Should You Be A Guest Blogger?

Guest blogging, in simple words, is writing content for blogs or websites that belong to others. Usually, the owner of the blog or the website referred to as the host, invites or requests a post from such writers or “guests”.
A blogger may also choose to write for a host without such requests and invites. In such cases, the blogger’s work would be perused for the quality of language as well as content.There are many blogs looking for guest bloggers if you are looking for guest blog posting services.
The subject matter of content obviously depends upon the subject matter on which the blog or website is focused on. But there are websites that allow guest bloggers to write content on any topics they choose.
Host sites usually give credits and even allow a guest blogger to include the backlinks, personal websites, and blogs so that the guest blogger gains from the effort explains in detail what backlinks are and why you need them here. So if you are debating should you be a guest blogger, take the plunge.

How Guest Blogging Is Done Girl, Woman, Typing, Writing, Blogger,Guest Blogger

To get started with guest blogging, find a high ranking blog in your niche then let the owner know you`d like to guest blog on their site.
For content specific or content-driven website, the topic is no mystery. Experience and knowledge can be used to generate new content.
Backlinks can be used effectively to draw users to your websites or blogs. Interacting with visitors who leave comments also helps to create interest in the own website.
You also need to be a fairly regular contributor as a guest blogger because there are many people writing on the net, and visitors may forget you if you are an only sporadic contributor.
Your work is not done once you`ve published your guest post, a good guest blogger should be around to answer questions readers might have in the future.
You should discuss with your host if they will answer these questions or if you`d hang around to answer the questions, this is mostly if you guest blog in an area they are not familiar with.
I will give you a little example, you`re a guest blogger on a travel site and blog about ….German cities, your host may not know much about German cities so it`s only fair you answer readers questions about it should there be any.

Why Should You Be A Guest Blogger?

  • Traffic
We have already discussed that it becomes a way to draw visitors from other’s websites and blogs to personal websites or blogs. You can do that by providing backlinks, website link, or blog link.
You can also interact with others and get them interested in what you have to say. Such interactions need not be confined to your posts only.
You can open content written by other bloggers on the site, whether or not directly related to your subject, and interact with some people there, or even the writer of the post, to get them to know you and your area of expertise. If relevant, leave some backlinks, blog name, etc., to draw them to your site.Read more on getting free website traffic from my earlier post here.
A small percentage of such traffic can then become permanent visitors to your sites, and even bring in others to your content. Some percentage of such visitors can also become buyers of any product that is being advertised on your web page or being promoted through your content.
  • Earning by writing
There are many niches that require you to be knowledgeable about the subject, and articulate in the way you present the content so that there is no ambiguity in the reader’s mind about the subject. Health or auto insurances are examples of such content.
If you know your subject, chances are that you would be able to churn out articles on such topics, and people would pay you reasonable sum as a guest blogger.Read more from Elna from where she talks about sites that pay you to guest post.

  • Gives exposure blog traffic,website traffic,blogging traffic,Guest Blogger
There is a lot going on around you, which you may not know much about unless you are interacting with others. Your subject matter may not be connected to it, as yet, but there may be potential such exposure offers.
Wouldn’t you like to know about it ahead of others?
Likewise, you may know something and others may not. Guest blogging and being a guest blogger is a great way to throw crumbs of that knowledge and get them to visit your blog.
You would also become familiar with new blogging terminologies, new developments, and things that you did not think about.Different sites also use different techniques to draw traffic such as SEO optimization. You would learn about such techniques and also know which of these is effective for which purposes.
  • Developing network
Guest blogging will help you develop a network so that if you are coming up with a new website or blog, you already have established set of fan following. If you are seeking any information or help, you can look to getting it from some of the fellow bloggers, or visitors.
You could likewise, install reciprocal backlinks and form network of products or services which becomes a win-win situation for everybody in the network, blogging can be lonely and you need people with the same goal around you for support.
  • What visitors are looking for
You need to know this, at least to draw the traffic to your site,(but then again this should not be your sole reason of writing a guest post) and then gently steer them to what you want to offer. Guest blogging helps you to find that out, and even capture any prospective buyer.
Contrary to popular belief that guest blogging can steal your customer away, it actually helps you to gain because sellers have an internal algorithm working to assess which was the initial site that the visitor came across them and clicked on their website or product. Therefore, stealing is not possible through such blogging.

Conclusion on Being A Guest Blogger

There are different opinions on the guest blogging. Some consider it as an advantageous venture while others deem it not worth the effort. Benefits from guest blogging also depend upon the content quality.
If you are still in a dilemma about should you be a guest blogger, you could try it out, and take a call. After all, you are under no obligation to do it forever, and you also have the liberty to do it at your convenience.
If you have any questions on guest blogging,just leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you.

10 thoughts on “Should You Be A Guest Blogger?”

  1. I think guest blogging is a fine way to improvise our content writing skill as well. I often have doubt on my writing as I’m not a native English speaker. But if websites or blogs that sets a high standard and accepted your guest post, it gives a sense of achievement that you have made it. I think that triumph the SEO, traffic and all if you’re a true blogger.

    • Hello Kenny,guest blogging can really help your site and as you mentioned, a chance to get your site out there.Like you, im not a native English speaker but I believe if I can write on my site, so can I do for other blogs.

      Just do guestblog on sites in the same niche,does not make sense if you blog on a cosmetics site if you`re in make money niche.

  2. Hello Sargenser!
    I never thought of offering myself as a writer on others’ blog.
    But when I think about it then it could be a really good idea since I know of many other niches than my own. It could be a way of networking and maybe a few others to mention my own blog.
    Is there a place where I could go in and look for the blog where I may write an article on.
    I refer specifically to a network where I can meet bloggers with the needs?

    • Hello Steen

      Any blogger need to guestblog this way you meet people with same interest,not only that, guest blogging can get you traffic to your site.Just be sure any place you guest blog lets you add your URL at the end of your post.Join facebook groups to find people who accept guest bloggers it`s the quickest in my opinion.

  3. I like the way your site spells it out in easy to understand terms. When people are looking to either make money by blogging or other means, it helps to have the knowledge and common sense to know what really works and the ups and downs of making money online. I wish I had come across your website or something similar years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, trouble, and money. What other pointers might you be writing about next?

    • Hello Rob.I think making money online in any way,we all have to pass through some time wasters, like you, I wasted enough time and money trying to find what works and what not, it`s just important to find what works and keep at it.I know it took me some years,loosing time and money.

      Glad you liked my post on guest blogging,many people are unsire if they should spend time being guest bloggers.

  4. I really appreciate the thorough breakdown of why you should be a guest blogger! The points you make are very well written and make sense.

    Coming from a website building background, I have only used guest blogging once, but your post definitely will make me check it out again.

    Do you have any recommendations for places people can go to do some guest blogging?

    Thanks again for the information! It was a good read!

    • Hello there

      There is really no fixed place to guest blog,find a blog in your niche then contact them if they`s like you to be a guest blogger.Quite easy really,it might look tricky in the beginning but go ahead and give it a try.


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