Is Opinion Outpost Legit Or A Scam

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 Is Opinion Outpost Legit Or A ScamOpinion Outpost survey is one of the many survey sites on the internet, and I will be reviewing it. I will start off the review by describing how it works, its sign up process and at the end, I will be stating if it is a legit site or not and whether it’s recommendable or non-recommendable.


Opinion Outpost is a survey company that pays its members to take surveys of major corporations and businesses. These surveys are on a variety of topics and can be taken anywhere whether from home, school or on the bus. Consumers are linked with companies and businesses that want direct feedback about any of their products or service and get paid for giving their opinion.

Opinion outpost has no global reach yet so some countries are not accepted Any person so long as you are up to 18 can become a registered member of the community.

How Opinion Outpost works

You register to become a full member. To join Opinion Outpost, all you need do is to register with your personal information like your name, gender, age and an email address.

After confirming the authenticity of your email address, you will be taken back to the site to fill out some surveys.

The answers in the initial surveys serve as some sort of guide to the type of surveys that will be sent your way.Before you join opinion outpost, you might want to read my earlier post on surveys and how they work here to understand more.

No matter what you want to believe, making money online taking surveys is not as easy and does not pay much,not to mention the spam emails you get in your email after registering for the surveys.

For every survey a member completes, points are earned. These points can be turned into cash via Pay Pal withdrawal or gift cards. Most often 10 points equal $ 1 therefore 100 points equal $10. 100 points are the required points to get before you are allowed to cash out.

You are entitled to only two survey invites a day but you may not qualify for every one of them, in fact, there is a possibility you might not qualify for any of them.

 Is Opinion Outpost Legit Or A Scam

Pros of Opinion Outpost

  • The sign up is free and easy, unlike some other paid survey sites that require you pay an amount before you can sign up.
  • There are many payment options. You could earn cash, payable through Paypal, collect Amazon and iTunes gift cards and also receive checks in the mail.
  • You can donate your earnings to charity
  • There are quarterly sweepstakes where you have the chance of winning $10,000; the chances are quite slim though.
  • Cash out requirements is low, unlike paid survey sites that set their cash out at $ 100.
  • There is a refer- a- friend program where you will be able to earn $1 for each friend you refer.
  • The surveys are fun, interactive. There are games at the end of the surveys which gives you the opportunity to win points or additional sweepstake entries

Cons of Opinion Outpost

  • You are entitled to two surveys per day, but sometimes you might not qualify for one or even any.
  • The surveys take up to 30 minutes sometimes to complete, and after all the time spent, you might just end up with $1 or less. If you are looking to join an online platform just for getting pocket change, then this might not seem like a big deal to you but if your intention is to turn Opinion outpost into a full-time source of income, then you might be disappointed quickly.
  • In order to earn a decent amount of money that can pass as income, you have to dedicate a crazy amount of hours to take the surveys.
  • Sometimes you might spend reasonable time answering some survey questions, only to find out that you don’t qualify for the demographics they are searching for. It can be frustrating, wasting precious time answering questions, only to realize you won’t be getting any points.
  • You refer a friend and get $1, but after the fifth person, you stop getting any referral bonus.
  • Recently there have been delays in payments, and most users have been complaining
  • Customer service has become weak. They no longer respond to complaints as they used to before
  • People are receiving irrelevant surveys that they are not qualified for
  • Reduction in the number of points for one survey
  • Excess reports of account termination and freezing without any form of warning or reason.
  • The website is full of pop-up messages that distract you when filling out a survey.

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How Does Opinion Outpost Pay?

Opinion Outpost pays in different ways and you can choose how you prefer your payment, you can choose to receive cash, you can have your money through Amazon gift cards or iTunes gift cards.

  • iTune gift cards: When you`ve reached 50 points($5) you can request for iTunes gift card.
  • Amazon gift cards: This can be redeemed once you have 50 points($5)

Final Verdict

Opinion Outpost is a legit survey company, but I am not recommending it If you plan on using it to earn a full-time income.

If you are content making a paltry sum of money, then you won’t have any problem being a member of Opinion Outpost, but for those looking for a full-time income, I recommend you join this program and learn affiliate marketing.

You can also tell us what your thoughts and experiences are with Opinion Outpost in the comment area. Sharing is caring.

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