Inbox blueprint review

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  Inbox Blueprint 2.0
Owners: Anik Singal
My Overall Ranking: 7/10 (Pretty good, but there’s an alternative)
Price: Either USD$241 in full or 3 payments USD$97 (with 2 Upsells)

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Inbox blueprint review

Overview of Inbox Blueprint 2.0

In summary, Inbox Blueprint is a basic email marketing course that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create your online business with your email list.

Inbox blueprint  8 learning steps are in videos and text, the steps are as follows

Step 1: Addiction Meter
Step 2: The Bait
Step 3: TYP Method
Step 4: Email Machine
Step 5: List Relationship
Step 6: Payday Secrets
Step 7: Easy Traffic
Step 8: Unlimited Success

Anil says you can have a business up and running and making sales following these 8 steps, in my opinion, pure bull, making money online is not a walk in the park and without a community of like-minded people behind you,success is almost nil.

Inbox Blueprint Elite

This is a 6-week boot camp, where you will receive 6-week live training on webinars. The 6 webinars will cover the entire main course and show you how to start the email marketing business from scratch.

This Elite Upgrade costs USD$297. 

The product creator of Inbox Blueprint, Anik Singal, has a pretty good reputation in the Internet Marketing Industry as he has created a huge success from his honest EM business.

Jeff Lenney is the head coach who will teach you during the 6-week boot camp. He is a very funny guy who knows a lot in SEO and he teaches in a humorous manner to make it more interesting.

The second upsell is called:

Inbox Inner Circle

This final up-sell includes monthly niche report done by Anik’s team (the VSSMind Media).It also includes a done-for-you opt-in page, a written free report, research on affiliate programs in that niche and a case study from Anik.

It costs USD$77 per month.

You do not need to pay that much at my #1 recommendation click to join free.

Pros & Cons of Inbox Blueprint 2.0Pros:Inbox Blueprint is LEGITIMATE

Inbox Blueprint is definitely NOT a scam. The course does provide you with good training in email marketing.

It teaches you how to build a high-converting opt-in page, how to choose a good autoresponder company, how to build list relationship with your audience via emails, and what traffic methods you can use.

Anik Singal’s team is helpful 

The VSSMind team is quite responsive; they normally reply you within 24-48 hours of emailing them your questions.

Easy to follow step-by-step course

Anyone can easily follow the 8 steps outlined in the course. There are exercises after each lesson that you should complete before moving forward.

Additional 6 Live training included

Dave Lovelace, another trainer will guide you through the course in live webinar for 6 weeks. It’s similar to Inbox Elite live training but it’s already included in the main course.

It really is a proven blueprint

The course does deliver you a proven map on email marketing. It shows you the importance of building your email list to accumulate a huge success in the future.


Expensive for beginners

The cheapest you can get out of Inbox Blueprint is USD$241 if you paid in full. You have to add another USD $297 to upgrade.  If you want to join the inner circle, add another USD$77 per month. Assuming you stay for 3 months, it will cost you nearly USD$800 in total.

The right side shows the prices you have to pay for inbox dollars membership.

Do not be mistaken into thinking it`s all done with after you pay the membership fee $97×3, even the reduced price of $241, you will need your own domain, hosting

If you follow inbox blue dollars advice, they suggest you have several domains.

Domain and hosting a can end up costing you about $90 depending on where you choose to host.
No future support after the course

One of the most important aspects of becoming good at Internet Marketing is consistent training and updates. Although this course provides fairly good training, there will be no future support once 2 months passed.

Money is in the list, but you need a SOLID FOUNDATION to build that list

Your email list is the main asset that drives your income. But how do you get people to subscribe to your list? The two common ways include PAID traffic or FREE traffic.

You can do so much, especially for newbies, to pay for traffic. So to attract free traffic, you must have a website (i.e. your SOLID FOUNDATION) that produces constant high-quality contents which attract people to come, before you start collecting visitors’ email address.

Click here to create a free website

Annoying future up-sells and affiliate promotions

The product owner is always recommending one product after another which can be confusing. They may be helpful but considering you have already invested USD$1,000+ in learning Inbox Blueprint and buying tools, it is UNWISE to keep buying stuff before you begin to see profits.

Who Is Inbox Blueprint For?

If you only want to learn the basics of email marketing, Inbox Blueprint will have a good overview for you. It will teach you why the money is in the list and why you should always be building your list, but there is a very good alternative without the price tag or upsells.

You can not succeed building a list if you do not have all the tools to creating the foundation of your website. Want to try it for just $1? Try it here.

Who Isn’t Inbox Blueprint For?

However, if you are a total newbie who needs a good foundation for your online business, Inbox Blueprint will not give you the complete training you need because it does not teach you how to drive traffic and it does not have the tools you need to build a great website.

Additionally, Inbox Blueprint does not give you consistent access to industry experts and a vibrant community for support hence you may not get all the help you need to be successful.

Inbox blueprint review verdict: LEGIT

Although legitimate, the reason for Inbox blueprint review is to inform you that personally l will not advise anyone to join unless you have too much money to throw around Paying a high dollar to inbox blueprint will not guarantee your success, there are much better programs out there that cost less than $1 a day.

If you have any questions, leave me a message below and l will sure get back to you.

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