Are you struggling from paycheque to paycheque? Are you thinking of ways to increase your income yet do not want to work that extra job away from home? Then this post is for you.

When the World Wide Web was born, the realms of the early electronic bulletin boards (BBS) were ripe with e-commerce and ready for phenomena that would literally change the face of the world.

Here are three make money at home ideas that are well worth considering to increase your income, two of which are absolutely vital to online success. Here they are…

1. eBay

On September 3, 1995, a new phenomenon was conceived by a French-born Iranian-American computer programmer, Pierre Omidyar.

Little did Omidyar know at the time was that the small auction-based part of his personal website would become an international success, he added the pages to his site, which featured of all things, a particular infectious disease.

Omidyar wanted to name the auctions section on a separate website with the domain, “EchoBay.”

To his dismay, this name was already taken by a gold mining business so he had to choose an inferior name, “eBay.” The rest is history.

eBay Today

Today, eBay is the largest, most famous online auction site of all time. Many of the sellers engaging in commerce on this site have become opulently wealthy.

Hundreds of thousands of sellers offer just about anything you can imagine (that is legal) to the buying public.

The site has always been a source of great opportunity for both buyers and sellers and remains, to this day, to create fortunes for those who are willing to work hard and exercise the best in customer service.

eBay offers standards in conducting online auctions and has strict guidelines.

eBay is Safe to Sell and Shop

However, this means top-notch buying and selling experiences for all. eBay is a relatively safe business to engage in and offers the same opportunities for any who wish to sign up as sellers.

The notable drawback to this business is the physical aspect of packaging, handling and mailing of goods, and the feedback system which can sometimes be abused.

Albeit eBay has an arbitrary system for issues like this.

The benefit of eBay is, of course, the ability to work from home and in a business where the sky is the limit.

eBay has an excellent tutorial that covers just about anything and everything online auctions!
The overall about eBay is that it remains to be one of the most viable and stable businesses to build online, the site now in its 20th year of business and growing steadily.

It is one of the few businesses where folks with average intelligence can join and from day one, begin making money. There is more than one way to make money with eBay.

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They even have an affiliate program, which is the topic of our next point…

2. Affiliate Marketing

The old way for companies to get the message out about their products was the old-fashion (and still used) methods of advertising campaigns, which have been and still is extremely expensive and very competitive.Increase Your Income

At some point, someone came up with the idea of cutting costs by simply having users of their products convey the message for them at a much smaller price than the conventional way.

In that those who have experienced the products could write about them on their websites and blogs, and be paid to do this.

The way affiliate marketing works is very similar in many ways to that of a grocery or department store.
The only real difference is that the affiliate marketer is not required to actually handle or move the physical goods.

The company develops what is called an “affiliate program.”

Becoming An Affiliate

This usually entails the application, enrollment, and selection process on the end of the company in choosing affiliates based on their criteria and requirements.

The company, in many instances inquiries about the website on which the promotions will occur, and other important scenarios.

Upon acceptance, the affiliate (the one who promotes products for the company or outlet,) in any number of ways, creates effective campaigns using paid or free organic methods to get the message out to targeted audiences.

The company often provides promotional tools, such as banners, a dashboard where affiliates can monitor their stats and other information.

The standard way in which affiliates are credited for their promotions is through special identifiers called “affiliate links.”                                                        Image result for affiliate marketing

These unique links tie a product sale to the proper individual.

The affiliate gets paid for successful sales in the way of commissions, which is paid out periodically (usually monthly) for a pre-determined percentage of the price of the product.

Getting a commission rate of 50% is common and if the product is hot, this spells fortune for those who have mastered affiliate marketing.

The prospect of affiliate marketing is excellent and is far from saturated.

There are literally millions of niches (markets) for products and services and ways to promote them as well.

Read more about niches here if you missed it.

Affiliate marketing is an easy concept to learn and, though it does take some time to build up the rank, trust, and ability before sales become consistent, this is a very lucrative business anyone can learn.

3. Making Money with Blogging

Blogging has an interesting history. It predates the World Wide Web by a couple of years, with the very first incident of “logging on the Web” ( a phrase first coined in 1997) by the Swarthmore student, Justin Hall.

A computer programmer, Peter Merholz shortens the then, in use “weblog” to “blog.”

In the way of firsts, the famous “Blogger,” which is still in operation, became the very first to offer the online journaling concept as a free-for-all content-management platform in 1999 and in 2002.

Not only did blogs go political, they also became the first place online to advertise and become open season for e-commerce before the Dot-Com Crash.

WordPress took the blogging world by storm and introduced the first fully-functional website-creation tool ever, which made web document-creation software obsolete both in technology and time-saving.

Today there are over 152 million blogs on the Internet.

Companies that blog more than 20 times per month get 5 times more traffic and those with over 51 blogs on their sites receive on average, 77% more monthly leads than any other online existence.

These statistics fall in line with the fact that, of the number of blogs online today, over 80% of them are related to e-commerce.

Setting Up a Blog To Increase Your Income

Quick and easy to set up, and that blogging sites (technically known as content management systems or platforms).

Have revolutionized the way e-commerce is done and is almost solely responsible for most of the trading that occurs on the web.

Now I wrote a full post on starting a blog from scratch here so I`m not going to bore you with the same details.

Many online business training platforms feature online software in which one can literally have a website up in two or three clicks of the mouse!

It is essentially the most vital first step to building a blog, your first step to increasing your income without leaving your home.

Anyone serious about starting an online business should first consider setting up with one of many blogging sites out there.

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I hope this post helped you understand how you can get started online if I could do it, believe me, you can, I`m no one special, I knew nothing about making money online when I got started but learned and I`m now making money online.

Would like to know how you got started online, leave me a message below. If you found this post useful please share so others can benefit from it.

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  1. I found this article of yours to be very helpful. There are so many ways to make money online. You can do surveys, affiliate marketing and Forex trading.

    Affiliate marketing is far my favourite because it is something that you can easily scale and make money with. You would be shocked to know about the unlimited potential there is online if you know how to do proper keyword research.

  2. Hi there! I am really eager to know ways on how to make an extra money. And I find online jobs really appealing. I was once convinced to purchase a product online to learn the basics of email marketing but I think it is not my cup of tea. By the way, I have read about affiliate marketing. Is it a business that is applicable to beginners or even for those who have no previous experience in it? Thanks in advance for your response.

  3. Nice and easy to understand contact covering eBay and being an affiliate. At the end of the day everyone wants to earn more money and this seems a good way of achieving it whether it’s on a part time or full time basis.

    Either way you blog gives away that message that with abit of hard work and commitment anyone can do it.


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