Small Business Marketing Ideas

Marketing ideas for a small business

Starting a small business is not a walk in the park. You will have to deal with a lot of challenges and at the same time ensure that your existing customers are happy and you are able to gain more of them. The following are some of the marketing ideas for small business.

Create and use a promotional kit

When you have a small business, you are most likely to find business opportunities presenting themselves to you in the most unlikely places.

If you want to be on the safe side, you have to be always prepared so that you can take maximum advantage of anything that comes your way. A basic promotion kit should include:

  • your business cards
  • other people’s business cards
  • your elevator spiel

Create social media page about your businessIcon Set, Social Media, Contact, Network,Small Business Marketing Ideas

This is considered as one of the most effective ideas for marketing a small business. It is not only cost but can also reach a large number of people at once especially if you have a large number of Facebook friends.

When it comes to Facebook and other social media pages, you have to ensure that people who visit it will know what it is about at a glance so you’re about us page should be great.

Create an email newsletter

If you already have a blog or website, you should use simple sign up forms to prompt people to join so that you can be able to come up with a list of contacts.

There are many email marketing tools designed to make your work easier so all you have to do is create attractive content and leave the rest to them.

The information in your email newsletters should be helpful to the reader otherwise you risk being marked as spam.

Participate in a joint venture

Joint ventures will help your business get bigger opportunities and profits that you would never have achieved alone.

Teaming up with other small businesses will help you to extend your marketing reach, build credibility with your target market, access necessary information and resources and access bigger markets that would not have been accessible without partners.

Create a brochure

Brochures, Offset, Printing

No matter how small your business is, creating a brochure will always earn you points in the eyes of your customers. It should be simple and well designed and at the same time wrap up what your business is all about.

You can hand out your brochures to people in public places, private events and anywhere else you feel that there might be people seeking the goods and services you have to offer.

Ask for referrals

Referrals can help you grow your small business to heights you had never imagined. You should not be afraid to ask your customers to refer you to their family and friends and promise them an incentive.

This is because everyone has his or her own concerns and will not be bothered to tell other people about you if you do not ask them politely. There are small businesses that have landed big clients just from referrals.

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Go cold calling

Cold calling can be an effective way to market your small business if done right. Before cold calling, you have to have an effective marketing strategy and business plan laid out so that you do not back out at the last minute.

You are probably going to call big corporations who want you to go straight to the point and at the same time be able to pass across the message in the few words.

Additionally, they will want to be told something unique so you have to ensure that you are very ready before you take that plunge.

Join business organizations

Do not wait for your small business to grow big before you make the decision to join a business organization. As long as it has the requirements to join a particular business organization related to it, you should not hesitate to join.

Business organizations provide you with an excellent opportunity to network and learn new things from the big wigs. You might also be able to get partnerships and or land new clients from such organizations.

You might also be able to get partnerships and or land new clients from such organizations.So get out there and start looking for organizations you can join, just because your business is small does not mean you should go it alone.

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 Small Business Marketing Ideas Conclusion

You need not have a lot of money to implement most of the marketing ideas mentioned above for your small business. Most of them are readily available at no cost; you just have to find the ideas that work best for you and stick with them always.

These are just some small business marketing ideas but there are so many ways you can market your business without forking out on advertisement.



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