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If you are new to online marketing and want to get started making money online, then this page is for you.

Are you tired of joining those get-rich-quick schemes promising you thousands of dollars? then nothing happens and you find yourself loosing time and money?Get Started.This will teach you how to start a blog from scratch and turn it into a successful full time moneymaking online.

Are you tired of buying the next new best thing on the internet only to find it does not work?

If you are tired of the membership sites only to learn you have to pay extra to be given the secret then this page is also for you.

As there is no extra and there is no hidden secret in affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a get rich quick then this is not for you. Making money online takes work and this is not a get rich quick and you can only get out what you put in.

I created this site to help anyone looking for ways on how to build a successful online business.

Here I’m going to share the information that will help you get started with your online business. But if you believe in those success stories of “I made 4 figures my first-month blogging” then this is not for you.

There is nothing like that online, even the people telling you they made 3,4 figures in their first or second-month blogging did not do it.

Can Anyone Make Money Online?

Anyone can start an online business and be successful, the process of starting is not that difficult, it just takes making the right moves, finding the right tools.

Like many before you, if you are already hopeless on how to succeed online, then stay with me as I explain things, I’ve tried different business tricks and opportunities online but most turned out to be scams.

I kept on thinking about how these few people are reaping the fruits of success online. Something that I had to work out how to get there, and believe me, giving up was not an option.How to get started blogging and making money online

Finally, after a few years (4 years to be exact)on the internet still looking, never wanting to give up, losing money from time to time, I found what I needed to succeed online.

I found this amazing opportunity, the Wealthy Affiliate.

Within a month, I was able to build the foundation for my business online.

For the first time, l built my website from scratch, little nobody me, with no experience, no website building skills did it.

Building a website, with the help and guidance from experts ready to help you is easy. You do not need any special education, you do not have to be special, I know I`m not.

What Do You Need To Succeed Online?

Building a Successful online business starts with your own website, this will be the foundation of your business. Just like building a house, you need a foundation to have a strong long-lasting house.

Next, I’m going to walk you through the process needed to succeed online.

One thing before we get there, understand that successful internet marketers are not different, they are just like you and me.
It’s not rocket science to have a successful online business, the process when done correctly is so simple if you have the right tools that you will be surprised.

But then you may ask why are people not succeeding? the answer is simple, they get no help, they don’t have the right tools, they don’t take action and they run after empty promises of “start today and you`ll be making money this week”.

Ask for help from the experts when you get stuck, take action and watch your online business grow it`s as simple as that.

Build Your Own Website

If you are like me and the thought of building a website scares you, l can assure you it`s quite simple to build a website.

Years ago when l thought of starting an online business, the thought of building a website always turned me off, but today with WordPress, you can build your website in as quick as 30 seconds right here.

Get Help

Get Started

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in, with 1000`s of successful members and online millionaires, all with the same goal, help is readily available.

Any questions you might have, any kind of help you need, the members at Wealthy affiliate are always ready and happy to help.

And believe me, when starting out in a new venture, you need a lot of help as everything might look confusing but with a community to help you, everything is easy.

Read my review of the program that helped me get started online. You can start as a free member and build your website.

Take Action

This is where a lot of newbies fail, you want to take action on what you have learned. It does not help you and if you learn and do nothing with what you have learned.

Be prepared for stumbles along the way, but always learn to get up when you fall.

Success does not come in one day, it is a process and if you find anyone telling you they can make you succeed in a week, run miles away, they are trying to take your money.

Online success really is like connecting the little dots till you make a whole, learn to find what works or doesn’t,  then rinse and repeat.

After you find what works, keep adding quality content that will bring you targeted traffic and watch the money come in.

I found this post really interesting finding what works and how to identify your online money-making niche.

Advantages Of signing Up At Wealthy Affiliates

You need no credit card to sign up, you can sign in as a free member with no strings attached, start building your website and decide if you want to stay a member.

Below I’m going to list the advantages of joining Wealthy Affiliates

  • Two free websites
  • A chance to earn while you learn
  • Personal help and support
  • 24/7 live chat support with hundreds of members
  • Tutorials that are always up to date
  • Video classes
  • Weekly Live webinars
  • A whole community behind you to help you succeed
  • A chance to talk to the owners Kyle and Carson
  • Endless training materials
  • New resources always added from members and owners Kyle and Carson
  • The tutorials are very flexible, you learn when you have time to.

