into your account balance. The more Captcha you solve successfully, the more you earn.

Data Entry Jobs Online:

These online jobs are good for people who have good typing speed. It is a simple data entry or a form filling job.

The material is provided online. You must read the instructions properly and type correctly as each error is counted.Here is a post on Data entry jobs if you missed it.


Blogging is an online job that can be turned into a lifetime earning opportunity.

Blogging is simply just creating a website of your own and typing your thoughts on the things that interest you. You can choose a niche for yourself and work on attracting your audience.

A well written and interesting content attracts the audience like a moth to a flame. The more the people visit your blog, the more you earn money.

You can even tweak your blogging strategy by making interaction with the audience possible and easier. You can even add promotional ads and sell products for extra income.

You need not be an expert to be a successful blogger but the grammar and knowledge of the subject may take you a long way.A make money blog is quite easy and free to create.

Learn Successful Blogging Here


Freelancing is one of the most lucrative online job opportunities out there. A freelancer can promote and sell their expertise in any field online and get paid for undertaking projects and multiple jobs.

Be it writing, editing, proofreading, web designing, textile designing, songwriting, audio/ video editing, or many more services.

Basically, there is no end to all the different types of freelance jobs that can be found on the internet.

The sites like Freelancer, UpWork, Iwriter, Fiverr are the prime examples of such work. You can sign up there and set yourself as a seller or a buyer and promote yourself.

Freelancing is also a great opportunity for making new contacts and establishes networks which work wonders for your work in the future so if you are still wondering how to make money working from home online register at any freelancing sites.

Online Tutoring:

Learn, Training, Woman, Girl, Team

It is as simple as the name suggests. If you have the expertise and the experience in the subject you want to teach, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a webcam.

You can reach students all over the world and tutor them via Skype. You can even hold video conferences if you have more than one students studying the same subject.

Earn By Playing Games:

Many game developing companies hire game testers for their prototypes of the games. The game testers play and give feedbacks on the game.

This is done to rule out any nuances in game development and improve them. There are websites that give rewards to the game testers for playing the games on their websites.

Making YouTube Videos:

This is another form of lucrative online earning opportunity. YouTube provides a partner program which you have to join and upload original YouTube videos.

The money you earn is decided by the number of views the video is receiving. Just read the information on partner program thoroughly so you have a clear idea.

Selling Online:Book Cover, Publish A Book Online

Just become a seller on any of the e commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. or even create a Facebook page for the merchandise or products you want to sell. Even creating review as well as promotional videos for YouTube could be helpful.

All of that could be done from home on the internet. You only need to check the orders and ship the products as per the orders. Are you still wondering how to make money working from home online?

Last Tip On How To Make Money Working From Home Online

Virtual Assistant:

Not all the professionals and business owners can afford a full time paid assistant so they look for people in remote areas and pay them per hour for their services online.

The Virtual Assistant handles administrative work and other related services. All of this is done by either e-mail or a phone.


As discussed above, it is easy to know how to make money working from home online but could be cumbersome in selecting a suitable online job for  and then identifying a legitimate from a scam job opportunities.

Some of these jobs don’t need any expertise or prior experience while others require it.Nevertheless, some offer a good opportunity to make some extra cash.

Online opportunity like affiliate marketing if done proper,you can make enough to quit your day job

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How To Create WordPress Website

Can anyone create a free website? The answer to this question has evolved from a definitely not, to certainly Yes! over the last decade. In the days gone by, you had to learn HTML, to be able to even start building a website.

Of course, as time goes by, our society always tends to explore options on how to make things easier. Nowadays, creating an actual website is as easy as signing up for social media!

How Is That Possible? 

These days we’ve got website building platforms (WordPress is one of them), who take all the difficult coding into their account. Below you can find all you need to know on how to use WordPress properly.

What Is Wordpress Websitebuilder

Workstation, Home Office, Computer

Simply put, WordPress lets you choose a theme you like (paid or free), creates the website for you, and takes care of many complicated HTML behind the scene while all you do is customize it the way you want it and add content.

WordPress is by far the most popular platform out there. Mainly because it is very user-friendly. If you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is to just go with WordPress.

If the platform is easy for you to use, you have more time to concentrate on what really matters for your website, such as content creation, imagery, layout, links and social media to promote your website.

Most people’s choice goes to the user-friendly, constantly updating WordPress platform.

How To Use Wordpress To Create A Website

How To Create  WordPress Website


What you will find here is a practical guide on how to use WordPress, I’m going to assume that you already know what your niche is, an earlier post on choosing a niche is here if you missed it.

Choosing your niche is a very important aspect, and should be decided upon before you create your website.

You don’t want to decide to rush and choose something you are unsure of, especially not in the beginning.

Imagine choosing the niche beauty products because all women use beauty products and potentially profitable, but after 1 month of content writing you are sick of it and can’t find anything else to write about.

This is where most people give up, choosing the wrong niche then failing to find the motivation to go on writing about something they do not care about.

For your first website, I always recommend choosing something you are really passionate about. This will give you more strength to keep going.

