Is Swagbucks Legit or Scam

I want to believe you are here because you`ve heard of Swagbucks and how you can make money with them but you still need an answer to your question, is Swagbucks legit or a scam site?

For most people, the first step to making money online is usually with survey sites like Swagbucks.

The internet is filled with lots of promise of making millions of dollars within a twinkle of an eye.

They promise that you do not need to acquire any new skill but take surveys and smile at the bank. You might have joined a couple of them only to make next to nothing.

Do not give up. After reading my article on Swagbucks, you will answer the question – is Swagbucks legit.

You`ll also have better info on online income and the best ways to earn an income online without taking surveys.

Swagbucks is one of those legitimate companies that will pay you for hanging up on your system, watching videos, playing games, taking surveys and lots more.

But before you decide to sign-up, let me take you by the hand.

I will open up on the company itself, its business model and share my number one recommendation for making money online at the end of this post. (nothing to do with taking surveys and earning pennies).

What is Swagbucks and why should you get involved?

Swagbucks is an online program that rewards participants with gift cards and cash for partaking in a task.

Shopping at your favorite retail shops, watching entertaining videos, taking Swagbucks surveys, and participating in deals.

It`s as simple as that, no complicated forms to fill, no endless articles to write. But come to think of it, with such easy cash, how much do you think you can make?

If it`s so easy, why is everyone not making money on Swagbucks? more on that later because, as easy as it is, you only earn pennies(but, the pennies adds up if you know how).

Swagbucks have operated in California for more than a decade with a good track record.

When it comes to their website user assessment and experience, they have received more than 21,000 reviews on Trustpilot, with start ratings of 4.30 as at the time of writing.

Worth mentioning is that they have paid out over $566,000,000 in cash and gift cards. With this data, Swagbucks is a legitimate company to work with online.

Let us now see how you can make money and how much you can make with Swagbucks.

How to make money with Swagbucks

Since Swagbucks is a legitimate online business, it is sure that you can make money with them. But how much you earn will depend on much time and effort you are ready to put into the business.

The business model is simple. You need to first sign-up on the platform, after which you can start earning Swagbucks. Swagbucks(SB) are points, and they equate 1cent, which means 100 SB will equate to $1.

How much can you make with Swagbucks?

According to the Swagbucks website, members earn anything from $50 to $1000 a year taking part in available tasks( not much income  I should say).

As this is a hands-on platform, the more active you are, the more you can earn but realistically, don’t expect anything over $5 a day.

Understanding the MONEY in Online Business, as this explains how to make a serious income online, not cents taking surveys or watching short videos.

Let us begin to consider how to earn these Swagbucks points

Watch Videos:

The platform pays you to view some short video clips. I know you will be wondering if they are related clips of interest.

They are divided into various categories. As such, finding something of interest will not be a challenge.

You can download the app to make watching videos easier and view them via your phone or any mobile device. But you must ensure you are connected to the internet to download the videos.

They pay as much as 1 Sb per video Clip. Meaning you will need to watch as many as 100 clips to earn 1USD(what a hard way to earn money).

Online Shopping 

They reward you for shopping through their site. What do I mean?

If you desire to shop on websites like Home Depot, best buy, or Bed Bath and Beyond, all you need to do is visit their link via Swagbucks.
Swagbucks will act as an affiliate marketer and earn commission based on your purchase. In return, they will share the commission with you. The good thing here is that it does not in any way affect your cost price.

What happens when you want to buy a T-shirt from Best buy? Visit the Best buy link from your Swagbucks profile, and pay the same cost price of $20.

Swagbucks will earn a commission of probably 4% and reward you from that commission.

To help you identify a site where you can earn Swagbucks, install their free browser extension on your browser. It will notify you when you are on websites where you can earn SBs.

To me, this is the ONLY fun way to earn on Swagbucks, as you get paid to do what you`d have done anyway.

Swagbucks Surveys
It is the most popular way to earn from Swagbucks. Immediately after signing up and logging in to the platform, locate the “Earn your SB” icon on your screen and click answer to start working on surveys.
The surveys differ from each other in length and topic. There is a prequalification before you can take any survey.

You may not qualify for all the surveys, but they match you with relevant surveys.
With surveys, you can earn as much 70Sb and as low as 20SB.

Before joining SB, understand more about Surveys and why I do not recommend this as a way of making money online in your free time.

If you like playing games online, you can earn some decent SBS. All you need do is play some of your favorite games and make an in-game purchase via Swagbucks. That way, you will be adequately rewarded.

Check this post for more for better work-from-home online jobs.


I call this a double-barrel earning. It offers you coupons to help you reduce your spending when shopping online. At the same time, they reward you with SBs when you spend these coupons.

Finding these coupons is not difficult. Navigate to the grocery coupons, and you can go ahead with earnings.

As regards to earning, you will get 1SB for each coupon you print, and you can print as many as 50 a day.

Refer a friend

It is one of the most interesting ways to earn with Swagbucks. Unlike Surveys, shopping, games where you earn cents, you can earn as much as 300SB for a single referral.

Tell a friend or relative about it. Once they sign up and start earning. If they get as much as 300SB, both of you will be rewarded with 300SB.

This is a passive way of earning and it`s the best way(in my opinion) to earn the most on Swagbucks. Just invite friends, let them earn and you get the commission.

Join Swagbucks here then invite a friend to start earning.

Is Swagbucks legit and is it Worth it?

Swagbucks is legit, but is it worth the effort? you won’t get rich or even pay bills, although it is a simple way to earn some cash.

If your profile is not filled out correctly or let`s say if you do not have the correct profile then your chances of filling surveys are slim.

What is the correct profile you might ask

People with university education, are professionals, and travel a lot, do the majority of their shopping online is what Swagbucks consider to be a good fit most of the time, but regular people who do not fit into that category do struggle to get surveys.
Let me introduce my number one recommendation when it comes to making money online. It is affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you can make a decent income that can pay your bills. Worth noting, this is not a quick rich scheme but a legit way of making a decent income consistently.

Affiliate marketing is not without its hurdles, one of those hurdles is the learning process. But I got you covered, I will introduce you to a platform where you can learn and earn at the same time – Wealthy Affiliate.

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