Online Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do

Almost anyone can be an online virtual assistant. If you`ve had experience as a secretary, legal secretary, web developer, you can be a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you will enjoy the luxury of being self-employed and be able to work from anywhere you choose and even select your own working hours.As an online virtual assistant, you can provide technical services, administrative services or whatever you are capable of doing in a professional manner.

Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

Let me explain more how online virtual assistant jobs work.

With so many online opportunities, more and more people are looking for virtual assistants and you can make a full-time income from home without the daily commute using skills that you already possess,

With so many online opportunities, more and more people are looking for virtual assistants and you can make a full-time income from home using skills that you already possess, if you can work hard, meet deadlines and meet your clients needs and demands, this should not be hard. more on Online virtual assistant jobs.

Getting Started

To get started as a virtual assistant, you`ll need to join and register with freelance websites and promote your skills.

Before you start bidding for jobs, you have to know what services you can offer, I’d suggest determining where your strengths are and specializing on these.

You will bid for jobs that suit you, remember you will be competing against other virtual assistants and it will not be easy at the beginning.Here is where most online newcomers fail, wanting to make money right away.

Sites like time etc,  Elance .com are all places you can join to get started.

Once a member, if you find a job that interest you, you bid on it depending on what is required done.

Most offers are calculated on hourly rate but there are also flat rates.Hourly rates start from $10 to $60 depending on the assignment.If you are going to charge flat rates, remember some work may require research so calculate your time well.

Sites like will also charge extra should a client need work faster so be sure to offer this service to clients if you can make it should you win a bid.before you join Fiverr, read my Fiverr complaints post here if you missed it.

There are different skills required for different jobs, from posting in social media to bookkeeping, doing research, the choices are endless, look and bid for jobs that match your skill, you do not want to bid for a job that you are not comfortable with. See where I learn to make money online 

You should ask questions up front before accepting a bid so you really do understand what’s expected of you.

Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

What you Need

You need to be organized and disciplined, as a VA, you have deadlines to meet, excellent communication skills.Before you start bidding for jobs, you have to know what services you can offer, I’d  suggest determining where your strengths are and specializing on these.

You may not make much in the beginning but look at the bright side, you are your own boss, no getting dressed every morning, no commute and you get to spend your time as you`s a win-win situation.

With Online Virtual Assistant Jobs, you get to choose your hours depending on the jobs you have lined up.Some clients will only require a few days work, some may require long term, spread it around to suit your life.

But if you feel online virtual assistant jobs are not for you, read my review here and see if this top rated program is for you. Free to join and get started, you will learn all you need to start a successful business online starting with what you are passionate about.

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11 thoughts on “Online Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do”

  1. I think outsourcing for online business owners is going to grow exponentially in the next few years and with that, so will virtual assistant job opportunities.

    As someone on the other end (I outsource many tasks to various people including VAs, editors, keyword researchers etc.) I can say is when you’re applying for a particular job post, make sure you read the whole post as you’d be amazed at how many people don’t. (I’d say 80%).

    How do I know? Because near the bottom of the job posting I’ll ask them to put something specific in the heading when they reply. If it doesnt have that heading I don’t even open their email. Why? Because if they can’t follow instruction when they’re applying for the job, how can I trust they’ll follow instruction when they do the job?

    Some great advice and tips here, becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to enjoy flexible working hours, do the work when and where you want and take control of your work like balance.

    • Thanks Simon

      It`s true some freelancers do not follow instructions, as someone who outsource from time to time, I know the many times I`ve had to turn someone down because they can not follow instructions.Once qhen I was looking for success,I said they should include the word success in the application,over 90% did not do that.

      VA is great, but personally I prefer affiliate marketing,it may take time to start making money, but this can be a long time earning, while as a VA, you have to keep working to earn money.

      With affiliate marketing, all you need are some good products with recurring commisions to earn hands free.

  2. Great info on how to start working as an online virtual assistant. The internet is a vast marketplace with unlimited income opportunities for people from all walks of life.

    Not all people know this, but this kind of work actually has the potential to replace a normal day-job income, and the best part is that it can be done from anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection.

    Everyone, even though they might not realize it, have unique skills that are in demand online. Companies and website owners are in constant need of getting high quality content out there (like articles and videos), and some of them pay a decent amount to get this created.

    As an online virtual assistant, you can easily produce this content from home, and as long as you deliver good quality and meet all deadlines, you can get as much work as you’d ever want.

    • So true Kim, as long as someone can produce high quality content on time every time,they can earn real good money working from home

    • Thanks Kim the problem with most virtual assistants is that they can not hold to deadlines,maybe taking on too much work.

  3. Hi,

    I want to know more about being a virtual assistant. But I’m not sure if we have this in the Philippines. There are a lot of work from opportunities here but most of them are into encoding, accounting, if not a medical transcriptionist.

    Do you have anything that I can do from home aside from this? I am tired of working every day from 8am to 6pm. I have a website but I am not earning yet. Thanks in advance.



    • Hello Russel
      There are virtual assistant jobs in the Philipines.Have you considered affiliate marketing? you can earn good morney as an affiliate marketer while working from home.

  4. I really want to get in to this line of work in the UK. From my previous experience I have the skills but I’m not sure how to break in to it here..

    The only problem I have with freelancing sites is that firstly, although they are popular in the UK, they aren’t as popular as they are in the US and when you bid with your hourly rate, you will be undercut and by the time you’ve taken the UK’s tax and national insurance contributions out of it (which have to be paid for every single penny you earn here) you are working for free! I love a site that just posts vacancies?!

    Great review, sorry for waffling! I’ll be returning to see where else I can earn some money.


    • Thanks Sammi,sorry to hear of the Taxes in the UK, not much better here, l live in Switzerland and taxes are no cheap either.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi,

    I love the idea of making cash as a virtual assistant, I am just not sure these days what topic suits me. Or rather what I can write most about. I take it these jobs are mostly for writing articles for people?
    I would be interested to know more at a later date. Thanks you.


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