Funny Motivational Quotes About Work

Being employed sucks, we have to agree on that, but being unemployed sucks even more. So I thought today I`ll share some funny motivational quotes about work.

Funny Motivational Quotes About Work And Yes, Being Employed Sucks

In his famous quote,

1- Robert Frost-By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.

Mr. Frost encourages workers to stay in employment.

But we all understand how being employed sucks, especially saying yes when we want to scream no.

Being told when you can have a vacation, or requesting permission to watch your daughter’s or son’s initial school pay.

Unfortunately, we have to tolerate it with humor; otherwise, we’ll all be screaming all day.

How Being Employed Sucks

funny motivational quotes about work and how being employed suces

Almost everyone can drum up merely several things they dislike about their work and current employer.

Lack of communication or a self-righteous manager can put a damper on an employee’s week.

However, what burns worker’s toast are organizations that pay the worst wages or mistreat employees.

The majority of workers would rate inadequate pay just as subpar ethical standards or unsafe work environments as mentioned in this lawsuit. The thing is that this is not uncommon, most employers have to put up or risk being let go.

2-Thomas Jefferson- I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.

According to Thomas Jefferson, most luck comes from working hard. The longer you keep going, and the harder you work, the more fate will come your way.

He adds that possessing a great work ethic and being reliable are things that other individuals notice and will inevitably reward you. However, in the world of employment, this sometimes is not correct. Rather than being paid, individuals who are employed tend to feel cheated since they are under slavery from the bosses.

Work Presently Kind of Sucks

I’ve had the chance to advise and mentor C-teams of organizations. It’s through these on-the-ground encounters that I’ve come to my conclusion concerning what’s wrong with work currently.

How we have been trained to reason about efficiency and productivity doesn’t result in actual satisfaction.

It doesn’t lead to the success of a business. Nevertheless, it also doesn’t occur to connectedness, collaboration, or contentedness. When was the last time you heard somebody saying, “I love my job“?

In case you operate in a creative industry, you’ve undoubtedly been told that you should be happy you get to do what you love.

You’ve possibly been paid nothing, terribly or in “exposure” for your beautiful labors.

However, it’s not only creative employees: If you operate in a historically woman-dominated field (nursing, teaching, caring, nannying, etc.), you comprehend all about this too.

These jobs, we are told, are driven by love, kindness, dedication, and sacrifice of their employees, that is why it’s OK to pay those employees like garbage.

The notion of loving your job is used to drive your wages down and make it challenging to undertake emotionally and to undertake acts of resistance.

In 2020, way too many of us are or have been precarious part-timers, laborers, part-timers, hustlers, or independent contractors to believe that “being your boss” is different.

The question is, will you be working after full retirement age? you can check this post that explains in detail what it is like to be working after retirement age.

Do you want to take control of your life back? are you sick and tired of being told when you can take a long-deserved vacation?

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    Conclusion About Work Jokes

    Funny motivational quotes about work are not funny when you have to ask for permission to see a doctor. Create a website today, learn how to monetize, and be your own boss.

    I hope you enjoyed the post if you have any questions please leave a message below. Know anyone who can benefit from this post? Go ahead and share it with them on any social media of your choice.

    How Being Employed Sucks

8 thoughts on “Funny Motivational Quotes About Work”

  1. Wow! Thank you for  funny but true points I laughed , and agree with most of what you wrote. The first one killed me but also made me sad ‘ By working 8 hours a day, you might eventually get to be the boss and work twelve hours a day.’ This is a sad truth about employment.

    Being employed is hard, being unemployed sucks – its a matter of choosing your hard.

  2. I like the unusual but humorous tone in this post about work.

    I have to say, my previous and current employers have always made me feel as though hard work is appreciated, and I believe more often than not, people will recognise/reward you for your hard work.

    I would like to be my own boss one day, and the light humour in this blog does make me see some of the advantages of working self employed.

    • I`m a salaried worker, I have also been self-employed but I have to say here and now, employment sucks, I hate having to ask for permission to do things, I hate that I have to explain myself if I`m 10 minutes late.

      Like you, I`m looking forward to a day I will be self-employed.

  3. Thank you for this post. I like its approach for a lighter perspective than we’re used to. I also liked some of the jokes.

    Working hard is a must for every human being. The main point is that most of us do’t like it. It doesn’t matter if we work for somebody else or for ourselves, in any case, we must work hard.

    • I agreee with you, working hard is a must. I just think it pays more to work as hard when you`re self-employed, Working hard for a boss………….well it`s not always appreciated,if/when it comes time for you to be “kicked out” because they are cutting costs, no-one stops to think how hard you`ve been working.

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