If you need more information on the actual process of buying domain names and choosing themes, read this post where I explain buying domain names. 

Creating A Website Starts With Your Domain Name

Don’t spend too much time on a domain, a name domain name should not be hard to choose. When buying a domain name, always try to buy a .com or .org domain. The domain name you choose should be short and easy to remember.

Choosing Your Theme 

How To Create  WordPress Website

Choosing a theme IS important and can be a bit confusing. There are so many themes available that it is difficult to see the forest through the trees. If you go for paid themes you usually don’t have much to worry about.

Within the selection of free themes, you have to be careful! Here are some pointers on how you choose your theme:

  • Always look for reviews of your theme online. See if there are any bugs that appear regularly with the particular theme.
  • It has to be mobile-friendly.
  • Make sure it is relevant to your niche. Research other websites in your niche and find the general guideline of what sort of themes seem to work within the niche.
  • The best tip I can give you is to google the following:

Set Up Your Initial Pages 

On the right, you can see how the menu looks like. As you can see it’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Pages are the foundation of your website, pillar articles which will double as your main menu on your web page. The initial three should be Home – About Me – Privacy Policy.

  • Home Page:

You can choose between a static homepage or use the Homepage as your blog roll. This is a decision you have to make yourself. I’ve never found any studies that rate one more successful than the other,

I’ve never found any studies that rate one more successful than the other, it’s, in my opinion, a more of a personal choice. You can change this whenever you want.

  • About Me:

People like the personal touch, blogs that are clearly written by a person, who has experience in what he/she’s talking about, convert the best.

The about me page is apparently one of the most clicked links on your average website, so it’s important to add a picture of yourself and a bit of yourelf.

  • Privacy Policy

To protect yourself from any possible lawsuits, get yourself a page like this. It is the only page you should EVER copy from another site. If you want you can copy mine, change the email addresses and domain name, and you got yourself a privacy policy.

Make Your Site Ready For Indexing

Your main goal from the start is to increase your popularity with your readers AND the search engines. To get more readers, you’ll have to gain trust from Google.

Your first step is to let Google know you are here, and you are here to stay. Signing up for Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics is an absolute MUST to eventually get your web page on that first page in Google.

Writing Your First Post

Writing posts is going to be your main concern for the following months. It all starts with keyword research, after which you write articles around the keywords you find. Some tips here:

  • Choose keywords that don’t have a lot of competition.
  • Posts that rank best are between 1300 – 1500 words long. The majority of your posts should be this length, but on some occasion you should differentiate a little if a post is only 500 words long, that`s ok too.
  • Publish your posts immediately. 
  • Use 1-3 keywords per post but make sure you write naturally.

Customize The Look Of Your Site

Use the customizer as shown in the picture aside. Your menu might look slightly different as the customization is highly dependent on the theme you’ve chosen.

With some themes, you can customize almost everything, and others almost nothing, so do choose a theme you can customize.

There is no real disadvantage with themes that are not so customizable, it might even be easier for some people as you tend to focus more on the content, which is still your #1 concern.

Back Up Your Website

You should create a habit of backing up your website on a weekly basis. Imagine doing a theme update after which a lot of bugs appear on your site. Trying to get these bugs out of thereby going through the HTML code can take weeks, even for professionals.

Making sure you constantly have a back-up will prevent this problem. Here is a step by step guide of the easy process you should do on a weekly basis:

  • Choose the option Tools in the left bottom corner on your WordPress Menu.
  • Choose the option Export.
  • Export All should already be highlighted like in the picture on the side.
  • Save the file with the entire HTML code of your website somewhere on your computer.
  • Do this on a weekly basis!

End Note

As you can see, there are a few steps you have to take that are very important and essential to your potential success with your website. There are many people who work day and night and give up after a few months.

Most of the time because they forgot some of these essential steps and did not see their website’s progress.

Imagine if you write a post every day, but you did not sign up for Google or Bing! I think you can see how frustrating this can be.

If you are  really serious about creating a website and want a step by step guide, that teaches you everything from keyword research to writing posts to customizing your webpage, have a look in the link below.



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Can You Make Money Selling Avon?

There are many business models out there that work for certain people and not for others. Needless to deny that the reason you’re here today is to find out whether it is worth it to sign up with Avon and whether you can make money selling Avon products.

Before joining, you may want to know about what kind of business it is, how it works, what kind of expenses will go towards this business, how much effort you will need to put in and what kind of work you need to carry out to make money.

I was introduced to Avon by a friend and really I wanted to kick myself for joining as I struggled to make any money selling the products, but still some good came out of it, I learned what works and what don`t.

Still, I’m hoping that by giving you some information on how it works, it will make your decision on whether you should work for the company and whether you can make money selling Avon products or not, a lot easier.

What is Avon about?

make money selling avon

Avon is above all, a cosmetics company, that is primarily focused on standing up for women’s rights.It is about helping the average woman feel better about themselves and to boost their self-esteem, through the use of make-up, clothing, shoes and other accessories.

Avon also helps with the fight against Breast Cancer and stands against domestic violence.

Avon also has a business model that helps the average woman to become an Independent business owner. The business owner with Avon is called an Independent Sales Representative (ISR).

