Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Name: Jaaxy

Website: http://jaaxy.com

Price: Starter, $19, $49.

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank:95 out of 100

Any experienced blogger knows that doing keyword research makes the difference between success and failure in any post you write in the modern niche website. Good keyword research will help you rank higher in the search engines and faster. A post written without any keyword research, not knowing what people are searching for may never rank at all because 1-There might be no one searching for what you are writing about.2-The keyword you are trying to rank for might be too competitive and never rank at all.Every post you write as a blogger should start with keyword research, this is the backbone of every blog, so a keyword tool should be a must!

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review https://www.jaaxy.com/?a_aid=e4564055

Jaaxy is a unique suite of tools (not just one tool here) for the serious Internet marketer!

The core algorithm is unlike that of any other in that these research tools base its data on all the major search engines, not just Google!

This produces far more accurate results, not to mention the outstanding quality of the tools, which are built for speed and accuracy.

For more details, please check out this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review…

The Good & the Bad

No product is perfect, and no product can meet all the standards so we`ll check at some of the advantages of Jaaxy then we`ll also look at some points that could be improved.

The Good:

  • An outstanding, layout that is very easy to use and self-explanatory Very accurate and does not show inflated data as is shown in Google’s search results pages. Excellent support systems.
  • From the owners of the famous Wealthy Affiliate online business platform!
  • Lucrative Affiliate Programme With 50% commissions.
  • Free to try
  • Happy to report that Jaaxy is not only preferred by successful affiliate marketers but care has been taken to iron out any flaws in the system.
  • Kyle & Carson, not only teaches the importance of “paying it forward” but so demonstrates this plainly within the Jaaxy suite!

Cons Of Jaaxy

  • Anything bad about Jaaxy is so negligible, I have nothing bad to report about it

Who is Jaaxy For?

This product is extremely user-friendly and very simple to use. Anyone serious about blogging and online affiliate marketing business would greatly benefit from this tool! Therefore, this product is for anyone!

Jaaxy Tools & Training

Jaaxy is a suite of tools formulated for the serious affiliate, offering aids for keyword research, niche research, brainstorming, competitor research and offers much more!

Here you can keep track of all of your keywords in a handy history. The suite also offers in-depth vital statistics for anyone keyword in the way of performance in articles.

The likelihood of success in several different lights and related keywords automatically turns up with each search.

Finally, you will know at a glance, whether the keyword is available for domain names and links to one of the major registers where you can purchase the domain.

Jaaxy is indeed, a powerhouse that more than rivals anything else available on the Web!

Jaaxy Keyword Research


The training comes to you within the application and is the same for all three versions (below.)

Training is delivered via video. Jaaxy has its own blog where you can learn more and has vast resources on YouTube and Vimeo video platforms.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy has a feature simply known as “keyword soup” it helps you find keywords you could otherwise not have thought of and dig deeper into the keywords.You give a keyword then watch what Jaaxy comes up with alphabetically.Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Keyword Research TechniqueJaaxy keyword soup research

(sorry the image is not as clear)

Check For site Rank with Jaaxy

You can search your keywords and see where they rank in search engines, and this has the advantage of you knowing where you need to improve to rank higher

It`s so easy to use, all you have to do is enter site URL and the keyword you need to check, Jaaxy site rank gives you results in no time and you can see if your site has climbed up in the rankings or lost position.Site Rank Jaaxy

What Can  Jaaxy Do?

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Accurate competition metrics
  • Fast Niche Research
  • Domain Flipping

Click Here To Join Jaaxy

Jaaxy Support

You are able to contact Jaaxy support via email and are likely to get a response from the owners themselves, if not the Jaaxy support team.

In any case, your questions or issues will be promptly and thoroughly handled! One of the greatest things about Jaaxy is its support, you can usually expect an answer within 5 minutes.

Free trial 

joining jaaxy

Great to give you an idea about the opportunity ahead. I always prefer to use programs that offer free trials. Use this option first and only if you like Jaaxy, choose one of the other two options available.

Click Here To Try Jaaxy Free

Pro membership – $19 a month or $199 a year

Once you create your website and are ready to build your online business, this is the best option for you.

Unlimited keyword searches are necessary for your future in online business. Ideal for beginners as well as experienced Internet marketers.

Now I have tried other keyword tools that cost me 3X more but the results were not as impressive as what you get for a fraction of the price for the Jaaxy Keyword tool.