Now this may sound too good but numbers don`t lie, check the numbers, read success stories and see if you are ready to try this free affiliate marketing training.

All these and much more are all for free to you as a starter member, you can go premium if you choose to but there is no pressure to do that.

You can sign up here and start building your free website.

But all Niches are taken or I do not have a niche

Not quite, there are so many niches out there, just look above, I’m sure there are several things you could talk about on your website and be successful in selling affiliate products.

Have questions before you sign up? something not clear just let me know and I`ll be glad to answer.


13 thoughts on “Get Started”

  1. Hi Roamy;
    Very interesting site. Lots of information.
    I particularly liked your Increase your Income page. I’ve bought things on Ebay but never thought about selling there, too.
    And your Blogging info is really an interesting concept. But, how do you make money with a blog? I have a lot of ideas I’d like to talk about but have no clue as to how to monetize them.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Hello Terry

      Thanks for stopping by,so you too are a blogger. How about making money with your blog selling other people’s products? send your readers to the product store through your affiliate link, if they buy,you get paid a certain amount.l too have bought products on eBay but l have never sold anything there.

      wish you luck with your blog.

  2. Hello there , indeed this is a question very popular lately online.Is it really possible?..Of course it is , but it needs your work and time.

    I have tested almost a thousand products that proved scams.Everyday new fancy offers flow into the market.99% out of them frauds.How can you persuade someone that making money online is possible with these statistics?

    Very nice explaining of a proven system , the website as a foundation for online business.The most difficult part is to bring traffic … then it is up to you to monetize in hundreds of different ways to earn money.

    But as you say , it needs action.Consistent action to have a chance with this enormous competition and to build trust around your brand.

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of my recommended places to build a website as well.And their training is comprehensive.

    What was the toughest phase you passed till you finally get into the right direction with your website?…Did you ever had a hard time get going?

    • Lol,your last question first.The hardest part was building a website, let`s say the fear of building a website.Thought I’ll mess everything up enough for my computer to stop working. The second difficult part to IM is finding targeted traffic or any traffic at all.Now looking back, building a website was the easy part, driving traffic is the hard part.

      Just like you,l joined so many scams before l found wealthy affiliates, l lost so much money in these scams im embarrassed to say,some might think l was chasing rainbows but to me, l was looking for a system that work and giving up was not an option.

      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Thank you Roamy. Helpful and informative article. I know all about Wealthy Affiliate — in fact, I’m subscribed to them right now, and I can confirm that they really will put you on the path to success. Like many, I used to think that I don’t have what it takes to make money online, but WA has helped me realize that I (and anyone, for that matter) can do it as long as I take action.

  4. Hi there!

    Great post on WA!
    I am a member of WA for 3 months now and I can confirm everything that you said. I’m really happy with the training I have been given. I have applied all what I have learned to my website. I can tell you that everything is working as I expected, I am getting traffic to my website and it’s increasing day by day… the WA community is incredible, they give us immense support and I am really grateful for that. The premium membership is a great investment for my future.
    Good luck with your online business!


  5. Hi there my friend, Your site looks nice and clean – my first observation is what appears to be an over use of social media – are you signed up and using them all? If not I would suggest trimming them down to the media you actually use, then add others as you develop your online presence. Otherwise what I see is looking nicely presented well done. cheers Tracey

  6. Just wanted to say that I am also new to affiliate marketing with websites and I in fact do so through Wealthy Affiliate. I must say that you really described the site and everything that it has to offer really well. You emphasized how many resources are open to you which is entirely true. One quick question though… although everyone’s earnings are completely different can you give a guesstimate of what one could expect to earn after say their first year if they site down and work on their site for multiple hours per week? I feel like this is one question that people often have.

  7. Hi Roamy,

    Thanks for your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m new to internet marketing as well but I’m really enjoying what I’m learning about it. I’ve checked out other training materials so I have a question for you. For anyone just starting out, what would you say is one thing that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from other online marketing academies?

    • Hi Matt,Wealthy Affiliate does not have any upsells and the price is exactly what they say without having to pay for this or that extra secret course,everythig is done with the help of the whole community.


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