Sell Blood Plasma-To Make Quick Cash

A quick and guaranteed way to make money when you’re broke is to sell; a skill, a service, a product, or when times are really tricky, your blood plasma! Yes, you can sell blood plasma and make quick cash.

Plasma is the yellowish part of your blood that contains proteins, water, enzymes, antibodies, and salt.

Used to treat burn victims or Platelets used in treating cancer patients and people that live with autoimmune and blood clotting diseases.

But, this post is not about platelet donations, it`s about plasma collections and earning that extra money selling blood plasma.

It’s a lifesaver, literally and there is even research around it and COVID-19 patients.

Can you really sell Blood plasma?

Selling your plasma is actually a lot easier than it would sound. There are hundreds of clinics that will buy plasma from you, including some that offer first-time donors bonuses of up to $250.So go ahead and make your first plasma donation.

Interesting, right? There are different weight classes that determine how much you’ll make when you sell your plasma. Here are the minimum weight requirements.

    • 110-149 pounds (49-67 kg)
    • 150-174 pounds (68-78 kg)
    • 175-400 pounds (79-180 kg)

The heavier you weigh, the more money you can make as a result of increased donation limits, (you can safely make $300 a month).

The Red Cross recommends donating once every 28 days. (private centers accept twice-weekly plasma donation), so while it is seemingly easy money, it isn’t consistent.

According to studies, men have more plasma antibodies than women.

Are There Plasma Donation Centers Near Me?sell blood plasma for extra cash

Plasma donation centers are mostly run by private companies, so the best way to go will be to search for your local ones online, or you could ask your doctor, they are sure to know.

Once you find a local blood plasma donation center, do your part to be sure it’s in compliance, check their TOS and decide if they`re right for you. It`s as simple as that.

I wish I could give you the names of blood plasma centers but not knowing where you`re located, it will be difficult. Will help you find local plasma donation centers and you can read about different plasma centers and also get answers to questions you might have.

A  quick google search will show you plasma collections centers near you.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

This again will depend on your geographical location and other facts like how many times you can donate. Looking at monthly income, again it will depend on how often you donate.

Private clinics as already said will let you donate more, but it`s advisable every 28 days. The fact is that heavier people can donate more than skinny people but all healthy individuals can donate blood plasma.

Is Donating Plasma For Cash Ethical?Sell blood plasma

For the morally standing citizens, there might be a question of ethics. But if you find selling blood plasma or being a plasma donor unethical, just consider it compensation for your time commitment.

Think of how many services you`ve offered and gotten paid directly or indirectly. Having said that, WHO discourages countries from paying blood donors.

And come to think of it, you`re not losing any part of your body. Once the blood is drawn and the plasma separated, the blood is put back in your body. So, you are keeping everything( if that makes you feel better).

Think of people donating breast milk, egg donation, or sperm donation. If it makes you feel better, think of blood donation, people do it all the time.

It might even be more unaccepted not to donate knowing someone could use your blood plasma and you decide not to donate.

You Can Donate Plasma for Free

If you are the kind of person that finds the idea that selling of plasma for cash revolting, you can donate without taking any cash in return.Individual plasma collection centers and companies have their guidelines as to who can donate, but if you`re an adult, in good health without autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, or immune disorders,  you can be a blood plasma donator.But then I think you`ve probably donated other things in the past, there is nothing wrong if you donate blood plasma for money.

Some people may believe that selling blood plasma for money is a dirty job. But this is a good way to make extra money, especially for students looking to make car payments (for example).

I think it’s interesting and creative to help out in this way because you can get paid fairly well doing something which would otherwise just go unnoticed!

The process of selling one’s own bodily fluids is something most wouldn’t think twice about if asked, “Have you ever given anything up for money?”

It might sound gross or illegal but in reality, there are many benefits to doing just that. You can find more info here from the American red cross if you still need convincing to donate.

If Selling Blood Plasma Is Not An Option For you

Now selling blood plasma is not for everyone, some for health reasons and some for ethical reasons, and it’s not sustainable long term. Enter affiliate marketing, a sustainable way to make money from the comfort of your home.

A more secure, more lucrative, and prick-free method (plasma donations can last up to one and a half hours) is to learn and start working as an affiliate marketer.

With free time and the internet, you can make money while developing yourself professionally and make money on the internet.

