Is Building A Website For Free A Wise Choice?

Is building a website for free a wise choice? The simple answer to this question is yes, it is a wise choice. The problem is that there are a lot of ways to do it wrong.

There are plenty of websites out there that will help you build a website. Some are cheap, some are expensive and there’s everything in between.

It can be really tricky to figure out which company to choose when deciding to build your first website.

Depending on your budget and your goals and maybe the time you`re ready to invest, you will be able to narrow it down to a few options.

One thing you need to be aware of is that the ones who claim to do it for free. This is usually a case of the “shiny object syndrome” where they lure you in with all sorts of promises.

Most of the time these promises are empty and they will eventually hit you with up-sells, things like you MUST have this to continue are common on up-sells.

Your Blog Goals

So depending on your goals there will be different options for you and we`ll look at the options as we move on.

If you are just trying to build a simple website for a business and you’re not concerned with getting lots of traffic to it then you would want to use one of the big companies like

These companies usually have competitive pricing and the support is pretty good. You will however not get anything for free using these ones.

So, they might help you get all set up with a domain and help you build your website to make it look good.

But after that, you`re on your own to figure things out and believe me, if you are just getting started, figuring everything alone is hard.Is Building A Website For Free A Wise Choice?

This can be tough especially if you`ve never built a successful website before.

From experience, a website has so many pieces that have to fit in seamlessly together for it to work.

Having a website will allow you to have something for your customers to go to when looking for your business hours, phone number, address, etc…

Now if your goal is to start a website that promotes products or makes a profit, then there really is only one option.

That option is this program where I built my first website for free.

The beauty of building a website on this platform is that you really can try it out for free.

Yes, you will have to pay eventually if you choose to and want to actually profit from your website but this is after you’ve been trained by them for free on how to build the website.

Not to mention the prices are very reasonable, for everything you get with your membership, it cost less than a cup of coffee a day.

The platform has created something called Site Rubix.

What this does is allow you to start building a website without paying a penny. So you get to work on your very own WordPress website and build it and set it up however you want.

You choose a domain and your domain will have the word “siterubix” at the end but this will be removed if you decide to upgrade to the paid version.

Not only do you get to build a website for free but you will also have access to the best training available for building money-making websites.

This training will teach you invaluable information about starting and running a successful online business.

The training here for building a website is so good that even I was able to do it as a total newbie.

I can assure you I`m not bright, not computer savvy, and have two left hands when it comes to being creative.

But the platform took me by the hands and showed me step-by-step how to create my very own website.

Seriously, I’m not smart, it’s just that I knew nothing about building websites or making money from a website when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

Even after shopping online for years, I even knew nothing about affiliate links or what they meant, I knew nothing about websites and to say it as it is, I thought WordPress was ……… like CNN or whatever.

After just a few weeks I was cruising around WordPress like a pro. It really was a rapid learning curve. The training is a nice mix of reading and watching videos.

I personally like the videos because you get to actually watch how things are done. This was a much easier way for many people to learn especially if you`re not ready to sit and read for hours.

So back to the original question, is building a website for free a wise choice? I know this turned out to be a long answer but there’s a lot to it.

It is a wise choice if you build it through Wealthy Affiliate.

I’d like to direct you to read this post where I explain in detail why you should join this program to build a blog and learn affiliate marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about building a successful online business or about affiliate marketing then you should have a look at this long post explaining different programs, there you`ll see my recommended program is tops.

You can get this free training guide by going here and registering totally free.

All you need to learn is included in the course, they do not stop at teaching you how to build a website, you`ll learn

  • Keyword research
  • Social media
  • Writing product reviews
  • Finding a nicheBuilding A Website For Free
  • Building backlinks
  • Finding affiliate products to promote
  • How to use Pinterest
  • How to Use Canva
  • live webinars
  • Site Support
  • Ranking on the top of Google
  • Blog monetization
  • Content writing
  • Creating Youtube videos

To read more about this free training guide JUST CLICK HERE and that way you can read about it before you decide to get it for yourself.

If you want to skip all that and just go straight to the Wealthy Affiliate website click here.

What About Those  Done-For-You Free Websites?

Sounds good you may say, when I first got started I joined those done for your website, what they created a low-quality website that I could not even use as they inserted a plugin that clocked me out.

If done for your sites were so hot, everyone will be doing it, but believe me, there is nothing free there.

You`ll have to buy items and keep buying,” without this software, your site can`t do this or that, it`s is the message you`ll keep getting …… and it goes on and on.

It might sound free but it`s not. Building your own website from scratch is so easy you`ll not even believe you created it.

This may sound like a joke, just you can build a site in less than 30 seconds, try it totally free.

These are just some of the benefits of joining the program, apart from creating a free website, you get to learn

Other Alternatives

Maybe you feel Wealthy Affiliate is not the right place for you although I can`t honestly think of a reason why you should not join the program, it`s free.

Check this post to learn how to start blogging for beginners if you prefer to do everything on your own. But I honestly believe anyone getting started in the blogging world needs help from experienced bloggers to succeed.

I just could not think of everything off head but I wanted for you to have an idea of all you get

Thanks so much for reading. I wish you the best of luck with your online endeavors whatever they may be.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message below, I will get back to you.

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