How To Buy Domain Name And Start A Blog

There is no question that almost every business needs an internet presence in the current digital age. For that, a business needs a website that requires a web domain name.

A website owner should consider registering their own domain name. But where do you buy a domain name or how do you buy a domain name if you are just getting started?

It may sound simple but it`s not when you`re just getting started and have no idea how it`s done, I know I knew nothing about a domain when I first got started online.

This post will explain how to buy a domain name, how to start blogging and earn money online, and what to look for if the domain you want is already taken plus the places to buy.

A domain name is a unique and relevant URL of the business website which, in other words, is the address of that website.

Any individual whether they own a company or not can easily register the domain name online without much hassle and at affordable rates.

Why Is Domain Name Important

  • A domain name comes in handy when or if you decide to change the web hosting service. You can change the location of all your web files without having to change the address (domain name) of the website.

It is convenient and efficient as it saves you from informing all your regular customers and clients about new website addresses since you wouldn’t need one. It prevents confusion and the possibility of losing clients in the confusion created by the change. A domain name adds credibility to the business and people trust businesses with their own websites and suitable domain name. Your domain name if chosen carefully, suits and is self-explanatory of your business is highly successful and in demand. This is because it is easy to remember and connect with the type of business you are doing and attracts more customers. A domain name is helpful when it comes to winning over sponsors. Sponsorship is essential as it helps to add an aura of authenticity, respectability, and reliability to the business website.How To Register A Domain Name

  • First things first and that is to think of a selection of a couple of good domain names that represent your business very well. Thinking of more than one would good in case the one you wanted is already taken. It would be beneficial if you could think of something catchy and easy to remember as well. you’d like to use.
  • The domain name registrars require online payments most of the time. So, it would be prudent if you keep your debit/ credit or PayPal account ready to make the payments as necessary once you selected a domain name. After the payment, you get the ownership to the domain name immediately.
  • In case, you have already registered for the web hosting service then find out whether the same service providers offer domain name registration or not. If not, you can check what are the primary domain name registrars they prefer.

You don’t necessarily need to register for the same service as the web hosting because the domain name can be easily transferred later on if you don’t like the current service. For a further understanding of the service provided, you should go through the FAQs of the websites and make your decision after being fully informed.  It would do good in avoiding having to transferring the domain name.

  • In case, you are still looking for a web hosting service then you can allow the registrar to use your domain name for a temporary website. Setting up a website requires many steps and can take time.

If you go about setting up a temporary website, you can buy the domain name and not worry about losing it in case it becomes unavailable later. It is very much possible for a domain name to become unavailable with the number of websites being launched every single day. Domain Name Registrars

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a big-name provider with loads of hosting add-ons and telephone support but with high prices. It is considered the world’s biggest domain registrar with 17 million customers worldwide.The starting prices are cheap but only apply if you pay for two years up front. The second-year is more expensive. There are also no bundled extras. You have to pay extra to have them included while such bundles are often included free of cost in other domain registration services.

  • Hover

Hover is a quick and easy domain name registrar. It offers Whois privacy for free. The pricing is fair and there is also support albeit not available 24/7. It is a very clear and straightforward domain registrar. It allows you to check the costs before you even start with its easy search filter option. The results page displays every available domain that you can register along with their prices so that you can easily scroll through and pick one suitable for you.  Or at the least get an idea of what you want. You can even search using the categories. It opens up the chances of finding the domain names that would have otherwise gone unseen.

  • Dynadot

Dynadot is a good-quality domain name registrar with a powerful search tool at reasonable prices with loads of extras free of cost. It is different from the usual domain registrars. From the very beginning, when you do an initial search, you get access to Bulk and Internationalized Domain Name search tools which can be set up as defaults for all your future searches.Dynadot offers special deals on some selected extensions and also a good value price at renewal. The support isn’t as impressive but there is a public forum to browse commonly asked questions.

  • Google Domains

Google Domains is a no hassles domain registrar with excellent support. It is easy-to-use and offers a bit above-average prices. It is a straightforward service provider that doesn’t add to already existing confusion into the process of domain registration with endless sales or special deals. Working with speed is its main priority to make it as easy as possible for you. The catch is Google Domains does not support all the available domain extensions.

Namecheap is a user-friendly domain name registrar which offers domain names at cheap rates. The Whois policy is free here and the live chat as support is the icing on the cake. The billing process is straightforward and honest. Check an earlier in-depth post on Namecheap here.What To Do If Your Chosen Domain Name Is Already Taken

  1. Modify the domain name slightly. Try adding a word after, or before the domain name. Don’t try to overcompensate it and make it complicated. Keep it simple. The domain name should be easy to remember.
  2. Use different extensions. Domain extensions like .net and .co are still used commonly.
  3. Make an offer on the domain. Look up the owner of the domain name using Whois and contact them with an offer to buy the domain name from them.

Before you contact the domain owner, keep a few things in mind:

  • The owner’s asking price might little higher.
  • Don’t make an offer in the first communication. Ask them whether they are willing to part with the domain name.
  • Make a counter offer if their asking price is too high.
  • You can avoid the negotiations by using a domain name broker service like Sedo.

ConclusionAs soon as you have selected and decided to purchase the domain name for your website, you should buy it. Domain names are snatched up very quickly and if you wait to come back later after you have designed the website, there is a distinct possibility that you may be too late in claiming your first choice of the domain name.

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