We have several posts on affiliate marketing that you can check, I will not go into detail on how to earn money online with affiliate marketing but it’s my top sustainable way for anyone looking to make extra income from home.

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

The good news about your journey to an affiliate marketer is that you don’t need an office, prior experience, or a huge online following to be successful.

A willingness to learn, zeal to succeed, and a website to drive traffic are good enough to start.

Online Affiliate Marketing Courses

There are numerous courses on affiliate marketing online

Work From Home Online And Be Your Own Boss

Put simply, learning affiliate marketing the right way will make you succeed online.

That should be enough to get you to find the right design and copy for your website’s most important page.

But, you can not go it alone, successful affiliate marketing does not just happen, find the right course, follow the training, and take action at what you learn.

Staying informed on the best practices in the industry, and emerging trends, and having someone who will help avoid pitfalls leads to success faster.

This platform will enable you to interact with peers, and learn how to be better, while also sharing your insight with those that need it.

My Top Recommended Training to learn affiliate marketing

Conclusion On Selling Blood Plasma

Making money selling blood plasma is a quick way to make extra cash but is not a long-term plan. Learn affiliate marketing and be your own boss, making money from the comfort of your home.

12 thoughts on “Sell Blood Plasma-To Make Quick Cash”

  1. Hello, this sound alike a good way for one to make some money and although it is not money that one can rely on as an income, it’s quick cash but I have some health concerns concerning this kinds of donation. Do you think it is safe, will anything happen to me if I donate in the long term? Does my health issue transfer to whoever uses the plasma?

    • If you have health issues, then it`s advisable to stay away from blood donation.There are other ways to make extra income and as you`ve seen, at the end of my post, I posted better alternatives,because as you also mentioned, this is not a long term income goal but a quick way to make extra income short term.

      Blood plasma donation is not for everyone so find other ways to make money.

  2. I think that giving blood plasma for a cause without monetary incentives is a noble choice. Giving it for money is fair. But I think there is money involved in receiving the blood plasma. Nothing is actually free. Plus, the time it takes to get blood plasma from an individual is pretty long. If people are aware of this and have the courage to give, that really is humanity at the highest level of recognition. I enjoyed reading your article. Thanks.

    • Thanks John

      Glad to know you enjoyed the article, it`s true some people find it unethical to sell blood plasma, but as you said, when you`re receiving plasma, you also pay so there is nothing unethical(in my opinion).

      But, everyone should decide what they find best.

  3. This is my first time hearing of being able to make money by selling blood and honestly I have to say that it sounds like a fantastic idea however I want to ask just how safe exactly it is which is something I think you did not cover in your article. Nevertheless thank you for sharing this article enlightening the public about another brilliant money making scheme. 

    • Hi there

      Have you donated blood before? blood plasma donation is just as safe, you have nothing to worry about, this will be done in a safe place and in a safe way.It`s just that not many people know about it, but blood plasma can be a good source of extra income.

  4. Reading your article opened my eyes to an opportunity that I had honestly not considered before. I think this is a great idea as one benefits from it but the same time will be giving to people who will be in need of the blood plasma so it’ll help out a lot. Donating blood is something one does out of kindness most times but it’s great to know that one can profit from it

    • True,donating and being rewarded, who could ask for more? the reward is even more than once,you`re helping someone else who you might never meet by simply selling blood plasma,since the blood is put back into the body, you`ve even losing nothing really.

  5. Wow! The fact that there are companies that are actually going to offer to pay this much actually makes me think that I have hit the jackpot by making attempts to seel them mid season. The fact that selling the blood plasma too is very easy makes it all a lot easier less. TBS ks you for sharing here

    • Thanks for stopping by, although some people will view it otherwise, I think I`d rather donate and be compensated for it than simply saying no, as it`s going to benefit someone else.

      Sure selling “body fluid” is not everyone`s cup of tea but who knows there are sure just as many people out there willing to do so but fail to because of not knowing the process.

  6. The arrye at which there are means that one can make money only today Is really amazing and I have never thought selling blood plasma would be a means to get money. I feel really amazed to see it and there are people who would jump on the offer so long it doesn’t cause any harm toll their own health 

    • Thanks Justine, 

      Just as there are many people who will jump at a chance to make extra cash selling blood plasma,there are just as many people who`ll find the idea unethical.

      I say every one to their decision, if selling is an out of question,how about donating plasma for free,as people will sure appreciate, the people who need blood plasma and their families.


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