How To Earn At MyLot A Way To Earn At Home

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I have heard this question many times people who want to earn at home but don`t know where to start earning so l thought I`ll make a post on how to earn at myLot. But before getting into earnings, I’m going to answer the most asked question.

What Is MyLot

MyLot is a community of people who like posting and commenting online and getting paid for their time and activity.It`s as easy as that and anyone can do it and get paid.

Have something you don’t like?ask myLot members and the more people interact with your post, the more you earn. Know a solution to someone’s problem? answer or comment on their post and you get paid.

How Does MyLot Work?

If you are new to online income, myLot is one of the reliable options you might want to consider. Unlike many social sites out there, you can earn at home using the program.

The word reliable is very crucial with online programs because there are many scam sites out there that do not last more than a year or two.

myLot is, therefore, unique because it has lasted for almost a decade.
There was a brief period it discontinued its earnings programs, but even then, it was upfront with its members and paid the amounts due to them.myLot resumed its earnings program once more in September 2015.

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Does myLot Pay Members

The answer to that is yes, myLot members get paid, there was a short period in 2013 when myLot stopped paying but they are paying their members again.

You get paid through PayPal once you reach the minimum payment threshold.But to be honest, earnings on the site are slow and low. But many members manage to earn about $20 or so, each month, though payout is just $5. The good news is that there are other advantages of joining myLot.

Who Can Join MyLot

MyLot is open to anyone provided you have an internet connection and you can write in English you are free to join myLot and start to interact with other members. MyLot has members from all over the world and it`s an active lively community with interaction going on 24/7.

If you enjoy writing and want some income with your skills, you can be a member of my lot, if you are a mom with some time and want to interact with other members but not feel pressed for deadlines to post then myLot is the place for you.

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What Can You Post At MyLot

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Like many programs out there, there are some things you can not post at myLot, things like pornography, racism are not allowed and will be removed by the admin.You can check more of items not accepted here.

If you are posting at myLot, try to make your posts short, very long posts mostly get ignored no matter how interesting because members may be impatient.Struggling with short content? learn how to here.

How To Earn At myLot

There are many ways to earn at myLot. Of these, two are direct earning opportunities, and the rest are indirect opportunities.

Direct opportunities.

Participate in discussions

You can post a discussion on any topic of your choice. However, you should conform to the guidelines.

People would respond to that post, offering their views, and you can comment back. This activity fetches you some money, though not much.

Likewise, you can respond to posts written by others that interest you and comment back and forth. This interaction generates money for you as well as the person or persons interacting with you.

Note that in one thread many people can interact with each other. Moreover, interactions can be fun and not necessarily confined to the topic of the discussion.

It is also not necessary that the post be informative. It needs to be readable and not plagiarized content. Since the only qualification needed is a fairly decent command over English, earning money on myLot is perhaps the easiest way to make money online.

How to earn at myLot indirectly

By joining myLot, it is possible to be friends with others, and they would come forward with earning opportunities around, i.e., opportunities that are not on myLot, but elsewhere.
Since myLot has international traffic, it is possible to know earning opportunities within the country as well as other countries. Many people join such sites to get exposure to their websites, and earn through programs such as Google’s adsense.
Read my earlier post on earning with Google Adsense here if you missed it .You can add the link to your blog or site on your profile page and if you are able to interact with members, who feel inclined to click on your website, chances are that you are getting a customer or member for your site.

When Do You Get Paid At MyLot


MyLot pays members as soon as you reach a minimum balance of $5, it might not sound like a lot but to reach the $5 can take time and real hard work, you get paid just cents so you have to be active to reach the minimum payout at the end of the month.

Every member that reaches the $5 at the end of the month gets paid on about 15th of the next month, for example, your April earnings are paid out on or about 15th may.

Some members take longer to reach the minimum cash out because you have to post what people will interact with to earn.

If you post what people like, your post can earn you about $.50 or more.Like many paid to sites, this is a hands-on earn platform, the more active you are, the more you can earn.

How Does MyLot Work

It`s simple really, after joining myLot and filling up your profile, you are ready to get started, look at the existing posts that interest you and reply, post anything that you want and hope members like it enough to interact with it.

The more people interact with your post, the more you earn.It also helps to follow members, interact with their posts.

If you post bland topics, no one will interact with your posts and you will not earn any money.So if you can not figure out what to post, try answering to as many posts as possible.

So How Much Can You Earn A Day At MyLot?

This is difficult to answer, some members earn up to $1 a day, but this will require almost a full day at myLot interacting.I’m sure you have better things to do than earning $1 a day.

As said earlier, some people need longer to reach the cash out if no one is interacting with your posts or if you are not active, but there are some posts that get a lot of interaction so earning you faster.Looking for more writing work that earn you more? check this program that`s free to join.

What To Know About MyLot

New members can feel left out and ignored, so the best way to get started is to introduce yourself be active and hang on in there, soon members will start interacting with your posts too.

But if you join and expect people to interact with your posts immediately, you might be disappointed, some of the members have been there for a while and have a following, so you have to be active and get a following.

Your followers and those you are following will interact more with your posts than just random people.

Can I Encourage You To Join MyLot?

If you are looking to earn money on the side and enjoy writing short posts then my lot is great for you,the cents do add up, it`s better to join a site with less earnings where you are sure you`ll be paid than join some get rich quick where you will only lose money and time spent.

But if you are looking to earn real money online long term, then look at my #1 recommendation and see where l learned to make money online.

Can You Quit Your Day Job Making Money At MyLot?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, even if you spent a full day at myLot, you will not make enough to make a living and quit your job but you can earn enough for little treats from time to time,myLot earnings are not much.

Final Verdict

If you’re happy with just being part of an active and friendly community then this is certainly for you. The money is just a little bonus you’ll make along the way.

If you`ve enjoyed myLot review and feel it`s for you, enjoy and have fun, but if anyone tells you they are making $10 per day there, they are misleading you but if you are contented with whatever you earn, feel free to try it out.

I have a better community, very helpful and you will learn to make real money online than making cents per day, check my review of the program here to understand why it`s a must join for anyone looking to make money online or learn how online works.

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  1. I feel that many of the opportunities to earn money online are either scams or if legit, make so little money that they aren’t worth the time!

    MyLot appears to fall into the latter category.

    I’m certainly looking to earn REAL money online… but am really having trouble finding legit websites. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hello there,places like myLot can not be considered earning money online, it`s more like being on facebook and getting some cents nothing more.

      About earning money online,have you thought of affiliate marketing?

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