The ISR will help women all around the world by promoting Avon products and recruiting. While doing so, she will be building her own business.

Who Is Avon For?

Holiday Shopping, Smartphone, Phone

The Avon business is for anyone who wants to become a business owner and has a passion for helping other women with their beauty needs.

You have to be comfortable to speak with new people, whether they become your customer or join your business under you as a representative. It is also for those who do not mind paying a fee to get started, of $10.

This is also not a full work-at-home opportunity and you will find out soon why this is not the right opportunity for you if you want to really work from home.

What Kind Of Work Will I Be Doing As An ISR?

Made, Gifts, Surprise, Loop, Christmas

As an ISR, you will have mainly two jobs; the first will be to sell Avon beauty products to customers and the other will be to recruit others under you, so they can become ISRs themselves.

First, you will need to find customers. Those can be your family, friends, and colleagues in general.

If your family and friends are not interested or they seem to not be buying enough, then you may need to think outside-the-box to be able to reach new customers.

What you will find yourself doing is leaving brochures door-to-door, putting up posters or distributing flyers and speaking to strangers about Avon products.

What you will also be recommended to do is to set up a “house party” where you display all the items you have for sale. You may need to buy in bulk for those.Cocktails, Socializing, People, Group

What you will also be doing, to boost your earnings, is recruiting others who also want to own a business.

You will be meeting with them on a regular basis to help them in their own business.

Helping them succeed with help you succeed because if they are making money, then you get a cut of their earnings too. It’s mostly a Win-Win model if your referrals are good at recruiting new members.(MLM business model explained)

Avon Sales Representatives TrainingCan you make money selling Avon beauty Products?


Avon Training

Being a representative and having access to their website, I have really found nothing useful in terms on how to get better or about further advancing your business.

All they have are incentives to push you towards sales and recruiting for the first few months when you come on board and a few basic ideas on how to get started.

They used to have videos in the past that for some reason, are no longer available.

The only way to learn anything at all from Avon themselves is to turn towards the person who recruited you or your section leader, who is probably just getting started like you and learned it all by themselves or through their own leaders.

The only other way to move forward in this business is to research and work on on the business yourself, reading about how to succeed books, on how to approach people, different ways to market the products and how to promote the Avon opportunity.So you better start doing that if you want to make money selling Avon.

I can tell you honestly that it was very hard for me to promote and make money selling Avon or have people join me because there really was nothing I could promote, except discounts on the products. The earnings were just average.

That commission can only be reached if you sell $1550 worth of products within the first 6 months. Now, imagine how hard that is to achieve for a newcomer with limited training sources.

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Avon Representative Tools

There are quite a few tools that you can make use of but mostly – you guessed it – you need to pay for them.

Except for a free website to sell Avon online (and you don’t even get training on how to set it up or customize it properly), you need to buy your brochures, your samples, your marketing tools like business cards, notepads and delivery bags.

Now those are mostly not too expensive but can add up over time. Some you also need to buy in bulk and are not available individually so if you have no money to invest, you will not make money selling Avon products.

Another way to advertise Avon can also be to buy items like umbrellas or tote bags that do all the advertising for you.

The marketing is done while you use them in public where potential customers are made known that you are an Avon lady.

Pros And Cons Of Avon


  • Free website to promote your business
  • Work on your own terms
  • Work when you want and however much you want
  • Low start-up cost, compared to other similar programs
  • Opportunity to own a business
  • Special discounts on Avon products for yourself
  • Unlimited earning potential


  • Difficult to carry natural course of business if you don’t drive
  • Very limited training and support sources
  • No real long term incentive to show possible recruits, except discounts on products
  • Not a real work-at-home opportunity because you need to prospect and deliver orders
  • You may run into some competition because chances are, your neighbor could also be an Avon lady
  • Shipping costs associated with products that your customers do not want (some products can’t even be returned because of what they are, like makeup)
  • Incentive for beginners is hard to achieve
  • This is not a free opportunity

Personal Experiences

I have personally have not had a bad experience being an Avon Representative apart from not making money and being tired to ask friends and family to buy.Avon website is user-friendly and they make ordering and keeping track of those orders easier.

Avon website is user-friendly and they make ordering and keeping track of those orders easier.

The only thing that I really don’t like is that they keep raising the bar for minimum orders in order to qualify for the lowest shipping rate of $4.90. If you don’t sell $30 or more, then you pay $8.90 for shipping.

For me, the amount of effort I put in was not worth the amount of profit I was making. So I would not recommend joining Avon as an ISR if you don’t drive or have some experience in sales.

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 Can You Make Money Selling Avon Products?

Yes, you can make money selling Avon products but be prepared to really invest in it and treat it as a full-time business. Being a full-time business, you could only be making part-time income for a while before it actually picks up and really gives you the income that you need.

I would highly recommend that you click here to read my review of the best work-at-home business you could have.

You don’t even need to step out of the house to make this work and you will have all the freedom to work when and how much you want.

There is no start-up cost or inventory to buy and you will have me and the founders of the program directly as a support system.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a message below.

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