Enterprise membership – $49 a month

For power users. If you are after a fast and efficient keyword tool, this is the way to go. You can search up to 5 keywords at the same time as opposed to 2 with Pro membership.

Whilst Pro works just fine, the Enterprise version offers more convenience and benefits.

Other important tools of JaaxyJaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Site Rank 

You can find out the rank of any individual post you publish by entering the URL of your website and a keyword you targeted for that post.

It will search the first 20 pages of Google search engine.

This is one of my favorite features. You can instantly see how is any particular keyword performing.

Saved Lists  

Found a great keyword but don’t want to use it right away? Not a problem.

You can save it for later and come back to it when you are ready. You can create as many categories as you like for your keywords so you can locate them quickly when needed.


You can also check whether a keyword you are looking at has an available domain name.

If you like to use a keyword as your domain name, this is a handy little feature that can quickly show you, which extensions are available with your selected keyword.

You should try to get .com, .net, or .org. extension if you can. Others may be more difficult to get ranking and traffic.

I don’t really use this feature, but it can a great help for someone who buys domain names regularly, without having to go to domain registrars.

As is (and always has been) with any product or service provided by Kyle & Carson, Jaaxy is no exception. Everything about the product is laid out in black and white.

There are no hidden costs, upsells, or any other devious practice about the product nor the promotion associated with it.

I particularly like the way Jaaxy cuts to the chase with regard to providing accurate data which is never exaggerated in any way.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

The power in this comes in the combination of information getting from all the major search engines, not just Google!

The information from Google, Yahoo! and Bing are compiled and computed to bring you the most accurate results that no other system can give.

Everything within Jaaxy is built for the professional, yet a novice can go on there and get around quickly and easily!

Best of all, Jaaxy, as with other products and services by Kyle & Carson, you are presented with a free trial so you can see what’s inside!

You will be provided 30 searches in your open-house experience! Give it a try now! There’s no cost whatsoever. See for yourself…

Jaaxy Affiliate ProgrammJaaxy Keyword Tool Review and how the program works, how the program helps you find low competition keywords that rank high in google and other search engines so you can rank #1 in google.

Jaaxy Pro

If you invite a new member to Jaaxy who upgrades to Jaaxy pro, you will receive $8 monthly as long as they stay pro(recurring), this is very lucrative.

Imagine if you invite 2000 Pro members or more, there is no limit as to how many people you can invite.

The Jaaxy Enterprise– Any person who you refer that joins Jaaxy Enterprise, you earn $20 per month as long as they stay Member.

This may not look a lot, but it`s 40% commission for every member you refer to Jaaxy who upgrades, not many affiliate programs give 40% commission.Jaaxy keyword tool review

Jaaxy at a Glance…

Name Jaaxy.

Website: http://jaaxy.com.

Owners: Kyle & Carson.

Price: starter, $19, $49.

Overall Scam Rank: 95 out of 100.

Click here to create a Jaaxy account 100% free for the first 30 searches, there is no pressure to go pro, you don’t like it, nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Anything l did not explain, need more explanation about Jaaxy? have any questions you to answered before you can join? Leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you

Final thoughts on this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review:

After trying different keyword tools out there, Jaaxy Keyword Tool is the best there is, know a better keyword tool? do you want to suggest one l should check out? leave a message below and l will be glad to check it out.

Try it now by typing any keyword into the box below and check for yourself what Jaaxy can do for you and your blog content creation.



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  1. Sounds like a fantastic keyword tool here, I have seen a number of other keyword search tools out there in the marketplace online that are a lot more pricey than this so it is definitely worth checking out. I did not realise you could also check for site rank with a keyword tool so brilliant to know and certainly makes it more appealing and the fact that you can trial it for free is super, thanks so much for all your information

  2. Hello, Roamy!

    Excellent review of Jaaxy keyword tool. I love Jaaxy and can’t see how I ever lived without it.

    This service is affordable, user-friendly, and a total business gamechanger. Everyone should be using this tool to find rich keywords that can gain good rankings in search engines.

    I agree with you that Jaaxy is 100% legit!


  3. You have good information written down about the Jaaxy website. It is a little long of an article but might need to be to cover all of the offerings and benefits that Jaaxy can provide. I really like the snippets of the website that you put on there as well, gives me a visual on what I can expect from Jaaxy.


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