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The prospect of “earning money from home” has a certain appeal that intrigues many people. Admittingly, there are several ways to earn online. Some of these opportunities require specific talent, skill, or knowledge. Others do not.

But such “general earning opportunities” come with the risk of scamming as well as low earnings. Inbox Dollars is one of the safer options around where you get paid for taking surveys online.

What to look for in any online money making options that do not require special skills?

If you want a reliable online earning opportunity which does not require you to have professional skills, look for the following key factors:

• How long the website or online opportunity has been around?;

• Is there any joining fees to be paid?;
• What you need to do for earning there, can you do it, and how much time would it take for you to earn the minimum amount needed for the payout?;
• Is the website likely to continue in foreseeable future?;
• What is its minimum payout limit and how long will it take a person to reach that?;
• Is it possible to increase the pace of earning and withdrawing? If so, how much investment is needed?;
• How does the site pay?;
• Does the site have required support?

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Now Inbox Dollars review against the selected criteria and evaluate it in relation to similar websites.

•Inbox dollars has been around since 2000. There are very few online companies that are around since then, if at all. It has been paying as per its terms and conditions since then. This means it is a reliable opportunity for making money online. On a scale of 1 to 10, the site would score 10 for reliability.

• The site is a “free to join” site, no initial investment is needed for signing up or earning from this site. Correspondingly, it scores 10/10 for this convenience.

• There are different ways to earn on this site starting from web browsing, reading paid emails, watching some video commercials, playing games, shopping, completing surveys, redeeming electronic coupons such as grocery coupons, and referring other persons. Not a difficult thing to do.

At least some of the activities are possible each day. Surveys may take about half an hour to an hour, depending on the survey and the number of surveys available.

Here too the site compares well with similar sites and scores 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, primarily because of the time it would take to complete those surveys or play games;

• The website partners with the likes of Walmart, Target, Netflix,, and H&R Block, which are well-established businesses to do shopping in, and watch movies from. Such businesses also pay promptly. It is, therefore, easy to say that the site scores 10/10 for this.

• The minimum payout limit is 30 dollars, which is disappointing. The site does offer a joining bonus of $5 so that members achieve this target faster. But even earnings on various surveys, web browsing, shopping, etc., are not much. Therefore, reaching that payout may take a couple of months. Effectively, the site only scores 5/10 here in comparison to its peers.

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• After cashing out the first time, the member is made as Golden Member, which increases the benefits and also helps to earn faster. Because most of the sites charge for such membership, this site scores 9/10 here as well.

• Earnings may be in the form of cash, bonuses, gifts cards, sweepstakes, loyalty rewards, etc. Cash would be paid through “Prepaid Visa” cash card, or Inboxdollars’ checks or e-cards. Here too, the site scores 9/10 because payments are not instantaneous.

• The site offers live support, 24/7 through LiveChat. Therefore, it scores 10/10.

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Now to Inbox Dollars Cons

• Some tasks may be in foreign language;(again it`s an advantage if you speak a foreign language)
• Though there are many tasks, there is a restriction on the number of tasks the member is allowed to do each, which restricts earnings;
• Some personal information is needed at the beginning;

• The email account furnished can get filled with spam, if the member chooses to sign up for some of the businesses or websites that offer higher amounts in tasks.
• It does not pay through PayPal, which is often the most preferred online payment processor.
• Payment processing fee collected by this site is $3 irrespective of the size of withdrawal. On $30 that is 10 percent!
• The processing of payment can take as long as 3 weeks or so for the first withdrawal.
• Your account needs to remain active, i.e., you have 10 days to complete some of the offers or tasks. If you fail to do them in that time, your account becomes inactive. There is a time limit of six months during which the member may request for reinstating. Beyond that, the account is closed for good.


Inbox Dollars will definitely not give you sufficient income to work from home. But it is a legitimate site. It can, when combined with other sites, give you a decent supplementary income. If you refer more people, you can fare better.

Although Inbox Dollars pays its members, it`s not what I`d recommend,as it is not the best way to earn online.You can do much better than to earn credits for taking surveys and earning small change every few months.

Affiliate marketing will earn you much more and you are not limited as to how much you can earn in a day or month,your hard work pays and it starts with building your free website around your passion .

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4 Comments on "Inbox Dollars Review"

  1. Inbox Dollars sounds like a person would have to do too much for just a little bit of money. Do you have to qualify to take surveys? I tried a survey site once and you had to qualify to take the survey and I was never qualified so of course I did not make money. Do they have an affiliate program or do you just refer people? As an affiliate program I think it would make some money because people as always will to sign up when it appears to be so easy to make some money.

    • Like any survey site,you have to qualify for surveys at Inbox Dollars before you can complete a survey.But as said in my review,reaching the payout is not easy,you get paid cents taking surveys,your time im sure can be better spent in other things

  2. Hi there. It’s truly interesting to have a website that pays anyone to take their surveys or play games. I never thought such a thing is possible to be honest. I was actually very interested until you get to the point where even earning $30 will take a while to get. It is a very simple thing to do but if the time to make any significant of money is long, I think I’ll pass on the inbox dollar. Many thanks for your review!

    • Hello Isaac

      Inline surveys in my opinion are a real waste of time.Taking surveys to earn money from home is time consuming and as said in my review,reaching the $30 cash out can take months.I believe there are better ways to make money online even as a beginner

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